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(Note: This is a Fictionpress story since its original fiction. I had the idea when I realized my tremendous writer's block and I realized that its these characters that are stuck in my head. So I thought, why not try a new story, but with these character's instead. Also, there won't be as much of a restriction if I make this fic an original one)

Ciudad de Vella


On the last day of eight grade, Logan Martin and the rest of the students at Northern School expected the next four years to be smooth sailing. However, that night, a mysterious explosion caused by an unknown illegal organization (you guys can probably guess who they are) located outside of Rave City caused hundreds of teenagers and young adults in the city and its surrounding areas to become infected with mysterious Nano bites due to the toxic gas from the explosion. These Nano bites gave the teenagers enhanced supernatural abilities akin to their personalities with a few drawbacks. Although things seem fun at first for the children and their newfound abilities, with great powers comes great responsibility. There has been an outbreak of criminal activity and there are some who believe that the explosion was no accident.

Schools of Rave City:

Northern (Louhearst) – As the name suggests, the school for the students in the northern section of the city. This is the main school of the story where most of the main characters attend. It is known to be a rather good school with average to high test scores and attendance, but with several instances of weirdness.

Southern (Seathroul) – As the name suggests, the school for the students in the southern section of the city. Southern is known for its intense rivalry with Northern and it is known to be a rather bad school with average to low test scores and attendance with a third of the students having criminal records.

Eastern (Eastluroh) – As the name suggests, the school for the students in the eastern section of the city. Eastluroh is known for being quite an athletic focused school with average test scores. However, it is rumored that there are several criminal staff members.

Western (Throuleas) – As the name suggests, the school for the students in the western section of the city. Western is known to be the only school in Rave City with a strict dress code policy, but is also known to have the highest test scores with the most graduates.

Those Infected:

Common Powers applied to all: All of the infected teenagers and young adults were given: Enhanced Durability, the power of Flight, and the ability to heal from wounds quicker than average citizens

(Northern Students: 9-12)

(9th graders)

Logan Martin

Powers: The ability to manipulate light. Also has the ability to manipulate darkness at a cost.

Drawbacks: The ability to manipulate darkness comes at a cost of enduring a genetic mental illness that manifests itself within him.

Jett Mitchell

Powers: Oil secretion. Also has the ability to imbalance hormones thus affecting others emotions.

Drawbacks: The oil secretion is highly flammable and must be used cautiously.

Henrietta Mackenzie

Powers: Super intelligence and Ice manipulation

Drawbacks: She can only store a certain amount of information to keep her brain from overloading. For ice manipulation, she has to shut off her emotions to be able to control the ice properly.

Shane Clarke

Powers: Mind Control and Telekinesis

Drawbacks: Causes mental strain if he uses both at the same time for too long. Worst case scenario: His brain could explode.

Floressa Roux

Powers: Sound Manipulation and Electric Manipulation

Drawbacks: If she has nothing that can produce that big of a sound, it'll be hard for her to amplify the sound waves. For electricity, if she has nothing that can produce electricity she can only really use the electrical charges produced by her body.

Ethan D'Log

Powers: Energy Conversion and Energy Blasts

Drawbacks: Has to convert matter into energy (through digestion) and then being able to utilize that energy by either spitting it back out or swallowing it. As a result, he has to constantly eat.

Zoey Kross

Powers: Shapeshifting abilities

Drawbacks: Whenever she gets too 'excited' it becomes difficult for her to control what she changes into.

Emma Jacobs

Powers: The ability to neutralize/negate other powers within her radius and make them completely ineffective for a certain amount of time.

Drawbacks: It affects everyone within the area, so she can't use it on just a specific person.

Julie LaCruz

Powers: Cat-like abilities which include: enhanced vision, the ability to see through darkness, extreme balance and flexibility, and razor sharp claws. She may have nine lives as well.

Drawbacks: Occasionally gets embarrassing uncontrollable verbal tics where she meows or purrs. She also cannot get down from a tree without assistance.

Eddie Rolen

Powers: The ability to casts illusions onto people. The power increases when he has mirrors around. Also has the ability to create holograms

Drawbacks: The illusions can't really do any physical damage to enemies, but can definitely cause mental strain.

Cole Tinett

Powers: The ability to turn his skin into metal and increase his momentum easily.

Drawbacks: Causes a large amount of damage and if he goes too fast, it's extremely hard for him to stop.

Mari Summers:

Powers: Hydro manipulation

Drawbacks: Needs a source to be able to create large volumes of water.

Lulu Acasio

Powers: Pyrokinesis

Drawbacks: Needs a source to be able to create and sustain large amounts of flames.

Lyra Silverson

Powers: Intangibility and the ability to turn into gas

Drawbacks: It takes concentration and an advanced mind to control her powers, so she can't really control them well.

Russell Wesley

Powers: He can make his imagination into reality.

Drawbacks: Most people see his power as a 'joke' power because of Rus's personality. However, if pushed too far, this power could be extremely lethal for others.

Veronica Ventura

Powers: Elasticity and Enhanced jumping/bouncing abilities

Drawbacks: She's pregnant and since her unborn baby has her powers as well as Zack's powers, her stomach is constantly stretching out and attacking people.

Grey Thomas

Powers: The ability to understand animals and transform into them.

Drawbacks: The longer he's in the animal state, the more feral his mind becomes.

Juniper Hawthorne

Powers: The ability to analyze powers and discover their weaknesses to defeat them.

Drawbacks: There is a possibility that her opponents could overcome their weaknesses.

Rebecca Blake

Powers: Appearance Modification

Drawbacks: She can only do appearances unlike ZK who can transform into anything and she has to focus to get the appearances correct.

Cecil Vitalis

Powers: Technopathy. He has the ability to control all forms of technology

Drawbacks: He has to make sure that the technology doesn't turn on him and take over his mind.

Michael Cooper

Powers: Force Fields

Drawbacks: It causes physical and mental strain on him, and will give way or break if damaged enough.

Petra Zaccheus

Powers: Voice Manipulation

Drawbacks: Strains throat and vocal chords, and can cause loss of voice and sore throats.

Leo Smith

Powers: Invisibility, Adaptability and dynamic camouflage

Drawbacks: When he is hit with a power, he temporarily gains that power, but only one power at a time and he can only sustain the power for 5-10 minutes.

(10th graders)

Nikki Murcott

Powers: Nerve Manipulation

Drawbacks: Can cause too much strain on the body which will lead to fits of paralysis.

Eliza Curosine

Powers: Paralysis

Drawbacks: Slows down movement and takes out a lot of stamina.

Aidan Lynche

Powers: Can cover himself in spikes and send them out

Drawbacks: Harmful to the user and can harm faster than heal if used to much.

Blake Smith

Powers: Super Strength

Drawbacks: Lowered speed

Lucy White

Powers: The ability to control machines

Drawbacks: Can quickly become mentally exhausted and lose sense of self.

Oliver Wheatley

Powers: Disintegration, Seismic Waves


Serena Winters

Powers: Poison Generation, Acid

Drawbacks: Has to take drugs and poisons constantly or her own powers will kill her.

Quincy Whitewater

Powers: Gravitational Manipulation


(11th graders)

Jeremy Lynche

Powers: Memory Manipulation

Drawbacks: Starts to lose memories the more the power is used.

Nina Richardson

Powers: Energy Negation, Magnetism

Drawbacks: Will attract some metals unconsciously.

Kaylee Arnett

Powers: Slight Mind Control

Drawbacks: Causes mental strain.

Audrey Cook

Powers: Wind Manipulation

Drawbacks: Needs a (natural) source to use.

Eden Rose

Powers: Plant Manipulation

Drawbacks: Needs a source to use.

(12th graders)

Malcolm Meladeo

Powers: Astral Projection

Drawbacks: Leaves body when on the astral plane.

Alexis Reynolds

Powers: Astral Trapping/Body posession

Drawbacks: Her own body and the body she possesses move exactly the same.

Nathaniel Holbrooke

Powers: Ability to turn into stone and enhance strength


Carina Long

Powers: Energy beams


Bradley Archer

Powers: Sharp 'arrow-like' energy beams


(Northern Students: 8th graders)

Jericho Cruz

Powers: Wood Control

Drawbacks: Requires a source to manipulate

Mark Krasen

Powers: X-ray vision/eye beams

Drawbacks: X-ray vision runs for a constant 30 minutes each use.

Asher McConnell

Powers: Probability Manipulation

Drawbacks: Can't be consciously controlled.

Christina Tenner

Powers: Empathy

Drawbacks: Loses own emotions.

Maggie Bellingham

Powers: The ability to talk to and control insects.


Ilys Benjamin

Powers: The ability to create artificial love.

Drawbacks: People gain an immunity if the power is used on them too many times, and the power wears off after some time.

(Southern Students)

Justin McShan

Powers: Fire Manipulation

Drawbacks: Needs a source to manipulate.

Derek Quinn

Powers: Earth Manipulation

Drawbacks: Needs a source to manipulate.

Synthia Malana

Powers: Ice Manipulation

Drawbacks: Can't use if her body is too warm.

Sonia Barret

Powers: Oil secretion. Also has the ability to imbalance hormones thus affecting others emotions

Drawbacks: The oil secretion is highly flammable and must be used cautiously. Also is constantly releasing so that it looks like she's very sweaty.

Cody Jameson

Powers: Elemental breath

Drawbacks: Can hyperventilate if used too much.

Jahmil Mubazi

Powers: Elemental breath

Drawbacks: Can hyperventilate if used too much.

Renee Girard

Powers: Omnilingualism

Drawbacks: Loses ability to speak native language.

Celine Girard

Powers: Omnilingualism

Drawbacks: Loses ability to speak native language.

Melanie Garcia

Powers: Enhanced jumping, climbing, and speed.

Drawbacks: Needs to constantly stay moving.

Emil Feckle

Powers: Enhanced jumping, climbing, and speed.

Drawbacks: Needs to constantly stay moving.

Duncan Mendoza

Powers: Induced Explosion

Drawbacks: Can be harmed by own power.

Zachary Winters

Powers: Pyrotechnic plasma and force field generation

Drawbacks: Can be harmed by own power.

Brianna Zeno

Powers: Super speed and slight wind manipulation

Drawbacks: Trouble with turning and slowing down (without wind manipulation). Needs natural source for wind manipulation.

Vic Lawson

Powers: Energy constructs. Can turn energy into sharp weapons like knives and blades.

Drawbacks: Can't wield blades without harming self.

Percy Hubbard

Powers: Mass Manipulation

Drawbacks: Becomes slower the more mass he gains.

Adam Tifatillah

Powers: Prehensile hair

Drawbacks: Useless if cut (can regrow within a week).

Ned Ericson

Powers: Size shifting

Drawbacks: Takes some time to change between sizes.

Lilly Rykes

Powers: Hyper Breath

Drawbacks: Can hyperventilate if used to much.

Sadie Yanes

Powers: Shadow Manipulation

Drawbacks: Can get stuck in shadows if they are small enough, and loses powers if in direct sunlight.

(Young Adults Infected)

Corral Martin

Powers: Duplication/Merging


Rielle Martin

Powers: Duplication/Merging


Jerry Mitchell

Lucinda Zavala

Aria Mackenzie

Sarah Jacobs

Rachael Thomas

Luther Kross


(NOTE: More will be added when Ricki and I finish up giving people superpowers)

2/1/2011 . Edited 12/1/2012 #1
Kelly of the midnight dawn

I would like Emma to have a very large and friendly female golden retriever named Sunny. And I would like Becca to have a gray cat named Slinky who can tell that it's still her when she's changed her appearance and will come up to her and meow and paw at her which could potentially blow her cover. Let me know who else among my OCs will be in the story and I'll let you know if I want to give them pets. Thanks :)

EDIT: I would like Maggie to have a large male fluffy orange cat named Marshmellow. And Cody should have a Jack Russell Terrior named Nipper who is high strung and loves Cody and is an excellent judge of character and will hide under things and growl at suspicious people (ie the bad guys). That's all I can think of so all my other characters don't have pets but Mike wants a puppy, whether he gets one or not and what kind it is is up to you.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #2

I can see Aria having a slightly plump and highly curious hamster named Ramon who is possibly terrified of Rietta's parrot? Celine has a little brown kitten named Nadia, Renee has a pretty but queenly gray cat named Nicolette and Cecil has a pet rat named Iggy. :) Ah yes, and Petra has a rabbit named Nova. Kaylee has a pomeranian named Alicia. Ilys has a pet turtle who I don't feel like naming...

2/1/2011 #3

2/1/2011 #4
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Alright, here come my new list of demands :D

Emma's Room - There's a bed for Sunny at the foot of her bed and she has a bunch of pictures of family and friends on the walls.

Becca's Room - She's got a black leather bound diary that she keeps under her pillow.

Maggies Room - Maggie has a large collection of stuffed animals and barbie dolls.

Mike's Room - Mike has posters of his favorite keyboard players all over his room along with a collection of hotwheels that he keeps on a shelf near his window. There's a baby grand piano in the living room of his house.

Eden's Room - Like Emma, Eden decorates her walls with pictures of friends and family but she doesn't have as many as Emma does.

Audrey's Room - Audrey has a large vanity with all of her many makeups and such arranged just so on top of it.

Nate's Room - Nate has a large red toolbox under his bed.

Brad's Room - Brad has a rather large model train set in his room on the opposite side from his bed. It's a bit dusty because he doesn't play with it anymore but he is very proud that he built it all by himself when he was seven and can't bring himself to get rid of it.

That's all I can really think of...

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #5

May as well post some demands as well. xD

Rietta-She has a book shelf or two, and all the books are organized so that she can very easily find ANY of her books. She also has a computer desk with a flat screen computer; the desk has her studying necessities and like the bookshelf, they're all organized. Anything else, you can decide.

Aria-There's a door that allows her to access a balcony. She has a computer like Rietta, and on her desk are a couple of framed photographs, mostly pictures of a younger version of herself and a surprisingly smiling Rietta.

Petra-Posters of "hot" actors and her role model actresses; there's also several stuffed animals on her bed.

Cecil-As many different gaming systems as he can possibly have: Wii, PS3, DS, etc. He also has a computer for his PC games.

Celine-A pretty simple room. She has a computer and everything is neat...

Renee-She has a couple of beautiful landscape paintings on the walls...

Lucy-Very disorganized room, with her inventions scattered all over the place...

2/1/2011 #6
Brave Soul RMS

Brave: Again, what did I miss? o.O

2/1/2011 #7

Learn to read boy-o!

2/1/2011 #8
Send me a PM, Brave, and I'll explain everything.
2/1/2011 #9

Shadow Manipulation? Now that is epic :D. And considering Logan has Light Manipulation, things could get pretty interesting.

I think Sadie should have a vicious tom-cat that hates everyone but Sadie.

Lilly's room would probably have lots of music stands and her instruments sitting around, and lots of posters of bands and other musical stuff on the walls. Sadie's... I'm not sure what would be in Sadie's room. (DEAD BODY IN CLOSET)

2/1/2011 #10

Leo = Simon from misfits... hehehe

Yeah, he'll also have a small jack russel named Blaze who follows him almost everywhere. His room will be simple with a desk and crappy computer, single bed, bookshelf and posters of some bands across the room.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #11
riot rhythm

This sounds really awesome xD

I think Roux would have two noisy canaries called Anthem and Echo (named Echo because he echos whatever Anthem says/sings.)

Roux's room would probably be kinda messy, with band posters and pictures covering almost every avaliable space on the walls, plus her drum kit, guitar, and amp, and a shelf with a CD player and a large CD collection.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #12
Brave Soul RMS

I really like Grey's super power o-o Only thing is I dunno if he can do full transformations like Beast Boy or just partial transformations or both.

Anyway, his room would be kind of messy with pants and shirts draped on his headboard and old wrappers in the trash bin and a half-made bed. Bed against the wall, desk opposite it with a TV, a few game consoles, a couple of books, and a computer. His dog's bed would be in there, too.

Grey would probably have a German Shepherd named Solomon, Solo for short, that sleeps in his room.

2/1/2011 #13

You guys can change your characters' clothing too since its a more urban setting.

You guys can add more stuff too like: Are they on a sports team, in a school club, what their parents do for a living, etc.

2/2/2011 #14


Rietta, I can imagine being on the student council or a book club or something? I can also imagine her as a peer tutor in her spare time...Since there's no pokemon, Aria would be going to the nearest university. Petra would be a Drama Club or something. Kaylee, I can imagine being on a volleyball or tennis team.

That's all I have at the moment...

2/2/2011 . Edited 2/2/2011 #15

I think Leo wouldn't be from a foster home in this one. Just adopted at a really young age and he only just found out about it. He would probably be on the soccer team and a chess/book club but would miss half of the trainings and meetings due to family stuff.

2/2/2011 #16

Oh yes, and I can imagine Rietta keeping a diary filled with hilariously snarky entries. xD She also earns money by babysitting (when she's not studying), which is one of the few times she doesn't act cold and cynical, as it's been implied in the RPG that she's good with kids. xD She also has to look after the family pets often, especially during the weekends. Rietta's parents still have their respective jobs, since their jobs never involved pokemon in the first place. xD She's also compared to her older sister a lot, but though it bugs her a little, she's far from actually being angry, unlike when someone says someone else (someone else she does not admire, that is) is better than her. Her headband was a gift from her former friend, Carmen, who ended up de-friending her because of a mistake Rietta made. Rietta still wears it and will probably wear it until she has reconciled with Carmen. If she ever ditches the headband, her 'special accessory that she is fiercely defensive of' will become a silver locket with a heart pendant that contains any picture of your choice, which she receives from Aria.

Like Rietta, I can imagine Renee being on the Student Council or in the Book Club or something, except she's much cooler and more popular than Rietta is. I can see her having a rivalry with one of the intelligent blondes at Northern, like Lucy. xD

Cecil's father works at one of the most successful pet stores in the city (though his dad's just an employee), and as a result, I can see Cecil knowing some of the characters' pets, particularly Rietta's parrot, Aria's hamster, Grey's dog and Petra's rabbit. xD But he's not as close to animals as Grey seems to be, because of his videogames. Cecil's mother is a nurse at the local hospital, and probably knows Rietta's mom as well, since their moms don't live in separate cities/towns anymore. :) Cecil's twenty three old brother, Landon, works as a waiter and their twenty year old sister, Miri, is studying to become a teacher.

Petra's dad works at a hotel, while her mother, Andrea, is the manager of a cosmetics shop and unlike Petra, is a very friendly and calm woman. Petra is constantly being compared to her mother as a result, but Petra really couldn't care less.

Aria is still pretty popular, but has become almost impossible to get a date with, and most guys just don't bother attempting to court her anymore. Those who are bold enough or just don't know about her reputation as 'that hot girl who is impossible to get a date with' usually get rejected. She's not trying to play hard to get; she's just not honestly interested in anyone, romantically. She is content with being single, though that might change sooner or later. Aria is also studying to become a psychiatrist or a doctor, your choice. :)

As I mentioned before, Kaylee is probably on a volleyball or tennis team. Her parents are cops, and her older sister, Layla, also wants to be one, but Kaylee's not really interested in becoming a cop herself, despite being a strict rule-follower. She's more interested in becoming a lawyer or something.

And that's all I can think of for now...

2/2/2011 . Edited 2/2/2011 #17

I think Lilly would probably be first chair in orchestra and band, and take lots of extracurriculars in musical stuff. I also imagine her to be one of the smarter ones at Southern, and I imagine her to be good at math and science. She probably also takes Sign Language :D. I think I mentioned that her parents were divorced, so she lives with her mother most of the time, and her mom's a singer at a restaurant/bar. She probably will also have more friends (Band group and stuff) than just Sadie, but she's closest to Sadie.

For Sadie, I can't imagine her being on any extracurricular clubs or anything, but I think she's probably one of those smart kids that just don't feel like getting good grades. And considering she has so many siblings and her parents are super-paranoid, she probably shares a room with one of her sibs, but she mostly just lives in Lilly's closet.

2/2/2011 #18

All of the powers for the students are now listed. (I'll work on their drawbacks later.) :D

The explosion takes place outside of a teen/young adult club called 'Club Domino' and the event in which the teens were mutated and given superpowers due to the toxins is known as 'The Domino Effect'.

2/2/2011 #19
Brave Soul RMS

I dunno, I guess June would be on the tennis or soccer teams and cooking club. She'd be working towards being a zoologist from, like, the beginning of high school. Like, she'd be mapping out the steps towards this career while maintaining her position in the school rankings.

Her room would just disaster zone. You'd expect the opposite but it's bad. I'll let your imagination take that one on but she does have a pet iguana and her parents are still divorced. Amelia's a physician and River's a network technician at some random company I'll let Lolli make up.

As for Grey, he takes...some form of martial art that I'm too lazy to think up right now. Judo, TKD, or or just regular karate. Put him in as a good science student with some skill at essays and stuff like that. Sara's a nurse and Van will be... A very demanding businessman.

2/2/2011 #20


Yo guys, Ricki and I are coming up with superhero/supervillain names for all the characters. (Some may be cool, some may be stupid, and some may be just bizarre. xD)

So since we're coming up with names, you guys are free to design your characters' costumes...

2/3/2011 . Edited 2/3/2011 #21

They have costumes as well. xD Oh god...

I'll see if I can come up with costumes...

2/3/2011 #22

Well, they have too just in case someone wanted to hold their families hostage. xD

They mostly pick their own names (except for Jett and Rietta who chooses each other's names in an argument) so some of them come out awesome, others stupid, and some just straight up bizzare...

2/3/2011 #23

True, but costumes can be just downright ridiculous-looking sometimes...xD

And oh my God, if Rietta picks Jett's name...XD

2/3/2011 #24

Well, she actually gives him an intelligent name. He's the one who starts the argument because he didn't know what the word meant. xD

2/3/2011 #25

Oh Jett...xD

Is there a character who can communicate with spirits or have spirits fight for them? o3o That would be cool!

2/3/2011 #26

Probably Cynda...

2/3/2011 #27

Will Ghost Carla make an appearance in the story then? .___.

2/3/2011 #28

Considering Cynda's spirit powers and Xavier's time powers, then there's a strong possibility that she'll appear, so yeah.

Oh, check below. xD

Rus's Super Hero Name: Doctor Captain Imaginariastic

2/3/2011 #29

LOL If it was anyone but Rus, I would've said "FAIL" to that. xD

2/3/2011 #30
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