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Brave Soul RMS

Who knows? ...Oh, yeah, I know :) I can tell you it'll be tense, though.

8/25/2011 #811

Alright, I'm here.

9/17/2011 #812
Brave Soul RMS

Quick for a chick covered in bruises xD

Alright, main plot of Challenger. Boy does it get thick fast....

9/17/2011 #813

How so?

9/17/2011 #814
Shadow Minamino

I'm here too.

9/17/2011 #815
Brave Soul RMS

To give you guys a short list:

-Team Regal gets a lot more active and so does Lucas, that character 'mentoring' Grey.

-Tensions between the Thomas Siblings start to rise fast

-Eric and Angel get introduced to the group

-Grey starts getting shown exactly how outclassed he is

9/17/2011 #816

How outclassed is he exactly?

9/17/2011 #817
Brave Soul RMS

Let's put it this way. You remember Kory, the Gym Leader specializing in Fighting-types? Think back to how James handled the match and compare it to how Grey did.

If you can't remember, I'll summarize: James' team showed considerable skill when dealing with Kory. Best examples of that would be James' Scyther crushing an incoming Stone Edge attack and his Duskull making insanely quick work out of that Mankey with Shadow Sneak and Will-O-Wisp. Grey just charged ahead and made it up as he went. Best examples of that: Strabi vs Hitmonlee and Soul vs Monferno.

9/17/2011 #818

Basically, he doesn't think much...

9/17/2011 #819
Shadow Minamino

Pretty much sounds like it. Course, I'm sure Angel and Eric will see that that bit of him improves. XD

9/17/2011 #820
Brave Soul RMS

Much? Try AT ALL! Seriously, this is why I love Grey so much. He's got SO much room for improvement! Normally he does the Challenging but throughout the next few chapters, everything about him will be challenged in return. His battle style, personality, and choices are chief among those and it's gonna be Angel and Eric doing that to him.

9/17/2011 #821
Brave Soul RMS

Lucas: Your first lesson starts now. To reiterate, the next couple of Gym Leaders are going to be using a different sort of fighting style than what you're used to.

Grey: Different style?

Lucas: Until now, you've been sending your Pokemon out to fight while hanging back on the sidelines giving orders. The next Gym Leaders do the same thing but in a different way. They're on the field, too.

Grey: Isn't that... I dunno, really dangerous?

Lucas: Not as much as you might think, so long as you're fast enough. And you mentioned before that you've had Ranger training. You should be alright. Besides, this is how the big kids play; quite frankly, you've been battling like a ten year old.

Grey: ...Ignoring that. So how do we do this?

Lucas: *rushes at Grey with his Sandslash on point* Sand Attack, now!

Sandslash: *sends a wave of sand into Grey's face and slashes at Soul's neck*

Lucas: *jumps off Sandslash's back* Earthquake!

Grey: Soul, off my back and Flamethrower!

Sandslash: *sets off the quake*

Soul: *launches off Grey's back and swamps the field in fire*

Lucas: *lands* Good, Grey! You're a fast learner.

Grey: *rolls away from the flames* Jeez... I think I like this way of fighting!

Lucas: *evil smirk* Good...

10/1/2011 #822

Lucas gives me the creeps...D:

10/1/2011 #823


10/1/2011 #824
Brave Soul RMS

He gives everyone the creeps. But really he isn't all bad; he seriously does want to see the rise of a promising young trainer :D But seriously, he's freaking creepy.

10/1/2011 #825

How old was Lucas?

10/1/2011 #826
Brave Soul RMS

Lucas is 26 but his birthday's coming up soon. If this weren't a coach-player kind of relationship, it'd be really creepy considering Grey's 15.

10/1/2011 #827

This line was pretty hard-hitting:

Lucas: Not as much as you might think, so long as you're fast enough. And you mentioned before that you've had Ranger training. You should be alright. Besides, this is how the big kids play; quite frankly, you've been battling like a ten year old.

10/1/2011 #828
Brave Soul RMS

Next up!


June: We need to go cheer him up.

Angel: Us? Ick, mushy stuff. Why not just Eric to do it?

June: Because Eric is an insensitive neanderthal that would rather hook up with a random girl than help his friend!

Angel: In his defense, Grey is a punk and they've known each other for, like, 2 months now and --

June: *death glare*

Angel: Shit! Fine, we'll go... *walks up to Grey* Hey, buddy. You, uh... Feeling okay?

Grey: *head in his hands* What do you think? She's hurt and it's all my fault even if she evolved...

Angel: You had no way of knowing that Regal Admin would fight so low... I mean, they've all been cannon fodder so far; this was unexpected.

Grey: I should have guessed! These guys are bastards that'll do whatever it takes to win! I mean, crap, one of them nearly broke Eric's arm! ...Doesn't seem to stop him, though. He got an evolution from Nidorino and a girl out of it, the jackass... *sighs* I'm such a screw-up. Lucas was counting on me....

June: *hugs him* Grey, listen. This isn't your fault. You did all you could to stop them and your Pokemon fought hard. Even if one of them did get hurt, I'm sure they don't blame you for it. You did your best...

Grey: ...*hugs back* Thanks, June. I'm gonna go send her over to your mom to recuperate. You think she'll let me? *looks at the Pokemon in the ball*

June: Of course she will. *after Grey walks off, June sighs and slams her books down on the table* That Lucas...

Angel: I know. *looks over at Grey talking to Amelia via PC* Next time we see him, we have to keep him far away. He's putting too much pressure on the kid.

10/1/2011 . Edited 10/1/2011 #829


10/1/2011 #830
Brave Soul RMS

Aww? :O

10/1/2011 #831

Yeah, because it's a sad scene, Brave. D:

10/1/2011 #832

Brave, itt's what people say when they find something adorable or heartwarming or sad...xD

10/1/2011 . Edited 10/1/2011 #833
Brave Soul RMS

I didn't know whether it was a "sad" aww or a "that's adorable" aww xD

10/1/2011 #834

Well now you do. xD *pokes Lolli's post*

10/1/2011 #835
Brave Soul RMS

Alright, one last scene before I leave for my friend's birthday party. Continued from the one above!


Grey: ...So, yeah, until she recovers, I'm out one Pokemon. Just take care of her for me, 'kay?

Amelia: Sure, kid; she's in good hands. But do me a favor and keep out of trouble, alright? You don't want anyone else getting hurt.

Grey: Right.

Amelia: Stay safe, kiddo. *cuts off the link*

Soul: You still mopin'?

Grey: I'm not mopin'.

Soul: You're mopin'. The girls already told you, what happened wasn't your fault. We all did our best; we just weren't strong enough.

Grey: And now we're out one team member. I've got three Pokemon left and the next time we see those guys, we might not be so lucky.

Soul: So what do we do, brother?

Grey: *eyes harden* We have to train harder. Get a lot stronger for the next time we run into them. We don't go searching for 'em; we let them come to us and when they do, we run 'em into the ground. *deflates* But... We're down one member.

Soul: So we recruit another Pokemon. Don't think of this as losing a team member; think of it as a chance to make a new friend. And then training that new friend to kick some Team Regal ass!

Grey: *grins* Yeah! You're right. Okay, it's settled. From tomorrow on, we step up our training. You with me, brother?!

Soul: *discharges some fire* You know it! *high fives Grey*

10/1/2011 #836

That's the spirit, Grey! :D

Later, Brave!

10/1/2011 #837
Brave Soul RMS

Intellectual scene!!!


*Grey, June, and Rachel are in Springbloom City headed towards the Pokemon Center. A Sceptile jumps down from a tree, treats it with a seed pod, and jumps across the wide street to do the same to another.*

Rachel: Nice; I always love seeing wild ones in action. *to Grey* You aren't gonna scan that one?

Grey: Nah, I already know all about them. Sceptile, the Forest Pokemon. The kings of arboreal combat, the leaves on their arms are sharper than swords. The forests they live in are humid and populated with giant trees that they call their homes. Their seed pods can nourish sick ones back to health, they're cool with strangers so long as they don't harm the trees, and they get most of their food by hunting. They mostly chill in the sun to raise their body temperatures, not make food.

June: Wow, Grey. I'm truly impressed.

Rachel: I'm just surprised he knew the word "arboreal" *snickers*

Grey: *proudly* I might not be the smartest but I'm not stupid either, y'know. I did graduate early.

June: You did?

Rachel: Both of us did. The Almia Ranger Academy has a program where students in the academy can finish high school early.

Grey: And I finished a full year before ya, sis. *grinning* You might be Dad's favorite but I beat you in that!

Rachel: Because I stayed back a year to take advanced training at the academy, doofus. Something you neglected to do.

Grey: ...Shut up.

June: *shifts awkwardly* Sylva, let's go talk to that Sceptile...

10/4/2011 . Edited 10/4/2011 #838


10/4/2011 #839
Brave Soul RMS

There's more to the scene than Sceptile! xD

10/4/2011 #840
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