Black Hearts, Bloody Roses
Enter a strange Earth, where creatures of mythology and folklore blend in with the populace, all trying to live in harmony, despite the conflicts between them. Chose from a race that has only been seen in legend, and prepare for anything, in this cold, cruel world, where love and happiness bloom in unlikely places. Live, with Black Hearts and Bloody Roses...
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Olivia smiled at what she saw, nodding happily at the seclusion of it. Jacob stepped forward towards her and transferred Jade to his sister's arms for a moment as he stripped off his clothing, laying it in a neat pile although he kept his sword strapped around his hips. He removed the cloak from Jade and lifted her back into his arms before walking into the water and going beneath it, shifting from legs to a tail.

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Secret Vesper

Once the two were underwater, Jade began to stir slightly, waking a little.

Neville built a small fire and pulled out the bread and cheese he had bought.

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Olivia decided to sit with Neville for a moment, rifling through her brother's satchel for their own food. She was going to bring some to Jacob in a minute, too.

Jacob still held her gently in his arms, close to his chest, and he looked down at her when she began to stir.

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Secret Vesper

Neville got the fire going to provide some warmth and light. He silently cut some bread and cheese for himself, his usual frown playing on his lips.

Jade's watery eyes flickered open after a few moments.

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(heheh...he cut the cheese XD)

Olivia cut her own slice of cheese from her and her brother's supply, and laid it over a slice of bread before holding it near the fire to let it melt. Without looking at Neville, she spoke suddenly. "Thank you...I know you have other things to do, but this will mean the world to my brother."

Jacob met her eyes, still holding her close to him. "Jade?" he asked softly.

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Secret Vesper

(real mature :P)

Neville shrugged, "I kinda have to be here," he said, nodding to the water, "If she doesn't make it, she's on my list."

The girl look up sleepily, "Hmm?"

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Olivia frowned as she ate her food. "She will not be on your list...neither I nor my brother will let her be."

Jacob shook his head, "It is nothing...I just wanted to see if you could hear are safe now." he murmured, his voice soft as he brushed a gentle hand over her water hair.

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Secret Vesper

Neville shrugged, "She is until she's better," he said, eating some of his bread.

Jade nodded slightly, "Where are we?" she murmured sleepily.

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"I am not exactly sure...near Calais, if we are not still there...we are on our way to a healer, for you." Jacob answered quietly.

Olivia frowned, a flash of anger coming in her eyes as she suddenly stood, taking another helping off her food with her, for Jacob. "Well is that not wonderful." she said with a bitter, sarcastic edge to her tone as she turned to go to the water. She called his name and Jacob looked up, hearing her. With a flick of his tail, he bobbed back up to the surface, holding Jade in one arm and taking the food in the other. "Thank you."

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Secret Vesper

Neville raised his eyebrow at her anger before shrugging and continuing with his own meal.

Jade had nodded quietly when he said where they were, a small tremble moving across her form when he surfaced.

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"I apologize, just give me a moment." Jacob said as he quickly and neatly ate.

Olivia glanced back at where Neville sat, feeling slightly apologetic for her sudden anger, but then decided it didn't matter. She stripped off her dress, lying it next to Jacob's clothing, and leaving her in the thin chemise for a moment before she pulled that off too, having absolutely no shame about her nudity. Her back was to Neville, long dark hair flowing down her back and to her rear as she stepped towards the water.

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Secret Vesper

Jade nodded slightly, allowing her form to fall from his grasp, turning into pure water.

Neville sat quietly, finishing the small meal before preparing a place for bed.

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Olivia stepped deeper into the water until it was up to her waist before, with a small splash, she dived fully beneath the surface and her legs shifted into her long, elegant blue tail. She bobbed back up to the surface after a moment while Jacob finished his meal.

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Secret Vesper

Neville had banked the fire to keep his area a little warm and pulled his cloak around him. "We'll leave at first light." he called out to the two, "I would suggest sleeping, not playing."

The two mers would be able to tell that while the water girl was near, she had allowed the water in the lake to take over, pushing and pulling her with the waves.

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"Same goes for you!" Olivia called back, a teasing sort of smile on her face now that she was in her home, the water. "Sleep well!" she called before swimming below the surface of the water once more. Jacob followed her after giving a nod to Neville. He located Jade easily and swam a bit closer to her.

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Secret Vesper

Jade was giving off the same feeling as before, warm, weak and gentle. She was half asleep from the waves softly pushing her back and forth.

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Jacob debated whether he should leave her be in the gentle rocking of the waves, or take her into his arms again. He really wanted the assurance that she was still alive, felt that he might lose her again if he wasn't holding onto her...but he reasoned with himself that it was best for her to just be in her natural element. Olivia swirled around in the water for a moment before laying down on a patch of water-plants, a makeshift bed that was actually rather comfortable.

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Secret Vesper

The pool of water that formed Jade found a spot down near the plants Olivia was sleeping on. The current wasn't as strong there, nor were the waves, allowing the water to gather together before the river girl slipped back into sleep.

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Jacob slowly settled down in between his sister and Jade. He couldn't sleep though and stayed awake for a while...until he turned on his side, facing Jade, and gently lay his arm around her waist. He wasn't holding her close or inappropriately, wasn't even touching her except for his arm and hand around her middle. He just felt this overwhelming desire and urge to protect her and make sure she was alright.

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Secret Vesper

The bit of water shifted slightly, lengthening out so it wasn't just a round pool. Besides that movement, the girl stayed asleep.

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"Now? We wait for my protoge to come back" Tristan told her. "I'm sure she won't be much longer"


Barrett smiled softly. "Well, your's aint so bad either, lass" He said, perhaps a tad less romantic.

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Secret Vesper

Kamael nodded, "That's the angel for the other god?"

7/17/2012 #1,522

Tristan nodded. "From Egypt, she said"

7/17/2012 #1,523
Secret Vesper

Kamael frowned slightly, "Egypt?"

7/17/2012 #1,524

Tristan nodded. "...You're frowning"

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Secret Vesper

"Where is that?"

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(Ts, Vespy?)


Ellie giggled, laying half on top of him by now with her nose just an inch or two away. "Really?"

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Secret Vesper

(oh sure, I can start)

Neville woke early... not so bright, but early. He started up his fire again and pulled out some food to make breakfast for everyone. He then tossed a pebble into the lake, hoping that would wake his companions.

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The moment the pebble broke the surface of the water, Olivia's dark head suddenly bobbed out as she looked around rapidly, her eyes falling on Neville finally. She had a dagger in her hand, but upon sight of him she put it in its sheath at her side, around her hips below the water.

"Oh, it's only you...good morning."

Jacob had stirred as well, but instead of going to the surface, he'd drawn Jade closer to him protectively as he looked up. Once he saw Olivia resheath her dagger though, he relaxed and released her.

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Secret Vesper

Neville snorted slightly, "Come on," he said, "We'll need to get going soon if you want to reach the Seine today."

Jade stirred slightly as she was moved, waking up a little.

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