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Andi-Professional Daydreamer

Where Luke Weasley lives with Girlfriend Haley Malone and their daughter.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/20/2010 #1
Twombie Awdur

Hayley opened the door and walked in, setting the groceries down

6/20/2010 #2
Red Queen Megz

Luke sat on the couch holding their daughter.

9/11/2010 #3
Twombie Awdur

Hayley smiled, "hi baby" she said, sitting the groceries on the counter top and going to him giving him a deep long kiss

9/12/2010 #4
Red Queen Megz

Luke smiled and kissed her back."Hey baby girl. What all did you get?"

9/12/2010 #5
Twombie Awdur

Hayley smiled and took their daughter (Who's name shall be?) and gave her a small kiss on the nose, "hello mommy's big girl" she cooed then turned to Luke, "I'm going to make steak for dinner with mash, and grazy and some sweet corn" she added then smiled, "and I got our Princess some nice Squash flavoured baby food"

9/12/2010 #6
Red Queen Megz

(Hmmm. how about Natalie? or Amber? Or maybe Chelsie?)

Luke smiled."OK sounds good. Want me to help you?"

9/27/2010 #7
Twombie Awdur

(Amber sounds good)

Haley smiled, "Don't worry baby I got it" she said, waving her wand so everything started to do itself. She smiled and scooped Amber up, "How was your day?"

9/28/2010 #8
Red Queen Megz

Luke smiled."Good. Amber had her nap just before you came."

9/28/2010 #9
Twombie Awdur

Haley smiled, "That's good." she said, "Although don't you think its a little late...."

9/29/2010 #10
Red Queen Megz

"well I was trying to get her to sleep cause I needed sleep, but she decided to get into the lotion." Luke groaned."Lotion went everywhere even on me."

9/29/2010 #11
Twombie Awdur

Haley giggled, "Awww I'm sorry baby" she said, kissing his cheek, "You can get to bed early tonight if you want" she said

9/30/2010 #12
Red Queen Megz

"IT's fine hun," Luke laughed.

10/3/2010 #13
Twombie Awdur

Hayley smiled and carried Amber in her arms, starting on dinner ,"Where's mommy's precious girl?" she cooed

10/4/2010 #14
Red Queen Megz

Luke smiled as Amber cooed and flailed her arms.

11/12/2010 #15
Twombie Awdur

Hayley made sure dinner was stewing well before she kicked her shoes off and conjured up a glass of wine, sipping it slowly

12/28/2010 #16
Red Queen Megz

Luke set Amber in her crib for a nap and walked up and held Hayley close.

1/16/2011 #17
Twombie Awdur

Hayley leaned her head on his shoulder

1/16/2011 #18
Red Queen Megz

Luke smiled nad kissed her head and held her."I love you."

2/13/2011 #19
Twombie Awdur

Hayley smiled and checked on dinner

2/14/2011 #20
Andi-Professional Daydreamer

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5/24/2011 #21
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