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The theme for the 19th Challenge is the Next Generation (as suggested by Solarius Scorch). Choose your fandom. Imagine their kids. Write about them.

It can be a Lucky Star fic, but doesn't have to. It's recommended to use something that is familiar to most people, like K-On! or Azumanga Daiō, but you don't have to.

1. The only people with voting rights are members of this forum (generally people that frequent here).

2. One may only vote for fics that were registered before deadline and were not rejected by staff.

3. In order to participate, the fic must be registered specifically by entering its title in this thread. The registered fictions are added to the community.

4. Each voter has two votes: one is worth 3 points, the other is worth 1 point. These votes cannot be cast on the same fic (if I give a 3-point vote on fic X, I must give the other on something else). It is allowed to use only one vote (for example I'm giving 3 points to fic X and not use my other vote at all, or the other way around).

5. Voting is executed by posting your votes as a post in this thread within the designated timeframe (see deadlines). This means that everyone's votes can be seen to everyone.

6. The fic with most points wins. Its author gains immortal glory and the right to come up with the next. If they don't use this privilege within the designated timeframe, it passes onto the next person who has exactly 1 additional day to choose.

7. Voting on one's own work is not allowed.

8. All entries should have a header with information that the fic was written for this contest (to avoid weird looks about a bunch of fics with a similar theme published on the same day).

Deadlines: All dates are GMT time. Due to Christmas and New Year, there's plenty of time to write – but I suggest you write before it's Christmas time.

- Fic submission: Saturday, 31st of December 2011 (last day of the year), 2400 GMT. You can submit earlier if you want to.

- Voting ends at 2400 GMT at Sunday, 8th of January, 2012.

- Posting the new challenge by the winner: Tuesday, 10th of January, 2012.

Here's a list of all the previous themes; this makes it easier to avoid using the same or a very similar theme in the future. Whomever posts the next challenge should add his/her theme into the list.

Challenge #1 (Sep 2010, Solarius): Kagami and Misao get stuck in a closet.

Challenge #2 (Oct 2010, Solarius): Nanako, Konata, Miyuki and Hiiragi twins are on the beach, where they find a strange box or chest.

Challenge #3 (Oct 2010, MisterYada): Konata, Patty, and Hiyori sneak into Comiket the night before it opens.

Challenge #4 (Nov 2010, Solarius):Someone's birthday is coming, and Yutaka wants to make it special.Do whatever you want with this!

Challenge #5 (Nov 2010, ArmorBlade):The girls of the Light Music Club have gone missing! Someone searching might have just stumbled into the middle of it all.

Challenge #6 (Nov 2010, Zokusho): Holiday(s).

Challenge #7 (Jan 2011, Tarjshia & Zokusho): Tsukasa makes somebody mad.

Challenge #8 (Jan 2011, Zokusho): Pro Wrestling (interpreted freely, could be any combat sport, combat, or even battle).

Challenge #9 (Feb 2011, Redd Hedd): What could possibly go wrong?

Challenge #10 (Mar 2011, Solarius): Recycled in SPACE!

Challenge #11 (Apr 2011, Zokusho): Shameless Self-Insert. Or, Write a Bad Fic.

Challenge #12 (Apr 2011, Kyle Justin): Two characters on the run.

Challenge #13 (May 2011, ArmorBlade): Take your favorite cast and take them to the high seas, as pirates!

Challenge #14 (Jun 2011, Sturmgeschuts):The characters spend a few days in a manor house.

Challenge #15 (Jul 2011, Zokusho): Sports.

Challenge #16 (Sep 2011, Zokusho): Lemon or fluff.

Challenge #17 (Sep 2011, Racke): The characters make a bet.

Challenge #18 (Oct 2011, ZaXo Ken'Ichi): Characters thrust into parody/parallel universe/other series.

Challenge #19 (Nov 2011, Zokusho): The Next Generation.

11/17/2011 . Edited 11/17/2011 #1

Started writing about Konami Izumi and her friends. Hopefully this will become a new epic story. However, I have to come up with some kind of a theme. I could simply write Lucky Star'ish slice of life (with yuri added), but a big theme would be nice. Any ideas? And no, it can't be truth or dare...

11/19/2011 #2
Solarius Scorch

Truth or dare is not exactly what I want to see this time, although I wouldn't mind a reference or two. Well, I wouldn't mind some sci-fi themes, as long as they're light and not overly present - until you want a straight sci-fi story, which would be cool too. As for the actual theme, uhh... If this is supposed to be rather long, then I hope for something serious, but not necessarily dramatic. But also with plenty of dirty humour, the usual thing. Hmm, how about some sort of horror - that would be different from what you normally write?

11/23/2011 . Edited 11/23/2011 #3

Theme idea. To see something never seen before, may mean letting go of everything you ever knew. Friends, family, your memories and past ... even your future. Leaving it behind may be as simple as floating away, but the very thing sought may be the fight back up the stream of time. Life is puzzling, and one is always picking up the pieces to keep it whole.

11/24/2011 #4
Solarius Scorch

Intriguing. Yeah, it could work, or at least inspire. Sound like something I'd write, or at least encourage. :)

On a different note, I started writing my own challenge fic. I have something like 1500 words by now and it's Naruto. You mad? :)


EDIT: I have published the first two chapters of the story, more will come later!

11/27/2011 #5
ZaXo Ken'Ichi
Wow, that sounds really interesting Armor. If it ever becomes an official challenge theme, I'll definitely join in on that one. Heck, I might even start writing something now, simply because that's EXACTLY my style of story. I also need to get something started for this challenge, as it's a fricken awesome idea too, with so many Azu-tastic possibilities.
11/30/2011 #6

Er, I didn't really mean it so much as a theme but as a theme's device, the concept in which the theme itself is fleshed upon and has come into being. Like some of those good anime/manga openings which seem like a character's opening monologue but at the same time make the statement of what we are to observe through the story's telling.

Such as for this challenge The Next Generation, I have not the proper time to write an entry for this round but I'll share a quick synopsis I thought of when Kanata was mentioned. Kanata, daugher to Konata Izumi, is deemed old enough to be told who her actual father is, seeing as she has none growing up. To find that it was Kagami all along is a bit of a shock, since the lavender beauty has been beside them all along, almost like a second mother. It all makes sense, but too much sense, more than she had ever wanted to know... about such relationships and that she in fact is a product of such a thing. Driving herself from her home, she is launched into her own adventures, her own life. And yet, that life brings her back to what see's run away from, and now seeks to reconcile the past to reforge what her family was once meant to be.

A more family-hurt/comfort drama than it is romance, but I'm sure those adventures inbetween could be the more humorous and interesting segments. Bit longer of a story too, so if anyone want to take these ideas that's fine, it's only going to my idea folder for now.

11/30/2011 #7
ZaXo Ken'Ichi
You mean it was meant to be like (go with me for a second), the opening to The Last Airbender (the show, NOT the movie)? God I hope mentioning Avatar doesn't cause everyone to put me in the 'poser box'. It's an excellent non-Japanese anime; something of the caliber (not style though) of what I hope to achieve one day. Pipe dream obviously, but one can hope.
12/1/2011 #8

....Dang it, my first post here really does sound like the synopsis of Last Airbender now that you mention it. Not to say it isn't necessarily a common theme when looking at the bare layout, but always an intriguing one to rework.

12/5/2011 #9
Solarius Scorch

I allowed myself to invite one of my favourite writers not from this community to join this challenge. I hope she accepts, this challenge could use some fresh blood. I also hope you people won't scare her away! ^_^

Also, nobody reviewed the first two chapters of my entry. :( What the hell? I thought I'd be overrun with reviews from narutards!

12/5/2011 #10

Ugh. I hate not getting reviews when people favourite...actually, I was furious when I published the new chapter for my HP fic and one review was a GODDAMN SMILIE FACE. That isn't a review, it's punctuation! I really hope I'm doing this properly, as it's the first forum challenge I've ever entered. I'd like to enter my Next Gen Harry Potter fic, "Falling from Grace." Only two chapters so far, but I actually am quite enjoying it! The link:

12/5/2011 #11
Solarius Scorch

Is it possible that the invincible fandoms of Harry Potter and Naruto are disintegrating? :)

Anyway, glad to see another entry! Maybe we'll get someone else too? It's still not too late to start!

By the way, Zokusho, is it likely for the first chapter of your fic to appear on the FFN any time soon? I simply can't wait.

12/6/2011 #12

By the way, Zokusho, is it likely for the first chapter of your fic to appear on the FFN any time soon? I simply can't wait.

Nope, not soon. Got too many other things to do. I do have all the characters thought up. Here's the short version of their descriptions...

The four main characters, Ryōō High school girls:

Konami Izumi: daughter of Konata and Kagami, a computer expert, wears a 3D-goggle-computer all the time; surprisingly, not an otaku. Short like Konata, has long lilac hair and an ahoge.

Tomoe Tamura: six-foot tall blonde daughter of Patricia and Hiyori, friend of Konami since elementary school, not the smartest person but very strong and athletic, member of athletics club. Even-tempered and cool, laughs at Konami's pranks even if they are directed at her, almost never gets angry. Has a huge fan club at school, girls shower her with love letters and Valentine's day chocolate.

Yuno Izumi: Sōjirō's and Yukari's daughter, has a twin brother Ryūji who goes to another school. Prettiest of the four friends, long pink hair, emerald eyes. She's the biggest otaku of them all, otherwise like Tsukasa and Yukari in personality. Since Sōjirō is her father, she's Konami's ... half-aunt or half-cousin or something (who knows :).

Akane Shiraishi: Akira Kogami's daughter. Akira got pregnant far too young. Akane's father was not Shiraishi, but he married her and adopted Akane. Long, golden hair in twin-tails, golden eyes. She's the tsundere of the bunch, a lot like Kagami in personality but more gloomy, scarier, lonelier. She's secretly an otaku and draws manga. Befriended Konami and the others in high school. She never got much friends and she's very fond of these three (she's too embarrassed to show it, of course).


Nanako Kuroi: still teaching at Ryōō High. Married Matsuri Hiiragi who is now a famous TV hostess. Kuroi-sensei is a lot more disclipined now. Some might even say, grumpier.

Mio and Ritsu Tamura: precocious little twin sisters of Tomoe, both in middle school at the moment. Both have black hair, dark eyes, and always try to look as identical as possible. They tend to pop at any moment and make a creepy or weird comment on the situation. Also, they have the strangest hobbies and activities, ranging from building torture equipment to chemical experiments to necromancy. Do very well in school but teachers are creeped by the fact that they always have exactly the same answers in all tests. Mio and Ritsu were named after a popular anime characters of a certain 2010's anime. Tomoe, their big sister, was named after Tom of Finland, but only her parents know it.

Miyuki Miyamoto (Takara-Izumi): Miyuki is a distinguished gynecologist. She married another doctor and they had several children. She's the family doctor for Hiiragi, Izumi, Takara, Tamura, and Shiraishi families, that's mostly the role in which she appears.

Misao Kusakabe: sports teacher at Ryōō High. Against all expectations, she's still together with Tsukasa Hiiragi and Ayano Minegishi, and the trio lives together. Tsukasa works as a nurse at Miyuki's practice, while Ayano is a tea ceremony expert.

Konata and Kagami: still together. Rich and famous, but Kagami keeps strict discipline on Konata and Konami, and they are not spoiled.

Sōjirō and Yukari: still together, but they are happy that the twins will soon fly off the nest and they can finally retire.

12/6/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #13
Solarius Scorch
Sounds good! Akane is my favourite now, but the twins sound fun too - they remind me of those two girls from Sketchbook!.
12/7/2011 #14

I guess I just have to wing it and make the first chapter as an introduction of sorts, because the story is still missing the "big plot". Something like truth or dare, not that I'm going to use truth or dare, definitely not. :) Just "being in the future" with all sorts of weird technology (such as android Vocaloids) doesn't make up a plot.

12/20/2011 #15
Solarius Scorch

I don't think I'm going to have my story finished by the end of the year either, I'll just try to write as much as I can. Please have mercy on me...

12/20/2011 #16

No mercy! I will have the first chapter ready by the deadline. It's almost done.

12/25/2011 #17
Solarius Scorch

That's great, I'm really excited to read it!

As for myself, I'm pretty much done with chapter three. The only thing left, derpy as it may sound, is the name for Haiko's wooden sword. I'm trying to come up with something fitting and abstract enough, but that's harder than I thought. Ideas will be appreciated.

EDIT: That's fine, I came up with a name after some time.

12/26/2011 . Edited 12/26/2011 #18

Ha! Finished! Though, this chapter could be improved quite a bit, so I'll publish it on the last day. And I even know the big plot now.

I don't think any OC stories are ever popular. I myself don't even read 'em... Maybe this will be of marginal interest of those who had the patience to plough through Truth or Dare and Dare, because it's a sequel to them.

The good thing is, that if this works out really well, it can easily be turned into an original fic. I just need to change the names of the original LS characters, they only make cameo appearances anyway.

EDIT: I'm bored of trying to improve it, I'll start working on the next chapter. So it's going out now.

{posts merge; even mods aren't safe! ;) - Solar}

Oh yeah, it has to be linked too. So here's my challenge entry:

12/28/2011 . Edited by Solarius Scorch, 12/30/2011 #19
Solarius Scorch

It's 2nd January! Does it mean we're supposed to cast our votes now, Zokusho-sama?

1/1/2012 #20

Well, I can't vote my own story...

1/1/2012 #21
Solarius Scorch

But I can! I'm giving "Dare! The Next Generation" 1 point. It sounds like it'll be fun and I'd never miss it, although I must honestly say that I'm not a huge fan yet. Nothing wrong with it, it just needs to take off I guess.

The three points, however, go to Unlucky Amulet's "Falling From Grace". It's an exquisite collection of character portraits, done realistically and subtly. Its quality is simply exciting and I really hope to see more.

1/1/2012 #22

Oh, we had another entry? I didn't even notice. I guess I got to read it, then...

EDIT: Oh, Harry Potter. Can't understand anything, then. I haven't read HP books nor watched the movies.

1/1/2012 . Edited 1/1/2012 #23
Solarius Scorch

Hm, so we had three entries and only one vote. Weird. Is everybody still drunk after the New Year's party or what?


1/2/2012 #24

Not drunk, good sir, though I do feel slightly sick (probably because I ate fast food for the past few days and not much else. Ugh, what I'd give for an orange right now...)

At any rate, my vote:

3 for the newcommer and Falling from Grace

1 for Dare! The Next Generation

Z, don't misunderstand, I still anxiously await more installments :)

1/2/2012 #25
Solarius Scorch

...only now I realized that I haven't formally submitted my fic to the contest. O_O

Oh well, too late to do it now. For your information though, my challenge fic would be:

I blame you all for not reminding me in time! :P

1/3/2012 #26

Awrighty, I've put it off long enough, I'll vote.

3 points to Dare! The Next Generation! This actually makes me want to look into the predecessors to the story, give Truth or Dare a second chance and all.

1 point to Falling From Grace. Don't get me wrong, it's good, just not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

Solar's slightly late entry gets special mention, even though I'm not a fan of Naruto. I'll also link it to my sister, I'm certain it'd interest her.

1/3/2012 #27

Apologies, Solar: I don't know anything about Naruto, so I can't personally take yours into account. :(

3 Points for Dare! The Next Generation! Convoluted, deep and interesting from the start: I love it already!

1 Point for Falling from Grace. Now, I've made a point of avoiding the HP fandom for years, but I've got to say this story really made an impression on me! Well thought-out and an interesting spin on what is at first glance a happy ending.

1/3/2012 #28

I won't vote at all because I don't know anything about either Harry Potter or Naruto...

1/4/2012 #29
Solarius Scorch

I'd normally say it shouldn't be a problem, I barely know anything about Touhou but still read Omegahugger's fics (with the help of the wiki). But this particular challenge requires more profound knowledge of the canon, so it's understandable.

Anyway, looks like we have an interesting race between the two participants! I wonder who'll win? Or maybe you'll have to share?

1/5/2012 #30
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