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With only one fic written for the last challenge, I guess it's up to me…

First, I considered using the theme I'm writing for at the moment, but I decided I don't want to read several stories about characters getting drunk. It has been used too much. (I'm having doubts about my Umiyuri chapter as well…)

Anyway, the theme for the 11th Challenge is:

Shameless Self-Insert. Put yourself into a story.

Or, if you can't stand that idea, the second option is to:

Write a Bad Fic.

It's up to you how you interpret this. Maybe a fic that is so bad that it is actually good. Or somehow, an otherwise enjoyable one.

This is a three weeks challenge again.

You don't have to write a Lucky Star fic, but things that most people know are more likely to get votes. (K-On! and Azumanga Daioh are among the widely known ones.)

1. The only people with voting rights are members of this forum (generally people that frequent here).

2. One may only vote for fics that were registered before deadline and were not rejected by staff.

3. In order to participate, the fic must be registered specifically by entering its title in this thread. The registered fictions are added to the Fan fiction challenges community.

4. Each voter has two votes: one is worth 3 points, the other is worth 1 point. These votes cannot be cast on the same fic (if I give a 3-point vote on fic X, I must give the other on something else). It is allowed to use only one vote (for example I'm giving 3 points to fic X and not use my other vote at all, or the other way around).

5. Voting is executed by posting your votes as a post in this thread within the designated timeframe (see deadlines). This means that everyone's votes can be seen to everyone.

6. The fic with most points wins. Its author gains immortal glory and the right to come up with the next challenge. If they don't use this privilege within the designated timeframe, it passes onto the next person who has exactly 1 additional day to choose.

7. Voting on one's own work is not allowed.

8. All entries should have a header with information that the fic was written for this contest (to avoid weird looks about a bunch of fics with a similar theme published on the same day).

Deadlines: All dates are GMT time.

- Fic submission: Friday, 22nd of April 2011 (Good Friday), 2400 GMT. You can submit earlier if you want to.

- Voting ends at 2400 GMT at Sunday, 24th of April (Easter Sunday), 2011.

- Posting the new challenge by the winner: Monday, 25th of April, 2011.

P.S. If I am the only participant again, or if I win, someone else can give us the theme for the 12th challenge.

(Forum posting is bugging really badly at the moment, by the way. Bold face doesn't work, etc.)

4/3/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #1
Kyle J

Hooray, count my entry as done already. I have over 40 stories on my hard drive, each at least 3500 words long, and all of them are terrible. So now I can continue my lack of doing anything, and still have something in the end(I just need to pick which one I want to use)

4/3/2011 #2
Solarius Scorch

Hmm, that's a tricky one... Writing a bad fic wouldn't be that hard, but it would have to be something I wouldn't be afraid to put on my profile. Not to mention it would have to be enjoyable to get votes.

And I'd rather eat my laptop than write a self-insert.

4/3/2011 #3

Zokusho, I would like to note that if I ever finish this story, I shall blame you for it.

I believe that the only time someone should be allowed to use a self-insert is when the story is so filled with crack already that it's really just the author flinging feces at himself. In those cases they can actually be kind of fun to read... Even so, I'm still blaming Zokusho for inspiring me to write something that ridiculously stupid.

4/3/2011 #4

Come to think of it - I have never even seen a self-insert. That is, a self-insert that first actually tells you that it is a shameless self-insert. Besides, their "self" in those stories seems to be a superhero or Mary Sue / Marty Stu.

No, wait, I have seen one, after all. "An American Gamer in Gondor," written by Sea Wasp (nick in the old usenet news). It was before times.

4/3/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #5

"You Got Haruhi-Rolled" has one. I don't remember the exact chapter that they fight against the author, but I do remember that it made me want to smack my head against something until the images went away...

4/3/2011 #6

I made my promise, and I intend to keep it. I actually have a little experience with self-insert, so I guess that's what I'll go with.

4/3/2011 #7

Kyle, you have to insert Jeiku! Even if he isn't your self-insert, he needs to make a cameo!

EDIT (due to Omega'ish forgetfullness): Oh, and I have an idea at least. I doubt I'll get around to writing it, but I have an idea.

4/3/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #8

Hey! I've been planning to do one for sometime now! Cool! I now have a reason to write it.

And before you say "No you didn't Stürm, don't make things up." I must point out that I've already discussed it with Solar at an earlier date, apparently it's doable.

Now to just sit down and write the bloody thing....

4/3/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #9
Redd Hedd

An enjoyable bad fic? But... what the... Does not compute!

I have no idea how I would go about writing something like this. My perfectionist brain would probably implode if I tried.

That said, any entries will most certainly be interesting to read.

4/3/2011 #10

I'm with you on that one Redd, I can only translate intentionally bad or so-bad-it's-awesome into something doable for the goal of nightmare fuel. Even that though requires a certain blend of crafting... tricky.

Self insert as an option, I wouldn't consider it for Lucky Star at least, enough terrible examples exist there.

4/3/2011 #11
Kyle J

Ok Omega, just for you, I'll rewrite one of my stories so that Jeiku(my oc based off my Japanese teacher for those who don't know) makes a cameo....Hell, I might just make him a main character in it. As for shameless self insers, about 86% of OC I see(and parodied in my first challenge fic) were shameless self inserts.

4/4/2011 #12


Despite the fact that I'm really tempted to leave this post at that, I think I should mention that I'm probably falling back into Touhou. Lucky Star simply isn't suited for OC's.

4/4/2011 #13

Guess I can enter Ring, Ring. Just so it can be stated I participated in at least one of these.

4/12/2011 #14
Solarius Scorch

Do it Star. It certainly qualifies, and it's also, hmm, evident that it wasn't written seriously.

4/12/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #15

But would that really count, since it was written a good while ago?

Otherwise I may have an idea hatching - and I must sacrifice it just as it leaves the shell with a cinder block to get the right effect for this challenge. The cinder block I shall dub 'Soujiro'

4/12/2011 #16

Guys, how are we going to judge this?

Should our points go to the worst written story, given the theme? The best-bad one? The most enjoyable? The best/worst OC? However the judge sees fit? Following the guidance of the Random Number God!?

4/13/2011 #17

Well, I have voted the stories I liked the most. They were not always the technically best ones.

I hope I have time to write something, I'm on work trips all the time...

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #18
Daemon McRae

Ok this one I have to, have to, HAVE TO write something for. I've always kind of wanted to do a self-insert, even if just for parody purposes. But I usually don't because I know it will come out horrible, and noone reads self inserts.

I'm going for bonus points, here.

4/13/2011 #19

Though I have indeed written stuff, that I haven't posted, that could fit into this theme, I'm seriously hesitant to submitting any of them. They're just too effing stupid for me to be okay with publicly admitting that I've written them.

4/14/2011 #20
Daemon McRae

...Racke, now I have to know. I do. I've read most (not all) of your stuff. A few times. I can't really picture a bad story from you. Your entry this time will be... interesting, at least I hope.

4/14/2011 #21

That in itself is the challenge Racke, to risk your very own credibility of writing quality for the sake of community entertainment more so than the story. Appreciatively making fools of ourselves.

Think I'm going to do a play of sorts, not necessarily a bad story but pondering for one as led to an intriging idea that won't quit nagging me. Or maybe it won't be a play at all.

4/14/2011 #22

If I have any time, I'll try to write a both a bad and a self-insert one. I mean, the same story as both. I was thinking of that old idea where the four Lucky Star girls visit me and we play D&D together and go to sauna and so on. At least it's stupid if not bad. Hopefully both.

4/14/2011 #23

I've got five stories that fits the criteria; one is utter OOC crack from Kyon, one is a more hilarious version of a Battle Royale between the Brigade, one is just kind of really strange with Mikuru as a punchline, one is the K-ON girls playing a tabletop roleplaying game and making a mess of things, and the final one is a dialog between our tsundere and otaku regarding a door... well, that last one's just embarrassingly bad.

I'll have to post my submission earlier due to me spending the rest of the day traveling halfway across the country - "take me home country roads~" - so if there's anyone in particular you want to read, I'm now taking requests, for like three more hours or so...

4/14/2011 #24
Kyle J

We still have another week for this, right?

4/15/2011 #25

... Crap, we really do... umm ignore my previous comment on the grounds of me being way ahead of my time...

4/15/2011 #26
Kyle J

Gppd, because your last comment scared the Tsun-I mean crap out of me

4/15/2011 #27

I sincerely doubt that anyone could scare the tsundere out of you Kyle, it's stuck in there good.

4/15/2011 #28
Kyle J

Damn, I thought that'd work......

4/15/2011 #29
Daemon McRae

Well, I know exactly what I'm doing for this challenge. And if it goes well enough, or if I like it enough, I'm turning it into a full-fledged story. My entry will basically be the first chapter. I'm not going to tell you exactly what the premise or concept is, but I'll give you two hints:

1. SELF-Insert.

2. "Now how the hell do I get out of- Oh, hey! A plothole! Later guys!"

4/15/2011 #30
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