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Okay, so the first role play didn't do so well. It's kinda dead :( If you want to join this one, please go claim your characters here:


Here is where you can role play. Have fun and please be kind.

The awesomest person in the whole world (not really),


7/27/2010 #1
Madame Apathy

Meg Giry gazed on in horror. Her mother had always refused to talk to her about the Phantom- past that he had promised great things for the young Madamoiselle Giry- and she had never described his deformity. Yet there it was, a cruel mark on an anguished face for all the world to see. As both Christine and the Phantom disappeared below the stage, Meg grabbed a torch. Whatever he had promised her or her mother, Meg had no duty to him. Christine, on the other hand was her friend, her sister by every right but blood.

She remembered the mirror and the strange tunnel behind it. That must be where he's taking her.

A few days on...

Meg crept into the empty room Christine used to inhabit. Pushing the mirror open, she began walking through the dark passageway. She had to put her mind at rest.

However, when she finally made it to the Phantom's lair, it wasn't relief that met her. Instead, it was a deformed, familiar face.

Meg walked on towards the "ghost". The musician's breathing was heavy, his posture bent.

"You have a heart after all, then."

8/20/2010 . Edited 8/22/2010 #2


(Sorry just read what you said XP blond moment)

Christine stood there, her mind still trying to catch up with her... she was NOT looking forward to when her stomach would. "Meg?" she whispered.

9/5/2010 . Edited 9/5/2010 #3
Madame Apathy

Meg dropped the mask gently on the top of the piano before daring back up the tunnel. Pushing the mirror closed, she was met by a pair of brown eyes.

"Um... this isn't nearly as bad as it looks."

9/6/2010 #4

(I'm confused. *Walks around in circles*)

9/6/2010 #5
Madame Apathy

(Post 1- Meg went down to the lair to give the mask back

(Post 2- Meg leaves the lair and enters Christine's room through the mirror ust as Christine wakes up :) )

9/6/2010 #6


"Mhm," Christine said. "What were you doing?"

9/6/2010 #7
Madame Apathy

"Just... taking something back."

9/6/2010 #8

"Really, Meg?" Christine sighed. "Whatever."

9/7/2010 #9
Madame Apathy

"What? I was only putting themask ba-" Meg suddenly realised what she was saying.

9/8/2010 #10

"Why would you do that?" Christine asked. She paused for a moment. "Well, at least he won't be coming here for it..." she trailed off.

9/9/2010 #11
Madame Apathy

"That's something." Meg agreed. "Are you all right?"

9/10/2010 #12

Christine nodded. "Yeah, fine. Why?"

9/11/2010 #13
Vanessa Osbourne

(*comes riding into forum on a Big Wheel.* Hai. What's going on in the RPG now? I IZ STOOPID! *starts jumping up and down and flapping her arms, trying to fly.*)

9/21/2010 #14

(Oh, sorry itunes was me. I was on my friend's laptop and I must have been signed in as her. Oops :p)

(Christine just cought Meg sneaking out to see the Phantom.)

10/14/2010 #15
Madame Apathy

"It's just with everyhing that's been going on," Meg explained.

10/17/2010 #16
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