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Anyone of you have ever enjoy live show of Phantom of the Opera ?????

It will be great to watch Phantom of the Opera , i have bought my tickets from looking forward to it.

2/19/2010 #1

Ohhh I saw it twice, it was amazing ^.^ I nearly started hyperventalating (not exaggerating) at the beginning with the chandelier...where are you sitting?

2/19/2010 #2

I wish :( It's a little too.... expensive.

5/13/2010 #3

I saw it twice too! When the chandelier is raised, I also started hyperventalating. YAY! I'm not alone anymore ^.^ Which actors did you see perform Erik?

5/18/2010 #4

Gosh, you people are so lucky! I'm waiting for the day when I can afford a ticket to see it :(

5/28/2010 #5

Saw it last month on Broadway. INCREDIBLE!!! John Cudia is an amazing singer and so are Jennifer Hope Wills and Ryan Silverman (who was so cute I even started to like Raoul! Gasp!).

6/9/2010 #6

Yes, I saw it last autumn at Her Majesty´s with Gina Beck as Christine and Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom and they both were totally amazing! I didn´t liked Simon Bailey as Raoul, though. Ramin, he´s the best Phantom ever - It really sucks that I can´t see him as the Phantom in Love Never Dies. Anyone who´s seen it?

6/24/2010 #7

I wish I could see Ramin Karimloo. I've heard from tons of people that he's the best.

7/6/2010 #8

Oh, I just saw it again last week on the national tour ^.^

First I saw Howard McGillin when I sat in the from row...it was his second to last show and it was amazing, he's my favourite Phantom 3

Then I saw it with John Cudia, Jennifer Hope Wills being the Christine both times.

It was weird on the national tour... Tim Martin Gleason was Erik and I'm so used to seeing him as Raoul! He was great, but, yeah, a better Raoul. The whole time I was thinking..."No...No, stop you're not deep...you're not Erik, get out of that mask you flambouyantly homosexual little french man...no...against the laws of nature...no..."

^Does anyone understand that feeling???

7/9/2010 #9

UGH! I envy all of you :( maybe I can get a job dog-sitting and save my money for a ticket.... ugh, that sounds like a lot of work....

7/11/2010 #10

Well the national tour costs less, you could go to a major city near you (unless it's New York) to go see it or check if they have a tour there...oh, there's also this website:

broadwaybox.com (at least, I THINK that's it.) It's great for discounts to certain shows, you could check it out for shows on Broadway! =)

7/12/2010 #11

I saw it on Saturday at Her Majesty's! Simply amazing.

7/27/2010 #12

Ohhh I've always wanted to see it there! Maybe someday when I go to London... Have you seen it at the Majestic as well? Is it any different?

8/17/2010 #13

I'm going to New York next summer with my choir. I hope we are going to see it. Last time they went, they saw Phantom of the Opera AND Cats. I was mad :(

8/20/2010 #14
Isabelita Rox

I just went to see it yesterday, with Tim Martin Gleason as the Phantom! It was indescribably amazing! Tim Martin Gkeason was so scary/awesome, every single person was amzazing! (The pyrotechnics made me jump and I think I hyperventilated at the chandier too!

9/12/2010 #15
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