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Design anime (Lucky Star?) characters based on various MLSF (Mostly Lucky Star Forum) members.

Exactly what is said above. What their(Our?) fate will be shall be decided in this topic.

Please note that Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu's are boring and do not make for an entertaining read.

EDIT: For rference, OC=Original Character AI=Author Insert

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #1

As I mentioned before, I suggest a bizarre parody of a Slice of Life where all them (us?) must work together to accomplish some fanfiction related goal. I vote someone writing this and putting it up on fictionpress, however there shall be no bitching if the writer doesn't capture a character he knows nothing about perfectly. In other words, none of that, "That's not exactly what I would say word for word!" stuff. I dunno if I came off as rude with that, but it's the reason I stopped giving other friends inserts into my stories.

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/14/2010 #2

Hold on, maybe we should write up a template of that people have an idea of what information we are looking for.

Remember, these characters are based off of us and we are not actually posting a description of ourselves. We don't need your full life story either....

10/13/2010 #3
Kyle J

How is this supposed to work? Just say what type of person everybody is if they were lucky star characters?

10/13/2010 #4
Solarius Scorch

That's basically how I envisaged it, though of course there are other approaches possible. My idea anyway was to create OCs based on our members, starting with what their look like and moving on to personality quirks.

Of course the looks issue is rather difficult since we haven't seen each other, so there is room for imagination. Of course we don't have to guess right, it's the forum persona that matters (and avatars might have a big influence).

10/13/2010 #5

Hope I don't miss anything...


EDIT: Cleaned up this post as to not confuse the new-comers

10/13/2010 . Edited 11/5/2010 #6
Kyle J

Once you said avatars I realized something.......WHO THE HELL CHANGED MY AVATAR TO HARUHI?

I seriously did not do that........god that's annoying.

Wait are we supposed to put that information on this forum?

10/13/2010 #7

Might as well, this way everyone can see it.

Again, I can't stress enough that you are making a character based on choice writer...It's easier I you do yourself so we don't have multiple copies of someone. But if you obtain permission then I'm sure the other writer will let you do one for him/her.

Also, Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu is boring, and thus does not belong here.

10/13/2010 #8
Kyle J

The whole Mar-sue thing has always been boring, has it not?


oops, I mean mary-sue.

This mac book has a terrible keyboard. I wish I still had my pc.

[please do not double post, use the 'Edit' button instead - Solar]

10/13/2010 . Edited by Solarius Scorch, 10/14/2010 #9
Solarius Scorch

Actually I thought such specific information should be guessed, not asked for. For example I might imagine person X as 70 years old not by knowledge, but because they seem old. :)

As I see it, this is supposed to be a humorous rendition of the people we know but never met. Describing people by actual info they give, even if it's subjected to reinterpretation, is more fitting to a (fan)art competition I think.

10/14/2010 #10

So, wait, are we describing each other, or ourselves? I got a little lost on the way. @_@

10/14/2010 #11
Solarius Scorch

I thought about other people. Writing about yourself is boring and kinda embarrassing... Unless your name is Izumi Konata.

(Just my opinion though.)

10/14/2010 . Edited 10/14/2010 #12

So for instance, I imagine Tastychainsaws going around with an actual chainsaw strapped to his hip like a sword. He never uses it, never, just an intimidation kind of thing really. Or motivational tool for interesting conversation topics. Take your pick.

10/14/2010 #13
Solarius Scorch


Tarjshia is a tall, blue-haired, top-mark student, whose intelligence and perfect manners make her very popular with the teachers. Her chosen future career is either a psychologist, a teacher, or perhaps a diplomat. She is also respected by her peers, who are impressed by her grace and maturity...

...that is, unless something indecent comes up. Because she's such an, umm, enthusiast that she can't stop herself flying to her imaginary place wherever she notices something ecchi-related. She also tends to think aloud then, even if surrounded by other people, which is a running gag of the show. It's a bit like with Sawako, just more chaotic.

...looks like the Ryoo High is going to suffer an invasion of perverts now...

10/14/2010 . Edited 10/14/2010 #14

'Kay, I like this better than the whole template thing...please ignore that then.

I guess that would make Zokusho the estranged blue-haired man who hides behind a computer screen, tends to do so when drunk, and tends to stare at highschool girls of legal age or older. He is very social on and off the computer, but is avoided my most people who have decency. (No one on this forum of course) He seems to always have detailed information on the most...unusual topics, with a source that remains unknown.

He tends to bring out a person's hidden perverseness just by being around them, and is more often than not the one to start conversations about such topics. He is seem as a sort of leader for the forum members, as he is the one who somehow brought everyone together. His source of income is unknown and we probably want to keep it that way, but he makes enough to afford takeout or delivery foods almost every day. All. Three. Meals.

He has utmost confidence in the work of those around him, but little to no confidence in his own work.


I think that about summarizes him...or at least how I see him.


10/14/2010 #15
Solarius Scorch

So it started. I hope we will be all on speaking terms when this is over!

What I wonder is whether we should make the additional effort to fit the person described into the "high school comedy" environment. If we do, then Zokusho would we... well... why not make him Headmaster? You now, a bit like the one in Hidamari Sketch, just much younger of course. And less respected by staff, but close to the students (especially female).

I'm not sure if it's certainly a good idea, but it just keeps bugging me and won't go away.

10/14/2010 . Edited 10/14/2010 #16

Headmaster, counselor...wait, how about a club, uh...whaddya call'em? Like Sawako from K-ON!...That's it! A club teacher-adviser!

Have a writing club and make him the club adviser and we don't have to mention his actual position in the school. (Also with potential for a comedy scene where the forum members try to discover his job)

That would do the trick right?

10/14/2010 #17
Kyle J

This whole thing is definitely getting interesting.(in the good way, not the bad...or both, depends on how you look at it)

10/14/2010 #18

That description of me is eerily spot on... Well, the pervert thing was spot on. I still love it, though.

Let's see. I imagine Solarius as a teacher, who is very helpful to her students, and has a wide array of knowledge and experience to draw on when educating her charges. Since she is so kind, most students respect her, though some are aware of her darker side.

When provoked, her temper tends to get the better of her, and she explodes with sub-pyshcotic rage. Screaming and throwing objects at whoever is nearby until her temper calms down. Whenever that happens, most people run far away until it's over.

Also, she wears glasses.

10/14/2010 #19

Solarius is a Meganekko and a Tsundere?!

My god, it's a bomb that draws you in! No children! Run away from the light!

Nah, just kidding. It's well known that weluvgirlswithglasses.


10/14/2010 #20
Kyle J

interesting pun there......god I need to stop using the word interesting.

10/14/2010 #21

But interesting is such an...interesting word! Otherwise facinating, remarkable, motivating, and attractive propositions are also good substitutes.

Hmm, Starasp is a rising star of the athletic teams and an active junior captain. However despite how physically fit and active he is, he also lives a side life of enjoying gaming and making joking references to them by applying some of his own work and antics to the mix whether in person or online. His one goal before graduation is to pull off the greatest prank in the school's history.

His one pit fall though is that his current practice pranks emmulate already well-established tricks, and is typically has the misfortune to be caught/tripped/wounded/ill right before even his more successful plans.

(...hope that didn't sound mean or anything...kind of makes me think of a male version of Misao for some reason)

10/14/2010 #22
Solarius Scorch

That description is closer to the truth than you might like. But a teacher? Cool! The only downside is no pigtails. Oh well, at my age one should look presentable an serious, right?

Zokusho as a head of club is spot on! I can see him sitting there, corrup... I mean influencing young people and generally relaxing. Also keeping a stash of absinthe hidden somewhere in the room (that everybody knows about of course).

Now, let my try my great beta, Shadowfox026:

Shadow is a rather short student with long brown hair, wearing round glasses and also sporting little fangs (yes, a very unusual combination). She is a rather shy person, but masks it with a no-nonsense, practical approach to life. Because of her diligence and initiative she is the current president of the class, but her style is more task- than power-oriented, so people aren't afraid of approaching her with various issues (not always school-related). Despite her formal appearance, she is actually quite romantic and prone to fantasies. She loves kids and tends to forget her own age whenever surrounded by them.

10/14/2010 . Edited 10/14/2010 #23
Kyle J

All of these discriptions sound perfect to use as characters in something.

They are abstract, yet 100% possible for humans.

They are all just refuse to say it)

10/14/2010 #24

Hmm...i haven't associated much with Shadow, but I suppose you know best.


Let's try one of our more recent members, Kyle Justin:

Kyle is a young black-haired, pale, red-eyed fellow at the back of the room who, despite his evil appearance, is actually quite sociable and is always smiling. He is often considered the "Peanut Gallery" as he throws random comments into other people's conversations. He loves a good joke and is a strong advocate of unusual pairings in his writing. He has an excellent singing voice that would make a crowd melt if you could get him to try, but he'd rather tell a joke or two instead.

He is extremely argumentative if it is a topic he cares about and has been asked to join the debate club, but has turned it down in favour of writing. Can often be seen with a can of cola, a bag of chips, some form of bake goods, and a voice recording device.

Problem is, he's very indecisive and has a hard time taking care of his own possessions. He is a PC user on a MAC.


Hope that's not offensive.


10/14/2010 #25
Kyle J


you actually got me pretty well. Except both my hair and eyes are brown. Other than that, it's almost dead're not stocking me areyou?

10/14/2010 #26
Solarius Scorch


He is a tall, pale-faced fellow, black-haired with a slightest tint of dark teal. While not exactly a top student, he possesses great interest in history and is a skilled kendo practitioner. Those who don't know him well consider him a distant person, but closer friends know it's completely inaccurate: he is quite warm and talkative once you get to know him. His good looks, physical prowess and noble manners gained him much popularity among both girls and guys, but he seems oblivious to this - or perhaps just pretends to. Most people think he mainly occupies himself with things like history books, strategy games and martial arts, but his closest circle knows that he's mostly playing eroge and obscure RPGs. He has a hearty laugh, sincere enough to freak out people who never heard it before, as it strongly contrasts with his "dark bishonen" appearance.

10/14/2010 #27

Yikes, we got bishounen!

So far, people who've been recreated into a written entity are:

Tarjshia, the sweet, intelligent, and secretly perverse student.

Zokusho, the perverse, lovable, alcohol loving, club adviser.

Solarius Scorch, the glasses wearing, kind, slightly volatile teacher.

Starasp, the cheery, sneaky, slightly unlucky junior sports captain.

Shadowfox026, the kind, short, no-nonsense, class rep.

Kyle Justin, the scary, humourous, argumentative, out-going student.

ArmorBlade, the intelligent, secretive, popular, bishounen-type character.

10/14/2010 #28
Kyle J

Definitely an odd group if you ask me.....though it would make a great 4 koma

10/14/2010 #29

I'm a little scared actually. I'm worried about the remaining people.

All that's left are:







Vossago is on the forum occaisionally

ronelm2000 said he'd be in on the current challenge

DaemonMcRae is new here, so he'll have to establish himself before we can create him...think of him as a mysterious transfer student.

RobDaZombie has posted on the forum before, but he's been very obscure recently...he hasn't participate in any challenges either.

That's all...actually, we're only halfway there it seems



10/14/2010 #30
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