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Solarius Scorch

With the power bestowed upon me by Zakusho-sama, the winner - and the sole participant, which is beside the point, because his story was good - of the 20th Round of FanFiction Challenge, I hereby proclaim the next edition!

The theme for this challenge will be: Inverted Characters. Or indeed, an entire Inverted Universe.

What does it mean? Well, do you remember those "mirror match" motifs in games? Or shows/arcs like Edolas from Fairy Tail? Or the Star Trek Mirror Universe? Well, the idea is taking a character and switching them to something opposite. It can be understood as inverting good and evil, like Darth Vader dressed in white and being a hippie, or as inverting someone's character, for example making Tsukasa genki and slightly aggressive, or perhaps in some other way. The inversion may be complete, or simply regarding some aspect of a character (for example making Son Goku an intellectual); you can also have fun with inverting details if you like. You can also revert facts, as long as it's not simply an AU (for example "Harry Potter died at infancy" isn't just an inversion).

Now, the boring-but-necessary stuff. First, the rurus:

1. The only people with voting rights are members of this forum (generally people that frequent here).

2. One may only vote for fics that were registered before deadline and were not rejected by staff.

3. In order to participate, the fic must be registered specifically by entering its title in this thread. The registered fictions are added to the community.

4. Each voter has two votes: one is worth 3 points, the other is worth 1 point. These votes cannot be cast on the same fic (if I give a 3-point vote on fic X, I must give the other on something else). It is allowed to use only one vote (for example I'm giving 3 points to fic X and not use my other vote at all, or the other way around).

5. Voting is executed by posting your votes as a post in this thread within the designated timeframe (see deadlines). This means that everyone's votes can be seen to everyone.

6. The fic with most points wins. Its author gains immortal glory and the right to come up with the next. If they don't use this privilege within the designated timeframe, it passes onto the next person who has exactly 1 additional day to choose.

7. Voting on one's own work is not allowed.

8. All entries should have a header with information that the fic was written for this contest (to avoid weird looks about a bunch of fics with a similar theme published on the same day).

Now deadlines:

The submission deadline is the end of March, 24:00 GMT

Voting deadline: 3rd of April, 24:00 GMT.

Posting the new challenge by the winner: 6th of April, 24:00 GMT.

Here's a list of all the previous themes; this makes it easier to avoid using the same or a very similar theme in the future. Whomever posts the next challenge should add his/her theme into the list. (The person listed is the one who won the previous challenge.)

Challenge #1 (Sep 2010, Solarius): Kagami and Misao get stuck in a closet.

Challenge #2 (Oct 2010, Solarius): Nanako, Konata, Miyuki and Hiiragi twins are on the beach, where they find a strange box or chest.

Challenge #3 (Oct 2010, MisterYada): Konata, Patty, and Hiyori sneak into Comiket the night before it opens.

Challenge #4 (Nov 2010, Solarius):Someone's birthday is coming, and Yutaka wants to make it special.Do whatever you want with this!

Challenge #5 (Nov 2010, ArmorBlade):The girls of the Light Music Club have gone missing! Someone searching might have just stumbled into the middle of it all.

Challenge #6 (Nov 2010, Zokusho): Holiday(s).

Challenge #7 (Jan 2011, Tarjshia & Zokusho): Tsukasa makes somebody mad.

Challenge #8 (Jan 2011, Zokusho): Pro Wrestling (interpreted freely, could be any combat sport, combat, or even battle).

Challenge #9 (Feb 2011, Redd Hedd): What could possibly go wrong?

Challenge #10 (Mar 2011, Solarius): Recycled in SPACE!

Challenge #11 (Apr 2011, Zokusho): Shameless Self-Insert. Or, Write a Bad Fic.

Challenge #12 (Apr 2011, Kyle Justin): Two characters on the run.

Challenge #13 (May 2011, ArmorBlade): Take your favorite cast and take them to the high seas, as pirates!

Challenge #14 (Jun 2011, Sturmgeschuts):The characters spend a few days in a manor house.

Challenge #15 (Jul 2011, Zokusho): Sports.

Challenge #16 (Sep 2011, Zokusho): Lemon or fluff.

Challenge #17 (Sep 2011, Racke): The characters make a bet.

Challenge #18 (Oct 2011, ZaXo Ken'Ichi): Characters thrust into parody/parallel universe/other series.

Challenge #19 (Nov 2011, Zokusho): The Next Generation.

Challenge #20 (Jan 2012): UnluckyAmulet, Zokusho): Nazis and/or communists/Bolsheviks.

Challenge #21 (Feb 2012): Zokusho): Inverted Characters.

2/29/2012 #1

Hmm, I should be able to expand off a story I already have published for this, the second chapter that a few people have asked for.

Also, Solar, in that first post you listed this new topic as being Zokusho's idea, it is yours, right?

2/29/2012 #2
Solarius Scorch

The idea is mine. Zokusho was the winner of the last round though.

Also, I might write a Neon Genesis Evangelion fic... Maybe.

2/29/2012 #3

The logic of that list is a bit odd. The winner of the last time is listed on the next row, and the one who ran the challenge is not actually listed, though up to this point it was the winner of the last time. Got to fix it at some point.

Anyway, I'll write a Lucky Star story for this, got an idea.

2/29/2012 . Edited 2/29/2012 #4

I already finished my entry. Now, I'll let it sit on the hard disk in the hope that I will improve it somehow. That, of course, almost never happens...

EDIT: for the rest of the week, I don't have time to write, so I'll just have to put it out, ready or not.

And here it is: Challenge Entry 21: Antitheses

EDIT: Crap! I completely forgot Kurokona! And nobody has even written any fics about her (I think). I'll have to fix that story so that it includes Kurokona. Fortunately about the only thing I had to change were her hair length and color.

3/27/2012 . Edited 3/28/2012 #5

Hey! Remember that the deadline is tomorrow. Do you want to lose by default again? :^P

EDIT: 21 hours to deadline! (Ignore daylight saving time? Otherwise it would be an hour earlier...)

3/29/2012 . Edited 3/30/2012 #6

I admit complete defeat!

I'm out for this one. Here's hoping someone else throws their hat in.

3/31/2012 #7
Solarius Scorch

I've written a few pages, but it sucks like vacuum itself. Sorry, this time I'm out too. I tried, but oh well.

3/31/2012 #8

Two hours to go... No, three - daylight saving time is in effect, so Greenwich time is one hour ahead. Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any other entries.

EDIT: Half an hour...

3/31/2012 . Edited 3/31/2012 #9

No other entries at all?

4/1/2012 #10
Solarius Scorch

It pains me to see you as the only participant again. It makes you look like you won only because of lack of competition, while in fact your story was very good and entertaining. Hopefully there will be more entries next time.

By the way, do you want to start another challenge Zokusho? Or do you want to cede this to someone else like before?

4/2/2012 #11

Yes..anyiibe ekse gi gdeafead tooo crunk to xtsrt vhalenge.

4/6/2012 #12
Solarius Scorch

All right then. I'm locking this thread. Again, congratulations and... time to think of the next challenge!

4/7/2012 #13
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