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Well you do remember what Ilys's power is right? xD

7/9/2011 #1,141
Shadow Minamino

Yeah, the creation of Artificial Love. :P

... Oh. Oh dear...

7/9/2011 #1,142
Kelly of the midnight dawn

I forgot...

EDIT: Nevermind, thanks Shadow!

7/9/2011 . Edited 7/9/2011 #1,143

Part 2...xD

It gets worse too...


Jett: Are you sure? *examines himself*

Logan: Yes, there's no way that you can turn into a frog if Ilys sneezes on you.

Jett: Well, that's a relief.

*Rietta approaches them*

Logan: Oh good, you're here. Here's that book you left at Ilys's place. *hands it to her*

Rietta: Thanks, I really... *gazes at Logan and Jett seductively* Did you two do something to your hair or anything? You guys look hot...

*Logan and Jett are immediately confused*

Rietta: *moves closer to them and smiles flirtatiously*

Jett: Logan, what's going on right now?

Logan: I have no idea...

7/9/2011 #1,144

I'm guessing they don't know Ilys's powers? xD

7/9/2011 #1,145
Brave Soul RMS

Let the chaos reign... *evil smile*

7/9/2011 #1,146

Rietta has probably mentioned it to them a couple of times, but they probably forgot it considering they're always busy with other stuff and Jett hates Ilys so he tunes out whenever Rietta mentions her. xD Plus, Logan and Jett are dumb and that's putting it lightly...

They DO eventually realize that it was because she sneezed on them, but...they decide not to do anything about it. xD

7/9/2011 #1,147
Shadow Minamino

Oh, this is going to be fuuun... :P

7/9/2011 #1,148

There's going to be some backlash...Let me give you guys an example.

Do you guys know a guy named...Shane Clarke?

7/9/2011 #1,149
Shadow Minamino

Oh god... don't tell me it works on the same gender too? O.o

7/9/2011 #1,150

No, Shadow.

But...let's just say all girls aren't single...

7/9/2011 #1,151
Shadow Minamino

... Oh. Yeah, I can see how that could suck. Bad.

7/9/2011 #1,152

Are you understanding what I'm saying?

7/9/2011 #1,153
Shadow Minamino

I am indeed.

7/9/2011 #1,154

Good, now let me show you all...xD


Part 3

Logan: Rietta, are you pulling some kind of joke?

Jett: Yeah, that's unlike you considering you don't have a hilarious bone in your body...

Rietta: *giggles* You two are so funny! You two wanna make out with me?

Logan and Jett: *eyes widen* ...

Rietta: *starts making kissy-faces*

*Jewel suddenly comes by with the rest of the cheerleading team*

Jewel: Martin? Mitchell? *approaches them* Muy, muy caliente!!! *smiles flirtatiously*

Cheerleaders: Hi! *waves flirtatiously and then surround Logan and Jett*

Logan: *speechless*

Jett: *looks up* Thank you so much. I am so going church this Sunday!!!

7/9/2011 #1,155

Shane is going to be pissed off...xD

7/9/2011 #1,156
Shadow Minamino

Lucky bastards. :P

Still... I'm guessing they're going to be hurting once this thing is all over, so maybe not so lucky. XD

7/9/2011 #1,157
Brave Soul RMS

There is a god, Jett, and he wants you to get laid. Be thankful.

7/9/2011 #1,158

Part 4


Logan: Alright, whatever is happening, just make sure we don't let it go to our heads.

Jett: Agreed.

---ten minutes later---

*Logan and Jett are walking down the hallway with all the girls surrounding them*

Ethan: What the hell is going on?

Rus: I don't know, but Logan and Jett have officially become super awesome...

*Logan and Jett suddenly stop*

Logan: *looks to his right arm* Emma switch places with Nina. *looks to his left arm* Roux switch places with Nikki*

*Emma and Roux reluctantly let go of Logan's arms and they are immediately grabbed by Nina and Nikki*

Jett: *looks to his right arm* Rietta, move aside and let Petra have a turn. *looks to his left arm* June, go ahead and let Melina bask in my awesomeness...

*Rietta and June reluctantly switch places with Petra and Melina*

Logan: So glad we didn't let this go to our heads...

7/9/2011 #1,159
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Okay, I don't know why but I kinda wanna see them get hurt now.

7/9/2011 #1,160

Eh, don't take it too seriously. This whole thing is gonna be played for laughs and they'll get theirs. Actually, this is where it starts getting even more crazier and hilarious. xD

7/9/2011 #1,161
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Don't worry Lolli, I was laughing but I do want to see a little poetic justice bite them in the ass XD. Those are the laughs I live for! Well not all the time but still... I like it when it happens.

7/9/2011 #1,162

Two more parts. This is when things start to go bad for the two Romeos, but first...

Part 5



Ilys: No, Mark! Now, get out of my room!

Mark: Come on, just sneeze on me!

Ilys: No!!!

Mark: Why not? Aren't we friends?

Ilys: First, sneezing on someone is gross, not to mention asking someone to sneeze on you. Second, I hate you!

Mark: Come on, Ilys...don't be so selfish.

Ilys: Why do you want to get out of that test so much? Just take it.

Mark: No, it's not about the test anymore.

Ilys: *confused* What?

Mark: You sneezed on Logan and Jett and now all the girls are all over them! That's why I want you to sneeze on me.

Ilys: What?! Oh no, I need to reverse this!

*tries to stand up, but is too weak and nearly falls to the ground but she's caught by Mark*

7/9/2011 #1,163

LOL This is hilarious! xD

7/9/2011 #1,164
Shadow Minamino

I'd have to agree. I'm enjoying this immensely. :P

7/9/2011 #1,165
Brave Soul RMS

Awww, is the fun ending? xD

7/9/2011 #1,166

Part 6


*Logan and Jett are in the locker room*

Jett: This may be the most awesome week of my life..

Logan: Yeah...but do you think that maybe this is all wrong?

Jett: Oh God, you sound like Grey. Just enjoy it for as long as you can and next week, everything will be back to normal.

Logan: Yeah, I guess you're- *suddenly ducks a flying bench that was headed towards him* What the hell?!

*A very pissed off Shane suddenly appears*

Logan: Oh shit...

Shane: You two losers stole my girlfriend with your stupid love magic or whatever! Fix it, now!

Jett: *tauntingly* What's the matter, Clarke? You jelly that your girlfriend wants to blow me?

Logan: *facepalms*

Shane: *uses his telekinesis to open a nearby locker and jams Jett inside before closing it and locking it*

Logan: *tries to fly off, but is caught by Shane's telekinesis and pinned against the lockers*

Shane: *moves towards him* Fix it now...or die...Your choice.

Logan: Well, Option A sounds less painful...

Shane: *smirks* I knew you'd see it my way...

7/9/2011 #1,167

...Am I the only who laughed at this? xD

7/9/2011 #1,168
Shadow Minamino

No, I laughed a bit too. Jett's line, especially. Dude's got guts to boast to a pissed off and Telekinetic Shane. XD

7/9/2011 #1,169
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Kina, you're not alone. I laughed so freakin' hard. Jett really did go a little too far... LMAO too funny!

7/9/2011 #1,170
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