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Start as an ensign on a starship and advance 'till u get ur own ship and crew...
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After it's launch, and some tests done, the USS Passenger gets it's very first mission...

(now we need a plan for the mission. if u have an idea, just post it in the Plans section. i don't want to be pushy so i'm gonna let you express your thoughts freely :P then we'll decide which plan is the best)

1/26/2010 #1

Krysti stepped out of her quarters wearing a crisp, new Star-fleet uniform, she ruffled her already wispy and wild blonde hair, making sure her bangs fell coyly across her forehead and around her ears, no one on this new ship need to know about her exceedingly unusual heritage, at least not yet.

She stepped into the turbolift, "Deck 7," and closed her eyes, hands clasped behind her back, listening to the almost imperceptible whir of the turbolift.

1/30/2010 #2

A dark hallway, moisture everywhere, creepy looking place, broken pipes and electricity lines, water everywhere. Arell saw some light at the end, took his phaser and headed it's way. Just as he got closer, the light seemed to run away, and every new step forward, makes the light look more distant. Then he heard a roaring and scary sounds all around him. He started shaking, and sweating was inevitable. He ran towards the light which was slowly fading away, and behind him, wild-looking things, "Hellhounds" as he might tought, were chasing him. He continued running towards the light, and fell over a power line that was lying on the floor. He took his phaser, and without aiming, started shooting at the beasts. Battery dead, said the voice from the phaser. Just as he tought he's dead, he hears a strange loud sound that somehow "broke the reality": "Weak up, ensign. You're late again.". He jamp off the bed and picked his combadge. "I'll be right there, sir." he replied.

1/31/2010 #3

Krysti opened her eyes again as the turbo-lift whirred gently to a halt, the doors slid open and she stepped into the corridor and after a short walk, entered the mess hall. It was relatively empty, a fact not surprising considering it was only 630 hours. An young crewman sat slumped over a cup of coffee in the corner, no doubt recovering from an all nighter in engineering.

The replicator was on the wall, idle, no line or anything, one of the perks of getting up early. "Computer, Coffee, cream and sugar. A bowl of cheese grits, hot." When they appeared in the opening she smiled, and transferred them to a nearby table. Her mother's word echoed in her memory, Breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day. It didn't make much sense, but boy was it good food........for a replicator at least.

2/4/2010 #4

Arell got to the hangar 1 where he was assigned to do a test flight on a new fighter craft. Good thing I'm on a battle cruiser-thought Arell as he was entering the pilot cabine- Otherwise I'd probably be steering the spaceship. Arell likes adrenalin, that's why he became a pilot in the first place. The Federation is adding fighter jets in to use, for their agility and their ability to hide in nebulas. Plus, they're small, so every Spaceship is able to carry them.

2/5/2010 #5

Krysti stood and recycled the bowl and cups back into the replicator and tapped the display screen long enough to bring up the time.


She smiled to herself, and grabbed her bag clipping it around her waist. The bag was a slight addition to her StarFleet uniform, but it had been approved due to it efficient design and useful purpose, not to mention, it blended in to the black pants. She reached in and pulled out a PADD and ran through her schedule for the day.

She was still scanning her schedule when she reached the turbolift, and without looking up, she tapped the button and stepped in.

"Deck 11, Main Engineering..."

She closed her eyes and allowed the barely audible hum to fill the small space.

2/28/2010 #6

An alarm started going off just as Krysti was entering engineering, she glanced around, startled, and dropping her shoulder pack and stepping over to the nearest control panel. The Chief engineer, Lieutenant Watson strode up to the console on Krys's immediate right. (made him up, hope you don't mind... =D)

4/18/2010 #7
Perry Sutcliff

"whats going on?" she yelled over the din that had now rised in volume until her ears were ringing.

1/8/2011 #8

(Is this still going on? Can I join in? If not, just delete this :D)

Ensign Xanthia Arnolds snapped awake as an alarm began to blair. Damn! She had overslept! Leaping out of bed, she quickly dressed in her yellow security uniform and hurried out the door. She knew that the alarm was for Engineering, not Security, but the security chief was finicky about punctuality, and wouldn't be happy at all about her being late.

She bumped into a boy on her way, and hurried on after muttering a quick "Sorry!"

6/18/2011 #9
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