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On Soaring Wings

(The following is a Fate/Stay Night rp in case that was not obvious.)

The Howlet Brothers, Travis and James were walking home from their jobs at the junkyard one night.

(Lily feel free to jump in whenever.)

7/4/2011 #1
Lily Nadesico

At the same time, in the opposite direction, one Sakura Matou was walking home...

7/6/2011 #2
On Soaring Wings

Travis rounded a corner and bumped into her. "Oh... sorry Miss." He said helping her back up.

7/6/2011 #3
Lily Nadesico

"Oh, it's okay, mister... I was not minding where I was going too much..." Sakura answered, smiling kindly

7/6/2011 #4
On Soaring Wings

"It's okay... No problem." Travis said shaking her hand. "I'm Travis Howlet, this is my Brother James... we're new in town."

7/6/2011 #5
Lily Nadesico

"Oh, you're from the US then?" she answered. "My name is Sakura Matou... and if that is alright with you, I might show you around this city."

7/6/2011 #6
On Soaring Wings

"Sakura!" Shinji Matou said arriving on the scene. "I need to talk to you, now!" He barked.

"Oh sorry, we'll leave you alone for now." Travis admitted. "It was nice meeting you Sakura..." He said. 5 minutes after walking away Travis realized he was holding the poor girl's purse. "Ah crap... Come on James, we gotta go give this back.

Meanwhile Shinji had dragged Sakura into an ally. "What have I told you about talking to other boys." He said angrilly.

7/6/2011 #7
Lily Nadesico

"I simply bumped into one of them, and I apologized, brother." Sakura calmly answered. "I see nothing wrong with that."

7/6/2011 #8
On Soaring Wings

*SLAP!* Do not talk to me like that!" He yelled forcing her against the wall. "I think it's time you got your just desserts." She smiled smuggly starting to lift up her skirt.

7/6/2011 #9
Lily Nadesico

Sakura grit her teeth, knowing all too well what to expect...

7/6/2011 #10
On Soaring Wings

"HEY!!!" Travis screamed storming into the ally. "The hell do you think you're doing!?"

Before Shinji could even reply both Brothers were on top of him pummeling him into a bloodly mess... Then they stood him up bashed a trash can on his head dumped it's contents on him stuff the can on top of his body and threw him into a dumpster.

"Are you alright Sakura-chan?" Travis asked.

7/6/2011 #11
Lily Nadesico

"I... I am..." Sakura said, somewhat dazed. "Th... Thanks for helping me..."

7/6/2011 #12
On Soaring Wings

"It's no problem... But I want answers... Who is that guy, why did was he doing that to you, and why didn't you scream or fight back or anything?" He asked worried.

7/6/2011 #13
Lily Nadesico

"That guy... he's my brother, Shinji... though we aren't really related..."

7/6/2011 #14
On Soaring Wings

Travis started shivering with anger. He leaned into the dumpster. "I ever catch you in the same vicinity as Sakura again, then you are dead! You hear me, you are **ING DEAD!!!" He yelled.

"Sakura... please take me to your home." Travis said. "I assume you live with this freak?"

7/6/2011 #15
Lily Nadesico

"Er... yes, but I don't think you want to get involved, Travis..."

7/6/2011 #16
On Soaring Wings

"Trust me... I do... as of right now, you are staying with us... James, go home and get the truck. We'll stop by your place to get your things." He said his voice full of resolve.

7/6/2011 #17
Lily Nadesico

Sakura seemed a little hesitant at first... but then, she nodded and stood alongside Travis.

7/6/2011 #18
On Soaring Wings

Travis and Sakura walked down to her home. "Just tell me what's yours and I'll help you get it outside." He said with a smile.

7/6/2011 #19
Lily Nadesico

"Thanks, Travis... I will..."

7/6/2011 #20
On Soaring Wings

Travis didn't even bother with his shoes as he slowly moved each of Sakura's posessions to the front door as a small pickup truck arrived at the driveway.

(Btw what's sakura wearing, her school uniform, or the outfit in my avatar?)

7/6/2011 #21
Lily Nadesico

(The outfit in your avatar fits her better)

"Wow... you even had a truck for such situations, I'm kinda amazed!" Sakura said.

7/6/2011 #22
On Soaring Wings

"Thanks... My brother and I only had enough money for one car between us when we got our liscenses, so we bought an old pickup." He explained loading stuff up. He helped Sakura get inside in the pasenger seat, there was just enough room for a small backseat area for Travis to sit in.

"Make yourself comfortable." James said... "For an old pickup... It had pretty good Air conditioning, not only that the interior was linned with very soft looking plush carpeting.

7/6/2011 #23
Lily Nadesico

"I have to say I'm really impressed! One doesn't see many of this kind of vehicles here in Japan..." Sakura commented with a small smile.

7/6/2011 #24
On Soaring Wings

"Yeah trust us... It was hell getting this thing shipped over." Travis smiled as they slowly drove back to the Howlet place... By this time they noticed the sun was starting to go down.

In no time at all they arrived at a resonably sized house... James and Travis went inside, the later not bothering to remove his boots unlike James. "Sorry for my brother's lack of manners." James explained. "He just doesn't like going without shoes anywhere, for any reason." He said sitting on the couch. Travis just grunted, and went into the kitchen.

7/6/2011 #25
Lily Nadesico

"It's okay, James..." Sakura said, stopping at the door to remove her own shoes. She was not wearing stockings, so she just remained in her bare feet. "I'm not one to comment how people should do in their own homes, after all."

7/6/2011 #26
On Soaring Wings

James eyed Sakura up and down. "Okay... Just a small piece of advice... I wouldn't walk around barefoot in front of Travis... He has a fetish for that sort of thing..."

"JAMES!!!" Travis roared. 'YOU SON OF A ** YOU SAID YOU'D NEVER TELL!!!" He ran in and tackled his brother... The two of them started wrestling each other on the ground comically.

"GIRONIMO!!!" An older redheaded man ran out, and dogpiled both brothers.

"AHHH Dad knock it off., get off!" They yelled.

"Oh hello, you must be Sakura." An older brown haired woman smiled from the kitchen. "My name's Henrietta, I'm Travis, and James' mother, that man is my husband Travis Sr."

7/6/2011 #27
Lily Nadesico

Sakura blinked cutely in confusion and sweatdropped. "Oh... pleased to meet you, Mrs. Howlet... Mr. Howlet... yes, my name is Sakura Matou..."

7/6/2011 #28
On Soaring Wings

"It's nice to have you stay with us." Henrietta smiled. "Hope you don't mind sharing a room with my two daughters... we are short on space, and I doubt any of my sons would want to room with each other for now." She admitted with a sigh.

7/6/2011 #29
Lily Nadesico

"Oh, I don't mind, really!" Sakura said politely. "And... I just hope it won't be a problem for you..."

7/6/2011 #30
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