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Golduck is a pure Water-type, by the way. It just has a hybrid moveset of Water/Psychic. Regarding Nolan Brigg's team, that is.

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I'm going to be away today, but just letting you guys know the chapter's coming along nicely and a few other things. I'll be able to communicate from the internet from my phone though. Anyway...

--- Still accepting students/civilians/teachers

--- However, I'm short on Alphas, have an overload of Omegas, and have a good amount of Sigmas, though you're still free to create whatever.

--- Try to diversify the ages and ranks on the students since I tend to have a ton of older higher rank students.

--- I'll make a form for Iota Empire citizens OCs tomorrow.

--- Happy Holidays!!! :D


12/25/2010 #182

I'll make some Alphas for you, Lolli. XD Or at least, try to. :D

12/25/2010 #183

Gpt ya, I may make 2 Elite Mooks and a Dragon(look up TV Tropes) for Enrico Anderson.

12/25/2010 #184

Now for the 2 Elite Mooks and Dragon of Enrico Thompson

Name: Angelica "Angel" O'Brien

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Group: Alpas

Rank: bug

Appearance/Clothing: (Make it detailed. On clothing include normal wear, swim wear, formal wear, and sleep wear. Everyday clothing and formal wear must have some form of the signature color of your group)She is lithe and petite. Blue hair with green eyes. Has a mole under her left eye. Normal: Red jacket with purple skirt. Swim wear is a red one piece. Formal wear is an orange dress.

Personality: Very energetic and determined(think Genki Girl). Very obediant to Enrico and will lash out whoever degrades him. Has an irish accent. When she laughs it's "kyahahahaha!"

View on other groups:

Omega: "As much as we hate each other, Enrico is always hanging out with them. They're good in my book then!"

Sigma: "Meh, bunch of lazy nobodies"

View on Main Characters: (View on Sierra, Leon, Chase, Desiree, and Evelyn)

Sierra+Leon: "As long as they don't do anything to my Ricy, consider themselves spared.

Chase: "Funny prankster! Kyahahaha!"

Desiree: "I should take some tips from her..."

Evelyn: "Che', not worth my time"

Pokemon: (List your future team. You start off with one unofficial Normal type in normal rank and you end up with six due to the fact that the first one is unofficial. Do NOT list your dragon rank Pokemon as it's an important plot point in the story. List them in order of the ranks. Your normal one is to be outside of Poke Ball.)

Normal: Glameow

Bug: Kricketune

Rock: Nosepass

Dark: Umbreon

Steel: Mawile

Fire: Magmortar

Other: Insanely loyal to Enrico. Hates Bale Anderson and anyone asscioated with him. Is scared of the Vamps. Is jealous of anyone who has curves and tries to put them down in anyway possible.

Name: Yvonne "Vonne"(V-Own) Sweetsea

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Group: Alpha

Rank: 16

Appearance/Clothing: Dark skinned with blonde hair. Slender figure. Red button shirt with jeans. Wears glasses

Personality: The brains of Enrico's group and the smartest female Alpha. She is incredibly book smart but lacks common sense(which Angel has). Also loyal to Enrico but not as rash as Angel. She is determined to help Enrico with his agenda and can be stubborn and impulsive. She is lively.

View on other groups:

Omega: "I have some friends in that group! At least they are better than most Alphas"

Sigma: "Most of them don;t even study! I hope they get held back!

View on Main Characters:

Sierra, Leon, Chase, Desiree, and Evelyn: "As long they stay out of our way, I'll stay out of their affairs"


Normal: Clefairy

Bug: Butterfree

Rock: Onix

Dark: Sneasel

Steel: Magnezone

Fire: Rapidash

Other: Like Angel, she is scared of the Vamps. Is loyal to Enrico. She has a primal fear for turtles.

And now the Dragon!

Name: Gerard Fernandez

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Group: Omega

Rank: Water

Appearance/Clothing: Black hair along with purple eyes. He has a red tatoo of an arbok around his left eye. Blue rousers with black shirt and purple vest. Wears a purple suit on formal occasions

Personality: He is Enrico's Number Two guy. Suprisingly, he and Enrico are best friends, but Enrico always plays the Master and Gerard the servant. He is quiet, cold and reserved, only speaking unless spoken too. Compared to Enrico's flamboyant personality, he is the opposite. He looks down on the majority of Alphas save for Enrico's clique. He is on of the few people that has fought against Chase in a fight and has won(fist wise) due to being humiliated once. He is one of Omega's best trainers along with Bale, Blackwood, and the Vamps.

View on other groups:

Alpha: "With the execption of Enrico's group, they are scum, nothing more, nothing less."

Sigma: "They are alright..."

View on Main Characters:

Sierra: "If she becomes anything like her brother..."

Leon: "As long as he doesn't interfere with Enrico's affairs, he will be alright."

Chase: "To be shamed by such a mockery of a human is revolting. I swear that I will get revenge to that man for humiliating me in public! Him, his friends, and his token whore too!"

Desiree: "Her accent and personalty annoys me..."

Evelyn: "She reminds of Enrico in way..."


Normal: Ursaring

Poison: Arbok

Ghost: Dusknoir

Psychic: Alakazam

Ice: Abomasnow

Water: Feraligatr

Other: Gerard is actually a spy for the Vamps, becoming Enrico's Number Two to find out what he and David Blackwood are planning. On occasion, he is used as a sex slave for the Vamps and is into Femdom(female domination). He likes ramen and his first name is an anagram for his last name, Dargre Van Sieg, who the Van Siegs were a class of Knights who served under the Iota Empire.


12/25/2010 #185

Well, I do wish the personalities were more detailed, but not bad. :) I like Angel.

What is Yvonne's rank? Her profile doesn't say...

12/25/2010 #186
Dark. My bad
12/25/2010 #187

Name: Izabelle "Izzy" Delayne

Age: 14 1/2 (or 15)

Gender: Female

Group: Alpha

Rank: Bug

Appearance/Clothing: Izzy is slightly tall and has a slender and somewhat curvy build. She has curly ash blonde hair that falls to her elbows, which she always lets down, and bangs that are swept to the side. Her skin is light with a somewhat pink tint, and her eyes are light blue and set in a round face with somewhat prominent cheekbones. One of her biggest insecurities is the fact that she has braces; hers are the traditional silver ones. She also has silver studs in her ears, but they're usually hidden by her hair anyways. For everyday clothing, she wears a pink T-shirt under a dark red cropped vest, along with an orange skirt over black leggings and red shoes. She swims in a ruffled red tankini, and she sleeps in a purple tank top and red sweatpants. Her formal wear consists of: a red satin, belted, off the shoulder dress, with red heels and a black shawl. She also replaces her studs with golden hooped earrings, and wears a couple of golden bangles.

Personality: Izzy is known for being a bit of an uptight goody goody. She's verydisapproving of certain activities (such as anything illegal, or any physical activity that is 'inappropriate') and has a strong sense of justice, which annoys some of her peers, who call her 'a stick in the mud'.Once she puts her mind to something, she's very determined and will try her hardest to accomplish what she desires. However, she has a deep fear of failure and messing up, which is why she's hesitant to try new things that isn't similar to what she's used, and is not very adaptable as a result. She gets embarrassed easily; should she humiliate herself, she'll try to turn it into a joke. If someone else embarrasses her, her face will turn red, but she'll try to laugh and shrug it off.

Izzy is sweet, down-to-earth and full of energy, and whenever she's excited, she talks so quickly that some people get headaches. She zones out to La La Land whenever she finds something boring, which frustrates others, especially people who are trying to tell her something important. She's pretty sensitive and emotional, but she tries to keep her emotions under control, and only cries in private, though she's pretty quiet whenever she's sad. However, she doesn't like to talk about her problems, and doesn't like drawing attention to herself. She's pretty easily amused, and even corny jokes will cause her to at least giggle.

She has common sense and logic, but she can be very gullible if you're a good actor and tell her something that makes sense. This makes her quite easy to trick into believing certain things and (because of her need to help others) do certain stuff (as long as what you want her to doesn't seem bad), though the moment she realizes that you're tricking her, she's prone to aggression and lashing out. She'll feel betrayed and will hold a grudge against you, and as soon as she's alone, she'll probably start crying and will get all mad at herself for being so gullible. That's another thing; she has a bit of a short fuse.

Izzy isn't a remarkable battler and she doesn't get wonderful grades. She prefers to move up in rank by doing good deeds, and is almost always willing to lend a hand, such as by helping carry a load or doing something for an elderly citizen of Delta City. She helps others out, but she's genuine about it and doesn't ask for anything in return, though should someone insist, she won't turn things down. She's very naive and can be a little ditzy at times, and has absolutely no boy smarts whatsoever, or any smarts when it comes to romance in general, period. Izzy is very loyal to her friends and will stick by their side no matter what.

View on other groups: Sigma-"They're so cool! I have a lot of Sigma friends and I adore them! A lot of Sigmas are lazy, but many of them are really nice and fun to hang around! I can go on and on about how much I love those guys!"

Omega-"Some of them are really scary, especially Malicia Lilitha and her friends...I can't say I like the Omegas much. There are a couple of really nice people, but most of them are jerks who believe that they're being treated unfairly, when they aren't too nice to Alphas or Sigmas themselves. They're very intelligent, but a lot of them constantly rub it in other peoples' faces...Just...I'll treat them with respect because they're still people, but they really get on my nerves."

View on Main Characters: Sierra-"Sierra's awesome! She's so enthusiastic and loyal to her friends, and she's really funny, too!"

Leon-"He's such a mellow and laid-back dude, but he's also really nice and fun to be around!"

Chase-"He plays pranks on me. They're so embarrassing...Other than that, though, he's not that bad, contrary to the beliefs of certain people. Oh, but several of my female friends look at him funny and turn all red whenever he talks to them...It's weird."

Desiree-"She's okay, I guess. Not too friendly...Oh, but I love her accent!"


Pokemon: Normal-Wigglytuff (F)

Bug-Illumise (F)

Rock-Lileep (M)

Dark-Honchkrow (M)


Fire-Quilava (F)

Other: She can play the recorder, and adores music and is constantly listening to songs on her Poképod. However, she doesn't sing. At all. Her pet peeves include sluts, delinquents, bullies, people who whine too much and only for attention, smart alecks and being called 'Belle'. She's afraid of the dark, blood, horror movies, being alone...a lot of things really. Whenever she's super scared, she tends to be jumpy and will cling to the nearest person. She's also allergic to nuts.

12/25/2010 #188

Name: Sui Cho

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Group: Alpha

Rank: Rock

Appearance/Clothing: She has burnished black tresses, pulled back to tumbled down her back by a red and black flame-designed bandana, and her figure is average and normal. Like Ken, a scowl is more prominent and common than a smile. For casual, she wears a deep blue jacket over an autumn-orange, men's tanktop, and completes it with worn, faded jeans and weathered boots. Because she deems formal occasions as 'a waste of time' she doesn't go to them at all, swims in dark red one-piece and for sleepwear, she simply changes into an overlarge T-shirt that reaches her thighs. She absolutely refuses to wear a dress or a skirt as she feels weak and vulnerable in them.

Personality: Although she can't be called fiery, she is tomboyish, strong willed and determined, and is usually rough and blunt with her words. She is no stranger to yelling, and likes to work out often. She is prone to gritting her teeth and swearing when annoyed, and as a default, is a very abrasive and uncaring person. She is also quite arrogant and proud, and will try her best to take down whoever hurts that pride. She believes that in fights, there are no such things as rules, and doesn't think it unfair if the enemy has a weapon and she (or the side she supports) does not. She is mostly ignorant of her feminity, and sometimes even other people forget that she's a girl.

As the younger sister of Ken Cho and their similar sour scowls, she was expected to have been sorted into Omega, but was shunted to Alpha to the shock of most. When she tries, she can at least give her older brother a run for the money when it comes to strategies, but always loses in the end. Because she's always been in the shadow of her older brother's superiority, she grew up always trying with all her might and failing in the end, so she's always overjoyed when she wins at something, which is the only time when she grins fully, excited and enthralled. She has a one-sided rivalry with her older brother, but fears that it is a losing battle.

View on other groups:

-Sigma: "Lazy bunch of assholes, though I can see them being respected than any of us Alphas and the Omegas."

-Omega: "I thought that they were just a group of grouchy Einsteins because of my brother, but it seems that there are a few black Mareeps here and there..."

View on Main Characters:

-Sierra: "Hey, don't let your older brother's reputation get to you. My older brother isn't as famous, but it sure pisses me off when people point out our differences like it's the most amazing thing in the world."

-Leon: "Who? Oh, the guy who hangs around Sierra. He's OK...I guess."


-Desiree: "Get the hell away from me, whoever you are...whiny drama queen..."

-Evelyn: "She reminds me of my older sister so much, it's practically killing me. And it creeps out Ken, too."


Normal - Dodrio [Zac] (M): likes to run WAAAY too fast.

Bug - Mothim [Sill] (M): usually hovers eerily in the air and stare down at passing people to creep them out.

Rock - Lunatone [Crescent] (-): shiny--has blue eyes.

Dark - Drapion [Kia] (M): has a fierce, bloody rivalry against Ken's Drapion, Atlantis.

Steel - Lairon--Aggron [Dev] (F): stubbornly territorial, loud and boisterous. Likes to fight.

Fire - Charmander--Charmeleon--Charizard [Eria] (F): aggressive, strong willed and serious.

Other: Despite their rivalry, she and Ken ignore each other's existence as much as they can help it, but usually argues fiercely, more like angry, bitter competitors rather than siblings. After the row, they don't speak to each other for a week or so, and then reconcile with sarcastic, bitter tones. Ken, however, can often show traits that he cares for her deeply that she refuses to accept.


Name: Lily Iris Red

Age: 16 1/2

Gender: Female

Group: Alpha

Rank: Rock, but very close to Dark

Appearance/Clothing: She has shoulder-length, auburn hair with her fringe swept to one side, pale skin and a delicately sculptured face with sky-blue eyes. She is averagely tall, and has a decent figure, but that aside, looks quite normal. For casual wear, she wears a knee-length, black raincoat over an autumn-red dress shirt and a khaki skirt with denim-textured sneakers. For formal wear, she wears a long-sleeved, black dress shirt with red and dark green flower patterns over a black, knee-length dress and tall, deep, navy-blue boots. Because she's an avid swimmer, she wears a sleek, dark one-piece when swimming, and sleeps in a white shirt and red short shorts.

Personality: Being bright, cheery and charming, she is able to make friends with most of the people she comes across. She's energetic when it comes to water and swimming, and sometimes she wishes she were an Omega because she would get a Water-type Pokemon. However, it seems that her positive, optimistic personality and patience has no end as no matter how many insults and rebukes are thrown at her, she merely gives a smile, and it is also this naiveness that makes her capable of bad-mouthing, or saying off things aboutt people without a care in the world. She mostly says the odd things. She can, however, feel sadness, and will most likely stay huddled up in the corner of the dorms in a sobbing mess.

She is capable of firing off horrible insults that send off even the most strongest men crying with a lilting voice and smile, but is oddly ignorant about that particular trait. Her cunningly manipulative side, which she uses to get what she wants, displays her spoilt side, as she wasn't taught much restraint of freedom from her father. She loves listening to music, and is usually found humming her favorite music, and she rather dislikes seafood. She unknowingly terrifies all of her Pokemon, and mistakes it for loyalty and faith. She has a eerie, malevolent aura that both humans and Pokemon alike can feel, which is usually what terrifies them. While she isn't intentionally a bully, she can be considered one if you look at the whole, basic picture.

View on other groups:

SIGMA: "Ah, aren't they the so-called balanced group of loser slobs who can't decide to save their useless, pitiful lives?"

OMEGA: "Aren't they such a lively bunch? Arrogant, little son of--"

View on Main Characters:

SIERRA: "Hey, isn't she the temperamental, psychotic one who looks like her hair is on fire?"

LEON: "Wow, look, it looks like worms are coming out of his head!"

CHASE: "Umm, I think he's scared of me for some odd, I don't like him! I'm just disappointed because--OK, fine, you got me..."

DESIREE: "Err...I don't know why I got detention, but apparently it was for 'overly abusive use of vocal bullying', and I heard that her parents and my parents are coming down for a chat...wait, what? Was what I said that bad? I was just trying to tell her what a whore she was. Oh, I've got competition because she likes Chase, too...?" (inwardly seethes...)

EVELYN: "Who?"


Normal - Smeargle [Monami] (F): mostly sleepy, but still terrified of Lily. His main Sketch record contains Shadow Ball, Psychic, Barrier, Ice Beam and Flamethrower. He likes to sketch and paint beautiful scenery, which Lily keeps stored back at home, and some at Omicron.

Bug - Yanma--Yanmega [Jet] (M): a cowardly dragonfly who is the most scared of Lily, and will do anything she says. He is usually found sobbing when alone. As the speediest of the team, Lily usually relies on him to take down the troublesome ones.

Rock - Shuckle [Dent] (M): withdraws into his shell every time he sees Lily, and is relieved that he has to battle with his back to her. He likes to use Toxic, and one of his strategies is to use Power Trick, and then Earthquake/Stone Edge/etc, and then Power Trick again to regain his normal Defense. His Gastro Acids usually annoy his foes.

Dark - Tyranitar [Miles] (M): oddly, this Tyranitar is the second most terrified, but is so scared that he is immune to shame and embarrassment at his fright, because he knows that everyone else is scared, too. But as he towers over Lily along with Kyle the Steelix, everyone finds it extremely odd at how he is frightened of her.

Steel - Steeliz [Kyle] (M): without a need to explain, this Steelix will most likely jump into the ground the moment he can if he has freedom from Lily. Only the promise of battles, which he loves, and Lily's seemingly iron rule (when there really isn't any) keeps him sticking with her.

Fire - Torchic [Fuego] (F): a poor, terrified, newborn chick who Lily dolts on. Because she is newborn, however, Lily just trains her for the most part, and ever rarely battles with her.

Other: She has a mad infatuation for Chase, but is rather disappointed that he is scared of her for a reason she just can't put her finger on. Due to having terrified her Tyranitar the moment they first met, she is known as the 'Ultimate/Master Repel' of Pokemon. Her father is the head of Red Industries, a major, leading and successful company whose products leave very little to to the imagination when it comes to technology. They have also brought many other leading companies all over the world of various branches of business, such as energy companies, IT business and so on and so forth. Her mother having been a lower-middle class young woman before her parents got married, she was raised in a mix of the modesty and decency of the lower-middle class, and the familiarity of the luxury of the higher class.

12/25/2010 . Edited 12/26/2010 #189

ATTENTION: Pretty important character, so you guys may need to check this out!

Names: Gamma Warrington

Age: Immortal (Like the deal with the Sisters, no one knows this, but students do catch on to the fact that he never seems to age)

Gender: Male

Level: The Butler (He's also pretty much the Vice-Principal if you think about it)

Rank: Ultimate Dragon

Appearance/Clothing: Gamma is a tall and sturdy man with neatly kept brownish hair with bits of gray in it and a fair skin tone. His eyes are a deep earthy brown. He is clean shaven and is never sloppy with his appearance. For clothing, he generally wears the standard butler uniform: coat, dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, and a tie. Basically just the standard suit. He occasionally carries around a pair of ready glasses.

Personality: Gamma appears to be calm and stoic and it actually is part of his personality. He is fair, helpful, friendly, level headed and very formal, often addressing students as Mr. and Miss. He tends to the students every need, deals with the day-to-day overseeing of Omicron, and it often seems as if he's at more than one place at a time. However, he is fiercely loyal to the Sisters and equally as protective of the students. Though he is very lenient with the students, he keeps an extremely close eye on all of the teachers and immediately reports any biased/bullying/abusive behavior directly to the Sisters, as he has zero tolerance for "teachers who behave like teenagers" and as such he is adored by the students while despised by the teachers. Though it may seem like the Sisters do nothing about the situation if the teacher is reported, it is quite the opposite. If a teacher is reported by Gamma, they aren't fired, but it pretty much opens retaliation from students to the teachers without the students being punished at all and (especially in cases of students like the Pack or the Vamps) pretty much allows the students to make the reported teacher's life a living hell.

Gamma controls all the points students earn and helps them remember if they lose their ID card and he is the one who holds events. As far as the Iota Empire is concerned, he tends not to take Malicia seriously due to the fact that she's a student, but he does report to the Sisters if he overhears something that might be crucial. If a teacher is out for the day, Gamma usually takes their place and he is also responsible for meals.

He perfected the point system (seen on next post) that deals with ranks and won't tolerate teachers breaking the system in which case he steps in himself and it is not a pretty sight. He makes jokes when he wants to with the students, but he tends to be cold and sarcastic towards all but his favorite teachers. He can also speak several languages.

View on groups: He respects all the groups equally and despite their initial flaws, he is aware that over time Alphas acquire a few traits from the Sigmas and Omegas, Sigmas acquire a few traits from Alphas and Omegas, and Omegas acquire a few traits from Alphas and Sigmas. He also sees the rivalries as 'healthy' though he steps in if it gets too out of hand.

View on Main Characters:

Sierra: "Miss Carter. She has such lovely red hair. If she needs help with any of her classes, I will see to it that she receives it."

Leon: "Mr. Conrad is nice young lad. He is friendly towards everyone and I love how he is able to keep his emotions in check."

Chase: "Ah, Mr. Carter. What a lively in energetic young man. He has taken place in the Lambda every year. Maybe next year he can main event, but if he gets enough points, he may be in the main event this year."

Desiree: "Mademoiselle LeBlanca, I remember your mother quite well. She was a very beautiful and very skilled trainer as is your cousin, Lola. I hope you will follow in their footsteps. Bonne chance! (It's French for 'good luck')

Evelyn: "Miss Castany, very intelligent and very unique. She may be one of the few students with no enemies."

History: He was one of the first students of Omicron back in Epsilon's time and is the first one to reach Ultimate Dragon Rank after the Sisters at which time he was granted immortality and at that time, it took decades to reach that rank before Gamma prefected the point system. (The rest of his history will be revealed in the story)



(The rest will be revealed in story)

Other: Has a deep hatred of Dr. Thomas O'Harris (he tends to dislike most teachers anyway, but O'Harris is an extreme case) due to his bullying of the students and accepting brides and he frequently awards students on Level 4 points just so they can hurry up and get off that level. He also turns a blind eye whenever students began pulling pranks or disrespecting O'Harris and in some cases, awards them points for making his life hell.

From Gamma's point of view and one of his quotes: "If teachers are biased towards students or bullying them, then I'm going to be biased towards the teachers and bully them and see how they like it."

As mentioned, he is in charge of ranks and the point system (called 'Gamma's Point System' and will be explained on the next post) and hosts the Lambda at the end of every year. (Will be explained more on the next post)

12/26/2010 . Edited 12/26/2010 #190

(I'll post this here too)

Gamma's Point System

This is the point system and how everything works with ranks. The students are each given an ID card with their names and picture on it (Alphas get a red card, Sigmas get a yellow card, Omegas get a blue card) and their current rank and how many points they earn appear on the back of the card and automatically update each time a student receives points.

Majority – Though, students are generally free to earn points in any of the three ways, the majority of the groups tend to be like this:

Alphas – Winning Battles

Sigmas – Completing good deeds

Omegas – High test scores

As mentioned, this is just the majority and students a free to earn points any of the three ways they choose:


1v1 - .5/half a point

3v3 - 2 points (Bonus if flawless victory)

6v6 - 5 points (Bonus if flawless victory)

Double Battles - 3 points each (Bonus for both if flawless victory)

Triple Battles - 4 points each (Bonus for all three if flawless victory

Three way Battles (These are rare, but the winner receives 50 points and 100 points if flawless victory)

Test Scores

Perfect Score – 5 points (50 each if group work)

A – 4 points (25 each if group work)

B – 2 points (15 each if group work)

C – 1 point (7 each if group work)

D - .5 points/half a point (2 each if group work)

F – 0 points

Good Deeds

These are a bit different than battling and test scores. Gamma judges how "righteous" the deed was and awards points (especially if the student in question did the deed out of the kindness of their heart instead of just trying to make points). Because doing the right thing is arguably more important than winning battles and acing tests (something the Alphas and Omegas frequently fail to grasps) if the good deed is particularly extraordinary (example: Saving someone's life, changing someone's life, etc.) the person automatically moves to the next rank.


Normal to Bug – 150 points

Normal to Flying – 150 points

Normal to Poison – 150 points


Bug to Rock – 400 points

Flying to Electric – 400 points

Poison to Ghost – 400 points


Rock to Dark – 850 points

Electric to Fighting – 850 points

Ghost to Psychic – 850 points


Dark to Steel – 1500 points

Fighting to Ground – 1500 points

Psychic to Ice – 1500 points


Steel to Fire – 5000 points

Ground to Grass – 5000 points

Ice to Water – 5000 points


Note: You start all over from zero when you move to the next rank. The points on the ID card reset. For example after you move pass the first rank, your card won't say 'Bug Rank: 151" it'll say 'Bug Rank: 0" Also, getting these points are harder than they seem as there are several days when students pretty much do nothing and battles and tests have to be organized by Gamma, so if you battle without authorization ('Street-fighting' as it's called) , you don't get any points.


There are often several events that are either "every man for himself" or "group" events where a student/group can gain what is called a 'jackpot'.

- If it is an 'every man for himself" event, the winner automatically moves up a rank, second place gets 500 points and third place gets 275 points.

- If it is a group deal, every person in the group gets 500 points.

The biggest event is held at the end of the year and it is called the Lambda.

The Lambda

The Lambda is a special event held at the end of the year in Delta City Stadium in which students vote on the most intense rivalries to come to a blow (as a result, Chase has been in the Lambda every year) The 'main event' is a three-way battle between the highest rank Fire Alpha, Grass Sigma, and water Omega in which the winner automatically graduates, receives a rare Dragon Pokémon, and can choose to challenge for Dragon and Ultimate Dragon rank.

The Battles

Students are voted in by their classmates from all three groups (bar the main event) and they can vote the types of matches:

1v1 battle

3v3 battle

6v6 battle

Double Battle (Two Alphas vs. Two Omegas, Two Alphas vs. Two Sigmas, or Two Sigmas vs. Two Omegas)

Triple Battle (Three Alphas vs. Three Omegas, Three Alphas vs. Three Sigmas, or Three Sigmas vs. Three Omegas)

The Main Event

The Main Event is a three-way battle between the top Fire Alpha, Grass Sigma, and Water Omega. The winner automatically graduates, receives a rare Dragon Pokémon, and can choose to challenge the Sisters for Dragon and Ultimate Dragon rank. If they are victorious the first round, they earn 'Dragon Rank' (a black dragon appears on their ID card) and receive a place in Omicron's Student Hall of Fame and can choose to challenge for 'Ultimate Dragon Rank'. If they are victorious again, they win a place in Delta City's Hall of Fame to be remembered for all time.


All other winners automatically move up a rank and the losers all receive 750 points.

Other Options

The 'official' way to face the Sisters is to win the main event in the Lambda. However, the Sisters often make exceptions throughout the year if they are aware that a Fire Alpha, Grass Sigma, and Water Omega is turning twenty-one years of age in which case they will allow the student in question to challenge them for the Dragon Rank. If they turn it down or lose, they are allowed to stay for the remainder of the year at which time a small graduation ceremony will be held.

Note: Yeah, last thing. It's quite rare for someone to actually win 'Dragon Rank' and even rarer for them to win 'Ultimate Dragon Rank'

12/26/2010 . Edited 12/26/2010 #191

I adore Gamma! XD Damn, the students are so lucky!

And Lolli, what do you mean by 'flawless victory'? o3o

12/26/2010 #192

Basically if you win a battle without any of your own Pokemon fainting, it's a 'flawless victory'. Got it from Mortal Kombat! xD

12/26/2010 #193

Oooh. o3o Well, now I wish I was a student at Omicron. XD Being able to punish the teachers when they deserve it...that's just awesome! :D

12/26/2010 #194

Yeah, I tried to make it like a 'semi-utopia' as someone pointed out, where the teachers actually suffer consequences for their actions. I say 'semi' because with all the wars between the three groups inside, it isn't exactly perfect. xD

12/26/2010 #195

But it's still awesome! xD There are awesome hangouts, awesome people and other awesome stuff!

12/26/2010 #196

I remembered that Danica was the baby of her family. XD And then I got inspired by the fact that there are a lot of sibling rivalries. Thus, Nia was born. The other girl was created just because I wanted an OC with dyed red hair and a bad attitude. xD

Name: Nia Clements

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Group: Alpha

Rank: Rock

Appearance/Clothing: Nia is not plump or skinny, nor is she short or tall. Her curves are realistic for her age, but her bust is a little more developed than others her age. She has very light brown skin and like Danica, chocolate brown eyes and dark brown hair, but hers is very straight, darker than her sister's and has a noticeable sheen. Nia usually keeps it down as she looks more attractive like that, but she occasionally pulls it into a ponytail or clips it back, and sometimes wears a pink headband to keep stray hair from falling into her face. She applies a little bit of makeup, too-including some eyeliner to make her medium sized eyes stand out more, and a layer of shiny lipgloss.

For everyday clothing, she usually wears a pink blouse under a long red cardigan, along with black skinny jeans and red shoes. She sleeps in a red tank top and pink short shorts, and swims in a pink bikini with purple flower patterns. Her formal wear consists of a casual pink dress, with a black cardigan, pink high heels and diamond earrings.

Personality: Nia, like most Alphas, is very determined and proud of her achievements. She's hard-working and always tries her best to achieve her goals, no matter what. But she's not lively, and is more calm and relaxed than her fellow Alphas, though she's still rather fun-loving. She has the maturity and dilligence of Omega, and common sense and logic, which helps her in tough situations; since she's rather impulsive until she actually gets in trouble/danger, she's constantly in a tough situation anyways. She's often polite to others (excluding her friends, because she's usually their voice of reason and sometimes has to hammer sense into the more stubborn ones); if she doesn't like someone, she'll be very subtle with her disdain and 'politely' put them down. She shrugs off most insults directed at her, but if you hurt one of her friends' feelings, especially Danica's, she'll immediately shed her 'calm and collected' image and not only give the offender the death glare, but will snap at them harshly and say some pretty hurtful things. If she hurts them, she'll feel rotten afterwards.

Nia is fairly charming and can say some pretty poetic things at times. However, she's also quite vain and adores her appearance, which annoys some of her friends as she 'wastes time' fixing her hair or makeup. She's uptight and very difficult to pressure into doing something, and constantly scolds her friends for doing things that could get them in serious situations. If she knows somebody is wrong, she'll tell them; and if they don't believe her but soon realize she was right, she'll act very smug and will pester them to admit that they were wrong. Whenever she's proved wrong, she does admit it, but she gets so embarrassed by it that she quickly changes the topic. Nia is also difficult to impress and tends to criticize, though her criticism is rarely unnecessarily harsh, and even rarer, useless. She's a bit of a romantic and usually senses when two people will develop romantic feelings for each other before they do; she's very supportive of her friends' romantic relationships.

Unlike Danica, who shows affection by teasing and punching, Nia shows it by giving hugs or glomps. She loves to make friends, and tries to befriend anyone who piques her interest, though when you turn down her offer to be friends, she might just put you on her mental list of people she dislikes. Nia uses all three methods to get points. She makes an effort to get good grades, and does pretty well, though she's not as intelligent as the Omegas; she's a good but not excellent battler; and she does a lot of good deeds and constantly thinks of ways to help others out. Nia also tries to remain neutral in the Alpha/Omega rivalry, though she'll jump to the Alphas' defense if things get out of hand.

View on other groups: Sigma-"Well, my sweet little sister and her friends are in their group. They're so cute! Such a balanced group; they have their own talents and most of them are really friendly. Plus, they usually don't get involved in the Alpha and Omega rivalry, which is good because said rivalry is kind of pointless..."

Omega-"They're not too friendly. I've tried to befriend some of them, but my only friend there is Evelyn, who is possibly the best Omega, by far..."

View on Main Characters: Sierra-"Danica's friend! She's so adorable! I love her hair, and her freckles suit her really well!"

Leon-"Danica's other friend! He's so...chill. And charming. He's almost impossible to hate."

Desiree-"I hate it when people pick on her for her accent. She seems to be insecure about it, but I think it's lovely and it makes her unique."

Chase-"Chase is pretty cool. I enjoy watching his battles. He's very talented at what he does."

Evelyn-"My only Omega friend...Honestly, I feel bad for her. She's avoided by a lot of people, including the others in her group...But she's very intelligent, unique and fun to be around."

Pokemon: Normal-Kangaskhan (F)

Bug-Anorith (M)

Rock-Corsola (F)

Dark-Sandile (M)


Fire-Lampent (F)

Other: She's the older sister of Danica, and is closest to her in age; their other two siblings are both in their twenties. Nia loves her little sister and occasionally gets her treats and is always willing to listen to her problems, though Danica is somewhat embarrassed by Nia's affectionate nature and is somewhat insecure of the fact that she's not as pretty as her older sister. Other than that, their relationship is pretty good, and they don't have a sibling rivalry or anything.


Name: Eleanor "Ella" Brooks

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Group: Alpha

Rank: Rock

Appearance/Clothing: Ella is awkwardly tall and fairly skinny, with decent but not remarkable curves and little to no chest. Her hair is naturally black, but it's dyed a bright red (though you can see a lot of the black) and is somewhat wavy, falling to the middle of her back. She has emerald green eyes lined with eyeliner, and her skin is fair. Her lips are full and pouty, and she has two silver studs in each ear. For everyday clothing, she wears a red jacket over an orange top, along with dark skinny jeans and white and red shoes. She sleeps in a black T-shirt and black panties, and swims in a red one piece. On formal occasions, she wears a red dress with spaghetti straps and a black sash, along with red slingback shoes, golden bangles and a golden necklace.

Personality: Ella is a very rash, impulsive girl who has a very hot temper that tends to flare up at bad times. She's aggressive and unfriendly towards anyone she doesn't like, but towards the few friends she has...well, she's still mean to them, but she's a lot nicer to them than she is to others and is highly protective of them. She's rather self-centered and puts her needs and wants above the needs and wants of others, with the only exceptions being people she cares about or feel bad for. Somewhat lazy when it comes to anything she finds boring-including schoolwork-, though she is determined like the other Alphas and hard-working when it comes to getting what she wants. She can be rather careless, which gets her into a lot of bad situations, and is prone to violence when someone gets her mad enough; as a result, she's somewhat unreliable when it comes to handling things that require care. She gets angered by the smallest of things that most people can shrug off, and usually has a hostile look on her face, and rarely smiles.

Whenever you insult her particularly harshly, she tends to retort with equal harshness. She bottles up emotions other than anger because she finds it 'weak', and as a result, she doesn't cry much; only when she's by herself and when someone or something really upsets her. She wants to be nice and expressive and happy and everything, but has no idea how to go about it, as she's grown used to her tough, fiery, hostile exterior. Ella is very observant and can realize when someone is trying to manipulate her, and whenever she does, she tends to lash out. She isn't afraid of a lot of things, except for high amounts of blood and stomach churning gore, losing the people she cares about and death. As a result, she occasionally laughs at what others find scary, and playfully teases her friends about their so-called "irrational fears". She has a soft spot for the innocent. Deep down, she's not a bad girl; she just has major issues that keeps her from being a 'good' girl.

View on other groups: Sigma-"Don't care..."

Omega-"We Alphas will cream them!"

View on Main Characters: Sierra-"Chase Carter's little sister? She's definitely a fiery lil thing."

Leon-"Chase Carter's little sister's friend? What about him?"

Chase-"He gets on my damn nerves sometimes. Whatever. He's still cool, and his pranks are pretty f*cking awesome!"


Evelyn-"Never met her."

Pokemon: Normal-Ursaring (evolved from Teddiursa) (F)

Bug-Vespiquen (F)

Rock-Rhyhorn (M)

Dark-Skuntank (M)

Steel-Empoleon (M)

Fire-Magmar (M)

Other: She's very suspicious of Enrico Thompson and the Vamps; she detests anyone associated with them and tends to be even more unfriendly towards them. Due to her temper, it's likely that, as soon as she moves up to Level Four, she'll be one of the students who will take advantage of being able to punish Dr. O'Harris and will take every opportunity to humiliate him and make his life a living hell.

12/26/2010 . Edited 3/20/2011 #197
Glad to know that others are interested/scared of Enrico. Why not mention Gerard or Blackwood?
12/26/2010 #198

Gerard and Blackwood are associated with the Vamps/Enrico, so she detests them, as well. :P

12/26/2010 #199

Heres another professor. A science one at that. Just imagine him having Liam Neeson's voice

Name: Franklin C. Sullivan.

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Level: Ghost

Appearance/Clothing: A tall man with thick eyebrows, brown eyes and long red hair. He has a hollowed out face and always stony expression. For his teaching and formal clothing, he wears a blue and white striped suit with a red tie. Casual wear is a simple white shirt with a denim vest along with brown slacks. Here is what I am basing him on:

Personality: He is a man who is very concerned for his students well being and wants them to succeed. This can cause him to be quite strict but he is only looking out for his students best interests. Outside of class he always brings up "Did you do yesterdays assignment? Are you studying?". However, he is also wise and intelligent despite his gaunty and hollow appearance. He is in fact married to a supermodel by the name Lisa Cliff(Desiree and her rivals mom know her as their rival) and has a young daughter.

For his wisdom, he is akin to a life coach like Tyson McKenzie or Auggie Van Killinger. He will always answer questions students ask and will try to help them in private matters. When he is not teaching or grading, he is fishing with his family. And he will be straight to the point.

History: He was an Omega with Sigma traits here in Omicron before going abroad and studying. He graduated 10th of his class.

View on the groups: (How your teacher feels about the three groups)

Alpha: "Ah, a very rambunctious bunch. I do hope that they do well in their studies"

Sigma: "Most of are lazy, but that Sierra girl is a bright one"

Omega: "Back in my day, we didn't have any 'Vamps'. It pains me to see how Alpha degrades them and Omega degrades back. But, I can't ignore that they do very well in their studies. That Oliver boy is a bright one, he only needs to lighten up."

View on Main Characters: (View on Sierra, Leon, Chase, Desiree, and Evelyn)

Sierra: "A very bright girl! I see a good future for her!"

Leon: "Sierra's friend is he? Well I hope her intelligence rusb off on him! *chuckles*"

Chase: "He maybe one of the best battlers in the school, but there is a difference between academics and battle smarts and... WAKE UP! *throws book at Chase*. Ugh, I swear if he pranks me again one more time I'll give him the worst paper imaginable..."

Desiree: "A bit rude, but that is what Lisa told me of that girls mother. As long as she does well in my class, she will be fine."

Evelyn: "That girl reminds me of myself in a way....I commend her friends for sticking by her side despite her...theactrics..."

View on the Sisters: (How your teacher feels about the three sisters)

"Very wise, very powerful. Not to mention kind. I am glad that they put their powers that they possess to good use"


Normal: Slaking

Poison: Toxicroak

Ghost: Mismagius

Psychic: Bronzong

Ice: Glalie

Water: Kingdra(counts as dragon)

Other: He likes fishing and despises O'Harris for his bias teaching. He rarely mentions his wife in school because he believes that it is "unnessescary"

12/27/2010 #200


Hey, just a note guys. No more high rank OC's for a while since we are definitely short on mid-low ranks especially low ranks for all three groups. You can still send in students just try for lower ranks. Not everyone is an ultra badass. xD (And if I get too many high ranking people, I can't use them all!)

Think I may have enough teachers, but I do need more civilians for Delta City until I can get the Iota SU Form up.

Just got an idea! Employees for the Equator, the Genesis, and the Armageddon. You can just use the regular student form for that though...


12/27/2010 #201

I call the coffee shop guy at Armageddeon! He is mine and no one else's DK

12/27/2010 #202
Roger. I'll make some low rank Oc's soon enough.
12/27/2010 #203

Cool. We also already have a librarian, but librarian assistants are useful too for the Armageddon.

12/27/2010 #204

Ricki: Lolli.. Omega is the smart kid class, if they don't know the dewey decimal system, they are too incoherent to even place a limb within the knowledgeable halls of the library xP

Why not have students do it as a job, like how some alphas could be bouncers at Beta Beat and sigmas can wait tables at Sigma Snacks.

Cause the coffee guys runs it himself, he won't need any help .__.

12/27/2010 #205

Omegas are smart, but they're not like super geniuses and that library is HUGE. They at least need one assistant to dust the books and sweep the floor. xD

Well, students could do the jobs,, it'd be more fun to have civilians do them. xD

Of course coffee guy doesn't need any help. If you work in a coffee shop with all that caffeine, it probably wouldn't be hard to get all the work done alone. xD

12/27/2010 #206

After a while it would lose affect D:

Plus you'd have to deal with Omega's all day...

12/27/2010 #207

Oh yeah, a lot of Omegas seem like they just kill flowers when they walk by because they're so...unhappy...(most really have no reason to be all mopey). xD

But yeah, dealing with Omegas all day will zap it straight out of you. Now I feel bad for that poor coffee dude. xD

12/27/2010 #208

The Cook, the Cleaner and the Fixer.

Name: Daniel Schmidt

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Group: A full-time cook at The Equator

Rank: ----

Appearance/Clothing: He is quite tall, with decent muscles required for standing around in the kitchen and cooking all day. His apple-red hair is swept back to from his face, his skin is quite pale and he has solemn green eyes. On duty, he wears the usual, white kitchen uniform, without the hat, and usually wears leather-strap sandals to keep the floor of his kitchen clean. For casual, he likes to wear a black jacket over a dull, dark green shirt and ripped jeans with plain sneakers. For formal occasions, he wears the usual suit and shiny tie with polished dress shoes. He spends quite a lot of his free time in the pool to keep up his stamina, and usually wears a pair of dark brown swimming trunks. He usually falls asleep in his room in the staff dorms listening to his favorite music in a rusty, but clean and dull sunbathing chair, still wearing whatever clothes, work or casual, he had worn during the day.

Personality: He's something of a cross between Sigma and Omega, with a nonchalant, lazy expression. He could be rather laid-back at times, and is somewhat stoic and uncooperative. However, he does know when to have fun when he wants, though his expression never really changes. He likes to poke lightly at the fun-loving, brighter students, but doesn't mind the serious, grouchy Omegas much. He's had a love and skill of cooking ever since he was young, will not hesitate to learn and memorize a new recipe. He dislikes crowds and people, which works well with being stuck in a kitchen all day. He usually introduces several new dishes to a menu every month.

He tends to bluntly insult people if he's enraged or depressed, and he often smashes his frying pan/wok/kitchen utensil/etc into the heads of people who irritate him to the breaking point, and sometimes kicks Chase when he is pestered to cook up some prank materials (such as the chocolate cake with laxatives), and usually does it for a few bribes and favors. He is rather careless of his words, and can end up offending people unnecessarily, but can apologize, if he notices that he had offended someone at all, as he usually ends the conversation after a few short sentences and is gone before they realize it. He finds delight in horror stories and movies, and is good at scaring and surprising people and small Pokemon.

View on other groups:

ALPHA: "Don't know much about them, but they're pretty predictable, seeing as they're so arrogant and proud. I seem to piss them off an awful lot, though."

SIGMA: "Yeah, they're the group I see the most since I work in The Equator. They're alright, pretty normal people. They annoy me the least, so that I'm at least thankful for."

OMEGA: "It's usually the quiet, intelligent and mature ones who are brewing up some kind of an evil plan to take over the world in their little heads. But they're all high and mighty like the Alphas, so it probably isn't so bad as I think it is. I've got a bad feeling about some of them, though...."

View on Main Characters:

SIERRA: "Listen, I may be one of the top cooks in the country, but that doesn't mean that she has to almost deplete my entire stock. Jesus Christ, I'm going to have to ask Gamma to refill my stock again..."

LEON: "Jeez, he could at least tell his friend to stop eating or something. She's going to grow fat at this rate...nah, these types never grow fat, do they?"

CHASE: "Hmm, am I supposed to feel rather bad that I baked that chocolate cake with the laxatives...? Nope, I suppose not. At least I got some stock refilling down because of it, and a rather helpful amount of cash. I don't know if I'm annoyed of or like him and his idiotic Pack."

DESIREE: "Yes, I do know how to cook French cuisine. But since that's off menu except on festivities and you're not a Sigma, it'll cost you."

EVELYN: "Haven't heard of her much, but apparently she's a strange one. I've met her a few times, though, and she's just...unique, I guess."


Dom [MAGMORTAR] (M): He's usually in charge of the roasting and grilling if James is too busy with other dishes. Because of this, however, he is used to expelling fire for longer periods of time than other Fire-types. He is James's starter, and will always accompany him. Because of this, the air in the kitchen is quite toasty and warm.

Queen [EMPOLEON] (F)

Razil [TROPIUS] (M)

Other: The grandson of Nicholas Schmidt, he is the 'standard prodigious cook' with a cookbook with his name on it, though he only appeared on TV shows for a few times before he decided to work in Omicron because of his grandfather's suggestion. Although he didn't attend Omicron, he was welcomed quite well due to being Nicholas's grandson. He keeps the ingredients required for the prank material for chase in the storage room under the trapdoor in the corner of his kitchen, along with the rest of the things that he'd rather keep private and secret.

12/28/2010 . Edited 1/11/2011 #209

Coffee Ship Guy :D

Name: Orlando (nobody knows his last name...)

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Job: Owns and runs the Omega Coffee shop The Ugly Mug

Appearance/Clothing: For a full grown man, Orlando is pretty dang big. At about 7 feet tall and close to 300 lbs of ripply muscle, he's gigantic. He has a thin, full beard to cover the lower half of his face. On his head he has some short dark brown hair, usually covered up with a grey plaid flatcap. His eyes are a chocolaty brown that seem to drawn people in and talk about their problems. His clothes fit the normal Barista uniform: Black slacks, white dress shirt, black vest, and in his case, a dark red waist apron. When seen outside his shop his clothes are just the same, minus the apron.

Personality: When he first opened the coffee shop 18 years ago, Orlando was one of the happiest people in the city. I mean, fresh out of college, with a bright future ahead of you, who wouldn't be? Well, running a coffee shop directly connected to the hangout of a student body of dismal and depressing kids, you tend to get drained of positive emotions for the most part.

Orlando is a rather calm guy. He, never really gets angry and he is always there to listen when someone wants to talk about their problems. He knows the usual customers by name and will always have some small talk to everybody. Due to the skill of his work, he always knows what coffee someone wants (or needs) without them asking. For a lot of kids, he's the person to vent to because he's always willing to listen and he enjoys helping out the kids, no matter what class they belong to.

View on Groups:

Alpha: "Those guys never step foot in this place. Odd, it's open to everyone..."

Sigma: "I've had a few of them in here. They seem pretty relaxed... about everything."

Omega: "Working right next to their hangout and all, they are my most common customers. A lot of them have problems or troubles but I always try to help the kids out."

View on Main Characters:

Chase: "He's been banned from the store after he tried to replace all of my moomoo milk shipment with vanilla pepto... I only give him some props for managing to sneak in my storage room without me noticing.

Sierra: "The younger Carter? Hope she isn't like her big brother. She's free to visit anytime. I'll have a whole milk chocolate latte ready for her in a jiff."

Evelyn: "She's like a little cup o' sunshine. Always brightens my day when she orders a caramel mocha frappucino with cocoa sprinkles."

Leon: "He's a pretty chill kid. I'd peg him for a vanilla macchiato"

Desiree: "That one actors kid. She's never been in here but she'd prolly order a decaf, non-fat, extra dry cappuccino. French Vanilla and hazelnut for flavor."


Poliwrath: Mainly used as a bouncer, he also helps in cleaning by moving the furniture or mopping up spills.

Minccino: More of a mascot, Minccino also helps out by sweeping with his tail.

12/28/2010 . Edited 12/28/2010 #210
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