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Post YOUR fan fiction for Phantom of the Opera here! I am in need of a good one to read. Maybe it will be yours! Promise I'll review!

2/2/2010 #1

Mine is called "Try Once More", I wrote it for my cousin Elizabeth, she loved it ^.^. I'd appreciate reviews.

2/7/2010 #2

Thanks. I'll read it. Jut not now. It's almost time to eat. It might take a while, because I am not alowed on on week days (don't ask) and I am playing at a wedding this weekend so I won't be home (4 hour drive). I promise I'll read it, though.

Okay, I just have to say this. I LOVE the name Elizabeth. I have loved it my whole life.

2/7/2010 #3

Well have fun! I love that name too! I don't like mine, Rosemary is just so...bleh to me. I usually just have Rosie.

2/7/2010 #4

Rosemary is a pretty name, too. How could you think it's not?

Min's Sarah. I'm happy with it because it means princess.

2/8/2010 #5

Ohh, I love the name Sarah! No it's pretty it just sounds so...goody-goody. Plus, my sister so 'kindly' pointed out that the obese woman from the movie Shallow Hal is named Rosemary

2/11/2010 #6


Sometimes I wish I had alittle sister. Then I hear these stories. All better!

2/11/2010 #7

haha! Well she's actually fun sometimes...not ver much actually- usually she's just a know it all. Oh...and I like my name more! My theatre friends started calling me Nessarose instead of Rosie, as one of thgem pointed out- so now a lot of people call me ethier Nessarose or Nessa ^.^

2/13/2010 #8


I'm happy because the guy I kind of like but is mostly just in the friend catagory asked if I was allowed to date. Wach my friends make fun of me and then I'll punch them in the nose (not literally. They might end up with a thump on the head, though...)

2/14/2010 #9

Haha It's alright, my friends make fun of me for everything (that's the point of friendship =P)

I'm glad for you! I hope everything goes well!

I'm furiously at work writing my story...and yet I have nine chapters and only seven reviews -.-

2/15/2010 #10
Righteous Llama

Mind if I join?

I have a couple phanfics up, actually. If you're in the mood for something funny, check out Tales of the Phantom and Co. or How a Disney Song Saved Raoul's Life. The rest are all relatively "serious" phics. Guardian Angel and Spring are E/M.

Hey, my name is Elizabeth! Weird. I don't want to say I hate it, but I don't like it very much. Rosemary's pretty, and so is Sarah. =)

5/10/2010 #11

OMG! *hits head against keyboard* Elizabeth is one of my favorite names!

And yeah, you can join lol

"People without problems are boring." *Dad looks at me* "You're little Miss exciting, then." ------ my conversation with my Dad.

5/10/2010 #12

Sadly, I'm on writer's block on my first fanfic story *Curse you, writer's block* read the Phantom Interviews, though. It's so funny

5/18/2010 #13

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, this cat fur is driving me insane. Ugh. I'm going back to bed. PEACE!

5/28/2010 #14

Um, hey, peeps! I'd, uh, just like to say that, well, I have a story. It is called Calming a Stormy Sea.

Basic Summary (hopefully without giving away too much)

It has been two years since the events of the original story and the Opera Populaire has been rebuilt and Erik has quietly returned. However, there are extreme cast shortages because everyone and their brother is too scared to go get a job there. So Andre and Firmin are really excited when a girl asks for a job. She is a fiery redhead named Coralie and all she wants is to play violin in the orchestra. However, the doofus managers have other ideas; she ends up in the ballet.

That night, she moves into Christine's old room and she is awoken in the middle of the night by a certain someperson... okay, it's Erik, who, living a pained and tormented life for two years, wants to distract himself by teaching again. He decides to teach Coralie how to be a superviolinist.

After generally angering each other off for a while, Coralie ends up REALLY making Erik mad by SUGGESTING that she MIGHT like him a teensy weensy bit, and he starts yelling and takes off his mask (it doesn't hurt him to do so anymore). She tries to politely tell him to put his mask back on and he flips out again. Well, then, it turns out they wasted all of the lesson time being psycho, so then he has to take her back.

On the way, she admits that she is quite fond of him, and, well, their lives will never be the same...

6/9/2010 . Edited 6/9/2010 #15

Okay, I know it's been over a month since you posted this, but I read it and I LOVED it! Please add the next chapter soon!

7/13/2010 #16
Phantom Novelest

le fantome de visage

11/13/2011 #17

I only started writing fan fics a few months ago and I'm finding it really hard! I have two on this website, one complete Help Me Say Goodbye and one in progress called The Past Is Another Country. The second one is set between POTO and LND - I'm just wondering if I should have put it on the LND section instead? It's only had 2 reviews so far,which is fairly discouraging. But I will try to continue it!

8/25/2012 #18
Paula Nicole

Heya there, I'm really new to this too! I hope you are enjoying writing here as much as I am. It's great fun! I am working on two right now, my first is called "A Phantom's Claim" where Erik basically kidnaps Christine from Raoul and then "The Soprano Hunt" where Christine flees to start a new life on her own after receiving threats from Erik. Really enjoying writing them but it's fun to read what other people have on too!

6/26/2013 #19
The Wizard's Daughter

My is under the title of Beauty and the Phantom. it is being seriously underrated by people who think that the Phantom should be locked under the Opera House forever. I always love reviews though =)

10/10/2013 #20
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