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SOS Radio

Of course. Anyone here is always welcomed to come hang out with Sebastian and friends.

But would you be able to handle it, Ricki? xD

4/7/2011 #301

I should be asking if you could handle me :P

You'd probably all freak at my hair, and my inability to get scared when confronted by scary people. I've shook hands with armed drug dealers before .__.

4/7/2011 #302
Brave Soul RMS

A god among men is he.

4/7/2011 #303
SOS Radio

Good, then you can answer this question.

Should I continue moving in with every new girlfriend I get?

Man, I'm like a freaking nomad...Oh well, anything is better than moving back in with my parents...

4/7/2011 #304

Well it depends, on the frequency of girlfriends you get, if it's like 4 a year, yea move in, avoid your own home, if it's like... 16 a year i say get your own place :/

4/7/2011 #305
SOS Radio

Well I'm thinking of keeping this one for a while. When the government finally allows me to breed again, I may get married.

On an unrelated note, I just read through last chapter again. Dear God, Jett and Rietta are awesome when they're alone, but when they're together...

Who wants to know my opinion?

4/7/2011 #306

i wouldn't mind hearing it a i feel somewhat the same, not wanting to break kina's dreams but i have little doubt smileyshipping will ever come to be .__.

4/7/2011 #307
Brave Soul RMS

I don't mind hearing it and I'm pretty much in the same boat as Ricki. Lorena herself said there's a very slim chance of Smileyshipping ever coming to be. :/

4/7/2011 #308
SOS Radio

It's still a possibility considering everything that's happening in Year Three, but I wouldn't bet on it too hard.

Okay, for starters, your other friend got into an argument with his girlfriend on his birthday. The last thing the girl says to him is "fuck you" and then goes outside. So the guy heads after her to tell her that he still loves her only to find her bleeding to death. He tries to attempt suicide because well his girlfriend died on his birthday. Now, even though that was the main factor, I think Logan eventually attempting suicide had been coming for a long while. Jett and Rietta didn't help with the constant arguing and treating him like a third wheel. Speaking of being a third wheel, have they even BEEN to the hospital to see him once?

4/7/2011 #309

I think Jett has, but i don't think Rietta did

4/7/2011 #310
SOS Radio

Alright, I'm going to be completely neutral in this and point out all three of their faults. I'm just hoping M-Plosion brings these topic up.

Who should I start with? Logan? Jett? Rietta?

4/7/2011 #311
Brave Soul RMS

Start with Jett so you can get that painful task out of the way quickly.

4/7/2011 #312
SOS Radio


It's even worse with Jett since he's so awesome by himself, but...when he's with Rietta, he's annoying and gay. And yes, I mean gay as an insult. Actually, no I don't. It would be an insult to homosexuals to imply that they have anything in common with this terrible side of Jett's personality. At least a lot of homosexuals have cool personalities. Also, Jett can be a total dick at times. You see this more in the RP, but there's some evidence to this in canon. He needs to realize that not everyone can handle traumatic events like he can. And when you look at it from Rietta's POV, you can see why she'd be super jealous of any girl Jett likes. Look at all the stuff Jett did for her in Year One. Add this to the way he's acting in Year Two and it kind of seems like he was leading Rietta on the whole time. He may have just been friendly to her, but she justifiably doesn't see it that way. Also when he gets cornered, which is often, he goes ballistic because he stores it all in and when he flips out, he really flips out which ends up pissing everyone off.

4/7/2011 #313
Brave Soul RMS

You honestly read my mind with the whole 'leading Rietta on' thing. I mean, at least back then, they were bearable and the romantic tension was kind of cute. Now it's just outright UST and it's getting on everyone's nerves. It looks like you outlined Jett's main problem as a lack of empathy and I have to agree 100%.

4/7/2011 #314
SOS Radio

Alright, Brave.

Logan or Rietta?

4/7/2011 #315
Brave Soul RMS

Logan. Rietta's too easy. *rimshot* See what I did there? Nah, I'm just kiddin'.

4/7/2011 #316
SOS Radio


Logan is pretty hard. All of his things can be justified and chalked up to the fact that he is insane. Year One Logan rushed into every situation without thinking and it nearly got him killed when the Mt. Moon incident happened. The same thing happened at Cinnabar Mansion which ended up getting Don Meladeo killed. However, Year Two Logan is worse. He's an asshole emo and flips at the slightest provocation. Yes, Jett and Rietta's arguing is irritating, but you screaming like a psycho doesn't help. He tries to be like Jett and tries to trick a girl into sex, knowing full well that Emma is Louhearst's biggest prude. Guess what happens? He indirectly gets her killed. I mean seriously, wtf! He's worse than Shane at this point and him hanging out with Sadie later on just drives this home further.

Like I said, Logan's was hard because it can all be justified by the Vella Insanity...

4/7/2011 #317
Brave Soul RMS

Wait, that reminded me of something. Do Jett and Rietta know about the Vella Curse?

4/7/2011 #318
SOS Radio

You have to ask my sister.

I don't think so though since Logan just found out himself...

4/7/2011 #319
Brave Soul RMS

Alright, Rietta's up next so let 'er rip, Seb.

....Where the hell is Ricki?

4/7/2011 #320
SOS Radio


Rietta gets ripped into often anyway, so there's not much for me to say here that's already been said multiple times. As far as school goes, Rietta is far more mature than Logan and Jett. But in life, they are light years ahead of her. She acts like a little girl over every thing. On top of that, she's rude to everyone. Like it said in the Character Analysis, she can't keep using the whole "I can't express my emotions" excuse to be rotten to people. The way she treated June in the RP was horrendous and the reason? Jett dared to show interest in another girl. That is extremely petty on her part. It wouldn't have been so bad if June was an unlikeable character, but the fact that the only person who might be nicer than June is Emma so it just shows how childish Rietta is. I mean its even so bad that people don't even really like Rietta. They put up with her because she's friends with Logan and Jett. Plus, like it was mentioned in the Character Analysis, every time Rietta does something out of line, Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sis come to the rescue and defend her actions even if it's obvious she was wrong. They need to call her out on her behavior because she's obviously not listening to everyone else.

What do you think, Brave?

4/7/2011 #321

Sorry i dropped of, i had to deal with some stupid crap before having my mom complain that i don't do any of it and i need to learn it, when she does it all without telling me

4/7/2011 #322
Brave Soul RMS

To say I agree would be an understatement. I agree so much that I actually spent about an hour outlining PNG and came up with a scene where Rietta and Grey are forced to work out their differences and grow up through calling each other out on stupid shit they do. But I'll get into that later and only if you guys wanna hear. I have it saved somewhere...

Anyways, for all her intelligence, Rietta acts like a spoiled ten year old sometimes. She likes Jett but Cannot Spit It Out and, this was brought up in the RP, whenever Jett girl-hops, he's looked at as a cheating jerk but if Rietta ever does something mean or looks at another guy, everyone gets all sympathetic for her so it's not just her family bailing her out; it's damn near everyone at Louhearst. She needs to be weaned off the sympathy.

4/7/2011 #323

Hey, can someone fill me in? xD

4/7/2011 #324
SOS Radio

Brave, I'd like to read the analysis.

Lorena, we were just honestly discussing the bad traits of the main characters. xD

4/7/2011 #325
Brave Soul RMS

Seb did the guys' bangability charts. Jett won, obviously, and then Seb read through the latest Y2 chapter and gave us his opinion on why M-Plosion is going to happen.

EDIT: Cool, can I post it here or, like... Where's it gonna go? XD

4/7/2011 . Edited 4/7/2011 #326

Go ahead and post whatever you want here, Brave. It may be Sebastian's thread, but I'm still admin, so I overrule EVERYONE!!! xD

Anyway, I guess we have our topic for today. :D

4/7/2011 #327
SOS Radio

Good for you, Lorena. :P

I need to the library for a few hours to make sure everything's good. I'll be back in a while.

4/7/2011 #328
Brave Soul RMS


For my second, here's the scene. Keep in mind it's a prototype scene.


[Rietta and Grey didn't make it out of Rem in time and Dark Hour ended just before they made it into the elevator. After wandering the dreamscape for what felt like days, the two of them start coming to verbal blows.]

Rietta: *scoff-sighs* You aresoimmature. You know, this is the reason Jett and Logan don't like you very much. You always have to have the last word and you're so competitive and loud, it's both annoying and pathetic to watch. Face it, you're a little kid who can't stand it when things don't go his way.

Grey: Harsh, you bitch! I didn't even say anything that bad to you!

Rietta: Calling me 'Ice Queen' and a bitch certainly suffice!

Grey: Well, it's true. Everyone thinks it, not just me.

Rietta: ...What do you mean...?

Grey: You think you're so above everybody just cuz you're at the top of the class but you're not. *as Rietta opens her mouth to protest* You know it's true! You're always actin' so superior like you don't need anybody's help and you never let anyone in. You treat us all like we're stupid or somethin'! Sometimes they're just trying to make friends but you snub 'em out or freeze 'em like they're a Shadow you're casting Bufu on. And you know what the worst part is?

Rietta: ...

Grey: You don't even know you're doin' it. Even worse, teachers defend the way you treat people. Prob'ly cuz they don't want you in a bad mood cuz God forbid someone put their star student down and our school test average drops. Everyone's just putting up with you.

Rietta: I... I... That isn't true...

Grey: Really? Logan told me and Jett himself that the only reason you're around us is because you have Mandragora and we need a fourth member. You're always so cold to everyone.

Rietta: And you're always so obnoxious! What makes you think you can talk to me like that when you're no different?!

Grey: At leastIknow when I screwed up! *Rietta flinches* I get it; I'm annoying and I tick people off. I understand that and I'm tryin' to make it so that people don't think that of me anymore. I'm aware that I do stupid shit. But you.... You don't even care, do you?

Rietta: ....I...don't have an answer...

Grey: ...That's what I thought. *picks up his sword and starts walking* Come on. We need to keep moving. Shadows are gettin' antsy. ...Sorry for calling you a bitch...

4/7/2011 . Edited 4/7/2011 #329

LOL, was calling her a 'bitch' necessary? It kinda seemed a little too far.

I mean, I know they're calling each other out, but Rietta didn't use any curses in this case.

However, I did like it a lot regardless. :D

4/7/2011 #330
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