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Brave Soul RMS

Yeah, I'm freeloading off Lolli again but seeing as this is a Louhearst AU, I'm going to leave it here for now until told otherwise. So, I'm going to assume that NOBODY here (and by 'nobody here', I mean us regulars) has every played a Shin Megami Tensei game before. Excluding me, of course. To that end, I'll explain the basics of Persona, the Evokers used to summon them, the Dark Hour, and give short biographies of the Persona users. Class is in session, kiddies, so listen up good. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


A Persona in this sense has many different definitions with two of them being most prominent. First, a Persona is a psychological mask someone makes up and shows to the outside world in order to protect their 'true self'. Sort of like a fake personality and, let's face it, we've ALL done this at one point or another. The other, more correct definition (at least in SMT terms), is a manifestation of one's inner strength. Their 'second self', if you will. And this is completely true as a Persona and the human that it belongs to are essentially one and the same. Only a handful of people out of the population are mentally powerful enough to be capable of summoning a Persona and even fewer are able to be awake during the Dark Hour.

A Persona's appearance is symbolic of and dictated by their human's personality and its abilities are dictated by that person's Arcana. Two Personas could have the same name and Arcana but they will never look exactly alike because that specific Persona is unique to that specific human. The strength of Persona is the strength of the heart, so the more powerful the human's mind, body, and spirit get, the more powerful their Persona gets. However, there comes a risk with this: if the Persona gets more powerful than its human half, it could go on an out of control rampage until their human either dies or regains control of it. Sometimes, a Persona may even kill its human. But despite all this, a Persona is generally a good thing because, like the first definition says, its duty is to protect its other half; its true self. Their secondary duty is introspection: looking at oneself critically in order to find one's flaws and overcome them. Finally, when a Persona-user makes a new resolution within their heart, their Persona will transform and become even more powerful than it was before, taking on a new name and appearance to symbolize their user's new mindset. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


The enemies of mankind. Shadows are evil and negative human thoughts given physical form and are only able to exist during the Dark Hour. Despite this, Shadows are deadly because they attack the victim's mind rather than their body. Victims of Shadow attacks come down with a condition known as Apathy Syndrome and are henceforth dubbed 'The Lost'. The only way to destroy a Shadow is with a Persona. Persona-users are able to physically attack and destroy Shadows but any other attempts by anyone else will inevitably end in abject failure. Like Personas and people, Shadows also have their own Arcana which their abilities are dictated by. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Apathy Syndrome

What happens after a person is attacked by a Shadow. In the source material (Persona 3), victims become catatonic. They are completely unresponsive to everything and anything around them refusing to do anything, even eating. In PNG, there is a 10 day grace period in which a victim falls into a coma for approximately ten days before the catatonic state occurs. It's Logan and Co.'s job to help save Apathy Syndrome victims and kill Shadows with their Personas. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


A device that looks exactly like a small handgun. They are actually Persona summoning devices and, as such, contain no bullets or chambers or places in which to put a magazine. Evokers are shaped like guns because a Persona can only be summoned when the user is in a state or situation of extreme stress or danger, prompting the Persona to appear and defend their other half. The Evoker, resembling an actual gun, is the perfect device for simulating such a situation. All one need do is place the Evoker to their head, pull the trigger, and bang, the Persona appears. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Dark Hour

An hour hidden between one day and the next that occurs unfailingly every day at 6:00 PM Logan's time. All electronic devices stop, the world transforms into a nightmarish dreamscape, and everybody that is unable to experience the Dark Hour turns into a giant black coffin with a bloody red aura through a process called Transmogrification. A Transmogrified person is essentially dead to the world during the Dark Hour and, when that hour is up, they resume their normal lives like nothing ever happened in the first place. Only a select few are able to experience the Dark Hour and most of them are Persona-users. However, most people that are not Persona-users that experience the Dark Hour possess the potential to summon a Persona. The weird thing is, the Dark Hour is a phenomenon that has not occured in eleven years, having been wiped away by an earlier generation of Persona-users. How it reoccured is a mystery. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Social Links

Something that only those of the Fool Arcana are capable of establishing. Social Links are basically friendships or bonds formed with other people. A Fool can only form one S. Link of a certain Arcana and the bonds created strengthen the more time one spends with a Social Link. Social Links play an important part in Persona Fusion, something else only Fools can do. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Wild Card

Usually, a person can only summon one Persona and that's it. The Wild Card is the ability to create, summon, and store more than one Persona of any of the 22 Arcana. Only members of the Fool Arcana can possess the Wild Card ability. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Numbered 0 to 21, these are the categories in which people, Shadows, and Persona are divided into. Arcana are assigned to a human the moment they develop a personality of their own and the symbolism behind their assigned Arcana matches their personality. The abilities a Persona/Shadow possess are dictated by their Arcana. From 0 to 21, the Arcana are as follows:

Fool, Magician, Priestess, Empress, Emperor, Heirophant, Lovers, Chariot, Justice, Hermit, Fortune, Strength, Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, Devil, Tower, Star, Moon, Sun, Judgement, and World.

Note that these are the same as the Major Arcana in a deck of tarot cards. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I'll do character bios in another post. For now, soak in that new information.

1/12/2011 . Edited 1/18/2011 #1

This information is really helpful! :D

1/13/2011 #2
Brave Soul RMS

Glad you think so, Kina, because here comes even more helpful information. It's time for.... *drumroll*

Persona Non Grata Character Bios _______________________________________________________________________________

Logan Martin

Age: 15

D.O.B.: November 3rd, 2005

Student Year: Second

Arcana: #0 - The Fool

Persona: Gawain/Multiple others

Spirit Flame: Yellow

Weapon of Choice: Arm-mounted shields

Bio: Logan is the second-born son of Iris and Owen Martin and the younger brother of Corral and Rielle Martin. He attends St. Yung Private School as a residential student and gets average marks and is a bit of a slacker. However, Logan is a pariah because of his negative attitude and bitingly sarcastic remarks. He's been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and as such would rather not associate with those he perceives as annoying. Unfortunately, that definition includes nearly everybody he goes to school with so he really doesn't have any friends. That is until the day he is approached within his dreams with a mysterious prophecy: "The world is in danger; you have the power to avert this calamity." It is on that day that Logan is attacked by a Shadow, awakens to his Persona, and is literally thrust into a situation where his friendships with others determine the fate of the world. Naturally, he is less than amused.

As a Fool, Logan has access to the Wild Card: the ability to create, store, and summon more than one Persona of any Arcana. His friendships and bonds are also transformed into Social Links which help him in the long run by giving boosts of strength to the Personas he creates. Personality-wise, Logan is extremely aloof and sarcastic, not caring what happens one way or the other even though he knows his new destiny is unavoidable. He seems to have acclimated to the Dark Hour, fighting Shadows, and the fantastical concept of Persona quite well and treats it as yet another everyday annoyance. However, when the situation calls for it, Logan (though he hates having to do so) is a natural born leader with a good head on his shoulders.

Logan's first and true Persona is Gawain, Knight of Conflagration. Gawain is of the Fool Arcana and takes the form of a knight clad in black armor seemingly melded to his body, piercing yellow eyes and brown hair even shaggier than Logan's own. At the moment, Gawain specializes in Fire magic and sword-based physical skills but because he is a Fool, his potential is both limitless and unknown.

Persona Symbolism:

- Knights have always been known as those who protect and serve their loved ones or master. Though Logan has no master, Gawain's form as a knight and the large sheild on his left arm designate Logan as one who protects what's close to him. Gawain is also a very imposing and scary figure and this reflects how Logan tends to scare off the people around him, limiting the amount of people he actually cares about.

- Gawain's dark coloration reflects Logan's slightly twisted and sardonic outlook on the world. Let's face it: Logan isn't exactly the nicest person on the planet in PNG. The black in his armor dominates his color scheme and the symbolism behind that is obvious. The second most prominent color is red, the color of the heart, and that armor plate is under the heavy black one. As far as things go now, Logan isn't one to wear his heart on his sleeve and bottles up his emotions. The symbolism of the red under the black is that even though he'll never say it, Logan's, or rather, Gawain's heart is bleeding from that stress which is why Gawain is much more open with his emotions, especially cleverly disguised anger.

- The cape on Gawain's back symbolizes Logan as somewhat of a hero (or hero-to-be, much to his chagrin). Igor did say that his destiny is completely and totally unavoidable and that Logan has to become a hero even though he doesn't want to. The cape also never moves in the wind and is always rigid and unflappable, just like Logan. Seriously, he's taking this whole 'saving the world' thing in stride.

- Gawain's covered right eye and visor mean that Logan is intentionally blinding himself to the existences of the people around him and also serves as a visual metaphor for his sociopathic tendencies.

- The thick black armor is also symbolic of Logan's sociopathy and the fact that Logan is a rather unapproachable and closed-off person. and it'll damn sure take a lot to get under his shell.

- The one visible yellow eye Gawain possesses is piercing and critical, challenging his enemies to make the first move. Obviously, this represents that very same aspect in Logan. The boy is analytical and practical and with his surly demeanor is challenging those around him to either approach or mock him. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/18/2011 #3

Hey, Brave, is there a reason the story takes place in 2020? XD

1/13/2011 #4
Brave Soul RMS

Yeah; I'm basically continuing where the Persona series left off only Louhearst-style. See, Persona 3 took place over the course of Spring 2009 - Winter 2010 and Persona 4 went from Spring 2011 to Winter (I think, haven't finished the game yet) 2012. The reason why PNG is so long after Persona 4 is actually a major plot point. Work with me here, people.

1/13/2011 #5

Okay...Do you have Jett's profile done? XD

1/13/2011 #6
Brave Soul RMS

Working on it as we speak. Thank goodness for tabs.

1/13/2011 #7

Alright. :3

1/13/2011 #8
Brave Soul RMS

Persona Non Grata Character Bios ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jett Mitchell

Age: 15

D.O.B.: August 30th, 2005

Student Year: Second

Arcana: #6 - The Lovers

Persona: Eros

Spirit Flame: Green

Weapon of Choice: Pair of chakram

Bio: With his undeniable good looks, charm, and way with words, Jett is St. Yung's self-proclaimed and official playboy. His talent for being able to hook up with any girl from any grade level is almost legendary within his school's halls. Because of this, Jett's grades aren't too good and he has an inflated ego. He is very popular among the ladies while being both revered and hated by the male population. Jett lives alone with his father ever since his mother died and has an older brother named Jerry. He has a tendency to act without thinking every once in a while which is how he and Logan ironically ended up becoming friends. Underneath that cool and vibrant exterior, Jett is actually very easily scared and his facade easily broken under enough stress or shock. As a Persona-user, Jett is even newer at summoning than Logan is so he requires frequent pointers and reminders that his Evoker is NOT a gun. His personality clashes with Logan's somewhat but as Logan's first ever Social Link, the antisocial boy oddly can't bring himself to snub Jett out and Jett finds himself oddly loyal to Logan.

Acclimating to the Dark Hour is proving very difficult for Jett becuase before awakening to his Persona, he was one of the many people who would become Transmogrified during the hidden hour. Battle is an entirely different story; whereas Logan's movements are confident but slightly shaky, Jett's been in his fair share of streetfights and knows how to defend himself. The only thing is that he needs a little bit of time to get serious. Jett's Persona is extremely adept at healing skills meaning he can keep on fighting as long as he's got Spiritual Power to spare.

Jett's Persona is Eros of the Lovers Arcana, bearing the title 'Emissary of Love'. Eros came into being when Jett, too petrified by attacking Shadows to use the Evoker on himself, was essentially shot in the head with the imaginary bullet that summons a Persona. As a facet of Jett's soul, Eros represents the more positive sides to Jett's girl-hopping but his appearance is still dictated by his user, namely his mechanical arms and wings.

Persona Symbolism:

- Eros, like Jett, is an extremely handsome being despite his face being covered up. However, Eros is much more attractive than Jett is and this represents Jett's superficiality and ego.

- Eros' four wings are symbolic of Jett's flighty behavior when it comes to girls. Jett's never been serious about a girl he's hooked up with a day in his life and can and will easily find another if his current 'girlfriend' dumps him or vice versa.

- The morning star and dagger attached the to chains on Eros' arms are very interesting. The dagger represents Cupid's arrow and the morning star is there to show that love hurts. A lot. The initial impact of a new relationship is exciting and fun but the crushing blow of a relationship's end is devastating.

- Eros' mechanical arms are another point of interest. Love is often likened to that of a warm, tender embrace. Eros' arms are cold and mechanical which, along with showing that the 'love' Jett has for girls isn't real, are indicative of some prior trauma.

- The metal plate obscuring the top half of Eros' face blinds Jett from what true love really is: coming to understand and accept another for who they are, faults and all.

1/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2011 #9

Rietta: Wow...That symbolism...

Kina: Damn, now I wanna see the others! D:

1/13/2011 #10
Brave Soul RMS

Well, I could do that but I don't want to spoil anything D: I could always do Mandragora and stop there until Grey shows up since Rietta does belong to you.

1/13/2011 #11

Yay! :D If you don't want to spoil it for anyone else, you can just PM it to me. xD

1/13/2011 #12
Brave Soul RMS

Oh, yeah. I never consider PMs anymore xD Alright, one character bio coming up!

1/13/2011 #13

Okay~ :D

1/13/2011 #14
Brave Soul RMS

Alright, it's been sent but I have no clue if you're still around, Kina o.O So leave a response here when you get back :D

1/13/2011 #15

Kina: About Ilys being the only friend of Rietta's that didn't leave her...Actually, that works since-in my mind-Rietta did, in fact, have another friend before Louhearst that wasn't Ilys. xD In fact, this friend came before Ilys (Rietta and Ilys have been friends only for around 4-5 years), and it actually was Rietta's fault that they're not friends anymore. And the explanation as to why Rietta is so bad at socializing definitely makes sense. xD

Four year old Rietta would be pretty damn adorable, even if she was like only mentioned once in the profile. XD

Rietta: Inferiority complex because of beautiful, popular, social sister? Sounds right to me.

1/14/2011 #16
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: A four-year-old Rietta experiencing the Dark Hour like it was nothing.

Brave: And the Dark Hour stopped in 2009. I wonder how its sudden reoccurence will hit her... Anyways, Rietta, I know you don't know exactly what Mandragora looks like but how do you like her so far?

1/14/2011 #17

Kina: Well, four year olds are generally naive. xD

Rietta: I liked the symbolism. She's like some kind of deadly beauty...

Kina: I wonder what her relationship with Aria was like before Apathy Syndrome. xD

1/14/2011 #18
Brave Soul RMS

Brave: Glad to be of service! :D Now, time to get to work on the next PNG chapter. Oh, hey, we never played the prediction game! o.O I think I suggested that 4 days ago...

1/14/2011 #19

Kina: I don't really want to play the prediction game. xD I occasionally get bursts of creativity and weird thoughts, but otherwise, I'm usually just braindead.

1/14/2011 #20

Yo, Brave! I'm here!

1/14/2011 #21
Brave Soul RMS

Aye, chihuahua, I'm always late. Okay, so tell me what I'm doing right and wrong in regards to the characters aside from their Personas since I think I've got those down pretty well.

1/14/2011 #22
SOS Radio

Brave, she just dropped off, but hey, I'm here...not that its important, but I'm interested in this. So tell me about your story.

1/14/2011 #23
Brave Soul RMS

Sure thing. First things first though: You play video games? And if you have, have you ever played a game with the series title 'Shin Megami Tensei'?

1/14/2011 #24
SOS Radio

Wait a second, Shin Megami Tensei? Now, I haven't actually played the games, but I've heard of them. My friend, Bart, used to talk to me about the series. But damn, we were fourteen and potheads at the time, so I'm not sure how much I remember...

1/14/2011 #25
Brave Soul RMS

Think hard and see if you remember the Persona series, then combine that with Louhearst in an alternate universe and bam. By the way, more info higher up, anyway, I had the idea a while ago when my girlfriend said she was getting me Persona 4 for Christmas. It started off as "What would happen if Logan and the others had Personas" and eventually mutated into what it is now.

Basically, I took a small comment made by one of us in the original Interviews calling Logan an emo kid. Since he basically does have mental problems in Louhearst-verse, I amped it up a bit and gave him sociopathy and the Fool Arcana since every Persona game hero has been a Fool. Then I chose 8 other characters, gave them Personas, thought up a plot and here we are. Ask any questions you want and I'll explain in detail.

1/14/2011 #26
SOS Radio

Persona was a spinoff the original series, right? Okay, I think its coming back to me. I don't have any questions now, but I'll return tomorrow with tons after I call Bart.

Then again, I stole his copy of Madden 11. I better return that first...Damn, that means I have to go over his house.

1/14/2011 #27
Brave Soul RMS

I'm guessing Bart's house is somewhat of a No-man's Land, huh?

1/14/2011 #28
SOS Radio

Man, Bart is freakin' weird and that's coming from me the biggest weirdo in my family. I mean we're cool and all, but he looks like a gremlin. His sister is hot though...

1/14/2011 #29
Brave Soul RMS

Haha, he looks like a gremlin but his sister is hot. You are one cool dude, Seb. Then again, you ARE related to Lolli. Or maybe it should be the other way around. Or both ways? Meh.

1/14/2011 #30
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