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I think Bailey's a gender neutral name.

7/1/2011 #1,111

Yeah, it probably is, but the only Bailey I know is a girl so I just assumed...xD

7/1/2011 #1,112

Scenes to keep us busy for the night?

I'm probably going to copy-paste this to other threads.

7/2/2011 #1,113


And don't bother copying and pasting, Lolli. Just post scenes. xD It's quicker!!

7/2/2011 #1,114
Shadow Minamino

Yeah, sounds good. ^.^

7/2/2011 #1,115

Here's a funny one...xD


*Mark, Asher and Jericho are in line at a fast food restaurant*

Cashier: What can I get you?

Jericho: *orders*

Asher: *orders his food as well*

Cashier: *to Mark* What will you have today?

Mark: *uses his x-ray vision* Damn!!! I think I'll order two milkshakes... *snickers*

Cashier: *confused* Alright, two milkshakes coming up...

Jericho: *to Asher* Tell me he didn't?

Asher: He did...

7/2/2011 #1,116
Shadow Minamino

Bahaha! Oh god, Mark. You little pervert. XD

7/2/2011 #1,117

Girls should stay faaaar away from Mark. -_-

7/2/2011 #1,118

You guys are forgetting the drawback.

He CAN'T turn it off for thirty minutes...And not everyone looks good without clothing...

I think it's justified karma.

7/2/2011 #1,119
Brave Soul RMS


7/2/2011 #1,120

There NEEDS to be a part two! xD

7/2/2011 #1,121

Very well then...


Mark: *simply staring at the ground*

Jericho: It's your own damn fault. You know you can't turn it off for half an hour.

Asher: Was it really worth it, Mark?

Mark: *without looking up* Totally...

*Large disgusting man comes up to them and taps Mark on the shoulder*

Man: You left your change at the counter.

Mark: What? *absentmindedly looks up* AAAHHH!!! *has to keep himself from vomiting*

7/2/2011 #1,122
Brave Soul RMS

Lord in Heaven, I LOVE karma xDDD

7/2/2011 #1,123
Shadow Minamino

Ahahaha! God, that was great. XD

7/2/2011 #1,124

He totally deserved that! xDDD

7/2/2011 #1,125

Scene. :D

An angel-devil shoulder conversation. xD


Rolen: Let's see...

Jett: Is it working?

Rolen: Look on your shoulders and tell me?

Jett: *looks to his right shoulder to see Emma dressed as an angel along with a halo and wings* Woah, weird.

Mini-Emma: Jett, do the right thing. Don't use your powers to manipulate your dad.

*A cloud of black and red smoke appear on Jett's left shoulder and ZK appears wearing a black and red dominatrix suit with horns, a tail, and a pitchfork*

Jett: Wow!

Mini-ZK: Ugh, don't listen to that cheesy bitch. You want to go to that party, you screw around with your dad's emotions so he'll say yes.

Mini-Emma: Listening to her will only take you down the wrong path.

Mini-ZK: And listening to her will take you down the path that won't get you laid. So who's in the right here?

Jett: *quickly* Well, that settles that. I'm going to the party. Rolen get rid of these illusions.

Rolen: *snaps his fingers and the angel and devil disappear*

7/6/2011 #1,126
Shadow Minamino

Heheh, Oh Jett. :P

So, I take it Rolen and Jett are friends in this universe? ^.^

7/6/2011 #1,127

For the most part, though they still have disputes much like Logan and Shane. :P

I made this scene for my brother though so he can have something to dream about. Aren't I a good sister? :D

7/6/2011 #1,128
Shadow Minamino

Yes, you're a very good sister. :P

7/6/2011 #1,129

Who do you think Jett should have listened to?

7/6/2011 #1,130
Shadow Minamino

I woulda gone with Emma. Screwing with other people is a no-go, especially cause there's a 99.95% chance it's going to come back and bite you in the ass. :P

7/6/2011 #1,131

Like what happened with Mark? xD

7/6/2011 #1,132
Shadow Minamino

Yes. Exactly like what happened with Mark.

Also, heading off to bed. 4 AM and such. G'night.

7/6/2011 #1,133


7/6/2011 #1,134

Oh shit, hey guys, after I updated LE yesterday, I went back through my notes and I found a shitload of scenes. I don't want to come off as a braggart, but they're actually pretty good and they can definitely help me update sooner.

You guys want some previews? :D

7/9/2011 #1,135


7/9/2011 #1,136
Shadow Minamino

Let's hear em. ^.^

7/9/2011 #1,137

Alright, this arc is pretty hilarious...xD


Jett: So, how did it go?

Logan: Awful...Nina likes Afterglow, but she thinks of Logan as her 'little brother'...

Jett: Oh, that's rough. Just like some Superman or Spiderman shit. The girls likes the superhero, but doesn't even know the other guy exists even though he happens to be the exact same person...

Logan: Yeah, it sucks. What about you?

Jett: *scoffs* I've gotten like so many dates that I can't even remember all their names...

Logan: *immediately sees through his lie* No luck with you either?

Jett: I don't know what it is! It's like The Jett has ran out of fuel...It's depressing. I bet Grey or Cecil or even Rus are all getting more action than me right now. I just need to get back in the game somehow...

*Ilys suddenly approaches them. Her skin is pale and her nose is running. She's coughing and sneezing*

Jett: Did you get lost, mini-dork? The middle school is four blocks away.

Ilys: *glares at him* I just need to give- *sneezes and pink dust gets on Logan and Jett but vanishes immediately*

Logan: Gross!

Jett: Cover your mouth, Ilys!

Ilys: *sniffle* I'm sorry. I have a really bad cold and my Mom is putting me on lockdown in my bedroom until I get better. Give this book to Rietta. Don't worry, I covered it in plastic so no germs will get on it... *hands Logan the plastic-covered book and leaves*

7/9/2011 . Edited 7/9/2011 #1,138
Shadow Minamino

Jett? With no Women?

The apocalypse is upon us. :P

7/9/2011 #1,139

Oh, it is SO obvious what'll happen next. xD

7/9/2011 #1,140
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