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(AN: The 2nd RP for Year Two. Lets begin!) ----- Logan: Well, we needed that break. ----- Jett: Tell me about it. But Cynda got on my nerves the whole time... *groans*

11/22/2010 . Edited by RARavary, 11/22/2010 #1

(A/N: I'm gonna flag this one :D)

Asher: *sitting in Stuckerland's office* You wanted to talk about the PA thing Ms. Stuckerland?

11/22/2010 #2
Brave Soul RMS

(A/N: Eh, why the hell not? Since most of this isn't gonna make it to canon anyway. From Jett's last comment, I assume they took a break off school for whatever reason)

Grey: Two more badges, a new pokemon, and a new evolution. How ya feelin', Soul?

Soul: *now a Charizard* Like a boss!

Grey: *snickers* Dude, you did not just say that.

Jericho: Mark, Ash is so dead once Stuckerland gets through with him... Wanna place a bet?

June: Greeeeeey! *tackleglomp*

Grey: Oof! I take it someone missed their best friend.

11/22/2010 #3
Stuckerland: Honestly, I could care less. Your father is a well-respected and influential man. However, I was still going to punish you, but surprisingly Shane Clarke came to your defense and insisted that you were let off the hook. Had you been a regular student, you'd be suspended. You can walk out the door right now, but think real hard. What if you were a regular student? Do you think its fair that I'm giving you special treatment? ----- Meanwhile ----- Jett: Ugh, I hate school so much. ----- Logan: Tell me about it, but we got class in a bit...
11/22/2010 #4

Asher: Uhh, alright. See ya Ms. Stuckerland. *leaves* I'll have to thank Shane for that later.

11/22/2010 #5
Mark: Well, its his fault. What the hell came over him? I thought he was a wuss. Anyway, don't worry, rich kids never get punished. He'll be back any second. Lets get to Tallow's. ----- Meanwhile ----- Eugene: Martin, Mitchell, Jeremy wants to see you two before class. ----- (AN: That's right. EVERYONE'S going to CLASS and they're gonna stay there until I say so. Thanks for helping me realize that, Asher. ;))
11/22/2010 #6
Brave Soul RMS

Jericho: Guess them's the perks. Ah, well. *follows Mark*

Grey: Well, I got Marine Studies first, so I guess I'll talk to ya later, June. *Recalls Soul*

June: Okay, at lunch. Do not forget! *runs off to Mathematics*


Grey: Who else is in this class? *looks around and spots Cecil and Rietta* Yo, guys.

11/22/2010 #7

Cecil: *dozing, but wakes up when he hears Grey's voice* Huh? What? Is the professor here yet?

Rietta: *rolls her eyes at Cecil* No, not yet. *goes back to reading her textbook*

11/22/2010 . Edited 11/22/2010 #8

Asher: *meets up with Jericho and Mark on the way to Tallow's* Hey guys, what's up?

11/22/2010 #9
Jewel: *walks in Marine Studies in her new cheerleading uniform and looks around at the students* Eww... *pops her gum* ----- Meanwhile ----- Mark: *enters class takes a seat near the window* ----- Meanwhile ----- Jeremy: Here are your official lettermans for the Pokeathlon team. Now we're all one team, but we practice against the Souls. Don't be late. ----- Logan and Jett: Got it... ----- Rus: *arrives in his new cheerleading uniform* Check out the new uniform. What do you think?
11/22/2010 #10
Brave Soul RMS

Jericho: Hey, you're alive! I thought Stuckerland would've chewed you out good.


Grey: Man, Rietta, you really are serious. *chuckles at Cecil* Mornin', Sunshine. How was your break? *looks at Julie and frowns* (Well, I need to remember to steer clear of her.)

11/22/2010 . Edited 11/22/2010 #11

Asher: See was about to man, but it seems Shane convinced her to let me off the hook!

11/22/2010 #12

Cecil: Oh, great. *yawns* Family trip to Goldenrod City. It was awesome, man...

11/22/2010 #13
Jewel: *whispering to another girl in Spanish as she points to Cecil* ¡Es mas feo que Picio! *snickers and points to Grey* ¡Es mas feo que Picio! *snickers and points to Rietta* ¡Esa mas feo que Picio! *both girls snicker* ----- Meanwhile ---- Mark: Hey Asher, why did Shane do it though?
11/22/2010 #14

Asher: I can't think of why. I've never done anything big for him to repay me like this..

(A/N: Yup, saving him from a fire isn't something big to Asher, and muy mal Senorita LaCruz! Lo siento Grey, Cecil, y Rietta.)

11/22/2010 #15
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *twitches* Hey, Julie, guess what? I can understand you. Quelle fille horrible... Elle n'est pas que jolie. Pas avec cette personnalité.


Jericho: Shane? I thought he hated all first years after what happened with Peggy Hogan.

11/22/2010 . Edited 11/22/2010 #16

Rietta: *simply nods a little in agreement*

Cecil: You speak French, Grey?

Rietta: *turns to Cecil* I can, too.

Cecil: I can understand and speak it a little, but not much. I'm much better at Italian.

11/22/2010 #17
Jewel: Hey, loco, understand this. ¡Vete a la chingada! ¡Pendejo! *smirks and gives him the middle finger* ----- Meanwhile ----- Mark: Well, Asher and Shane go way back, right?
11/22/2010 #18
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Oi, six années brat vieux. Me baiser le cûl. *smirks back* (to Cecil) My grandma used to teach a class, so yep. When's class starting?


Jericho: They do? Since when? You never told us that, Asher.

11/22/2010 . Edited 11/22/2010 #19

Asher: Not really Mark. I mean we've meet a few times and our family's know each other, but i'd say we are more acquaintances than friends. Either way, once class is over i'm gonna look for him and thank him for getting me off the hook.

11/22/2010 #20
Jewel: * whispers to the other girl as she gestures over to Grey* Que´ marico´n de mierda. ¿eh? ---- Other girl: Si. *both girls snickers* ----- Professor Yoland: Mornin' class! *smiles* ---- Meanwhile ---- Mark: Well, lets get ready for Tallow...
11/22/2010 . Edited 11/22/2010 #21
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Ah...! *whispers to Rietta* Quelle salope! *fumes and spins an empty pokeball around on the table*


Jericho: Huh... You're a real nice guy, Ash. Anyone ever tell you that? *arrives in Tallow's class*

11/22/2010 . Edited 11/22/2010 #22

Asher: Not really, no. But thanks anyway Jericho. *walks into class*

11/22/2010 #23
Jewel: *smirks* ---- Professor: *starts writing on the board* ---- Meanwhile ---- Tallow: *enters* Sit down and don't annoy me...
11/22/2010 #24
Brave Soul RMS

Jericho: That's another thing. Do we ever actually learn in this class...?


Grey: *taking notes* I wonder...

Cecil: Hm?

Grey: *whispering* I caught a new pokemon over break and this stuff might help me raise it.

Cecil: Oooh.

Rietta: Shh!

11/22/2010 #25

Asher: Let's find out *pulls out a notebook*

11/22/2010 #26
Tallow: Why yes we do, Cruz. How about we learn about the history of detention? ----- Meanwhile ----- Professor: *writing on the board ---- Jewel: *popping her gum loudly*
11/22/2010 #27
Brave Soul RMS

Jericho: *shrugs* Why not Pokelantis? I looked over the textbook and saw that in there.


Grey: Uh, could ya stop? I'm trying to take notes.

11/22/2010 #28
Tallow: Well, as long as you keep your mouth close, feel free to look over it in the textbook. Now shut up and leave me alone... ----- Meanwhile ---- Jewel: You've been very mean to me. Apologize and I might stop...
11/22/2010 #29
Brave Soul RMS

Jericho: Uh... Okay, then. *opens his book* (I meant if he'd teach it to us, but whatever.)


Grey: I know, but that's only cuz you insulted me in Spanish thinkin' I wouldn't understand. Both of us should apologize. Sorry for bein' mean and insulting you, Julie.

11/22/2010 . Edited 11/22/2010 #30
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