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((Felouse... quick question... XD I've already half-asked this, but... Are the Witch of Origins -child Maria- and Dante's mother -adult Maria- two beings in the same body, or just the same, whole, absolute Maria Ushiromiya. XD Food for thought, there... At least, for me, since the Witch of Origins is present to Ange after her own 'death'.))

Dante let out a weak smile. "Okay, Kaa-chan," he admitted as he continued nuzzling. "We'll... we'll always be together, right Kaa-chan?" he asked.

Little did Dante truly know... that would depend on the whims of witches... possibly his beloved mother included.

12/25/2010 . Edited 12/25/2010 #61

(To be honest Snow I recently pondered this and just thought that perhaps Maria's child form and her adult form are separate but yet they share the same perception so to speak, basically they are aware of each other. Which would end up being a metaphor for Maria having an inner child so to speak under her child like creepy adult exterior so to speak. Well that's my view really ^^;, what do you think? )

Maria only smiled as she pull him closer to her tummy and patted his back while her hand laid on his head with care as she looked down to him and replied "Of course!" with a excited nod "Your Kaa-Chan will always be with you regardless!"

(Actually another thought? Would Maria being the hostess this time around be required to burn in flames for the new epitaph or would she have to die another way to satisfy the new one? Welcome back Kimi-Chan! Hope the Christmas party was fun you had a good time I hoped? n_n )

12/25/2010 . Edited 12/25/2010 #62

((Lol. Wardrobe change! XD Yeah... that's fine with me... The Inner Child just knows more, right? As for the burning? That would make Dante cry... *sniff* Then again, THAT is obvious. XD Still, canon events suggests she could still keep that promise after death.))

Dante's smile widened. "Okay!" There was not much more the ten-year-old could say, really. He accepted his mother's words and took them to heart.

12/25/2010 . Edited 12/25/2010 #63

(Yeah she might as well since the physical form would probably just hint towards knowing more then she should but her inner child would know a lot more since she is taking part in Tea Parties and such XD )

She continued to affectionately hug and pet her son for a little while longer as she asked "Were you not tired Dante?" much like a kind mother would ask her child.

12/25/2010 #64

((Hm... *looks at Tea Party thread* I haven't seen her yet... XD Just kidding. Lol.))

Dante nodded and ended up yawning again, covering his mouth. "Yes, Kaa-chan." He reluctantly parted the hug and laid back down on the bed, closing his eyes with a smile. "Please... be here when I wake up..."

12/25/2010 #65

(She hasn't appeared there cause A) I didn't know what I do with her just yet and B) I didn't think of it till you mentioned it XD... Oh! Yeah Dante and Maria are not minor characters, they are just having character development time XD )

Maria stroked her fingers through his hair as she softly replied "I will be here when you wake up Dante, for now rest your tired eyes and when you awake... you shall return to be by my side." she smiled a little as she said that whether she refereed to the real world of the Golden Land she wouldn't say.

12/25/2010 #66

((LOL! XD Now, I need a reasonable explanation as to how the Seven Shields could be in the game... without just saying 'higher powers inserted them'... XD Say... Maria crafted them for Dante, or something? Or Dante had some small pool of magic? XD I dunno. I really don't know.))

Dante kept his smile and nodded. "Okay, Kaa-chan."

12/25/2010 #67

Ryun watched as R left and when he returned. he was sitting beside kit, playing with her tail to the fox girl's annoyyance "I'm not a toy!"

"Ooohhh! But your so cute Kit!" He then proxeeded to hug and cuddle her "Gargh! get off me Ushiromia! Aru-kun! Get him off! Get him OFF!" she shoved him off and Ryun seemed to returned to the way he was before and stood up, bowing "My apolgizes kit-chan. i have this strange syndrome that gives me the instinct to hug anything considered cute. That includes cute fox girls."

Kit blushed and rubbed the baack off her neck and looked at R nervously, weither it was from being creeped out or embrassasment is hard to say.

12/25/2010 #68

(Thanks Felouse, I hads a great time last night~ :D. Some friends are coming over tonight to watch movies, so Ima sneak in a post here..~)

R tilted his head and grinned, "Isn't this nice? Fox Girl has a new boyfriend. But that's not good." He faked a pout, "That means you'll be too occupied you won't notice me torturing you!"


(Btw, Maria and Dante went into a room together, right? Can't remember. I'll have Kimi say so but if I'm incorrect, I'll come back and edit this xD)

Kimi sat up straight, "Well, then. Dante-kun and Maria Oba-san are in a room together and it's impossible for the culprit to sneak into their room after what they did to Amaya-chan. Now we're all here, with Yukari-san and Sandria-san and...."

She froze, ".....oh no...." She looked at Aiko, "Where are those two from before? The boy and girl?!"

12/25/2010 #69
Lady Lambdadelta

Golden butterflies had then begun to flutter within the room, it had shined brightly as it flew around the crowd. The presence from them were bright and enlighten, as if it would like to join the party as well...

Then, they began to fuse together, creating a form of the demonic witch: Lucy. She was floating on the air within the room the three magic users were playing around.

"Oh? Even the little witches are playing without me? I'm jealous.. Very cute around here, huh? I apologize if I interrupted your fun time, but shouldn't we prepare for the next twilight? Or is it fine if I play around with you all for a while before Beato gets mad at me?"

Lucy had cackled at them, although she wanted to enjoy some time with others before she heads back to the Tea Party.

12/25/2010 #70

"Ususally when someone tortures someone. it's just there own way of hiding their feelinga." Ryun smled politely, like he had jus offered them some tea. Kit's face turned even redder that it matched her ears and tail now.

12/25/2010 #71
Suzu Holic

The cup slipped from the butler's hands and crashed on the floor as heads turned to look.

Aiko never dropped anything.

"Oh no..." he breathed, so low that even Raphael who was right beside him, could not hear a word. "Vincent-sama and Roselia...", he spun around and his green eyes were hard with a rigid dread. His mouth hard in a line, his gloved hands clenched.

His green eyes strayed to the remains of the shattered cup. A bad omen. A very very bad omen.

*Flash back*

The little raven haired boy, only of two years was just barely learning to speak. Balancing a cup of japanese tea in one hand, and a pot in the other he stumbled lightly before he felt a hand catch him in the back.He looked at his foster grandmother, an old lady by the name of Chiyo Kumasawa.

"Careful, Aiko-kun, you don't want to break that cup!".

Large green eyes wavered slightly. "W-why?".

The old lady smiled mysteriously "it means someone has departed from this world".

One week later, while he was cleaning her dropped a cup and it broke in to exactly eleven peices. An hour later he heard of the Rokkenjima massacre.

*Current time*

The stillness in the room proved it, and all at once the shadows seemed darker the air colder and the outside world even more isolated within the hurricane. Not even the most optimistic of fools could deny this foreshadowing of events.

Someone had been lost.

The head butler grabbed the shot gun, unattended in the corner and hurtled out the door.

12/26/2010 #72

The blond haired butler was taken aback by Aiko's sudden departure from the room as he shouted out with care and worry "Aiko-San! Don't go alone!" and immediately without a thought about his own well being he chased after the more experienced butler not wanting him to be the next victim that he ended up forgetting his manners to how he should leave the room following the butler out of the same door way.

This left Sandria with a confused look about what was going on and looked to Yukari who seemed to be acting like her friend Maria would, without a single care in the world.

12/26/2010 #73
Lady Lambdadelta

Then she stared at the pitiful humans whom separated from each other, then fluttered back into the Tea Party.

12/27/2010 #74
Suzu Holic

The door flung open, as what was done to it's predecessors. Each room had been promptly turned over as the two servants hastily went through the corridors.

It became obvious soon enough however, that this indeed was the room they had been searching for.

The gun slipped from his hand breifly before her grabbed on to it against with such a force that could shatter bones. Aiko grit his teeth. By now the blood was completely drained from teh pair and it had reached the door way, causing his loafers to be half submerged in the thick, crimson liquid.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it, BEATRICE!! Was the previous generation not enough for you?! Will you not stop until there isn't a drop of Ushiromiya blood left?!" he slammed his gloved hand on the wall repeatedly, his screams lowering to fast, raged mutterings.

"Miki-sama, Hanabira-sama they already had a hard life, Ciela-chan she was such a good person, young , Roselia was once your fledgling and now even Vincent-sama....Jessica asked me to take care of him, she! Asked! Me!".

He shook his head and placed his hand upon his face as he slumped on the door frame, shuddering.

The buttler bit down on his chapped lips as he slowly withdrew his hand from his face revealing enranged, burning emeral eyes. He swallowed the lump in his throat and withdrew a handchercheif, dabbing the sweat on his face. With heavy hands he lowered Roselia on to the floor, the pole along with it and carefully closed her eyes before he proceeded to do the same to Vincent.

Soon enough, he stood once more and glanced at Felouse by the doorway.

He set his hand on the younger servant's shoulder. "There is only one safe place now, my friend" he began, voice hard as rock yet in danger of cracking.

"Kinzo's study".

1/4/2011 #75

The long blond haired butler followed Aiko to every room and once they entered one they found another two dead, the butler was so shocked at how quickly this has happened that he thought to himself 'Surely this couldn't continue? Why and how was this happening so fast?' his mind couldn't bring himself to form a reasonable explanation that could act as a good answer to all this, he couldn't get his mind to fathom how this could be happening. It was then he heard Aiko's words that interested him the most... 'Jessica asking him to take care of Vincent' from his words and how he reacted he could surmise that Vincent was probably related to the family in someway how he could only guess to be of blood but he didn't want to pry especially right now. Felouse hands became tighter in their fists his finger nails almost digging into his skin as he looked down a single tear rolling down his cheeks at the thought of losing his friends and the people of the Ushiromiya family that meant more to him then anything that he vowed to protect with his life was now becoming a wasted and empty promise.

He came back to reality as he felt Aiko's hand and he heard the only safe haven that they had to head to 'Kinzo's Study' he remembered Battler, telling him about that one place that they escaped to for safety but whether it was the way they survived was another matter it was then he could only answer "Y-Yes of course Aiko-San... that would probably be... the best course of action as of right now." he looked down again not sure what else to say especially considering the situation that they were in.

1/5/2011 #76

Dante, now sleeping peacefully, loosely held his mother's hand with a smile, deep, even breaths escaping him as his chest rose and fell at a teady tempo. Once again, he was dreaming of making those around him smile with magic.

((Meh... Dante is just sleeping. My piece is on stand-by...))

1/5/2011 #77
Lady Lambdadelta
An ethereal form of Lucy was sitting right next to Maria and Dante, watching them in peace. As she waited for their response against the murders, she held a letter on her hands- which the Golden Witch Beatrice usually delivers. She dropped the letter right on Dante's side, and watched them in envy about their lovely relationship of Mother and Son. She then patted his head lightly, to avoid disturbing his peaceful sleep. Then she stared at Maria, who twas also right next to Dante. "Ushiromiya Maria, might you still believe in witches?"
1/5/2011 #78

The mother stared down to her child as he slept soundly holding onto his hand softly as the other petted his head as if to wish him a pleasant respite from the world's madness that was currently happening, it was then Maria sensed a presence in the room at first she ignored it but it was then she heard a question and smiled as she turned her head to the presence "Do you even have to ask? I always stayed here for Beatrice and believed in her for all these years its only natural that I would act as hostess and master of Rokkenjima for the sake of the Golden Land, fellow witch." she answered quietly while smiling to her with what can only be described as childish glee.

1/5/2011 #79
Lady Lambdadelta
"So you'll finally enter the Golden Land after all these tragic years of miser? That is heartbreaking, is it not? One fool who declined the existences of witches has caused that pain, has it not? If you're going to at least read the letter, then the truth will be soon revealed to everyone on the Island of Rokkenjima. Fear not, it is a peaceful place. The Golden Land will grant all your dreams once more, Ushiromiya Maria." The ghostly form of Lucy had answered Maria. "The letter contains mere details. And yet, the door to the Golden Land shall be open soon."
1/5/2011 #80

Maria only smiled to the witch not minding her presence as she answered herself "Better late then never as many would say, ahh the Golden Land how me and Beatrice were always wanting everyone to come, our parents are there, Grandfather Kinzo and the others are waiting... it'll be good for them to have new arrivals to keep them company before we arrive." she looked to the letter that was left as she added "I was wondering when we would receive another, I shall show it to everyone soon then." she smiled once more as she looked to the witch and said "Thank you Miss Witch."

(You may have to tell me the contents of said letter somewhere just so then I know what I will be able to say when it comes to opening it ^^; )

1/5/2011 #81
Lady Lambdadelta

Praise My Name.

The Entrance to the Golden Land is open to all dreamers.

1/5/2011 #82

Kimi had only barely realized what was going on because Aiko had ran out so quickly, it was startling. She stood up quickly, "Felouse-san and Aiko-san, I've gotta go after them!"

"Kimi-chan..." Yukari laughed, flicking her black hair, "Do you not realize you're just running into your own death? Felouse-kun and Aiko-san are both grown men, I think they're perfectly capable of looking in a few rooms without being slowed down by a little girl like you."

Kimi widened her eyes, "Yukari-san....why...?"

Kaname said quickly, "Yukari-sama, Aiko-san must've found Roselia-sama and Vincent-sama by now, maybe we should just sit here like you said and wait."

Yukari beamed, "Excellent idea, Kaname-kun!"

1/7/2011 #83
Suzu Holic

The waiting dragged on, until six grueling minutes later, the light thumping of a pair of footsteps was heard from the end of the hall.

Aiko appeared at the doorway, paler than ever and both hands tightly clenched around the shot gun. Eyes fixed on the head butler and he lowered his gaze knowing something was expected of him...

He looked up, pride of being of service to the great Ushiromiya family pushed him forward.

"This place is no longer safe" he said promptly. "We must return to the main house and seek refuge in the late Master Kinzo's study" he continued carefully.

1/7/2011 #84

The blond butler could do nothing but follow his more experienced comrade and soon as they entered the room he looked down as if somehow ashamed as his back rested against the door his hair long hair covering his face while softly gripping at the emerald that was pinned between his collars that bore the mark of the family that he wished to serve for helping him even though he had forgotten who he was before or what he was to be begin with. Felouse felt useless and weak now realising that he could do nothing as his friends and the masters he had served were all dying without even knowing who is doing it or even able to help them as he too said in a serious tone while trying to hold back his sadness "Kinzo's Study... the last sanctuary... it is probably the only place we can use to stay together." his hand still gripped to his jewel as if he was trying to cover his damaged pride that he never knew that he had.


Maria heard some footsteps go by as she looked to the letter and smiled as she took the letter in her hands which seemed to disappear mysteriously as she said softly "It would be improper time to bring the letter out right now when there are so many that must be shown of the existence of magic, the Golden Land and the one who always plays with me and has tea parties with me, The Golden Witch Beatrice." her voice was filled with affection as if she kept the memories of the Witch as a nostalgic memory within her heart.

1/7/2011 #85
Lady Lambdadelta

"Remember thus Beatrice, young one. My time here is done, I believe we won't see each other any time soon, MARIA. Become the Witch of Origins you have created yourself, and I will be there to create your dreams..." The Ethereal but Piece version of Lucy has told Maria. However, her image began to slowly vanish into pieces, which turned into golden sparkles, which will eventually become the enemies of the world.

1/8/2011 #86

"Kinzo's study?" Kimi asked Aiko, "What's that?"

"It's Ushiromiya Kinzo-sama's study." Kaname explained quickly, "Kinzo-sama was your father's grandfather."

"Is that so..." She muttered in response, "...Well, then Aiko-san, I'll follow you. Let's get Maria Oba-san and Dante-san out of the room and we'll run back to the main building."

Yukari was smiling as she leaned over and tweaked Sakutarou's ears, "We're going back to the main house, Sakutarou-kun. We better get going!"

1/15/2011 #87

It was then Maria could sense something in the air and she decided that it was time to leave, not wanting to leave Dante alone she gently lifted the child up into her arms and nuzzled to his cheek softly not wanting to disturb him but enough to give her son affection as she slowly left the room and headed back to the living room where everyone else was and she overheard Kinzo's study as she entered while saying "Ahh Grandfather's study, it was the one room that I left untouched for all these years, it will be nostalgic to see it once again but with at least someone to share my wonderful memories with." her voice sounded quite happy with this arrangement as she kept a hold of her son into her arms and let him lay upon her chest as a temporary pillow as she looked to everyone "I guess I've missed the next stars that climbed and shot, that were then stuck up, tumbled and killed?" she smiled with glee at the thought of it happening "Well then shall we be off? You can then see all the magic and spells that Grandfather had for our beloved Beatrice."

1/15/2011 #88
Suzu Holic

Aiko's eyes sweapt across the room and counted the people within.

Yukari, Kimi, Kaname, Felouse, Sandria, Raphael, Tori, Sakutaro and himself... That made nine. And then Maria and Dante, that made nine...eleven. Just eleven left...?

His gloved hand cleanched all the much tighter.

"This way please..." he said with a customary bow. Whatever happened, he was determined the Ushiromiya blood at the very least made it out alive. Of course, in his hearts of hearts he wished for the survival of all, but as a servant....nay, as furniture of the Ushiromiya family, furniture that teh previous generation had put the best of efforts to form, he had priorities to set.

Maria, Tori, Kimi and Yukari absolutely must survive.

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/17/2011 #89

(PSST!! HOLIX! I think Sakutarou's in the room toooo! XD)

Kimi watched Aiko suddenly appear very angry and stressed, desperately trying to keep his cool. Lightning suddenly flashed in the window behind her, causing her to whip around quickly.

Yukari shrugged and stood, "Very well, Aiko-san. I suppose we should go. Sandria-san, Kaname-kun, Raphael-san...." She brushed past Aiko and headed for the umbrellas.

1/15/2011 #90
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