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Heh, not really, but I realized that there was no forum for this totally awesome manga series. The series has been recently finished so if anyone has any feedback, or just want to chat with other fans, they can do so here.
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I've been wondering...what do y'all think about Nightmare Inspector being turned into an anime if it was more popular? Would you be excited? Would you watch it? Or would you prefer it stuck with just being a manga?

For me, it'd be pretty interesting if they turned it into a horror anime. I'd be a little afraid of them messing up the plot of the story though.

9/5/2010 #1

I just can't imagine to watch it in color. B&W anime would be nice or if it was partially colored (only eyes and certain objects, like in Sin City).

9/12/2010 #2

Surprisingly, neither can I! I guess it's because it takes place in the past, and it always seems to make me think of a black and white movie.

9/12/2010 #3

It reminds me of noir movies. It would be great if they make an intro that fits the mood of the story.

9/13/2010 #4

I would be interested in seeing an anime version of this, but to be honest, I don't think I can see the coloring being done for this series, either. Plus, if an anime did get made for it and it got popular enough for an english dub to be made, I would be a little terrified to see what would be done with it. XD

3/29/2012 #5
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