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Hi people. Who's ur fav God or Goddess? Mine is probably Athena or maybe it's Ares. (Soz if I've spelt it wrong)
1/4/2006 #1
pixie paramount
Persephone, I've been obsessed over the goddess for a number of years and it refuses to diminish in the slightest. I also find Hades interesting, also Medusa (excuse me, she's a Titan correct?) piques a bit of intrest out of me. -pixe.
1/4/2006 #2
Archer Yi
I love Hera: the powerful woman figure, vindictive, and just plain cool. Athena and Apollo aren't far behind though.
1/4/2006 #3
pixie paramount
really? as a goddess she is quite cool but I often dismiss her when writing, her character (though very strong) just annoys the begezes out of me, I am not a fan of jealous-women, even when they are abundant in this field. Athena! I.Love.Her. (not as much a Persephone but still...) Appollo... if it was at all possible I'd have the God's babies. -pixie
1/6/2006 #4
Whats Apollo the God of? I like th name but I'm not so sure about the God mainly 'cos I don't know what he does!
1/7/2006 #5
Archer Yi
Hey was the god of many things: the sun (to some degree), the arts, culture, medicine, music, theater, things like that.
1/7/2006 #6
Thanks. I think maybe I like Hades best. (I know I've changed my mind.) I just can't write a story without mentioing death or stuff like that so maybe he should be my favourite God. He looks so cool in the disney Hercules even though that was basicall not the story of Hercules.
1/8/2006 #7
Archer Yi
If you love Greek gods and Ancient Greece in general, and you like computer games, I suggest the games Zeus Master of Olympus and the expansion Poseidon, Ruler of Atlantis - both are citybuilder games in which you can build temples to the gods and they patrol the streets and bring blessings and interact and such. It's a very fun game. Or else Age of Mythology - but you don't actually SEE the gods, just worship them and get mythological beings. But still a good game. Just some suggestions that I enjoy.
1/9/2006 #8
They sound cool. Maybe i'll ask 4 them for my birthday.
1/10/2006 #9
hey! i like athena and apollo but i suppose i know more 'bout eygptian gods and goddesses so if i randomly wander on about them, just ignore me. i think athena was really cool, i've thought that since i had to do a progect on her in Y6 lol salrianna P.S hope you're feeling better M'rika
1/10/2006 #10
Hey thanks. Yeah I'm feeling LOADS better :-) So who do you like in Egyt gods? I like Bast. she's cool. And has anyone noticed how like lots of people (Ok about 4) like Apollo and Athena? Oh by the way. I've like activated my Istant messaging. Thought you'd like to know.
1/11/2006 #11
Blue Autumn Sky
Me I like Persephone. I'm convinced that there was more going on than what the Greeks wrote down. She has to have loved Hades at least a little for her to be so stupid to eat the Pomagranite seeds.
1/12/2006 #12
Maybe. But if she's used to eating every day wouldn't she have got hungry?
1/15/2006 #13
Peoples, Hi I am a HUGE mythology addict and I just wanna say that if you want the pommegrade thing expained in a different way, check out Goddess of Spring by P.C. Cast. It's a romance but explains that Persephone did fall in love with Hades but it was really a mortal soul inside her body. Not very true to the ancient concept, but entertaining none the less. Also my favourite goddess' are Persephone and Artemis. I also like Hades because he has all his dark moods.
1/16/2006 #14
Mystic Vixen
My favorite Goddess' are Artemis and Athena and my favorite Gods are....that's a hard one. I like Zeus and Apollo. I'm big into Mythology but not as much greek and egyptian.
1/26/2006 #15
Artemis is a personal favorite of mine, particularly the way she's portrayed classically in re-tellings.
1/26/2006 #16
My favorite gods are: Hades Persephone Hekate Thanatos Hypnos Morpehus
1/30/2006 #17
Jessica Black1
Hera, I think she has been given a bad rap in the books but I can relate to her in alot of ways, most people just write me off as a B*** as well. Zeus comes in second, Hades is my third favorite because he is dark. The rest are all cool in their own ways of course
2/3/2006 #18
I think Hekate is awesome. Usually, it's just on who I'm ready up on at the time. I was writing a story involving Hades the other day. I need to do more research to make it better though. But, yeah, my vote is for Hekate. (A really great fiction book that involves Hekate is called, "Something Wicked." It's a romance to, but I couldn't put it down!) Megan
2/18/2006 #19
Two more people adore Hera! Yes, Hera is my favourite too! She's just so intriguing!
2/19/2006 #20
My favorites are (no particular order)... Hades Persephone Basically all of Nyx's children Nyx Erebus Athena Hera Selene Artemis Eros Hestia and a whole other bunch...but not Zeus, definitely not Zeus.
2/25/2006 #21
I like Artemis and Apollo the most, then there's the muses, the graces, and zeus (he's a mythological man w***, that's always funny)
2/28/2006 #22
Local Vagabond
Athena is my top favorite but I like Artemis as well.
3/4/2006 #23
Tollivandi Silverwing
What? No one's mentioned Hermes? HERMES ROCKS!!!!
3/14/2006 #24
he's okay I guess.
3/14/2006 #25
How can nobody even mention Hephestus. I mean the guy is the one who makes everything that the gods have. They would just be a bunch of posers with out him. He makes Zues' thunderbolts, I read somewhere that he made Hermes' sandals, Apollo's and Artemis' bows, and I could keep going but I think every one gets the point. He was also married to Aphrodite and he forgave her when she came back to him. Plus the dude lives in a volcano, I mean how cool is that. Hephestus all the way. As for egyptians I would have to go with Anubis. According to Mummy Returns the guy has a vast army of what Age of Mythology calls Anubites. Those anubites were so cool.
4/13/2006 #26
My favorite for greek is Eros. And for Egyptian it's Anubis, I love his jackal head and really want to see what would happen if someone scratched behind his ears... I tried Norse mythology once; it was alright but definately not my favorite.
5/12/2006 #27
I love Artemis. She is the symbol of a strong feminist, she was the protector of animals, and the goddess of the moon. Athena is also one of my favorites. She is a strong female warrior who sprang out from the head of Zeus.
6/11/2006 #28
Hephestus seems kind of like a burly, all brawn, no brain kind of guy. He just doesn't spark my nterest.
6/11/2006 #29
Actually, Hephaestus is brilliant. He is very intelligent.
6/11/2006 #30
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