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Sorry, went to the gym. xD

I'll start posting as soon as I get out of the shower.

4/20/2011 #841

And here we go! :D


*Zack angrily chases after Serena*

Zack: *catches up to her* Why did you do it!?

Serena: I didn't have a choice! I refuse to believe that those so called-heroes are whitewashing you. Blood is thicker than water, Zack. Whose side are you really on?

Zack: The right one! *charges at her*

*Zack and Serena lock hands and struggle against each other as they fly into the sky*

Serena: *moves back* That's it! You made me do this! *inhales and unleashes a large blast of knockout gas*

Zack: *begins trying to clear the gas with his fireworks*

*The onlookers from below see the fireworks blow away some of the gas leaving a peculiar image of DNA in the sky*

4/20/2011 #842
Brave Soul RMS

Whoa, brother vs sister ends with a light show in the sky. So Zack joins the good guys and Serena's pissed but why does it form DNA in the sky?

4/20/2011 #843

It's a metaphor, Brave.

When Serena unleashed a cloud of smoke in the sky, Zack blew some of it away and the remaining smoke resembled a DNA model...

4/20/2011 #844
Brave Soul RMS

The fact that it's a metaphor makes me think Zack's gonna turn again.

4/20/2011 #845

Well, it is true that turning over a new leaf isn't exactly an easy thing to do.

4/20/2011 #846

Scene 2

Emma: So...what exactly do you need to make this pill...?

Rietta:, kind of need some of your blood...

Emma: Okay, how are we going to do this?

June: I am...going to have to use a needle and-


*flies out of the room*

Rietta: Nice going, June. *sighs*

4/20/2011 #847

I hate needles, too...DX

4/20/2011 #848

I don't really have a fear of needles for some reason...

4/20/2011 #849
Brave Soul RMS

Wimp! xD

What about when they shoved that giant-ass needle in your spine for the epidural, Lolli? :O

4/20/2011 #850

It hurt like hell, but I wasn't exactly scared...

4/20/2011 #851
Brave Soul RMS

You are one brave little soldier girl.

4/20/2011 #852

If I were in your place, Lolli, I'd be bawling. XD

4/20/2011 #853

Well, I WAS screaming like hell before I got the epidural. xD

4/20/2011 #854

Here's the first CdV scene my friends...


Sadie: I'm Nightfall, Mistress of Shadows and Darkness...

Jett: *grins* Oh, you can be my Mistress of Shadows and Darkness any time.

Logan: *punches him in his arm* (to Sadie) I'm-

Sadie: Afterglow, right? I've heard of you and your little hero team.

Logan: Uh, thanks...I think...

Sadie: But...don't you think you all are wasting your powers by helping people all the time? I mean, you can pretty much do whatever you want, so why not do it? Keep that in mind...

*flies off*

4/21/2011 #855
Brave Soul RMS

I can practically smell the parallel with LE in this one. It smells like pecans, for those of you wondering.

4/21/2011 #856

Wait a minute, why pecans? xD

4/21/2011 #857
Brave Soul RMS

Do not question the smell of the parallel! It is as it is.

4/21/2011 #858

Alrighty, here we go...


Rietta: No. You all need to wait until I make some more Pro Tem pills before you go get drunk and high and do something stupid.

ZK: She's such a buzz kill!

Jett: Tell me about it!

Logan: Rietta, this is the biggest party of the year. We can't miss it.

Rietta: It's not the party. It's the fact that at least one of you will get drunk or high...

Jett: What's the matter with that?

Rietta: The matter is that you all have mutant superpowers. Imagine being drunk or high and you do something stupid like reveal your secret identity or go on a drunken rampage with your powers...

4/21/2011 #859

Says the girl who drowns her sorrows in the Pokeverse. xD

4/21/2011 #860


But Rietta has to 'mother' all of them and it probably gets on her last nerves. She's absolutely right about them going to the party. If they would just listen! xD

4/21/2011 #861

Mother Hen. xD

I'd be pretty annoyed, too, though. xD

4/21/2011 #862
Brave Soul RMS

A drunken rampage with Rietta's powers... SNOWBALL FIGHT!


4/21/2011 . Edited 4/21/2011 #863

Here's one more...


Girl: *moans* That feels good. What kind of tanning oil are you using?

Jett:'s a new kind. It's called...Pol...Pola...fusion. Polafusion.

Girl: Polafusion? Hmm, never heard of it.

Jett: Because it's exclusive...Alright, time's up.

Girl 2: Is it my turn? *grins*

Jett: Right this way...


In case you guys didn't guess, he's using his powers...

4/21/2011 #864

Thought i should say it (even though only Lolli will know what it means and the rest of you will be confused xD) but Silver Dash is coming soon!

4/26/2011 #865

Good because I hope to be done with the first chapter this week. :D

Thank you Ricki for helping me get my ideas back! xD

4/26/2011 #866

Hooray :D

4/26/2011 #867

Yeah, the pants thing actually works...xD

Although, I get cold easily even in this warm climate... DX

4/26/2011 #868

You get used to it, i barely even wear pants unless i have something to do that day, hell if i was living alone i'd probably progress to nude .__.

4/26/2011 #869

And that's where I have an advantage over everyone here since I don't live with my parents. xD

Thank goodness!

Although, I get homesick quite a bit... ;___;

4/26/2011 #870
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