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Brave Soul RMS

Grey: ....The hell's going on with them?

11/23/2010 #61

Cecil: *looks from Shane to Jewel to Shane again, then scratches his head in confusion*

11/23/2010 #62
Caper: *hands a camera to Shane and then one to Jewel* On Route 29 there are several species of Pokemon. Take as many pictures of the different Pokemon as you can and whichever has the most by the time class is over is the winner. Team captains, shake hands before we start. ---- Jewel: *as she shakes Shane's hand* Good luck. ---- Shane: *pulls Jewel in and french kisses her* Don't need it. ---- Jewel: We'll see... *grins* ----- Shane: Lets go boys. Let these women see the awesomeness of ours.
11/23/2010 #63
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: That was thoroughly confusing. *to Shane* Look, I know I'm dead to you but how do we take more pictures than the girls if we only have one camera and there are, like, twelve of us here?

11/23/2010 #64

Cecil: *frowns* (I don't like this. Not one bit...)

11/23/2010 #65
Shane: *to Grey* We'll just look for them. If one of us finds a Sentret or something, we'll signal the others and I'll take the pictures. Besides, we have the ultimate cheat. You can use your weirdo powers and tell the Pokemon to come to us. Oh, and after this challenge, don't talk to me again as per our agreement, you're not allowed to talk to me ever. ---- Jett: Well, lets do this. ---- Logan: To Route 29.
11/23/2010 #66
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Gladly but we have all the same classes together cuz we're in the same year. So that restraining order thing is kinda settin' me up to fall. Oh, and trash me again and you can try 'n talk to the Beedrill on your own. They hate camera flashes and get pretty damn vicious.

11/23/2010 #67
Shane: Oh my Arceus, you are so sensitive, Thomas! I'm only joking. I talk about everyone, Martin, Mitchell, Vitalis and so on and you're the only one who ever whines! *mockingly* I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I thought you were a man. Damn, are we cool now? ---Rus: Wait, Grey can talk to Pokemon?! Awesome!!! ----- Meanwhile ---- Jewel: Lets go muchachas!
11/23/2010 #68
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *shrugs* You Bite, I Crunch back. It's how I learned to deal. *sincerely* Sorry, dude; it's kind of a reflex. (to Rus) Since I was, like, eight. Now, come on.


Grey: Alright, so, what should I call first?


June: There are mostly weak Bug-types and a few Pidgey living around here. Do we get bonus points for rarer pokemon?

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #69

Rietta: Okay...

Cecil: ...

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #70
Rus: *to Grey* Did you like fall into a vat of radioactive waste? ---- Shane: No, he's just a freak who can't interact with humans. *snickers* Sorry, I might hurt his feelings. On to business. Rolen, hand me that Poke Ball, I told you to hold. ---- Rolen: *hands it to Shane* ---- Shane: *opens Poke Ball* Crap...That's not the right one... ---- Blastoise: *searches around the area with a sadistic look* ---- Jett: Logan, that is the biggest Blastoise I've ever seen... ---- Logan: Tell me about it... ----- Meanwhile ---- Jewel: Yeah, you all look for the Pokemon and I'll take the pictures. Speaking of which, are any of you athletic?
11/23/2010 #71

Rietta: *shakes her head, then starts looking around*

11/23/2010 #72
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Big...Blastoise... What do you feed him?! Forget it, just tell me what to look for.


June: No, sorry. *starts looking*

11/23/2010 #73
Rolen: Clarke, recall it before it levels this place. ----- Shane: *recalls Blastoise and takes a picture of a Pidgey flying nearby* A Geodude. Find one... ----- Meanwhile ----- Jewel: Eww, you two don't worry about getting fat and gross? *looks around*
11/23/2010 #74

Rietta: *ignores what Jewel said and points to a Sentret*

11/23/2010 #75
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Alright. *lets out Lowell and puts a hand on his back* Look for a Geodude.

Lowell: Too easy. *points* Over there.

Grey: *crouches down and holds out a hand* Hey, c'mere. We want to take a picture of you.

Geodude: *hops out cautiously* Geo...Geodude.


June: I get enough exercise. I do not see any point in overdoing it.

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #76
Shane: *snaps picture* Alright, Sentret... ---- Meanwhile ---- Jewel: *snaps the photo* Hey, Hawthorne, something bugs me about you. Well a lot of things about you do, but why don't you ever use contractions? Do you like sounding smart or something?
11/23/2010 #77
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Beat you to it. *has one on his head* Turn off the flash, though, he says he doesn't like it.


June: Oh. Well... Hmmm... Force of habit? I never really thought about using them so I do not use contractions that often.

11/23/2010 #78

Asher: *comes in finally* Here's your suit Prof. Tallow.

11/23/2010 #79

Leo: *looks around the route* This would be so much easier if... Got it, Pidgeot and Arcanine do an area scan *releases the pokemon*

11/24/2010 #80

Rietta: There's a Pidgey over there...

11/24/2010 #81
Timeskip ---- Caper: Hmm, it seems we have a tie... ----- Shane: Ugh, we tied against a team of girls. That's worse than losing...
11/24/2010 #82

Rietta: *doesn't really care*

Cecil: *still embarassed*

11/24/2010 #83
---- Timeskip after classes ---- Jett: You know today was a good day. Plus, the pep rally tomorrow is gonna be awesome. So what do you wanna do? ---- Logan: We can hang with Rietta. ----- Jett: Yeah...I'm kinda not in the mood to argue with her today. Cynda already got on my nerves the entire break and the last thing I want is someone shooting death glares at me for three hours straight. ---- Logan: Throw the football around then? ---- Jett: That sounds cool. Meet you out on the field.
11/24/2010 #84

(AN: I have to go do something for my sister! D: Hopefully, I'll be back in an hour or so!)

11/24/2010 #85

(AN: Never mind. xD Change of plans! Though I have to do it tomorrow...)

Rietta: *reading in the courtyard*


Kaylee: (Man, I'm bored...)

(AN: Question: Are they still in Cherrygrove? XD)

11/24/2010 #86
Kelly of the midnight dawn

(A/N: Okay, since I'm lazy, someone tell me what I've missed?)

11/24/2010 #87

(AN: Damn! I just about jumped in my seat when I saw you posted, Kel! XD Welcome back! *glomps* You haven't really missed much in the new Year Two RPG; classes are over, so the students are pretty much free to do what they want. However, there's a new spin-off RPG for the Next Generation of Louhearst, so I suggest you make some OCs for that RPG. :D If you need more info on the Next Gen, just go to the Interviews and I'll explain~)

11/24/2010 #88
Logan: *recieves note to go to Stuckerland's office* ----Meanwhile ---- Jett: *recieves note to go to Stuckerland's office* ----- Meanwhile ----- Random Kid: *hands Rietta a note to go to Stuckerland's office*
11/24/2010 #89

Rietta: (Ugh, Stuckerland. This can't be too good...) *puts away her book and heads to Stuckerland's office*

11/24/2010 #90
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