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Everything Spirit of Omicron related goes here since the old discussion thread is well old.

Questions, comments, complaints, ideas all go here as well, but you still need to post your OCs on the OC form.

Below are the groups, the characters and their auras. As new characters come, I'll add them...


Groups: Each of the three groups have six positive qualities and six negative qualities.

Alpha - Signature Colors: Red and forms of red (orange, pink, purple, brown (occassionally), etc.) The determined group eager to prove that they are the best no matter what.

Positive Qualities - Determination, Proud, Lively, Eagerness, Entergetic, Charming

Negative Qualities - Arrogance/Vanity (used interchangably), Aggressiveness, Uptight, Selfishness, Materialistic, Impulsiveness

Sigma - Signature Colors: Green/Yellow and forms of green/yellow (yellow, blue (occasionally), gold, turquoise, etc.) The "balance" group due to its tendency to balance between the Alpha's determination and the Omega's intellectual prowess, but balances between their negative qualities as well.

Positive Qualities - Adaptable, Relaxed, Cooperative, Fairness, Enthusiam, Bravery

Negative Qualities - Indesicive, Laziness, Overly-Idealistic, Jaded, Domineering, Immaturity

Omega- Signature Colors: Blue and forms of blue (purple, teal, green (occassionally), indigo, navy, etc.) The intellectual group who use their minds to their advantage.

Positive Qualities - Intellectual, Precise, Tactical, Maturity, Wittiness, Diligence

Negative Qualities - Overly-Cynical, Aloof, Cold, Bitterness, Melodramatic, Uptight


Sigma Characters

Sierra Carter – Forest Green

Leon Conrad – Yellow-Green

Danica Clements – Lemon Yellow (slight green-ish tent)

Cale Shoemaker – Sour Lime Green

Jessica Cole – Spring Green

Chloe Lakewood – Peach Yellow

Maxine Sawyer – Moss Green

Bianca Vega – Electric Green

Lola Petit - Maize

Robin Alto – Pine Green

Luna McGargery – Olive

Luke Giles – Camouflage Green

Lance LaFever - Jade

Drake Piper – Sea Green

James Taylor - Teal

Isis Raishi – Chartreuse Yellow

Tyson Mackenzie - Ecru

Lloyd Grey – Emerald Green

Augustus Van Killinger – Hunter Green

Yuse D. – Dark Green

Jeanne Tudor - Clover

Alex Tenjoin – Jungle Green

Blair Wellington – Viridian Green

Rodney Gingerback – Viridian Green


Alpha Characters

Chase Carter – Fire Red

Desiree LeBlanca – Hot Pink

Maria Renner – Cherry Blossom Pink

Maiami Kujaku – Hot Pink

Flaire Antiox - Crimson

Anthony Webb – Ruby Red

Lloyd Black – Ruby Red

Mac Asoni – Sunny Orange

Ace Baxter – Vermilion Red

Nia Clements - Light Pink

Rick Smith – Vermilion Red

Antoinette DePaul – Magenta

Airi Velveteen - Scarlet

Cameo Wilson – Dark Pink

Diane Peterson - Cerise

Rei Ravary – Persian Red

Josh Farnsworth – Orange Red

Mick Stevens – Rust Red

Julie Piper – Terra Cotta

Jay Kiden - Persimmon

Anette Wickins - Mauve

Natasha Cantley - Rosewood

Enrico Thompson – Blood Red


Omega Characters

Evelyn Castany – Sky Blue

Vince Ivory – Midnight Blue

Crissy Sabina – Royal Blue (slightly lighter royal blue)

Malicia Lilitha – Black (slight bluish tint)

Oliver Weston – Navy Blue

David Blackwood – Dark Blue (very dark)

Lucretia Pasione – Dark Purple

Natania Dashblad – Dark Purple

Talon Monet – Dark Purple (though slightly lighter than the other two)

River Wallace – Duke Blue

Angela Peterson – Maya Blue

Harper Curosine – Columbia Blue

Demi Wilson – Powder Blue

Vivian Haywood - Iris

Davion Wickins- Steel Blue

Ken Cho – Denim Blue

Alyssa Jones - Azure

Bale Anderson – Navy Blue

Theodore Mahoney – Cobalt Blue

Zinnia Portman - Lavender

Kylee Rivaraira - Amethyst

Nolan Briggs – Dodger Blue

Laurence Masters - Ultramarine

Maseo Twins – Dark Blue

Gito Moto - Teal

Elyssa Beckley – Powder Blue

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #1

Is this also the thread for character/relationship analysis? :O

3/19/2011 #2

Yes, EVERYTHING SoO related goes here. :D

3/19/2011 #3

Okay. =) So should I post the relationship analysis I've done for everyone else to see? :D

3/19/2011 #4

Oliver is a Boss. End of thread, let's close it up xD

3/19/2011 #5

LOL, this is not the Oliver thread Ricki. xD He's not a boss until he gets to Ultimate Dragon Rank. He's still just Little Ollie. xD

Kina, go ahead. :D

3/19/2011 #6

I'll post them as soon as I tweak them to make them more 'professional-sounding'. LOL

3/19/2011 #7

Professional? This is Lolli's Forum! XD

3/19/2011 #8

Just kidding! XD I'll post the first two in a sec!

3/19/2011 #9

Cool. Make sure you edit so it's all on one post. That way it'll be easier.

3/19/2011 #10

I'll be sure to do that. :D The analysis will be next post~

3/19/2011 #11

And I'll post all the important stuff in a triple post. :D

3/19/2011 #12

Relationship Analysis

Gito Moto X Danica Clements:

Gito and Danica are both fairly different people. As his personality says, Gito is mature and determined. We know that Danica isn't really mature or (as) determined; she's rather childish and bubbly, and she constantly second guesses herself and is pretty insecure. Danica probably wouldn't pick on him for his height (or if she did, she'd probably stop after a while anyways and it would be more friendly joking than mean-spirited teasing) and is far from being a bully, as she's a rather sweet girl (though she's also a bit of a Tsundere). They're both pretty smart people, and both are caring in their own ways, and are loyal friends. The main problem with the potential relationship are their groups. Even if they wouldn't really care about that, other people, Danica's friends possibly included, likely would. However, they'd probably complement each other well, since their personalities aren't so different that they'd repel, but they should be able to cover for each other's weaknesses. :D

Yuse D. X Danica Clements:

These two are also very different. Yuse is "serious, calm and clear-minded", in contrast to Danica, who is bubbly, lively and a (totally adorable) space case. Whereas Danica has a lot of self-doubt (it isn't that obvious, though, of course), Yuse is brave, and as his profile says, fights for what he believes in. It's also stated in his profile that he's been abused, while Danica had a very easy life. Yuse is probably used to dealing with stress as a result, while Danica isn't, but the latter can offer emotional support to people who need it. They're both pretty smart in different areas; Danica is more 'book smart', while Yuse is more 'street smart'. Speaking of intelligence, Yuse isn't book smart, while Danica is. He can't read and is too shy to get help, but if Danica were to find out, I think it would be rather sweet to see her helping him learn. :D Overall, they complement each other pretty well.

Davion Wickins X Cameo Wilson:

Okay, this is a rather interesting possible shipping that could work, but having read Davion's profile, it might not. Since Cameo is a fashionista and Davion lets others choose his outfit, I can imagine the former taking an interest in dressing up the latter, which could be a possible scene of interaction between them. They can probably relate to each other since they both have little sisters who are pretty different from them. The Alpha-Omega rivalry probably won't be much of a problem, since Cameo's sister is an Omega and I think Davion's sister is an Alpha, so their views on the other groups probably aren't too negative. Cameo is very...stupid, while Davion is likely much smarter due to being an Omega and not being...Cameo or Sierra, so he can probably cover for Cameo's stupidity. However, judging by his profile, it seems like Davion is more 'romantically' interested in girls, and only does the deed with people of all genders. My interpretation might be off, though, so the main thing that really gets in the way is: Davion seems so aloof and doesn't really get close to many people, while Cameo seems very emotional and attached to others. However, it seems like Davion is also pretty lonely and can get attached to others anyways, so if they get to know each other really well, the pairing can definitely work. :D

Theodore Mahoney X Danica Clements:

Theodore's personality (for reference)-He is quite smart and incredibly witty. He acts aloof often though he can be very nice at times. His wittiness can often be overly cynical. He enjoys the outdoors and sports, especially those that he and his Pokémon can compete in together. Ted has the ability to mingle with all social groups and is accepted by most.

Now, here's another relatively nice Omega who Danica would definitely get along with, at least most of the time. They're both smart, and are funny in different ways. Danica is a 'cute' funny, while Ted is cynically witty. Ted is aloof, while Danica is fairly social, outgoing and bubbly. However, unlike certain other Omegas, he won't be insulting her or anything like that because he's actually pretty nice. The fact that he's nice and is accepted by most helps. I can just see Danica dragging him along like in the trope Savvy Guy Energetic Girl, or them having witty/smart conversations. His view on the Sigmas mention their laziness, so he'll probably be somewhat surprised if and when he meets Danica, one of the more energetic Sigmas. Overall, this pairing could work. :D

Evelyn Castany X River Wallace:

Evelyn's Personality: Evelyn is highly intellectual and loves using big words, but very melodramatic to the point where most people, even her fellow Omegas, avoid her claiming that she's "creepy" but she chooses to believe that she is "creative" and "unique". She is a very hardworker and strives to overcome adversity and persevere. Evelyn is a bit more positive than other Omegas thus furthering her annoyance to them. Another "strange" thing about her is that at times she says cynical things like most of the Omegas, but she uses the same cheery tone of voice no matter what the subject is. She can also be nervous around those she does not know due to the fact that she's mainly an outcast even amongst the Omegas due to the fact that she is strangely more optimistic than the people in that group. She tries not to let it bother her, but secretly, she is highly insecure.

River's Personality: River is generally regarded as the stereotypical cold-hearted jerk. He doesn't make friends easily because of his harsh wit and biting cynicism and because of the fact that he sees the majority of the students as stupid for getting into such trivial inter-group fights. It's safe to say that not much -- bar insults about his eyes because then he just crumbles and fights back -- can faze River which is a valuable asset to have in a battle. He is highly mature for his age and is annoyed when he sees The Pack or other members of Alpha Group acting so childishly. He believes that they should focus more on their work instead of idiotic pranks. River spends most of his time training his pokemon and studying for his exams to move up in the ranks and is an exceptional student. He isn't so keen on the whole 'doing good deeds for others' aspect of ranking up for the aforementioned reason.

He feels most comfortable in the presence of his pokemon ("Because they don't fight just to annoy others") or with the rare people/person he can call his friend(s). However, despite his slightly-antisocial behavior, River has a soft spot for younger, more innocent students and mature students. He is stubbornly loyal and hates getting into a physical fight with someone, preferring to get inside their heads or insult their intelligence. River is a bit of a perfectionist and refuses to do anything half way; it must be attuned one-hundred percent to his specifications. He gets a bit OCD if he's working on a group project and his teammates don't follow his instructions. River is an adept battler but supresses his instinct which can lead to the occasional loss. His battle style is to dodge or defend until he fully grasps the opponents strategy and effectively counter with ruthless precision.

Analysis: They're both Omegas with very different personalities. Evelyn is cheerful and positive, while River is cold, cynical, somewhat anti-social and avoids others, unlike Evelyn who is avoided. River is one of the few people who have accepted Evelyn for who she is, and vice versa. Despite their opposing personalities, they're still friends so they're more likely to get a Relationship Upgrade then say...enemies. Evelyn can bring out River's nicer side and help him relax a little, while he can possibly help her deal with her insecurity.

They aren't so different that they repel, though. They're both very intelligent people who seem like they can hold a conversation for a while. They're surrounded by people who are bitter and 'hateful' and are taking a rivalry a little far; this negative reputation causes both Evelyn and River to be 'shunned' by other students, when they don't even like the rivalry between the Omegas and the other groups. Also, River seems like he's not that good with human interaction; Evelyn could help him become friendlier and more social.

There are some things that could prevent them from becoming a couple until later on, though. Perhaps a possible denial on River's part, or maybe they just want to be friends for a while longer because romantic relationships can be complicated. Another possibility is a love triangle, which would cause some drama; how much drama depends on the other character's personality and relationship with Evelyn and River. But all in all, this pairing has a pretty good chance; I think Evelyn and River would be a very sweet couple. :D

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #13

Gamma's Point System

This is the point system and how everything works with ranks. The students are each given an ID card with their names and picture on it (Alphas get a red card, Sigmas get a yellow card, Omegas get a blue card) and their current rank and how many points they earn appear on the back of the card and automatically update each time a student receives points.

Majority – Though, students are generally free to earn points in any of the three ways, the majority of the groups tend to be like this:

Alphas – Winning Battles

Sigmas – Completing good deeds

Omegas – High test scores

As mentioned, this is just the majority and students a free to earn points any of the three ways they choose:


1v1 - .5/half a point

3v3 - 2 points (Bonus if flawless victory)

6v6 - 5 points (Bonus if flawless victory)

Double Battles - 3 points each (Bonus for both if flawless victory)

Triple Battles - 4 points each (Bonus for all three if flawless victory

Three way Battles (These are rare, but the winner receives 50 points and 100 points if flawless victory)

Test Scores

Perfect Score – 5 points (50 each if group work)

A – 4 points (25 each if group work)

B – 2 points (15 each if group work)

C – 1 point (7 each if group work)

D - .5 points/half a point (2 each if group work)

F – 0 points

Good Deeds

These are a bit different than battling and test scores. Gamma judges how "righteous" the deed was and awards points (especially if the student in question did the deed out of the kindness of their heart instead of just trying to make points). Because doing the right thing is arguably more important than winning battles and acing tests (something the Alphas and Omegas frequently fail to grasps) if the good deed is particularly extraordinary (example: Saving someone's life, changing someone's life, etc.) the person automatically moves to the next rank.


Normal to Bug – 150 points

Normal to Flying – 150 points

Normal to Poison – 150 points


Bug to Rock – 400 points

Flying to Electric – 400 points

Poison to Ghost – 400 points


Rock to Dark – 850 points

Electric to Fighting – 850 points

Ghost to Psychic – 850 points


Dark to Steel – 1500 points

Fighting to Ground – 1500 points

Psychic to Ice – 1500 points


Steel to Fire – 5000 points

Ground to Grass – 5000 points

Ice to Water – 5000 points


Note: You start all over from zero when you move to the next rank. The points on the ID card reset. For example after you move pass the first rank, your card won't say 'Bug Rank: 151" it'll say 'Bug Rank: 0" Also, getting these points are harder than they seem as there are several days when students pretty much do nothing and battles and tests have to be organized by Gamma, so if you battle without authorization ('Street-fighting' as it's called) , you don't get any points.


There are often several events that are either "every man for himself" or "group" events where a student/group can gain what is called a 'jackpot'.

- If it is an 'every man for himself" event, the winner automatically moves up a rank, second place gets 500 points and third place gets 275 points.

- If it is a group deal, every person in the group gets 500 points.

The biggest event is held at the end of the year and it is called the Lambda.

The Lambda

The Lambda is a special event held at the end of the year in Delta City Stadium in which students vote on the most intense rivalries to come to a blow (as a result, Chase has been in the Lambda every year) The 'main event' is a three-way battle between the highest rank Fire Alpha, Grass Sigma, and water Omega in which the winner automatically graduates, receives a rare Dragon Pokémon, and can choose to challenge for Dragon and Ultimate Dragon rank.

The Battles

Students are voted in by their classmates from all three groups (bar the main event) and they can vote the types of matches:

1v1 battle

3v3 battle

6v6 battle

Double Battle (Two Alphas vs. Two Omegas, Two Alphas vs. Two Sigmas, or Two Sigmas vs. Two Omegas)

Triple Battle (Three Alphas vs. Three Omegas, Three Alphas vs. Three Sigmas, or Three Sigmas vs. Three Omegas)

The Main Event

The Main Event is a three-way battle between the top Fire Alpha, Grass Sigma, and Water Omega. The winner automatically graduates, receives a rare Dragon Pokémon, and can choose to challenge the Sisters for Dragon and Ultimate Dragon rank. If they are victorious the first round, they earn 'Dragon Rank' (a black dragon appears on their ID card) and receive a place in Omicron's Student Hall of Fame and can choose to challenge for 'Ultimate Dragon Rank'. If they are victorious again, they win a place in Delta City's Hall of Fame to be remembered for all time.


All other winners automatically move up a rank and the losers all receive 750 points.

Other Options

The 'official' way to face the Sisters is to win the main event in the Lambda. However, the Sisters often make exceptions throughout the year if they are aware that a Fire Alpha, Grass Sigma, and Water Omega is turning twenty-one years of age in which case they will allow the student in question to challenge them for the Dragon Rank. If they turn it down or lose, they are allowed to stay for the remainder of the year at which time a small graduation ceremony will be held.

Note: Yeah, last thing. It's quite rare for someone to actually win 'Dragon Rank' and even rarer for them to win 'Ultimate Dragon Rank'

3/19/2011 #14

The Head of Omicron - Gamma Warrington


Level 1 - Normal - Nicholas Schmidt

Level 2 - Bug/Flying/Poison - Gwyn Alphege

Level 3 - Rock/Electric/Ghost - Clara Rossi

Level 4 - Dark/Fighting/Psychic - Kieran O'Harris

Level 5 - Steel/Ground/Ice - Darren Kingsley

Level 6 - Fire/Grass/Water - Gamma Warrington

3/19/2011 #15


The Equator - Sigma Hangout

Color scheme wise we have a plethora or earthy colors! So mostly greens and browns here. This hangout is medium sized above and below ground to balance out the large above, little below Genesis, and the little above, large below Armageddon! Since it's the balancer and for the lazy/calm students, this place has the feel of home, specifically the living room... The first floor is all one big building. It's divided up into the food area, the rest area, the recreation area, and the stairs to the basement. The food area is about 3-4 food places mashed into one, so there is always something good to eat, and it has booths, tables, and countertop seating. The rest area is the biggest part of the building, and contains the rec area. It showcases a large fireplace at one end, and has lots of comfy chairs and couches to just sit down watch on of the many TV's around, read or study, enjoy the atmosphere, or probably take a nap. The rec area part isn't as extreme as the Alphas, it just has some little games like: air hockey, darts, table tennis, billiards, and table soccer. There are stairs that lead to an elevator that goes down to the basement of the hangout and the unique area, The Under. The Under is a Sigma only area (you have to have a Sigma student ID card to enter the elevator in the first place).

It's an underground field with a lake, river, pond, and small woods. Definitely fitting the calm and peaceful nature of Sigmas, this area is open to Pokémon as long as they are within the size restrictions. With simulated solar cycles, rain showers at certain times of the day (beats sprinklers AND you can play in the rain), and the pools being swimmer friendly, this faux field is a Grade A relaxation spot for both Pokémon and trainer.

To get a good visual of the layout:

The entrance of The Equator opens right into the rest area. On the left wall it connects to the food place, Sigma Snacks. While on the right is the recreation area. On the far right wall behind the rec area (it's like a reverse L shape), are the stairs that leads to the elevator to The Under.


The Genesis - Alpha Hangout

The color scheme is gonna be warm colors unlike the cool with Omegas. So expect lots of Red, Orange, and Yellow around here. This place is probably the biggest of the hangouts since it has the most stuff in it. One major part of it is its Rec center! Holding several fitness rooms, a few weight rooms, an indoor track, AND an Olympic sized pool! It's no wonder why all the kids are either muscle heads or at least muscular. In another part is the Alpha club Beta Beat! It's full of neon lights, wall moving music, and usually lots and lots of kids. Unlike The Dark Room, Beta Beat! isn't hidden, and is open to all class groups on the weekends (though nobody really likes the Omegas there and they're generally shunned if they decide to go). The third, final, and other major part of the Alpha grounds are the water/amusement park!

Everything from ferris wheels, to water slides, to rollercoasters, to wave pool. This park has it all and more! Unlike the club, this place costs money to enter if you aren't an Alpha, but if you've seen the mini golf course or the go-kart track, you wouldn't mind the prices...


The Armageddon - Omega Hangout

So color scheme, we are looking at cool colors. This means blue, indigo, purple, and we'll throw in black, grey, and some whites too.

So since it is the Omegas, there is definitely a library in there, quite a large one with books and a few computers. In addition there is also a small coffee house. Above the library is an astronomy tower for stargazing and (the more common use of it) spying.

The unique place that they'd have would be The Dark Room. It's more or less a Goth club for when Omegas kinda want to party or hang out more than reading. It's actually hidden underneath the library. The Dark Room is also Lilitha, Ivory and Vamps' hang out, and run by them and their funding. Due to their special brand of arrogance (looking at Lilitha here) there is an extravagant ebony, ivory, and blue velvet, leather throne to suit the self-proclaimed "queen". The Dark Room also has a labyrinth like structure of back rooms that lead the hideout of Lilitha, Ivory, and the Vamps, along with all the other students in the Upsilon Cult.

Seeing as The Armageddon is mainly built underground, it is the smallest, yet the tallest of the hangouts. Starting from the top, there is the astronomy tower on the second floor. On the first floor is the library and coffee shop. There are a few small, empty rooms open to people wanting to do their own things like study, art, or something else. Underneath a hidden trap door in the library (it's a trapdoor behind a bookcase that turns, that leads to a spiral staircase and a small room) is The Dark Room. Beneath that is dozens of rooms and hallways that are very confusing which leads to The Box, which is the meeting room for the Upsilon Cult. It is a square box room and its colored pure black with the normal things a meeting room would have (table, chairs, monitor, etc.)

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #16

I love the point system and the hangouts! :D Also, Gamma is the Level 6 teacher? Wow, that must be one AWESOME class!

3/19/2011 #17

Yeah, I just cleaned up the Hangout descripitons. :D

Gamma perfected the Point System and he faithfully goes by it. Arceus help those teachers who try to screw with it. xD

Yeah, he's the Level 6 teacher as well, though by that time you don't do much work and have a lot of free time. :D

3/19/2011 #18

I'm giving a certain Level 4 teacher the nickname 'Dr. O'Hater' now. :D I shall call him that from now on~

And wow, that seriously is one awesome class! xD

3/19/2011 #19

O'Harris is mostly a Butt Monkey anyway, so it evens out. :D

3/19/2011 #20

But he deserves it anyways. xD Being a Butt Monkey, I mean. I think he actually abuses students and he accepts bribes, too...

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #21

He gets Operation Revenge a lot as well. xD

3/19/2011 #22

At this point, I wonder why he doesn't just quit. xD

3/19/2011 #23

Because it's too much fun to poke fun at him. And the pay's probably good too.

3/19/2011 #24

Working at Omicron has excellent pay and benefits. xD

At least O'Harris would probably be able to take it. xD Miss A might have a slight breakdown. D:

3/19/2011 #25

Let's hope Miss A manages to deal with it. D: She doesn't deserve it nearly as much as O'Harris does!

3/19/2011 #26

Miss A is nowhere near as bad as O'Harris though and she isn't trying to undermine the students

3/19/2011 #27


3/19/2011 #28

True, but she's still projecting her past onto the Alpha students and that's not fair or professional...

3/19/2011 #29

Well, yeah, that's not fair at all, so let's hope she learns her lesson ASAP so she doesn't go through even more crap...

3/19/2011 #30
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