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ZK: I'm not surprised.

Rus: Hey, hero speeches are awesome.

ZK: Grey, I should let you grab my boobs, but you haven't fully convinced me yet.

10/29/2011 #1,471

Rietta: Well either way, Grey, you could have stood up for her in a less...dramatic way.

10/29/2011 #1,472
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: I would, but Anna wouldn't like that.

Mike: *laughs* Do you have any clue how weird that sounded?

Grey: Anna's like my little sister, or a daughter. That'd be indecent to do in front of a lady. *bows to Anna*

Anna: *curtsies*

Lyra: So does that mean you don't consder ZK a lady?

Grey: ...Remind me again why I helped you? That was the worst thing you could have said. *to Rietta* I don't tell you how to live your life, sourpuss. *playfully sticks his tongue out*

10/29/2011 . Edited 10/29/2011 #1,473

ZK: I think Grey's just afraid. *snickers* Lyra, you know you have something called 'foot-in-mouth' syndrome. You want me to give you 'fist-in-face' syndrome too?

10/29/2011 #1,474

Rietta: Calm down, ZK. She just got a rock thrown at her. I don't think she needs a bruise as well...

10/29/2011 #1,475

ZK: Someone rub my back!

Rus: Okay. *starts rubbing her back*

10/29/2011 #1,476

Cecil: Wait, ZK, don't you have to give that water bottle to Sadie?

10/29/2011 #1,477

ZK: *opens her Poke Ball* Gliscor take the bottle to Sadie.

Gliscor: *nods and takes the bottle and flies off*

ZK: *looks at Rietta* You...look nice today...

10/29/2011 #1,478

Rietta: *confused* Thanks...?

10/29/2011 #1,479
Brave Soul RMS

Lyra: Wow, that was nice of you to say, ZK.

Grey: Yeah, nice nice, too. Not the weird ZK nice where you disguise it with mean.

10/29/2011 #1,480

(AN: Someone take over my characters. Gotta jet!)

10/29/2011 #1,481

(AN: Later! Brave, do you want to take ZK or should I? XD)

10/29/2011 #1,482

*Jett arrives on the scene*

Jett: Hey guys. *smiles*

Rus: Hey, Jett, you've been in a really good mood lately.

Jett: Just enjoying life, Rus.

10/30/2011 #1,483

Cecil: What's up?

Rietta: ...Hi.

10/30/2011 #1,484

Jett: You guys need a new wardrobe. I can help you out with that. *grins*

Rus: How?

Jett: By paying for it. There's a store in Olivine with some pretty cool threads.

ZK: I'm down. Free clothes!

10/30/2011 #1,485
Brave Soul RMS

Lyra: Hi, Jett.

Mike: *hi fives Jett* S'up, buddy?

Grey: Yo.

10/30/2011 #1,486

Cecil: Sweet!

Rietta: ...Sounds great...

10/30/2011 #1,487

Jett: Mike...has to buy his own though.

10/30/2011 #1,488
Brave Soul RMS

Mike: *laughs* Way to stiff me on that, bro. Fine, fine.

Lyra: Does that include us?

10/30/2011 #1,489

Jett: Everybody! You can even call some more people to come along!

10/30/2011 #1,490

Rietta: That's very...generous of you...*wince*

Cecil: *raises an eyebrow at her*

Rietta: No sarcasm...

10/30/2011 #1,491
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: That actually looked painful for her.

Lyra: I don't really know who I would call.

Grey: Well, I'm callin' June. *gets out his PokeGear*

10/30/2011 #1,492

Cecil: Yeah it did...

Rietta: *grumbles* My therapist told me to make an effort to be nice to people. I haven't made an effort since seventh grade...

10/30/2011 #1,493

Jett: Well, you gotta make a start somewhere...even if it physically hurts.

ZK: Who all should we call?

10/30/2011 #1,494

Cecil: Dunno...

10/30/2011 #1,495
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *looks between Jett and Rietta* Do you guys know anyone else?

Lyra: Uhm... We could call Ethan.

Grey: And Roux, too. Jeremy, Nina, Asher, Jericho, Mark, Becca.

10/30/2011 #1,496

Rietta: No, I don't.

10/30/2011 #1,497

Jett: Well, I already called Justin, Derek, Sonia, and Sindy, so that's everyone, I guess.

ZK: Good! Let's get going! The others can meet us there.

10/30/2011 #1,498

(AN: Gotta go for a bit. Someone take my characters! And I expect them to be treated with hospitality. -__-)

10/30/2011 #1,499
Brave Soul RMS


1/6/2012 #1,500
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