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For now, ideas and suggestions about the challenges are somewhere within the challenge threads. I thought they might be easier to find if they are collected into one thread.

11/13/2010 #1

All ideas will be compiled here, so that the challenge threads can be condensed and be more to the point. Right?

11/13/2010 #2

So, I'll begin with my revised theme ideas – not quite as restrictive as before. I guess all these themes can be made work for light-hearted humorous slices of life, tragedies, horror stories, smutty ones, kinky ones, guro, or anything…

- Choose 2 to 6 characters. For some reason or another, they spend an entire night at Ryōō High. What will happen?

- Choose one pair of characters. They have a serious quarrel or fight. What happened? What will happen? Will they make up or not?

- There's a special, delicious-sounding, one-week only dish available – it could be at the school canteen, at cosplay café, or somewhere else. One of the characters wants to try it. But there are complications and obstacles. Will she make it? (Inspired by an episode of Hidamari Sketch.)

- Once, Kagami had a strange dream about Konata (you know, "Tsunderella" from the OVA). Now, one character has a dream about another character. Your choice. The dream can of course use any characters.

- Christmas.

- Nazis. (Or Communists/Bolsheviks!)

- EDIT: a new one: Fetish. Any fetish. (Maybe not the armpit one because we don't want to embalm anyone's tongue.)

- EDIT: new idea: Lucky Star crossover with something ... such as Tonari no Totoro.

- EDIT: yet another new idea: Shameless Self-Insert. Put yourself into a story. Usually, these are about the most loathed type of fics, I think - I have only read one or two by accident, and they were BAD. Really, really bad. But could such a story be actually readable? Let's find out.

- EDIT: more ideas! A specific (small) amount of words allowed. 100, or 200, or more?

- EDIT: and again. A Star Wars KOTOR crossover. I think Kagami is Bastila and Konata is Revan. Then, there's Darth Misao - ...

- EDIT: "write a bad story". All of them have been good so far...

(EDIT: @Sturm: yep. Also, the latest rules should be compiled...)

And here are ideas that I think have been overused now - so think of something else:

- Tsukasa, Kagami, or both of them together have done something bad, so bad that they have to be punished. You may turn this around so that Kagami and/or Tsukasa punish some other character(s) for something bad she/they did. But I'd like Hiiragi twins to be involved.

11/13/2010 . Edited 3/15/2011 #3

How about a proper easier to read format for the deadline time - submissions due Friday 0:00 to 24:00 GMT (or will we be extending into Saturday?)

Idea for K-On! - The band gets lost while traveling - this could be while on tour (say give a certain someone working on a big K-on project some ideas to experiment with), lost in the a strange city's streets, a seaside town, woods, and oh for so many reasons.

11/13/2010 #4
Redd Hedd

Just to clarify, are those actual challenges we're being assigned to write, or are they just suggestions for the next winner?

11/14/2010 #5

Those are only suggestions. Winners decide the theme; they can freely use those - and if someone wants to just write a fic based on any of those ideas, that's perfectly okay too. I might ... but first I have to finish Dare! In fact, I think I'll start finishing the last chapter now...

(EDIT: and it's finished. I had most of it written already, just wrapped it up.)

11/14/2010 . Edited 11/14/2010 #6

ArmorBlade@Fanfiction Challenge 5: "Then dare I say challenge 6 would be a round for a Christmas//Holiday fic. Have fun"

That's what I thought too. I suggest that the deadline for the 6th challenge is Christmas Eve so we got plenty of time to write. Also, let's give more time for reading and voting, up to Sunday, 2nd of January, 2011 at least. So there would be only one challenge in December. Does that sound okay?

But what will the winner of the 5th challenge get? He/she won't get to choose a theme unless we want to limit the Holiday challenge somehow. Maybe the winners of the 5th and 6th will decide the first 2011 challenge theme together or both give one us theme, which are then combined. Or something.

EDIT: I suggest it would be called just a "Holiday challenge", so you can use Christmas, New Year, Emperor's Birthday (it's 23rd December), Hanukkah, Yule, Thanksgiving, or whatever holiday happens around this time. And, I'd say it doesn't even have to be Lucky Star.

11/16/2010 . Edited 11/24/2010 #7

"Or something." Great words to live by. Actually creates a world of possibility.

I kind of agree on it, since making it a holiday challenge would rob winner 5 of their glory. Maybe if they even want to do different shows, a crossover challenge may emerge? Heh

11/17/2010 #8

These 3 week challenges do give us more time, but at the same time it feels too long. If I had noticed we had this much time I might have thought "okay, so there plenty of time left, I don't have to finish this now" until there was only one day left.

So, with the exception of Holiday challenge, I think 2 weeks cycle is better. How about you people?

12/2/2010 #9

I perfer the 2 week mode, it keeps the energy just under the surface of what you're busy with in the mean time when not writing. Neither front seat nor back of the mind, just right on the edge of your thoughts always.

12/2/2010 #10

Damnit. I have to make sure im not sucked into this. I cant afford to spend time on alternative fictions, even if i do have ideas XD

12/3/2010 #11
Solarius Scorch

I like the three weeks cycle a bit more, but I'm not against the shorter one. I suggested it myself in the first place... :)

12/3/2010 #12

We'll see whether it's better to have 3 weeks with Holiday challenge, what comes to number of entries. Many people have said they are participating, but...

Last one was 3 weeks and it saw only four entries, whereas 2 week challenges have had at least 5, even, what, 7 or 8?

12/12/2010 #13
Solarius Scorch

I don't think the lower-than-normal quantity of works had anything to do with more time. However one can guess that it didn't help increase that quantity either. It's hard to judge with just one sample though.

If it's true, then one should ask, does the longer period make fics any better? If it does, then I think it's worth keeping. If it doesn't, and at the same time doesn't increase the number of entries either, then it's better to stick to two weeks.

12/12/2010 #14

I'll bump this and add another theme idea: Space.

( of course, including )

Also, we haven't seen any Lucky Star Wars (Darth Misao!) or Lucky Star Trek yet?

2/27/2011 . Edited 2/27/2011 #15

There is a Star Wars in the crossovers section, but not a very good one apparently by the review. Might have to check it out some time myself.

But on the note of Space themes, finally giving EVE a try for some inspiration to write my own space AU story. Hopefully the challenge would also get Starasp to update Into the Void

2/27/2011 #16
Solarius Scorch

I totally support the "Recycled IN SPACE!" idea, we need more sci-fi, yarr.

On a different note, Zokusho has recently brought up the subject of "2 girls 1 cup" on the Skype channel. It just struck me that it's a great challenge theme too! Of course it doesn't have to be about the same as the infamous movie, only that it would have to contain two girls using one cup for something. :)

2/27/2011 #17

New ideas: we had one holiday fic, but there are other holidays and events besides Christmas...

Groundhog Day. Time loop ... well, if it's a time loop, it makes more sense than using the actual Groundhog Day. By the way, had there not been the movie with Bill Murray, this day would be almost unknown in anywhere but US.

Valentine's Day. Maybe used too much already, so this would require some twist.

April Fool's Day. Likewise.

Easter. Now this is a bit strange. Could involve bunny suits. Or maybe a Bible crossover. (I think Kagami is Jesus. Or is it Konata?)

Golden Week. 29th April to 5th May in Japan.

Midsummer. I don't know if it's even celebrated in Japan. In Finland, it's the night when you drink yourself silly, go to sauna, drink some more, pick someone up, and have some messy drunken sex (not in sauna, though, it's too hot). Could also use Midsummer Night's Dream.

Halloween (or Samhain if you like).

3/15/2011 #18

Today a 6th-grader came to my door to sell her cookie. I.e. a 13-year old. But, I didn't buy since she wasn't a girl scout (just selling to fund their class excursion or something) and she didn't have that "pedobear approves" look either...

Anyway, that gave me another fic idea: the high schoolers spend a day going from door to door, selling something.

Or, just any "part-time job" theme.

P.S. Hey, you perverts! What are you thinking? I was just considering whether to buy her cookies, nothing else!

3/24/2011 . Edited 3/24/2011 #19

Part of me wants to call you out on the Pedobear thing, but the rest of me smacked it in the back of the head. Anyway, sounds like a good idea. It's good to see inspiration from real life experience.

3/24/2011 #20
Daemon McRae

Just a thought, and I know it's been thrown around a couple of times before, but how far into consideration have we gotten on making one of the challenges solely Pen, Paper, Action! ? Because I think we could get alot of good material for it.

Now, I know one of the problems with doing a challenge for the collab is that there might be some conflicting stories, especially if we're working under the same topic. But another thought I had; if we do a challenge for P,P,A!, why not make the winner the only one "in continuity" (whatever the hell that means for this story.)

Just a thought. I await the impending bulletstorm ready to shoot it down.

4/14/2011 #21

I wouldn't shoot it down, just that I likely wouldn't be comfortable writing for that universe yet. However the idea that the winner's version becomes the 'truth' of the matter works very well, and the others would still attain the goal of gathering a good amount of material to work with.

4/14/2011 #22

"Midsummer. I don't know if it's even celebrated in Japan. In Finland, it's the night when you drink yourself silly, go to sauna, drink some more, pick someone up, and have some messy drunken sex (not in sauna, though, it's too hot). Could also use Midsummer Night's Dream."

That sounds pretty metal. Though if you're drinking in the sauna wouldn't you get dehydrated as all hell?

4/15/2011 . Edited 4/15/2011 #23

I'd guess that if you are not drinking in sauna, you'd get even more dehydrated. :) Usually people drink beer or ale, around 4,5 to 5,5 % (abv). It isn't drunk inside the sauna, though, but almost always outside, on the veranda of the summer cottage in the summer.

Drinking inside sauna would be bad, because there's a gnome (elf, spirit, "saunatonttu") living in the sauna who might get angry. You are also not supposed to break wind or shout, or do other rude things. Sauna is as holy as a church. Old Finnish pagan traditions which still survive.

4/15/2011 #24
StaminaRose youre not allowed to fuck in there?

what the hells the point of a load of people being naked and sweaty in a small room if youre not gonna have sex. if your gonna do something blatantly erotic (homoerotic if its one gender only) ya might as well go all the way.

4/15/2011 #25

Sauna sounds like a damn good church to me.

Now I have this idea of "the girls" (choose any of our favorite groups) in some kind of sauna confessional thing. Towels, sweat...

... Excuse me. I have... stuff to do...

4/15/2011 #26

Another fun idea from

Youre trying to say that Miyuki and Minami are crossdressing sadomasochistic lesbian lovers who are keeping Kagami and Tsukasa at their basement?

4/20/2011 #27
Zokusho youre not allowed to fuck in there?

what the hells the point of a load of people being naked and sweaty in a small room if youre not gonna have sex. if your gonna do something blatantly erotic (homoerotic if its one gender only) ya might as well go all the way.

Come over here, we can try it, and then you'll realize why it isn't a good idea to do it in a hot sauna. :)

Here's the place:

4/20/2011 #28

Zokusho, due to immense boredom and access to the internet, I've come to the conclusion that if I get up at 3am on a Monday, and take the bus up to Umeå, I can catch the ferry over to Vasa, from where I can reach the place mentioned on the map by train.

The trip would cost barely 1k SEK, and would take a total of 18h, including the 3 hours I'd spend waiting for the ferry to go.

... A part of me kinda wants to do it just because I could... but most of me enjoys my precious sleepy-time far too much.

4/20/2011 #29

why not? do you explode if you have sex in a sauna? is it really hard for you guys to get it up? What?

now im curious dammit.

4/20/2011 #30
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