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Twombie Awdur

Evan fell back and held his face before getting up and tackling Bill Sr to the floor

Kevin sprang forward and pulled Alan away so he didn't get hurt

9/23/2010 #841
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill Sr fell back with a grunt and went to punch Evan

Alan was pulled away by Kevin and pulled back " Stop it!" He said.

Bill jr ran to the two and reached down to break up the fight.

9/23/2010 #842
Twombie Awdur

Kevin pulled Alan back and grabbed Evan, "COME ON GUYS STOP IT" he yelled

Tori heard them and got up, setting James on Lyla's lap, "Just give me a second" she said, hurrying to the kitchen and seeing the fight, "STOP THIS THIS INSTANT" she screamed

Evan tried to tug away from Kevin, his nose bleeding

9/23/2010 #843
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Lyla held James and looked at him "You okay sweetheart?" she asked concerned.

Alan looked over at his mother.

Bill jr was holding Bill Sr back who was glaring at Evan.

9/23/2010 #844
Twombie Awdur

James sniffed and started to cry, "I don't want my daddy's to fight" he wailed

Tori frowned and walked between them, "Enough you two...... Kevin... Bill... Let them go... Alan take your brothers and go see to Jamey. I will deal with this"

Kevin let Evan go reluctantly but went over to Alan

9/23/2010 #845
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Lyla bit her lip and rubbed his back "It'll be okay Jamey." She said

Bill jr looked at his dad then let go and went to Kevin and Alan.

Alan nodded silently and went to the back yard. "Jamey." He said seeing him with Lyla.

9/23/2010 #846
Twombie Awdur

James held his arms out for Alan, "Please don't fight wiff daddy" he shrieked as he cried

Evan heard James and bit his lip, making to go out to comfort him

Tori stopped him, "Sit" she instructed, "You too Bill and tell me what this is all about. Alan will looked after Jamey" she said.

She conjured up some tea and sat at the table

Evan sat on one side and as Bill was sitting he explained how he had found out Jamey had been expelled and yes he'd lost his temper...probably cause he was drunk... and he over reacted

Tori looked at Bill, "In all fairness Evan I don't blame Bill. Alan is our eldest son but...with him being offense to my darling child but he's become more like a daughter"

9/23/2010 #847
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Alan toook him in his arms "Okay Jamey , Daddy and I wont fight." he said

Bill sat by her and looked at Evan "Exactly."Bill nodded

9/23/2010 #848
Twombie Awdur

James hugged Alan tightly, "Im sorry daddy... I told Uncle Bill and and" he said between sobs, "Now you and daddy are gonna haaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmeeeeeeee"He wailed

Kevin bit his lip and sat by Lyla

Evan looked away out the window

Tori then narrowed her eyes at Bill, "And you" she growled, "Evan has been a part of this family since he and Alan were in fifth year... he is just as much a son as Kevin, Bill, Georgie or Alan and we do not hit them" she said then stroked his face, "We try and help them if they have a problem"

Evan snorted and conjured up a beer, "I don't have a problem" he lied in a mutter, gulping his beer

9/23/2010 #849
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"We don't hate you Jamey." Alan said rubbing his back " And you don't have to be sorry it's not your fault any of this is going on." he said quietly.

Lyla looked at Kevin worried.

Bill sr nodded then looked over at Evan sipping his beer. "Do you think this is the right time for a beer?" he asked

9/23/2010 #850
Twombie Awdur

James hugged him tightly, "Why is dad so mad?" he asked quietly, wiping his tears on Alan's shirt

Kevin sighed and ran a hand through his hair, glancing at Lyla then at Bill

Evan shrugged but didn't look at them

Tori reached out and took Evan's hand, "Evan honey... if somethings wrong you can speak to us.... YOu know you can...we're always here for you."

Evan swallowed and started to tear up

9/23/2010 #851
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill saw Evan tear up and bit his lip "Whats the matter son?" he asked.

"Cause I lied to him." Alan said

Bill jr was watching Alsand and Jamey guiltily .

9/23/2010 #852
Twombie Awdur

Evan sniffed and wiped at his eyes, "Alan's a famous author" he mumbled, "And all I mounted to was a construction worker... a muggle construction worker ontop of that" he said bitterly, "And then Alan still lies to me. Everyday Alan does something meaningful and I... I'm just the stupid, hairy idiot who earns minimum wage" he said, then burst into tears, "And its just easier to drink then to think about it all the time ok?"

James sniffed, "But you said it was a good lie" he said, looking up at his father

Kevin sighed and wrapped an arm around Lyla's shoulders

9/24/2010 #853
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Bill bit his lip and nodded "I'm sorry that you feel that way Evan , but thats not true." He said

Alan nodded and said "Well yeah I said that, but there aren't really any good lies Jamey." he said.

Lyla cuddled up to him.

9/24/2010 #854
Twombie Awdur

Evan snorted and wiped at his eyes, "It is true dad. I amounted to nothing compared to Alan. Do you know how much shit I take everyday cause I'm married to one of the leading authors of our time?" he asked, his voice cracking slightly, "How it feels when they ask me why I have a job when I'm married to someone so successful?" he added, tears streaming down his face again

James sniffed and said, "But you said daddy... you said that there are good lies and bad lies... and now daddy's mad"

Kevin stroked her side softly, watching James sadly, "Hey little man" he said quietly, 'This isn't your fault ok... this is a grown up fight so the grown ups are at fault here ok?"

James sniffed and shook his head

9/24/2010 #855
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"You're independent and your working cause you want to work. This is just how your house works. How your family works. Anyone giving you shit about who's working and what job you have and making comparisons need to piss off." Bill said putting a hand on his shoulder. "You cant let them bother you. You're bringing thier problems home to your family." He said

Alan nodded and stroked James hair ." This isn't you're fault. We messed up okay?" He said to Jamey.

9/24/2010 #856
Twombie Awdur

Evan pulled away from him and stood up, going to the window and folding his arms

Tori frowned, "Evan sweetheart... You're going to tear your family apart."

Evan wiped his eyes, "I'm supposed to provide for Alan. I'm supposed to look after Alan and Jamey" he said, swallowing hard, "and I don't even do that" he said bitterly, "And then Alan goes and lies to me"

James hugged Alan tightly

9/24/2010 #857
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Alan hugged him back tightly

Bill jr bit his lip "Look Al, I'm sorry about this I just thought that he knew already when I brought it up.." he said

Alan shook his head "Its fine." he said

Bill nodded and said "While I agree he shouldn't have lied about Jamey and school. Hitting him isn't the answer. And if you lost control cause you were drinking... maybe you shouldn't be drinking." He said

9/24/2010 #858
Twombie Awdur

James played with Alan's shirt and looked at their back door, "Is grampa giving Daddy a hiding?" he asked quietly

Kevin kissed Lyla's shoulder softly

9/25/2010 #859
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Alan looked towards the house and shook his head "No , he isnt." he said.

Lyla looked up at Kevin and stroked his hair , kissing him back.

9/25/2010 #860
Twombie Awdur

James sniffed and wuped his nose on the back of his hand

Kevin smiled softly and nuzzled his nose against hers

Evan simply kept quiet and stared at his hands

Tori bit her lip, "Evan... You mean everything to Alan... You mean everything to the whole family... We don't want to lose you... If you're not happy at work you can always find another job... but Alan needs you" she said quietly

Evan nodded and wiped his eyes

9/25/2010 #861
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Alan kissed the top of his head.

Lyla giggled "I love you baby." she said.

Bill sr nodded and said "We aren't trying to come down on you either , okay? We want to help if we can . I'm sorry I hit you."

9/25/2010 #862
Twombie Awdur

James looked up at him, "Daddy can I swim by the stream by the back wall?" he asked

Kevin chuckled, "I love you too angel"

Evan played with his fingers, "I'll try..." he said quietly, "And I'm sorry I tackled you dad.... and that I hit Alan..."

9/25/2010 #863
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"Yes you can." Alan nodded

Lyla smiled

Bill then hugged him "Its okay, but lets not have that happen again." he said

9/25/2010 #864
Twombie Awdur

James wiggled out of his arms and ran towards the back of the garden. He stripped down naked and splashed into the water cutely

Kevin chuckled and kissed her nose, "Think Dad's strangled him yet?" he asked Bill

Evan nodded and wiped his eyes again

9/25/2010 #865
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Alan smiled and sat down watching him.

"I hope not." Bill chuckled "We'd be hearing it by now though eh?"

Bill sr nodded and looked at Tori.

9/25/2010 #866
Twombie Awdur

James squealed as he ran in and out of the water. Then at one point he just knelt by the water staring in

Kevin chuckled, "You think so?"

Tori smiled and hugged Evan tightly, "Now... go give Alan and kiss and make up... you guys can talk later .For now lets just have some fun" she said, "ok?"

Evan nodded

9/25/2010 #867
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Alan watched him curiously then asked "What are you looking at Jamey?"

Bill jr chuckled "Well yeah we'd at least hear a scuffle and mum trying to stop him." he said

Bill nodded in agreement and started towards the back door.

9/25/2010 #868
Twombie Awdur

James looked up, "There's a froggie daddy"

Kevin snorted, "Oh come on... I reckon dad's more dangerous than mum.. he'll stun her then kill Evan"

Evan walked out the back door, rubbing the back of his neck

Tori followed smiling

9/25/2010 #869
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

"Oh okay... Dont touch it Jamey it might have warts." Alan said

Bill jr chuckled then looked over at Bill sr Evan and Tori

which made Alan look over his shoulder at them.

9/25/2010 #870
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