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Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Where Bill and Victoriano Weasley Live

11/23/2009 #1
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

NEW DAY (Sept. 10th)

4/2/2010 #2
Twombie Awdur

Tori stood in the kitchen, fussing over the salads she was making for the barbeque

Kevin opened the door for Lyla, balancing some desserts on his arm

4/4/2010 #3
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill was taking the Marinated meats out of the fridge

Lyla walked in "Thanks babe." She said As she carried the desserts he wasnt balancing

4/4/2010 #4
Twombie Awdur

Tori chopped up some boiled eggs, "Was that the door?" she asked

Kevin shut the door and headed towards the kitchen, "Your welcome angel" he said, walking towards the kitchen, "We're here" he called

4/4/2010 #5
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill smiled and said "Hey Kev Hey Lyla ."

"Hello." Lyla smiled following Kevin to the kitchen

4/4/2010 #6
Twombie Awdur

Kevin kissed his mothers cheek, "hi" he said, setting the puddings down, "Hey dad need some help?" he asked

Tori smiled, "hello my darlings" she said, kissing Kevin then Lyla's cheek

4/4/2010 #7
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"Hello Tori."Lyla said setting the puddings down as well " Would you like me to do anything ?"She asked looking around

"Yeah , could you grab those ribs and take them to the back." He said indicating the bowl of ribs as he picked up the steaks

4/4/2010 #8
Twombie Awdur

Tori smiled, "Yes please dear. Start on the green salad."

Kevin grabbed the ribs and carried them outside

Evan pulled up outside the house and climbed out the car, getting James out his car seat

4/4/2010 #9
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Lyla smiled and nodded "Yes of course ." going to wash her hands before starting on the salad

Alan got out the car carrying burger patties

Bill set the steaks on the table that was next to the grill

4/4/2010 #10
Twombie Awdur

Tori smiled happily, "Bill" she called, "Don't forget that the charcoal is by the shed"

Kevin went to grab them beers

Evan grabbed his own beers front the trunk and carried James into the house

4/4/2010 #11
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"Okay."Bill called back going to the shed and picking up the Charcoal

Alan followed "Mum dad were here." He called

Lyla started the salad smiling

Bill jr pulled up in his car and got out going to the trunk and pulling out a cooler

4/4/2010 #12
Twombie Awdur

Tori smiled as she worked on the egg salad then she squealed, "my baby is here" she said, turning around and wiping her hands, "Come here my darlings" she called

Evan smiled and set James down, "go on" he said

James grinned and ran to Tori, "Nana!" he yelled

Tori scooped him up, "Hello my angel" she said hugging him tightly

Kevin put his dad's beer by the barbeque

4/4/2010 #13
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Alan smiled and said "Hey mum.Hey Lyla."

Lyla waved "Hey Alan hey Evan, Hey James . "

Bill jr rolled the cooler in the house and Called "Hey everyone." as he appproached the kitchen

Bill smiled at Kevin "Thanks ."He said picking up his beer and opening it

4/4/2010 #14
Twombie Awdur

Tori smiled, "Hi sweetheart" she said, kissing Alan and then Evan's cheek

Evan smiled, "Hi out back?"

Tori nodded and set James down

James ran out, "GRAMPA GRAMPA" he yelled

Kevin turned and grinned

Tori smiled, "Hi sweetheart" she said hugging Bill jr, "Oh sweety I missed you so much"

Evan walked to the outside, "Hey" he said

4/4/2010 #15
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill sr heard James and said "Jamey!" He kneeled scoopiong him up "Hey Evan hey Alan."

'I'm gonna take these back as well."He said indicating the burgers and following Evan

"Hey mum."Bill jr said hugging her back "I missed you too. How have you been?" He asked as he opened the cooler pulling out a Fruit platter and a veggie and cold cut platter

4/4/2010 #16
Twombie Awdur

James hugged him tightly, "I missed you Grampa"

Evan smiled and opened a beer, "how are you?" he asked

Kevin grinned at his older brother, "Hey Bro"

Tori smiled and hugged him tightly before watching him, "I've been fine thanks and you?" she asked

4/4/2010 #17
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"I missed you too Jamey.'Bill sr said "I'm good. And yourself?"

Hows everything."Alan asked Kevin grinning

Bill jr nodded "I've been good. pretty much just working."

4/4/2010 #18
Twombie Awdur

James hugged him tightly

Evan smiled, "Everything's good thanks" he said, sipping his beer and glancing at Alan

Kevin grinned, "Everything's cool... I got a new tat" he said

Tori pressed her lips together, "Hmmmmm" she said, "i've been listening"

4/4/2010 #19
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill smiled and set him down starting to put Charcoal in the grill "Thats great."He said

Alan glanced at Evan and smiled at Kevin "Thats cool . What of?"

Bill Jr saw her expression and said "You have? know..ratings.." as he busied himself putting more ice in the cooler

4/4/2010 #20
Twombie Awdur

James stood beside Bill, "Can I help you grampa?" he asked

Evan ruffled Jame's hair, "Don't bother Grampa Jamie"

Kevin pulled his shirt up to show flames on his stomach, "My boss did it" he said

Tori raised an eyebrow, "Selling your morality is not worth ratings Willam" she said, "We've raised you better then that" she scolded

4/4/2010 #21
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"Oh hes no bother. You can go to the kitchen and ask Grandma for the tongs." Bill sr smiled at James

"Thats awesome,." Alan said looking at the flames grinning

"I know Mum but I dont actually do most of the stuff Im talking about ..." Bill jr said

4/4/2010 #22
Twombie Awdur

James nodded and ran inside, "Grandma...grampa needs the tongs" he said

Tori smiled and gave them to James as she spoke to Bill, "How do I know this?"

James ran back outside, "Here you go grampa"

Evan smiled as he watched them

Kevin grinned, "Yeah I know hey"

4/4/2010 #23
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill sr smiled "Thank you Jamey." he said ruffling his hair as he lit the grill

" Cause I'm your son,"Bill jr said getting a beer "And you raised me better than that." He added opening it and taking a sip

Alan smiled and said "Who else is coming?" looking around

4/4/2010 #24
Twombie Awdur

James smiled and stood beside him

Tori swatted him, "Don't you get smart" she said

Kevin shrugged, "I think Sash might be coming" he said, "I tried to call her but she didn't answer"

4/5/2010 #25
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill smiled and lit the grill

Bill jr smiled at her "I'll be more careful about what I say on-air from now on." he said

Alan nodded "Should I call?" he asked

4/5/2010 #26
Twombie Awdur

James looked at the grill, "Can I light it too grampa?"

Tori smiled, "Now that's what I want to hear" she said kissing his head

Kevin shrugged, "You can try" he said

4/5/2010 #27
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"Oh no not yet ."Bill said shaking his head "You cant mess with fire just yet Jamey."

Bill jr smiled "Alright mum. You need help with anything?" he asked

Alan nodded pulling out his cellphone "I will."He said finding Sashas number and hitting the call button

4/5/2010 #28
Twombie Awdur

James pouted, "But dad lets me" he said

Evan promptly looked around

Tori shook her head, "You can go outside and join your brothers and father..." she said, "Lyla and I are almost done"

After the fifth ring Sasha picked up, "What?" she growled

4/5/2010 #29
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"He does?" Bill sr said he looked at Evan who was looking around and Alan who was on the phone then back at Evan

Bill jr nodded "Okay mum." he said before heading to the back yard

"Well hello to you to Sash,"Alan said " How are you doing today?" he added

4/5/2010 #30
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