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KL inc
I really don't get it! I mean its fine to say what if King had written it so that the characters were gay or write a fanfic about it but the fact is that there are none. Especially romantic feelings between Gordie & Chris (dont get me wrong I like a good Gordie/Chris slash fic just as much as the next person). They are not gay; they hae been best friends for a long time and Chris and Gordie feel like they can share their feelings with each other because they are both understanding of the other. Closeness like that isn't gay; it just is what is. ANYONE AGREE? CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHY PEOPLE THINK THAT THERE ARE GAY REFRENCES IN SBM? -K-
8/24/2006 #1
Hm, I can try and explain my point of view, don't know if that helps you. Imagine there had been a girl in the group instead of Gordie. Picture all the Chris-Gordie-scenes with a girl in Gordie's place. Wouldn't you agree that in that case, everyone would be talking about romantic undertones? One could say as well "But they are just friends! They don't love each other in that way and they never will!" But nobody would start a thread in a forum just to point that out. Because boy+girl who are close friends and everyone speculating they could become more is okay. With boy+boy it's a different story. Don't we all have that ideal of a perfect love and our partner being our best friend? The best relationships derive from friendships. And movies or books featuring two very close friends tend to make you think "Hm, it would be so lovely if they'd just take one tiny step further and become a couple." You can find homoerotic subtext in almost every piece of great literature. In some cases you have to squint a little. With Stand By Me, you don't even have to look so hard. Just because book and movie mention that Chris and Gordie dated girls and Gordie got married doesn't make it impossible they could have loved each other "in that way". That doesn't mean that either of them went after men in general. BTW, how do you know for sure that Chris and Gordie were not bi? Did King write anywhere that they were a 100% straight? Would falling in love with one single person of the same sex already justify the label "gay" although you otherwise prefer the opposite sex? Love tends to be labeled far too often. We don't have to discuss whether Chris and Gordie loved each other or not. It's obvious that they did. The whole movie is about that love. And the whole paragraph about "the most important things are the hardest to say" wouldn't be in the book if Mr. King had not meant to tell us this one thing: love should not be labeled. But love between two men is immediately labeled "gay". I think it's perfectly fine to see "gay undertones" in the movie. I see them too. There is not a single girl featured in the movie that has anything to do with the boys. Chris and Gordie are very affectionate with each other. There's lots of touching and hugging. I think you can see it any way you like. Straight, gay, who cares? I'm just surprised that you are surprised people decide to see it as something more than friendship. Sorry for this rant. And I hope nobody feels offended by this.
5/15/2007 . Edited 5/15/2007 #2
KL inc
first of all thanks for responding...i thought no one would reply to this. I see your point (about if one Gordie or Chris' characters had been a girl) but honestly i really hadn't thought about it that way. (that is soo unfair, personally I don't get why people think there were no romantic feelings between them JUST because they're two boys...thats just being ignorant and closed minded) I'm a firm believer that even if Gordie/ Chris had been a girl there still would not have been romantic feelings between the two. That is not to say that Iam right or that I know exactly what King was thinking when he wrote it. I just don't see what is so unbelievable about two young adolescent boys sharing their feelings and being close with one another. thanks again for your input :) -K-
5/15/2007 #3
It's not unbelievable that two boys can be close without having romantic feelings for one another. And I totally respect that you say you don't see them that way. :) And I'm usually annoyed, too, when people immediately scream "gay" when two boys (or men) show affection towards each other. As I said before, I don't think this kind of love wants to be labeled. I'm curious about your opinion: where is the line between romantic love and friendship? Is there really so much difference between a really deep friendship and a relationship (and I'm speaking of a long-term relationship, after the initial passion has subsided)? How do you differ the two? To me, personally, that line is pretty blurred. And Chris and Gordie ... their love for each other is so obvious, it's just very inviting to explore it in that direction. To be honest, I only started writing in this fandom because I was saddened by the lack of stories that actually dealt with their love for each other, a central theme in both, book and movie. No matter if you see it as platonic or romantic, there are just so damn few stories that deal with that love. I can understand why people write Mary Sues and I respect that, but to me, it's not what Stand By Me is about. It is not about these boys discovering girls. It's about their friendship and their influence on each other at the point of leaving their childhood behind and growing up. Last but not least, the song "Stand By Me" ... I don't know about you but to me, it is a love song. :)
5/16/2007 #4
Narcissa Spectre
i see no gay aundertones. the idea is perposterous.
7/29/2007 #5
Just because you don't see it the idea is preposterous? Interesting theory. Details please.
8/1/2007 #6
I find it interesting how people always have to find "gay undertones" in anything regarding a close friendship with two guys. But maybe that's just me. Never really noticed it in this one.
10/29/2007 #7
KL inc
Exactly...thankyou! Lol I haven't looked at this forum/topic in a while (shame on me...I started the topic). As far as the line between love and a very strong-close friendship I would have to agree that sometimes it gets blurred...and very quickly. But I also think its a stereotype saying that all heterosexual friendships eventually end in romance. So basically I don't think that Stephen King wrote Chris and Gordie's relationship as anything but platonic but I still appreciate people's opinions on the subject and yes every once and a while its nice to read a story about a fictional romance between the two (just like any other romance story). I totally understand what one poster was saying about the lack of stories about the friendship between the two boys and the insane number of Mary Sue stories (guilty as charged...well sort of)and I agree that's not really what the story is about. I would put those stories into a "continuation-of-story" catagory...cuz eventaully they would have found girls and it probably would have caused some tension between the four of them (especially chris and gordie)- because quite often romantic relationships interfere (not purposely)with friendships because its a new feeling and you kind of get caught up in the excitement of being that interested in another person. Okay, sorry this was soo long keep the discussion going...cuz its kind of interesting -K-
11/6/2007 #8

I saw no gay undertones in this movie and hadn't even thought about it until I read this forum.:P

12/30/2008 #9

This movie reminds me a lot of my home town in the late 60s, when I was about the same age. I don't think that the film is either / or. People want a neat little box to put the story in. There are quite a few 'sexual' references, including that notorious leech episode with the leech, 'a sort of phallic type of sucking creature' comes out of the underpants'. I do think there are some hints that could be taken either way, but to say it is a 'gay' film is to go too far. I do think that Nenia has fairly appraised the story and kids at that age can have 'crushes' or fixations on their friends w/o actually doing anything about it. Personally, I think the sexual element is their by design and is kept obscure enough so as not to offend the general public. If you notice even the camera angles used in the story and where they focus your attention, it would seem that the point is to emphasize the transition into manhood. The filming of their torsos is done in a less than modest fashion in several scenes.

Still, it cannot be known what was really in the mind of Steven King

1/6/2009 #10
delete now

I don't see why either. Gordie and Chris were just like brothers. They could easily pass for brothers, since they trust their feelings with each other. I don't even know where the 'gay' concept with gorgie and chris even came from. Neither the author nor movie put in any reference.

1/28/2009 #11

i love stand by me, and am currently working on a "slash" 'fic with C/G. i did notice a couple of potential references in the film, but that is not what set me off writing. i am very much a "safe" writer, and i wanted to test myself so i decided to try it out after a few requests.

in terms of the film, it all depends on how you interpret a piece. a person will naturally search for romantic undertones in a film or book, like if there are a boy/girl pair of best friends, people will thrash out whether they have romantic feelings. what's different about c/g? is it just because they're male? if there was a girl in the film the search for romance would not be so potent, but there is not so people will take what they can get. as chris and gordie are the closest pair, the romance is linked with them, whether it be there intentionally or not.

when searching for individual references, i didn't actually pinpoint any "gay" references in the film, but if there are then i think its very nice that they weren't wriiten in black and white, that's what makes it such a good story. you get to interpret what you want. personally i don't care if the two of them were in love, but i'm writing my fic because i want to imagine how it would be.

2/8/2009 #12

Yes: I think the film is all the better for leaving some things un answered and sure, we tend to 'imagine' how it really goes according to our own desires. Perhaps I give away my own bias, but I do share your attitude that some things are best inferred and not over stated. In fact, X rated films are never as 'erotic' as PG or even some mild R films. 99% of sex is the drama. Women have that figured out far better than most guys. Even if nothing ever 'happens' between Gordy and Chris, there certainly is a chemistry between them that goes beyond just sort of friends.

2/8/2009 #13

Yeah, you're totally right. Ha, why are you biased? People are going on about there being an issue with "gay" references. i mean, so what? it what makes the film so great. 'sides, gives me a great opportunity for a 'fic. chris and gordie are so sweet, i just have to act on the potential. problem is, there aren't many visitors and i'm not even in the Slash archive yet. :( gahh, i'll keep going. thanks for the reply :)

2/8/2009 #14

I don't think there are any gay references in the movie AT ALL. I just think that the two of them (Gordie + Chris), are such good friends that it's such an easy thing to play off of, and they care for eachother so much, that making them be together in a fic, just makes sense.

3/27/2009 #15

I don't think there are any gay references in the movie AT ALL. I just think that the two of them (Gordie + Chris), are such good friends that it's such an easy thing to play off of, and they care for eachother so much, that making them be together in a fic, just makes sense.

3/27/2009 #16
Christen in Castle Rock

I agree completly because it really bugs me that they can't just be best friends without being GAY!

6/14/2010 #17
Phoenix Jasmine Lee

I know I'm new to this forum, and a little late to post, but I just wanted to add my say because "Stand By Me" is my favourite film ever. My English teacher showed it to us (it's her favourite film as well). Halfway through, I lean over to an acquaintance of mine, the only person I knew in that class, and whispered, "Wouldn't they be a good couple?" Of course, it was only then I found out she was homophobic, and we no longer speak. Whoops. But the point remains; Chris and Gordie have a chemistry together. Kind of like those two best friends you see in school, whether they are of the same gender or opposite. They're only friends, but they act a certain way around each other. You know that, if they just got together, they'd be a great together. They may never get together; they may be completely satisfied and want no more from each other than friendship. But the potential is there- after all, the foundation for a good relationship is a strong friendship. That's what King developed in "The Body." Chris and Gordie are two best friends who have that natural affinity for each other. If they crossed that line, they'd be great together. If they don't, then they will be the very best of friends, which is what happened in "The Body."

But Fanfiction is about exploration of those "What ifs." What if Chris and Gordie crossed that line? It's an answer some of us enjoy exploring immensely, particularily myself.

8/3/2010 #18
Artemis Brown

Old thread, but you know what makes me kind of uncomfortable with the idea of Chris and Gordy being gay? My best friend and I (girls) compare our friendship to their fairly regularly. We even go on outdoorsy adventures and jokingly reenact scenes from the movie (usually her going "They didn't even ASK me if I stole the money!" and I say "well did you?" and she yells all sob-y "OF COURSE I DID!!") We're very close, we worry about each other like family, we're always there for each other when times are tough, and it bothers me that if we were dudes in a book or a movie, people would say "they're totally gay for each other". No. We're just like sisters. And Gordy and Chris are like brothers.

3/4/2011 #19
Phoenix Jasmine Lee

Which is totally cool. Friends/sisters/lovers. You don't HAVE to cross that line, of course. No one will ever force you to even consider it. But it's possible, were you so inclined. People on fanfic just like to think of what if Chris and Gordie were so inclined and did cross that line.

3/5/2011 #20
Christen in Castle Rock

hey its christen again replying to myself i just wanted to clear up, i'm not against people being gay i just simply don't see any gay references in the movie so it annoys me that there can't be just a simple gordie and chris as friends fiction

3/5/2011 #21

This discussion has been running in circles for years and honestly, there are no new arguments.

But this last statement hit a nerve with me. Christen, come on, look at the fanfics in the Stand By Me section. You ask why there cannot be a story obout Chris and Gordie being just friends? 95% of all stories picture Chris and Gordie as "just friends"! And in all of these some Mary Sue is thrown in who one of the guys madly falls in love with. Why do the very few slash stories bother you? Everyone is looking for romance in their favourite movie/book. The slash writers are actually staying more true to the story by not adding any (often badly written) characters.

I don't think you can complain about the huge amount of slash fanfics because there are not that many. And you know how many fanfics there are featuring a girl in which the guys and the girl are having just a lovely friendship and nothing more? I am not up to date, but I am quite sure it is still zero. And if there was such a fanfic and if it was well-written, would you not read it and catch yourself at least once thinking "Aw, they would be a cute couple."?

It is just imagination. Us who write the two being more than just friends are not ruining the characters for anyone! You do not have to read these fanfics. They are designated as slash. You have been warned. If it unnerves you that they exist, you must also be unsettled by the mere existence of different opinions in the world.

3/7/2011 #22
Wang de

Hello everyone! its obviously clear that i am in fact very very very late at this forum. I recently saw the movie SBM and ......... do i need to say more! yes its a classic masterpiece of film art whose brightness will never fade! and and and ... well anyways getting along the forum topic , the basic question that was asked by the forum administrator was why do so many people think that there are gay references in SBM? In my opinion the following points may add up to an answer:

1. there are four pairs of boys in the movie; Ace and eyeball, billy and his sidekick, vern tessio and teddy duchamp and .......yes yes yes.... our favourite (do i need to say .... come on!). Compared to the other 3 pairs, Chris and Gordie hug and touch each other extraordinarily which is a trait generally attributed to gays.

2. Gordie despises Teddy and constantly mocks Vern but in front of Chris he acts totally girly as if he is his girlfriend.

3.There are no girls in the film which may make some viewers a bit nervous and in their nervousness they may think of any scene between chris and gordie as romantic.

4.While all the other boys are butch, gordie is a femme .All his features, expressions and styles are girly, So much so that some of my friends have called him a girl without b***. Also while the other boys are wearing rugged men's clothing, gordie is wearing a tight fitting purple loly pop coloured t-shirt on a tight fitting jeans, a type of clothing that is called……………………………. You get it right! Also since there are no girls in the movie, the viewers might search for an alternative and that alternative would definitely be………………………. Yes yes yes…………………. Gordie! ………… yes correct answer, you guessed it right ,voohoo! 10 out of 10 marks!.

5. There are 3 scenes in the movie in which the viewers believe that feelings very close to romance have been shown:

a. The first scene is the one where gordie and chris race at the junk yard, bend down , look up to eachother and exchange a smirk, hug each other and walkoff______________________I don't know about other people, but this scene is totally straight. Why! Because gordie cheated on chris that he didn't want to race and then he lost the race. So gordie's smile was a kind of selfmocking expression for cheating and even then failing to win the race. Chris simply smiled back to him. The hug? Well atleast one hug is somewhat unimportant in this case.

b. The second scene is the one where chris comforts gordie after the latter breaks down after watching ray braur's body._____________________ In my opinion this scene is GAY! Yes I repeat GAY! Once more?………. Ok GAY! There are two moments in this scene that are GAY!........ ok now I wont repeat it. First, When gordie is crying with his head bend down, chris brings his lips very close to Gordie's Eyebrows and stops just short of kissing them. Second when Gordie has calmed down, chris does'nt let go of his embrace and there is an awkward moment when both the boys look into eachother's eyes in a questioning manner, exchanging a smirk the whole time. This moment is broken down by ace, whose dialogues"what the f*** are you doing?" have , in my view, a dual meaning. First, obviously, he is annoyed at the presence of the boys at what he considers to be his loot(the award of finding ray braur's body) and secondly, in a satirical manner, he is expressing his surprise at the way the 2 boys are sitting in a hammock in a questionable manner.

c. The famous last scene where Gordie sees off chris, a scene considered by many viewers to be gay________________________ a scene I say is………. guess guess guess ………………… GAY!......................... yes this time I will repeat……………… GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY! GAY!. Now listen this is what happened In the scene, gordie turns around looks at chris , says"you can do anything you want man!" ,sighs, chris replies, they both share some skin, gordie waves to chris goodbye. All this would have been normal if gordie had'nt sighed and would'nt have been extraordinarily jubilant and ecstatic. Now about the sighing, people sigh when they are horrified to see something, when they are sad, when they are tired or yes yes yes ………….. when desire something (in some cases romance). Now gordie is'nt horrified, sad or tired in this scene, so……………………………yeah you got it.

In my personal opinion , SBM is a lot like Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona lisa; no one can tell for sure whether She is smiling or not, similarly no one can tell for sure whether chris and gordie have feelings for each other. I personally think that their relationship is a very strongone which contains enough momentum to make people think whether their relationship may contain feelings of a mysterious romantic nature.

This is the first time I have written on a forum and I request everyone to please reply so that I can evaluate how good was my answer to the administrator's question. Thankyou!

4/20/2011 #23

I will say this. I know Gordie and Chris are not gay... but I do think they are in love with one another platonic-ally. See as someone who is gay herself I know how that can be. For instance, just like you love someone, you can also be in love with them but not want to be with them because you don't lean that way. I think Chris and Gordie were in love but they just weren't attracted to each other because they are both straight. People say that orientation doesn't matter and that you can love someone just for the person but sometimes it really does. I've been in love with guys but it was platonic love. I would say "I wish I could be with you but I just can't because I'm not straight, I have romantic feelings for you but I'm not attracted to you. You could be absolutely perfect for me but if I don't feel attraction to you then I just can't be with you."

The two were straight. I think if one of them was of a different gender they would've definitely gotten together but you can't force something. I learnt the hard way. No matter how many times I fell for guys there would always be something that would stop me when I would see them. I just couldn't love them that way even if I was in love with them but I could be in love with and want to be with a girl easily.

People say being gay isn't a choice and so being straight should also be seen as not being a choice. You can't switch to the other team no matter how much you love someone. That's the truth of it.

11/26/2014 #24
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