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Self-explanatory. Just go nuts about the stories and authors you love. :) I'll come back in a bit to gush over authors myself, but until then: I love all you guys! You're awesome writers! Keep it up!

10/2/2010 #1
Corpse In Bright Clothing

Ohhhhhh, gushing! One of my favorite things!

I'm sure to gush more later. Due to there probably being more awesome appearing over time, my probably having a more coherent thought process at another time, my probably reading more in the MitM archive eventually, ... other reasons I'll stop listing because I realized I have no idea why I thought it mattered; sorry for spamming with my incoherency. But I guess I'm saying that since I'm getting this started I'll gush leeeeetle. :] Here-a-goes:

poxmaker is awesome. usedusernames--beyond awesome. poxmaker is also beyond awesome, but I didn't say that much to begin with. They're awesomeness is also made CLEAR if they read this and are not completely put off by the amount of rambling involved, which I'm admittedly indulging myself in by not holding back. Since I'm clearly talking about the authors and not the stories at this juncture, I'll continue in that way. I feel like saying there aren't enough things I could say, and that would probably be true in my mind but seem exaggerative to either author in question. Finally:

Their shared willingness to help with writing is wonderful, and would probably be better to talk about if I'd at some point come to know how I could use it. Although, poxmaker's collection of drabbles, along with French Fries (dedicated to me? which is QWERTYASDFZXCV\O/) and probably more if I'd get to reading it, has been massively inspiring to me and seriously, if it wasn't for TAT G** I doubt I'd have succeeded in storming the inexplicably exclusive fandom of MitM. Both poxmaker and usedusernames have been inspiration and will continue to be motivation and ... [Please Standby While Coherency Is Regained] ...

Yeah. Here I thought this post would be small. This goes to show ... something about me; I'm not sure on the what, though. ... Also, I'm sure others of you deserve the gushing, and I'm sorry I'm not yet familiar enough with any of you to be the source of it at this moment. Much love!!

10/4/2010 #2

:) Thank you so much! You're very sweet! Agreed on everything you said about poxmaker, too. French Fries is hilarious and The Incomplete and Discontinued (hopefully that's the right title;'s being a pain...) is in turns heartwarming, funny, and a sucker punch in the gut.


Gushing. Okey-doke. KHwhitelion: Makes me like Dewey. Takes the interactions of the brothers and twists them believably into a more loving, nurturing relationship. Tends to make Dewey or Francis the 'victim' of the rest of the cast but does so without demonizing the other characters. Writes adorable, loving, gen fic where the brothers bond.

lizziebear87: Awesome at suspense! Writes well and quickly. Makes good use of external conflicts to fuel internal ones-- (the bullies taking out Reese acting as a good catalyst for Malcolm's dilemma how to handle Reese's sickness). Lets secondary characters like Stevie shine without taking the focus off of the primaries.

Hikari-Dragi: Große Prosa. Perfekte Gleichgewicht zwischen Spaß und ernst. Sehr einzigartige Schreibstil. Leider hat nur eine MitM-Geschichte geschrieben... (Excuse my AWFUL German, please. :) )

Poxmaker: Keeps Malcolm and Reese's volatile relationship while making it seem romantic as opposed to abusive. Necessary chaos to keep the rest of their lives stable. Throws in ample amounts of humor but adds layers to the characterization to make all of the characters more three-dimensional than they are on the show.

Squiddosaur: Fantastic poet. Even the prose is lyrical, and has a poetic flow to it. Succinct word choice. Uses tiny details like word, movie, or outfit choice to amplify the personalities of the characters. Very good at making scenes mirror each other, or mirror scenes in the show, to underline their importance without stating significance outright.

...Ummm. Will probably write more. Very tired and sick right now.

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #3

:3 Thank you. As an author, I LOVE to hear/read feedback from my readers, and your "gushing" really made me smile.

10/24/2010 #4
What do you think about my story? Post Morpem?
1/4/2013 #5
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