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Guy Silverberg

(A war is brewing, and Sepulchre and Fluffy are about to rise, can anyone stop them? I bet we can!)

12/14/2010 #1

(wait, we can?! oh um, of course we can! *turns to undead minion, and whispers "since when could we?!"*)

Falcon was relaxing after a long night.

whihc included:

finding his pet dragon, Threeala

slaying monsters

feeding the braydenball

slaying monsters

slaying the paladins that were always coming to kill him because he was a deathknight

slaying monster

cleaning his DOOM axe

slaying monsters

making undead minions

and, finally, slaying monsters.

it had been exciting, sure, but it was getting bland. if he didn't find something new to do, soon, he'd go mad.

12/14/2010 #2

Back at her shop, Reens was sound asleep in her little bedroom on the second floor. It had been a crazy day, and she was totally wiped out for now.

(I'm on board for the topic, let's see where this goes!)

12/15/2010 #3
Guy Silverberg

And at the same time, Redfury walked into Reen's shop, looking gravely injured.

"Man I hate Sneevils!" He gasped before collapsing.

12/15/2010 #4

Falcon got up, and walked out into the chill night air.

life got boring much more quickly when oyu didn't have to sleep.

(where is Reen's shop?)

12/15/2010 #5
Guy Silverberg

(Falconreach, you can have him teleport)

12/15/2010 #6

Falcon took a deep breath, savoring the air, then took out a small glass orb.

this was one of Cysero's latest inventions, a teleport orb. when holding it, you just had to think of where you wanted to go, provided you had already been there before.

he went to Falconreach, to see if Ash had any new quests. while he was there, he needed to pick up some enchanted water for a certain fish he ahd caught.

he had heard that someone named Reens sold it. it was worth checking.

he teleported into Falconreach, looking aorund for her shop.

12/15/2010 #7

Reens woke up, thinking she might have heard something downstairs. "What? Sneevils?" She was still sleepy, but figured she'd better check it out. She went downstairs to see what she'd find...

12/15/2010 #8

Falcon frowned wehn he saaw the shop. the sign said "closed," but the door was ajar. thieves?

he took out his DOOM axe, and crept into the shop.

12/15/2010 #9

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Reens saw her friend lying hurt on the floor and -- at the same time -- a scary-looking deathknight n the doorway, holding an axe. "Redfury! What happened!" she cried out in alarm. Then she quickly drew her small sword and moved to put herself between the injured Adventurer and the deathknight. "What are you doing?" she demanded. "Keep away from my friend!!"

(OOC: Great teleport orb, Falcon!)

12/16/2010 #10


"easy, i didn't harm him. i saw your door open despite the sign. it looked like the place was being robbed."

he looked down at Redfury, then pulled a sneevil knife out of his arm, as quickly as possible without casuing further damage.

"this explains it."

he held up his axe, dark lightning striking the center of it, and what looked to be pure life force came out of him in a stream and started flowing into Redfury, slowly healing him.

(deathknights have an actual skill in the game that steals health from the opponent, so i figured that it can be engineered to give health to someone.)

"so he's a friend of yours?"

12/16/2010 #11
Guy Silverberg

"Yeah, I am...and kinda dying...*Cough*" ReFury says as he faces the Deathknight and laughs. "Word to the wise, never steal boxes from Sneevils, Sneevil ninjas, or anything remotely related to them all at once while your alone."

12/19/2010 #12

Falcon shook his head.

"i swear, you adventurers are getting more stupid every day."

RedFury was fully healed, and Falcon took out a red potion, draining it in one chug and restoring his strenght.

he then extended a hand, offering to help RedFury up.

12/19/2010 #13
Guy Silverberg

"Not stupid, just unpredictable. If you ever dropped your brooding "emo" act, you might find you enjoy quests like that." He said taking his hand. "But I heard the Sneevils mention something about Sepulchre making some evil plans."

12/20/2010 #14

"emo? hardly."

he pulled him to his feet.

"and i still do enjoy quest, but not the ones relating to sneevils. there's no fun in them anymore. even in swarms, i'm far too powerful for the sneevils, and i don't need any of the items one can find there."

12/20/2010 #15

Reens stared in astonishment and put away her sword. "I guess I owe you an apology. Thanks for healing Redfury! So, I don't think I know your name?"

(Makes sense, and that healing thing is cool!)

12/21/2010 #16

(yeah, it's called "coil.")

he extended a hand to shake. "your welcome, I'm FalconHalo."

12/21/2010 #17
Guy Silverberg

"Well Halo, would you mind joining me as I look for more info? I intend on asking Reens to accompany me as well."

12/21/2010 #18

he shrugged. "sure. i got nothing better to do anyways."

12/21/2010 #19
Guy Silverberg

"Good, now then let's find Lady Vayle, I think she'll know about anything important."

12/21/2010 #20

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, FalconHalo," Reens said with a smile, shaking the deathknight's hand. Then she nodded to Redfury. "I'm in. I think Sepulchure is ALWAYS making evil plans but the more we know about them, the better."

She reached under the counter and got her "Out to Lunch" sign and put it up. "Okay, I'm ready. Lead the way."

12/21/2010 #21

"yep. let's go."

12/21/2010 #22
Guy Silverberg

"We're off to see the Necromantress of Doomwood!" Redfury cried.

About an hour later they were around her usual haunt.

"Now let's see, that evil manipulative she-witch has gotta be around here somewhere..."

Lady Vayle: Who?

12/21/2010 #23

smiling, Falcon strode forward.

"hello, Vayle! it's been a while."

12/21/2010 #24
Guy Silverberg

Lady Vayle: FalconHalo, it's been awhile. Why are you and these...Heroes here?

12/21/2010 #25

he gestured ot RedFury.

"he thinks Sepulchre is planning something new, and was wondering if you knew anyhting about it."

12/21/2010 #26
Guy Silverberg

Lady Vayle: Yes, there are rumors flying around about him finally amassing an army of the undead to conquer all of Lore. I don't know where he plans on starting, but I know Drakath Slugwrath is in on it and has set up base in the Bandit's Camp. I'd start looking there if I were you.

12/21/2010 #27
Artix Fanboy

The sound of many light attacks echo throughout Doomwood.

12/21/2010 #28

"alright. many thanks, Vayle."

12/21/2010 #29

"Thanks, Lady Vayle," Reens said. "We'll see what Drakath is doing, then. I hope we can head off Sepulchure's plot before too many people get hurt. I'm a healer... war isn't my favorite."

12/21/2010 #30
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