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Yes and it will likely be this summer. Louhearst Expedition: Year Three! What could happen this year? Well come here to look at the hints and make speculations. Also enjoy some storylines from some of the supporting characters!

Main Storyline:

I obviously can't reveal much about this other than the fact that Shane is the protagonist of Year Three and Logan is the deuteragonist.

Supporting Characters Storylines - As these storylines are for mostly supporting characters, it won't spoil the main plot. Also there are still more to these storylines than I reveal.

1. Mark Krasen - Mark, the boy we all know as the loveable, if not slightly annoying, perv. However, Year Three sees a change for Mark. He joins up with Zack Winters and Percy Hubbard as the bullies of Louhearst at the start of the year for some (can't reveal) reason. To the students who don't know him well it just seems to them that he went from slightly annoying pervy kid to total jerk. But there is a reason. Can he be redeemed?

2. Ronnie Ventura - Our favorite teen mom. In Year Three, Ronnie begins to feel as if Joey likes his father, Zack, more than he likes her. Will there be a mother-son moment to remind Ronnie that Joey loves her just as much?

3. Breezy Zeno - The mean girl from Seathroul who was part of the transfer. She's pretty nasty in Year Two, but Year Three sees a different side of Breezy. Louhearst's mean girl gets a tutor for Archeology, but she is embarrassed that she may have feelings for him because he's the biggest oddball on campus, Rus Wesley! How will this unlikely attraction work out?

4. Henrietta Mackenzie - One of the main characters actually, but this storyline won't be a major affect on the main storyline. In Year Three, Rietta's appearance has definitely 'matured' over the summer and the boys have definitely noticed. Will she let 'Hotrietta Macsexy' go to her head?

5. The Winters Siblings - Zack makes a goal to get his little sister, Serena, off drugs before the expedition arrives in their hometown of Mauville and hopes a little aunt/nephew bonding can help. Can Zack help his sister?

6. Jericho Cruz - With his best friends, Mark and Asher off doing their own things with their own problems, Jericho develops a new hobby. Will his new hobby hopefully help Mark see the error of his ways?

7. Zack Winters - Zack visits the father of an old friend and learns a potential secret about the weapon that caused the murder of Emma Jacobs.

8. Eliza Curosine - In her fourth year, Eliza is drifting off from her best friend as Nikki becomes the most popular girl in the school. Can they save three years of friendship?

9. Jewel LaCruz - With her modeling career taking off, Jewel starts thinking about her art and how she can mix her two passions together.

10. Battle of the Sexes - A prank war between the boys of Louhearst and the girls of Louhearst begins. Who will come out on top?

2/19/2011 . Edited 3/8/2011 #1

I know plenty of stuff but also so little so i will look forward to year 3! I betting.... 3-10 people die .__.

2/19/2011 #2

No dead students in Year Three (at least I haven't fully decided yet, but there's a strong chance that no students will die).

Also, added some more storylines. :D

2/19/2011 #3

Seems like all of JAM will have some parts in Year three :D That makes me happy x3

One thing i am still wondering how will go down is the introduction of Risa xD

2/19/2011 #4

Year Three's subplots sound FUN! 8D

2/20/2011 #5

Want to hear some lines from Year Three? Of course, its prototype and likely to change since its so far away. xD

2/21/2011 #6

Sure! :D

2/21/2011 #7

Before that, I just added the Battle of the Sexes subplot. :D

2/21/2011 #8

The Battle of the Sexes...xD I'm sure it'll be epic!

2/21/2011 #9

Okay, here's some lines:

(Rietta is in line getting her lunch)

*Percy and Mark approach*

Mark: Well look who it is?

Percy: Someone got hot over the summer.

Rietta: *rolls eyes*

Mark: *as he snatches the cookie off of her tray* Don't let it go to your head though.

Percy: *as he wraps an arm around her* Yeah, you could end up going from Muk-Face to Slut-Face and we don't want that happening to such a goody-good like you. *snickers*

Mark: And it looks like you finally got some sun too, Casper. *slaps fives with Percy as Rietta takes the cookie back*

Breezy: Alright guys, back off.

*Mark and Percy walk off*

Rietta: *groans*

Breezy: *puts an arm around her comfortingly and sighs* Welcome to the life of the beautiful people. It can be both a blessing and a curse...

2/21/2011 . Edited 2/21/2011 #10

Well, Mark has definitely turned into an asshole. xD At least Breezy is nicer. :D

2/21/2011 #11

Yeah, he has. xD (I don't know why, but I just think Asshole Mark is kinda funny) And I think there's a scene when he and Percy steal a camera from one of the professors for some reason. xD

Breezy is somewhat nicer, but that's likely because Rietta is 'attractive' now and in Breezy's eyes, Rietta is experiencing the 'pain' of being one of the 'beautiful' people. xD

2/21/2011 . Edited 2/21/2011 #12

Well, I hope Mark changes his ways. xD He is kinda funny as an asshole, but I liked him better as that pervy kid. :D

I'm now reminded of the trope 'So Beautiful It's a Curse". xD

2/21/2011 #13

Well you know, hardly anyone stays 'bad' at Louhearst. xD I think the reason why Mark is different is because we've seen several characters go from 'bad to good' so we're used to seeing that. But we haven't really experienced 'good to bad' yet, so I think Mark's story will be fun to write. xD

Yeah, that's what it pretty much is even though Breezy's overreacting to it. xD

2/21/2011 #14

So will Rietta and Breezy actually become friends? XD

2/21/2011 #15

Well they are roommates, so they'll probably come to peace with one another. They'll probably start to become friends due to Breezy needing to confide in someone (who can keep a secret) about her 'Rus issue'. xD

2/21/2011 #16

Awesome! :D Since they started off being hostile to each other, it'll be interesting to see them become friends. XD

Speaking of friends...I feel so bad for Eliza! :( I can ESPECIALLY relate to Eliza's storyline, out of all the storylines in Year Three.

2/21/2011 #17

Yeah, you see hints of it in Year Two with Eliza's personality change. She went from being excited and energetic like Nikki in Year One, but she became colder and more reserved in Year Two which leads to her and Nikki drifting apart which leads to Year Three.

2/21/2011 #18

Well, in that case, Eliza is probably at fault as well. :/ But still. I hope they become close again like in Year One.

2/21/2011 #19

Yeah, neither of them intentionally stopped being friends. They just drifted apart.

I think Plot 7 speaks for itself. It's kinda easy to figure out.

2/21/2011 #20

Well, at least Year Three will be A LOT less depressing than Year Two. :/

Also, I think Serena and Joey bonding time would be adorable! :D

2/21/2011 #21

Year Two suffered 'Cerebus Syndrome' trope as well as 'Darker and Edgier' trope. Year Three is much different and Year Four is just action-packed.

Yeah, it would be. :D I can also see Zack joking around with Ronnie about Joey liking him better, but he doesn't know she actually feels that way. Of course, if she tells him, he'll probably say she's just being stupid...Zack often employs Brutal Honesty....

2/21/2011 #22

I like Breezy's subplot best. xD Breezy X Rus for the win! :D

2/21/2011 #23

Wouldn't it be funny if Rus also felt embarrassed too?! xD Breezy would be all "WTF!!! Do you know who I am?!"

2/21/2011 #24

That would be hilarious. XDDD

2/21/2011 #25

And hopefully if Brave is correct and Jericho's hobby turns out to be cooking, he could definitely bring Mark back (remember, Mark said that he liked to cook, but was embarrassed about it.) xD

2/21/2011 #26

Yep, I remember that. xD

2/21/2011 #27

Oh and the Rus-Melvin Rivalry is definitely present especially since Breezy is involved. xD

2/21/2011 #28

Pffft. We all know that Rus PWNS Melvin. :D

2/21/2011 #29

Totally! xD

On a related note, Ronnie-Lyra Rivalry is present too...

2/21/2011 #30
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