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Alright guys, time to Roleplay! I ask that anything non-roleplay related be typed in Ictalic and Underline, thank you =3! LET'S BEGIN!!


The sun shone down over the ocean. Seagulls flew by, there was a soft breeze. Everything looked so peaceful.

Except for the screaming from a boat that was heading to an island.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" Kimi grabbed a hold of the boat's railings, the waves bouncing the boat and her body up and down, "Otou-sama was right! These waters ARE dangerous!!"

She cried out again when the boat went up and down suddenly and her feet practically left the deck.

"Kimberli-sama.." Ciela said calmly, "If I may permit to say, you need to plant your feet on the deck and relax your body. Forgive me for saying this, but I believe you are over exaggerating."

She was standing up straight, with only one hand on the railing, the sea wind blowing her black hair, she was bouncing only slightly.

Kimi grit her teeth, and as the boat moved up and down once more, she did what her maid told her to do. Instantly the world stopped shaking and she relaxed a little more.

"That's better." Ciela made a gentle smile, "Feels alot different, doesn't it, Kimberli-sama?"

"I...guess so." Kimi gave a sigh of relief, then looked over her shoulder, "Did we lose anybody? Is Felouse-san or Sokai-san still on board?"


12/31/2009 . Edited 11/2/2010 #1

The sea was always a misunderstood thing, it was so beautiful when the sun shined upon it leaving a bright reflection at points in the distance, though a lot of people would say the ocean is a dangerous place cause of wild life and the other things that would be able to drag down into its depths, a young man with long blond hair thought this as he was absent mindfully holding onto the rail with one hand as the other was twirling one of his long bangs with a single finger. He always considered the sea to be the most beautiful of all things to gaze upon, suddenly he came back to reality hearing the screams of his Ojou-Sama called Kimi but seeing that Ciela had everything under control lessened his worry as he soon saw that everything was now calm again. Upon hearing his name being queried "I am h-here.. Ojou-Sama." he courteously said with a small bow being his usual polite self, ever since being saved from his life on the streets he always trained himself to try and be more confident in order to serve the Ushiromiya family as best as he could do but yet a little of his shyness still remained as made obvious by the slight stutter. He then kindly asked "Are you both alright?" he too soon looked around for Sokai in wonder to where his presence is on the boat.

12/31/2009 #2

"Oh, good. Felouse-san is here." Kimi sighed once more, "I was just rocking around so much that it seemed to me that everyone fell off."

She just shrugged and looked back out at the ocean, "Ah, now that I'm not fearing for my life, the ocean does look pretty today. Doesn't it, Ciela-chan?"

"Certainly, Kimberli-sama." Ciela replied, bowing. Kimi rolled her eyes irritably. She hated it when Ciela called her that. Although there was practically no way to get her to say something else, Kimi knew she'll have to get used to it.

She looked back out at the ocean, "Felouse-san, I've been told that the spirit of my great-grandfather still haunts the halls of Rokkenjima, calling out to a certain woman. Um..."

She scratched her head, "..I can't remember her name. Anyway, do you believe those ghost stories are true?"

12/31/2009 #3

Shocked by her question he couldn't help but ponder for a moment, trying to decipher his own feelings enough for an answer and replied in a soft tone "To be honest I neither believe nor disbelieve, I just believe whatever I see before my very eyes." he soon remembered the tale that Kimi was on about and regaled to her "You mean Beatrice right? She was someone very special to your great-grandfather, don't worry Ojou-Sama I shall not let anything come to harm to you." he said in a caring tone along with a smile as his hand petted the top of her head wanting to ease her mind.

12/31/2009 . Edited 12/31/2009 #4

"Beatrice..." Kimi murmured, allowing Felouse to pet her head, "...I've only heard her name once or twice. Probably another thing Otou-sama forgot to mention."

See, when she was old enough to come to senses, she knew that her father (Who was one of the survivors for the Rokkenjima Murder) was a little traumatized by the incident back in 1986. Because of that, curiousity bit at her and she couldn't help but ask a lot over the years. Her father answered a few of them honestly, and very vaguely. But he never told her what his parents and aunts were like, and how insane he thought her great-grandfather is...that's just how he was. Actually, she had remembered a time when she was 6 when she heard the name "Beatrice" and also the word "Rokkenjima" in one sentence while listening to teachers discussing. Unfortunatly, her father STILL was very cryptic, which still ticked her off. Now, she just asks one of the servants, named Felouse, all about different things, because aparrantly he knows about her family more than she does herself (Which ticks her off a lot).

Then her thoughts strayed to that blonde 21 year old. How come he was still serving her family?

"Shouldn't you just quit already and get a new life, Felouse-san?" She accidently said out loud. Realizing she did, she turned her back on the ocean and continued, "You should probably get a girl or something. Stop hanging around here." She just shrugged then.

1/1/2010 #5

His eyes stared at the back of the young daughter of Battler letting only the sound of the sea take reign over the possible momentary silence and yet the gaze in his eyes changed to a more softer emotion as he broke the silence "I can't leave... or rather I don't want to leave your family's side, I am indebted to your family and want to help and do what makes you all happy." his voice kind voice didn't cease as he spoke but soon he lowered his eyes to his feet regressing to his old personality as he said quietly "Besides a new life can't be made, if that person has no memory of how he used to live, nor would a person take a partner with such a thing."

1/1/2010 #6

Question: Should Maria live on Rokkenjima? I mean, she DOES believe. XD. It's Felouse's choice.

Kimi blinked her blue eyes in confusion and also annoyance, an even though she wanted to say something, she couldn't think of it at the moment.

"You shouldn't say how people's lives should be, Kimberli-sama." Ciela commented, moving a piece of her dark brown hair behind an ear, the sun making her silver eyes more brighter, "Everyone is free to make their own choices, no matter how strange other people may think."

Kimi pondered over that for a minute, then nodded, "Yes, I see. You're right, Ciela-chan. Sorry for prying, Felouse-san."

1/1/2010 #7

Tori stepped off the ship and looked at Kimi and felouse "H...hello." she murmured in a quiet voice. she looked around and her eye looked to the sea "...I elieve...that past memories do not matter can memories...." she looked at Felouse " do not have to stay here if you control your own fate...however upon the other hand....if you choose to stay because you feel oblidged to....that is fine as well..."

1/1/2010 #8

Answer: So far I thought Maria similar to the opening of Umineko would be on the island already, but then again having her living on the island would add a bit of a creep factor eh? XD

Felouse couldn't help but shake his head at Kimi and replied "Ohh no its ok really, I don't mind at all." suddenly upon hearing what Tori had to say the young blond haired man couldn't help but look shyly down at his feet a little, though she was soft spoken she still showed great understanding showing both her father and mother's traits from that one statement. Smiling to her and bowing to her politely he said "Thank you very much, Ojou-Sama, I appreciate your understanding. I am always grateful to the Ushiromiya family for their kindness and only want to do whats right and repay the family best to my ability." his words were true to his heart as he looked to them all and blushed a little not used to the attention he got while fiddling with the emerald green jewel stroking the family crest lightly as one of his feet was behind the other tapping the floor lightly with the tip of it as he smiled that they cared about how he lived his life.

1/1/2010 #9

I agree. Maria living on the is;land would be add a creepiness factor.

Tori nodded "It is alriht Felouse-sa....I just feel that you should be heared as much as us, despite you being a servant for our family. we are all human beings therefore we all have the same rights despite class or such things..." Tori smiled softly at Felouse, she liked helping people uunderstand each other's point of views.

1/1/2010 . Edited 1/1/2010 #10

Yeah, that would be so cool and creepy =D!

Kimi looked at Tori, feeling bad for completely forgetting that she was on the boat as well. Yeah, that young woman was the daughter of one of Battler's cousins, so she didn't know how to say they were related ("Maybe just as cousins?" She thought one time.)

The boat went over a big wave again, and since she was now not holding the railing, she was caught off balance and screamed again when she practically went up in the air.

"Oh my.." She muttered, holding onto the side of the boat again, "I don't know how you guys survive on these things."

1/1/2010 #11

Upon hearing Tori's reason for her words Felouse couldn't help but nod to her in agreement with her for saying such kind words, but as the boat went over the big wave everyone was caught off balance especially Kimi. Being nearby he tried to help Kimi stay onto the ground if he could by putting one of his hands onto her shoulder as the other was on the railing and he replied "Well.. it just takes some getting used to, u-u-nlike your father how he reacts when riding on a boat." with that said he let out an unusual laugh for a man that sounded like a girly giggle but yet seemed to fit with his appearance as he remembered how his master would look like when on a boat not able to contain his laugh.

1/1/2010 #12

Kimi shook her head, her messy curly hair shaking with her, "Ah, well, like father like daughter, I guess."

She glanced at her maid, "Ciela-chan, are we there yet? I really don't think we'll last another minute."

Ciela just shrugged and smiled, "I am not sure, ma'am. But I know this trip won't last forever, that I'm certain of."

1/1/2010 #13
Sakai The Demon

Sakai was in a dark church his eyes were closed, no noise filled the room in his surroundings. But however he was not sleeping. He was praying, praying with a cross that hang around his neck.

He knew what was wrong...Sakai sensed his blood..."...My twin brother is here....and he serves the family...." Sakai said as he stood up, with devil wings spreading out. "And he serves the family of all people...." he said as he clench his right fist that was holding on the cross.


Sokai rested his head on a cherry blossom tree outside, there he closed his eyes and saw Sakai and himself as children. How happy time they were...

1/1/2010 #14

Tori nodded "In am hoping the boat lands soon...I myself do not mind water but I wish to begin our visit." Tori nodded, "And Kimi...I believe the term you are looking for is you won't last another minute." the gglasses-wearing girl giggled slightly to herself.

1/1/2010 #15

Alrightie, so I guess Maria will be at the island =D!

"Ah heh heh heh..." Kimi laughed nervously then went serious suddenly, "...Yeah, that's true."

"Look, Kimberli-sama!" Ciela leaned over the railing and pointed ahead, "There's the island, ma'am!"

Kimi turned away from Tori and widened her eyes to see the magnificent green island. More seagulls filled the air and Kimi breathed in the sweet salty scent.

"Finally!" She whispered, "No more almost drowning at sea!" She looked at Felouse, "And glad to be out in the open, as well. I'm happy Maria Oba-san allowed us to come over!"

Like Tori's father and mother, her own parent was extremely hesitant about letting her go to Rokkenjima for a while. It had taken a great deal of promises and reassuring, and finally everyone consented. And Kimi was tired of schoolwork and being cooped up at home, also she hadn't seen Battler's cousin Maria in a long time. She admired Maria when she was younger, for she was a very nice woman and also had a high interest in the works of magic. Maria had been living at the island for quite a while, even though she was a survivor of the murder also. She was only 9 at the time, so it was a tad strange when Maria took the place for herself (People expected her to be terrified of the island now..)

Kimi inhaled again, "Boy, I hope we have a good time."

1/4/2010 #16

Cooliooooooo! xD

"Yes. I am gl;ad that Maria-oban-san suggestredthe idea. I hope she is doing well." Tori smiled smally as she spoke the word. She had a interest in magic like Maria ever since her mom and dad told her about Beatrice, she wanted to learn more about magic , that was when Shannon taught her how to make a barrier around herself to show that she possesed some form of magic.

1/4/2010 . Edited 1/4/2010 #17

Yay for Creepy Maria fanservice... wait what?! XD

As the servant's blue eyes stared at the island in amazement he could not help but admire its beauty somehow, it just seemed so inspiring to look at all the greenery and the long stretch of beach that went across the island, to him this would of seemed oddly similar to that of a hotel. When Kimi and Tori said their appreciations for being able to relax soon upon the island Felouse couldn't but smile to his young masters and replied "I am sure you will all have a good time, I shall be sure of that." but as he said that he soon added "Hmm Maria-Sama from what I last heard was in good health and I am sure that she will be ecstatic to see you."

At the island a young woman could be seen waiting close to the docks as her hands were placed upon her dress so her dress wouldn't suddenly blow up from a passing wind. Maria Ushiromiya not only grew up in mind but also a great change was in how tall she became though her figure wasn't what you expect of a Ushiromiya family member but for what she had she was definatly pretty and cute in her looks, she wore a black dress that went down to her knees with her family crest of the bird upon same place as usual though instead of pink she had wore white underneath it that went slightly further below her knees and was slightly more thinner, her arms were covered by a small pink coat that didn't go down the dress then below the chest and half her arms were still bare to be seen. Upon seeing a boat in the distance she turned to see the new arrivals and with a huge smile coming across her face she raised her hand high into the air glad for family company to be coming for once to the island as she waving like the little child she once was and greeted loudly as she could "Everyone! Welcome to Rokkenjima!"

The design for Maria came to me the last minute also I am not sure how old to make her so I thought I describe her to be like somewhere in her teens still maybe or looking like it ^^;

1/4/2010 #18

I likwe the appearence you gave her Felouse! Well done! :D

Tori politely waved in return with a petite smile as the boat approached the island. When the boat docked Tori looked at the others and nodded to say that she agreed with having a good time. She then murmured "Thank you Felouse-san.". She then walked off and up to Maria and said in a soft voice that was just above a whisper "Hello Maria oba-saan." she looked Maria up and down "You look are you...?"

1/4/2010 . Edited 1/4/2010 #19

Let's say it's about 19 years past 1986, around 2007, maybe. Maria would have to be like 28 or so. =3 (It's so far ahead because Tori is 18. I suggest not making anybody of the next generation older than Tori's age, please =3). And yeah, Felouse, that's an awesome description of our favorite Maria!

"Maria Oba-san!" Kimi ran out after Tori and came up to her father's cousin, "Ah, it's great to see you again! Just look at this place, it's so amazing!"

Ciela stepped off, staying behind a little for Felouse to catch up, and Kimi said, "Ah, Maria Oba-san, that's my maid, Ciela. Ciela-chan, come say hi!" She waved, grinning. She was so happy to be here.

Ciela glanced at Felouse, then, following her mistress' orders, hurriedly went over to Maria and bowed deeply, "It's an honor to meet another of the Ushiromiya family, ma'am. I am Ciela Naomi."

1/4/2010 #20

Tori looked at Kimi and Ciela and smiled and murmured "I will be right back Kimi-san, Ciela-san..." She then walked over to Felouse "...are you coming?" she asked softly, looking at him with a gntle smile.

[blah you guys re always on just as I leave DX]

1/4/2010 #21

Ahh thank goodness, I was a little worried that the description might of been rushed but I wanted to make her sound pretty as well as try and make her different from the other women who some reason have unusually well endowed figures I mean it couldn't hurt to have a family member whos a bit smaller XD.... now I got the strange feeling everyone is thinking of me differently XD

As Felouse was sorting through bringing their bags off the boat a smile was still present on his face seeing Kimi and Tori smile at seeing Maria who was currently 28, from her appearance you wouldn't think she was that old but it just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover, seeing Ciela greeting Maria made him feel good to see the servant taking part in the greetings. When asked by Tori he looked up to her and giggled a little nervously "Ermm hehe yeah I was just setting the bags down, sorry Ojou-Sama." smiling back to her as he went up to give his own greeting to the only resident who stayed on the island after the tragedy "It is a-a pleasure to meet you M-Maria-Sama, I heard so much about you and its lovely that we finally get to meet." a slight stutter in his speech that was still a habit of his that showed his shy nervous self still remained as he bowed politely to Maria hoping she wouldn't be insulted.

Maria herself smiled at seeing both Tori and Kimi and without saying anything jumped up to them giving them both a big hug, it was like she rarely had contact with anyone like this as she excitedly said "Kimi, Tori ohh its so good to see you both!." Looking to Tori asking her how she was she replied with a nod "Mhh I have been fine." it was then that she was introduced to the two servants that accompanied them Ciela and Felouse she smiled them glad to see that they were nice people "It's lovely to meet you both too, Ciela-San and Felouse-San, but you both don't have to be so formal." she kindly said while smiling to them as her orange hair that has grown more longer over the years blew in the wind, that went down to her waist though the front of her bangs only went as far as to below her chest. "You all must be feeling tired from your trip so how about we head back to the mansion." she kindly offered them all with a gesture to the path that went up to the mansion.

1/5/2010 #22

Hey. Just wondering. Would sakutaou exist still with Maria?

Tori smiled at Felouse "....there is no reason to feel shy....I believe that Maria just wishes to be polite..." she looked at Maria "Thank was quite a trip...for.....numerous reasons..." Tori passed a glance at Kimi, mainly because she had been spazzing out on the way to the island and Tori heared her even from inside thge boat. It annoyyed her a bit but she didn't show her annoyyance that openingly.

1/5/2010 #23

Well, Ange revived him, didn't she? He must've stayed around with her, but I dunno if he's "grown up" or anything. (He might just look the same =/)

Kimi loosened her tie a little when she heard that, but she didn't say anything about it. For the record, Tori was absolutely 100% correct about her statement. She then went over and picked up her main bag, which was in the assorted pile of bags Felouse was organizing on the boat, slinging it over a shoulder. Then she made sure that she didn't mess up the remaining bags.

Ciela looked at Kimi with a concerned face when she returned, "Kimberli-sama..." She said in a low voice, "Do you believe that Tori-sama was talking about you?"

"Sure she was." Kimi said, smiling, "She's right, though." Then she laughed, " 'Numerous reasons' is an awesome way to put it." She laughed again.

Ciela blinked, "I guess so, ma'am.."

Kimi just shrugged, a smile still on her face.

1/5/2010 #24

too true....I guess that he would still be his kawaii self, wouldn't he? :D

Tori walked over and picked up her bad as well and held it like a suitcase. She gave kimi a smile that said that she was just messing with her. She then walked over to Felouse and murmured so quitely to him that the others could not hear "No need to call can call me tori if you want." she looked at Kimi and Ciela "Shall we be going...?"

1/5/2010 #25

Sakutaru is definatly one of those characters who wouldn't change like most of the witchs/furniture they seem to be well immortal of some description ^^;

As Felouse was watching the girls pick up their bags he went to go pick up his own witch wasn't very much as it was only a duffel bag that had the essentials he would need, when he hear Tori talk to him quietly he couldn't help but stare at her and nervously smiled while quietly replying back "Ermm b-but wouldn't umm you know be rude to you my master?" but without an answer he looked as she indicated that she wanted to go now.

Maria smiled at her guests as she waited patiently for them to be ready, she couldn't help but play with her dress excitedly really wanting to get home and start talking to them and getting to know what happened and especially have fun staying at the mansion together Maria looked at them all and thought to herself 'Hopefully I can be a good hostess to them.'

1/5/2010 #26

Tori smiled at him and subte shook her head as a response of being rude to the master statement "Do not worry about such formailities." she murmured and looked at Maria "You may lead the way Maria oba-san."

Cool...mmm....I'm dressing up as Sakutarou for a cosplay. i may claim sakutarou. Debating xD

1/5/2010 #27

Cosplaying? THAT'S SO COOL =D! I might get an anime base from a website and draw all the characters together, if I can =3.

"Kimberli-sama.." Ciela said as Kimi looked out at the ocean, "Maria-sama is about to lead us to the mansion, I believe."

"Really?" Kimi asked, her attitude more soft than before. (She was really happy to be off the possesed ship that wanted to kill her)

Ciela was holding some of her own bags, and Kimi called to Felouse, "Felouse-saaan! Don't even think of taking any other bags other than your own!"

Ciela blinked at her mistress, "Whyever not, ma'am?"

"Ah, well.." Kimi shrugged, "..I think servants shouldn't be loaded with too much work." When she said that, she took one of Ciela's bags.

1/6/2010 #28

Thanks! I already have sakutarou's ears underrway, his scarf I bought from Zellers and havent started his awesome yellowishnss yet. Btw. Ill be on for a while snce I got today off ^^

Tori nodded slightly to Kimi "..I...concur." she looke at Felouse " you wish for me you Felouse-san...? I can if you wish for me to do so. If not, that is alright." she lsmiled politely at him thenlooked at Maria, somewhat excited to get going, however she is a person who can be hard to read at some points.

1/6/2010 #29

Felouse couldn't help but feel a little taken back by Kimi and Tori's kindness to both him and Ciela while trying to nervously say "Ermm no I will be fine, besides this is all I bought with me." while showing the small duffel bag in his hand while looking at Kimi and asked politely "Don't you think I should carry the bags instead, I mean not only are you my masters but also it be ungentlemanly of me to let you carry all the bags." he always was concerned about others feelings or about people taking too much onto their own he just was too caring for his own good.

Maria started to lead the way but walked slowly towards the mansion while every so often waiting for the others to follow while playfully saying "If you guys don't hurry it up, I may leave you all out here with the wolves of the island" with a small giggle she couldn't help but find this amusing to tease the people still sorting through their bags.

That sounds like its going well that's for sure, I for one would love to cosplay but too bad my face is really ugly to cosplay anyone ^^;

1/6/2010 #30
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