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"He lives across the street, Monsieur!"- not sure which performance, but quote is a Madame Giry

I believe this was in the LA run, not sure though, but apparently the remote controls to the boat in the title song went insane one night and the boat ended up in the orchestra.

Pat Hurd (Carlotta) came on stage in Masquerade with a hanger stuck to her dress.

Another time, in NYC, during the final scene once again, Hugh Panaro goes to retrieve his lasso during "Monsieur I bid you welcome..." Well, instead of singing "Did you think that I would harm her?", he accidentally sang "Did you think that I would harm you?" and he paused b/c he realized what he did. And all I could think was "Yes! Yes I do think you'd hurt him!" =)

Once when Dave Willets threw the Don Juan score during Masquerade it hit Alan Rice (a manager) in the face.

If anyone else finds some more, feel free to post them, but please keep them suitable for young audiences.

10/16/2012 #1

In one performance of the ALW version, Hugh Panaro sat in the chair and covered himself in the cloak as normal, but the chair did not turn around. (This is how the chair becomes "empty" when Meg comes in) So when Meg came in, he just handed her the mask and muttered something like, "Don't take off the sheet! I'm still here!"

In another performance (not with Hugh) the boat stopped working and the actor had to manually steer it while singing.

Another on broadway, Joseph Buquet doesn't come out on stage for "Magical Lasso" so Meg Giry does it herself!

7/20/2014 #2

I was surprised when I saw that someone recently posted in one of these old forums, it seems strange! But then again, here I am doing it.

In the West End production I went to see a few years ago, I noticed a few mistakes. During "Think Of Me", Christine normally brings the long scarf/shawl round her body until it's behind her, but it unfortunately got stuck on her headwear and I caught her smiling at the incident. Haha, it's not really a mistake but "these things do happen".

Two other problems I saw occur within the same show were that the chandelier was slightly late falling to the stage and two: the noose in the final lair scene. It wouldn't do what it was told to do and so while all three are singing their hearts out, Raoul is struggling in a loose noose. And of course the moment he was suppose to be freed was ruined by the fact that there was nothing to make him drop to the floor!

7/21/2014 #3
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