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Don't worry, Kina, he did excellent for a three-on-one fight. He was actually kicking their asses for quite a while...

5/8/2011 #1,681

Percy has his own CMOA now, as well. :D

5/8/2011 #1,682

They actually just screwed themselves. xD

Wait until Zack finds out...

5/8/2011 #1,683

Zack will kick the frikkin' shit out of them...xD

5/8/2011 #1,684

Next one? :D

5/8/2011 #1,685

Sure. :D

5/8/2011 #1,686

Alright, this one has a pretty awesome ending. xD


*Jett and Wheatley are in a fight and it's about equal*

Peggy: Hmm, well let's see how he handles two. Quincy!

*Q runs into the fight and he and Wheatley immediately begin overpowering Jett*

Peggy: Kick his ass! Stomp the shit out of him! Break his neck!

*Wheatley and Q continue beating Jett*

Peggy: One more to go. Sawyer, come join the fun!

*A few seconds later she gets no reply*

Peggy: Sawyer? Sawyer? Sawyer?! Where the hell are you?!

*Sawyer is suddenly thrown on the ground in front of Peggy's feet and it appears that he's taken a beaten*

Peggy: What the-

Logan: *comes out and glares at Peggy before rushing into the fight

5/8/2011 #1,687

Now we just need Rietta to beat the shit out of Peggy! xD

5/8/2011 #1,688

Next scene is pretty funny even though Peggy doesn't get her ass kicked. Shall I post it?

5/8/2011 #1,689

Yep. :D

5/8/2011 #1,690

Alrighty...Here we go. xD


Becca: It's awesome that all the teachers are gone. Minus all the fights...

ZK: Eh, we can handle ourselves. *grins* Now come here.

*ZK and Becca begin kissing, but before they could even get any further, Peggy arrives on the scene*

Peggy: Ugh, gross. Can you two lez out somewhere else. This room is for straight people.

ZK: Peggy, come have a talk with us.

Peggy: Uh, no thank you.

ZK: I wasn't asking...

*ZK pulls Peggy's hair and leads her to the bench before sitting her down between her and Becca*

ZK: Now, you claim to be straight, but...I don't recall ever seeing you with a guy.

Peggy: What are you talking about freak, I hang out with guys.

Becca: Your little 'minions' don't count since they all have girls of their own.

ZK: Maybe Peggy's like us, Becca. *brushes Peggy's hair back* She is kind of cute. *smirks*

Becca: *grins* She is isn't she...

Peggy: *eyes widen*

ZK: You know, Peggy, it's just the three of us here. *seductively* What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room.

Peggy: You freaks are insane! My mom said-

ZK: I don't give a damn. Bitch, I will have your mama, your daddy, and your pedo uncle all in here on their knees so don't get it twisted, home girl.

Becca: *starts playing with Peggy's toes* This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went to the gym, and this little piggy wants a kiss from Becca.

Peggy: *screams and tries to run away*

ZK: *grabs Peggy as Becca opens the locker* You don't actually think we would ever want you, Piggy? Straight or lesbian, you still are a piece of shit.

*ZK and Becca shove Peggy in the locker and slam it close*

ZK and Becca: Victory smooch!

*ZK and Becca kiss and high five*

Becca: Let's go get some food. Shoving bitches in lockers always makes me hungry!

ZK: *laughs*

5/8/2011 #1,691

i wish posts had "like" buttons like on facebook .__.

5/8/2011 #1,692

LOL Victory smooch!! :D

5/8/2011 #1,693

Well it doesn't matter because I still appreciate the comment! :D


5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #1,694
Brave Soul RMS

So much win xD

5/8/2011 #1,695

Next one?

5/8/2011 #1,696


5/8/2011 #1,697

Another funny one. xD


*ZK and Becca stop June*

ZK: What's wrong?

June: You know how the boys came up with nicknames for Rietta?

Becca: Yeah.

June: Well they're doing it to me now!

ZK: Names? *grins as she wraps her arm around June* Like...Bubble Butt? *playfully shoves her over to Becca*

Becca: Or Huge Ass Hawthorne? *grins and playfully shoves her back to ZK*

*ZK and Becca shove June back and forth*

June: *tries to stiffle her laughter*

ZK and Becca: *in unison* Big Booty Junie! *both burst out laughing*

June: *frowns* Haha...

5/8/2011 #1,698
Brave Soul RMS

Big Booty Junie, great xD

5/8/2011 #1,699

Yeah, it's pretty hilarious! xD

5/8/2011 #1,700

...Bubble Butt...

5/8/2011 #1,701

The students of Louhearst sure do have a thing for nicknames. xD

5/8/2011 #1,702

Shall we begin! :D

5/9/2011 #1,703

Okay! :D

5/9/2011 #1,704

A speech from Mr. Everston! :D


Mr. Everston: *to the crowd* The schools in my district have been through a lot in the last several years, particularly this one. So, to make up for it, I'm sending the students and faculty of Eastluroh, Throuleas, and Louhearst on an all expense paid two week vacation to Unova during the beginning of May!

Crowd: *cheers*

Mr. Everston: It's going to be, how you kids say, EPIC!!!

Crowd: *cheers louder*

5/9/2011 #1,705


5/9/2011 #1,706

Let's begin!


Jett: *enters the room with a large muscular man* I got the fake IDs!

*Jett starts handing them out*

Logan: What are these for?

Jett: So we can get wasted! What's the point of a vacation if you can't get drunk off your ass!?

Logan: *in a quiet tone* Because, we have a recovering alcoholic over here...

Rietta: I heard that! *walks over and takes the ID* Don't worry about me guys, I'll be just fine. *smiles*

Jett: So it's set!

Logan: Yeah, I guess. *notices the large muscular man* Who is he?

Jett: Oh, this is my bodyguard, Alfonso. You know being a celebrity and all, I need a body guard.

Logan: *stretches out his hand* Nice to meet you, Alfonso.

Alfonso: *shakes Logan's hand, but grips a bit too hard*

Logan: *yelps*

Alfonso: Sorry about that.

Logan: It's cool. *whispers* Oww...Rietta, can you get me some ice...?

Rietta: *snickers* Come on...

5/9/2011 #1,707

Alfonso's cool. XD

5/9/2011 . Edited 5/9/2011 #1,708

Number 2!


Jett: We're on our private I'll see you guys in Unova.

Logan: Are you serious?

Jett: Uh, yeah! Later man!

*Jett leaves and Breezy enters*

Breezy: *to Rietta* Stella, I need to talk to you. *to Logan* Get out...

Logan: Whatever... *walks out*

Rietta: What is it, Breezy?

Breezy: I need your help. I have to find some way to tell Duncan about me and Rus. We never really officially broke up. He just got transferred and we sort of lost touch. What am I going to do?

Rietta: I'm not the best person to come to for relationship advice.

Breezy: Trust me, I know, but there's no one else. I hate you the least out of everyone.

Rietta: Wow, that's sweet...I guess. Anyway, maybe you should be straight with Duncan about you and Rus. He's been in military school for over a year now, so he's definitely had a change in attitude.

Breezy: Alright, I'll do that. If it fails, I'm kicking your ass, just so you know...

Rietta: Yeah, whatever...

5/9/2011 #1,709


Let's hope it works...xD

5/9/2011 #1,710
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