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Wow... re-reading O'Hater's personality just makes it seem worse to me...

"Dr. O'Harris has no patience towards most of his students. One simple muck up and you had detention for a week. He has been nicknamed the anti-christ and Dr. O'Hater by students because of this reason. Whenever he fails in a class, he always blames one of the students for the problem. He is extremely quick tempered and will snap quickly and massively. He has also been brought to court on child abuse in the past three times, yet somehow has been found not guilty on each of those occasions. He still believes in capital punishment and is not afraid to whack students on their hands and wrists with a ruler. He is full of himself as well, claiming to be the best teacher in Delta City. Even though he makes minor mistakes he always tends to blame it on the first student he sees.

Dr. O'Harris is also extremely greedy and open to bribes. If a parent were to offer him a large some of money to pass their child. He would wholeheartedly take it with a smile."

3/19/2011 #31

Kray, you can always edit if you think he's TOO bad. xD

3/19/2011 #32

Nope :D, he's staying evil.

EDIT: At least I didn't make him racist...

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #33

Well, I like his personality just the way it is. It makes the story more interesting. xD

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #34

I just had an evil idea... I'm making O'Hater a son.

3/19/2011 #35

Oh dear. xD

3/19/2011 #36

Well he's going to be a lazy as dirt Sigma borderline Alpha

3/19/2011 #37
I wonder how O'Hater turned out that way though... :O
3/19/2011 #38

His wife, nuff said .__.

3/19/2011 #39

Nope, edited his history and his son is a bastard. Which poses an even bigger question.

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #40
Now I bet you guys are wondering why there are a lot of evil Omegas (or 'Onegas' as I'm calling them. Yay for puns! xD). Well I'll give you the answer.
3/19/2011 #41

Okay! :D

3/19/2011 #42
Well it's just that their positive traits can more easily be used for evil. It's also the same for their negative traits. It's easy to turn those traits into evil. Omegas aren't inherently evil, but people with negative intentions tend to be placed there...
3/19/2011 #43

That makes sense...

3/19/2011 #44

There's a country in Africa called Sierra Leone :D

3/20/2011 #45

@X-ray(In Arnold voice)

"That's the joke".


Anyways, I notice you are missing a few OCs up there Lolli, such as Enrico's fangirl goon squad, my love triangle, and a one of a few good Alphas that's a childhood friend of Bale.

Or will you add onto that later? I need to make a Goon squad for Blackwood....he's the Omega's top Male villian.

Once I am awake enough, I'll make a character relationship analysis or whatever for Bale and other characters.

3/20/2011 #46
SOS Radio

Hey sis, I'll post the SoO Sebastian Corner reviews here too since there's only five chapters currently.

3/20/2011 #47

I can't wait to read the other reviews, Sebastian! XD

Also, I love how my nickname for O'Harris (O'Hater) is being used. XD That makes Kina happy~ There's also O'Hairy/O'Hairless, depending on how 'hairy' he is, since 'Harris' reminds me of 'Harry' which sounds like 'hairy'. XD

3/20/2011 #48

@Zaru - I'll edit to add new characters when I get time and stop being lazy. :P

@Sebastian - Yeah, that's a good idea. Post your reviews here.

@Kina - LOL, you are so crazy...

3/20/2011 #49

I know! :D

3/20/2011 #50

There's some more info I need to post, but I'm too tired to remember right now...

3/20/2011 #51
SOS Radio

I'll post the reviews.

NOTE: To anyone who doesn't know. This is parody so don't cry if I insult your characters. I mean NO harm. This is all just for fun...


Welcome to a very special edition of SOS Radio. I'm your host Sebastian Omar Santiago and I am going to review all the current chapters of Spirit of Omicron for a while. Now even though this fic just started, I find it just as exciting as Louhearst. There are characters for me to worship, theories for me to come up with, and the whole thing is really kickass. So let's get started!

Official Chapter Name: "Warm Water Prank"

SOS Radio Name: "Sierra Wets the Bed"

Important Characters: Sierra, Chase, Leon

There is not much in this chapter since my sister likes to start off light, but it introduces three primary characters so that's good enough for me.

This is how I interpret the beginning: Sierra is in the midst of a dream. In the dream, she is swimming in a lake when all of a sudden the lake turns yellow. At first, Sierra believes the water has just turned into lemonade (Sierra is like beyond brainless by the way, but we'll get onto that later) so she ignores it...until it starts to smell like asparagus. She realizes that this isn't a lake of lemonade, it's a lake of pee! Ewwwww!!!

Sierra opens her eyes and discovers that she has wet the bed! Haha, bed-wetter! Let's all laugh at her shame! I actually think Sierra might have woke up in the middle of the night and realized that she had to pee, but since she is a dumb fudge (don't worry, being dumb fudge is actually really cute on her unlike another certain dumb fudge from another story…), she forgot where the bathroom was located and went back to sleep.

This is when we meet Chase and only three words can describe this guy:


Chase is actually more awesome than Jett, but that's mostly because he's older and has had more time to perfect the art of being a god. Check it, he pulled the warm water prank on his sister which already earns him points with me considering how many times I pranked my brothers and sisters in their sleep. Probably explains why they used to beat me up and make me wear dresses. However, Chase didn't just put her hand in a bowl of water. No, he went through elaborate planning and explains it precisely to his parents. I'll quote him:

"Well, I didn't do it exactly like that. You see the trick is to put the water in a squirt gun and only let small drops of it fall onto the person's hand until they pee themselves. That way you don't have to worry about them waking up. If you have a water Pokémon, it'll be even easier to do. Only took ten minutes before Sierra had her little...accident."

His dad isn't even mad. He actually says it's brilliant and asks more about it. I think this is because he knows Sierra is a dumb fudge (an adorable one) and would've probably wet the bed anyway. All I know is that he is one kickass dad. Whenever my dad found out about the pranks I pulled on my siblings, the conversations would usually go like this:

Dad: Um, what exactly did you do?

Me: I put chocolate pudding in three of Aurora's bras, tied four pairs of LJ's shoes together in a tight knot, drew all over Mario's face while he was sleep, sprayed Carlos's room down with silly string, and I put Lorena's doll on a shelf that she couldn't reach.

Dad: Okay. Wait, which one are you again? Oreo?

Me: That's the dog…

Dad: Diana?

Me: That's Mom…

Yep, that's how every conversation went. I guess that's the problem when you have six kids. I'm pretty sure my dad thought I was the girl and Lorena was the boy for about six or seven years. You can't really blame him though considering I was always in a frilly pink dress and Lorena was always outside rolling around in the mud or something.

Anyway, Chase's mom reprimands him for this and his dad has to agree with her. Chase's response:

"Be serious Dad. Were you ever nice to your sisters? That totally defeats the whole purpose of being the older brother…"

I agree. Even though the only one of my siblings younger than me is Lorena and ironically she's the one I get along with the best. My other siblings are fair game though. Chase even says that he's going to protect his sister from all those creepy Omegas when they get to Delta City which is something to definitely be grateful for considering who's all in Omegas. I've read a lot of the Omega OC Submissions and they either scare the shit out of me, piss me off, or in rare cases are pretty awesome.

(Note: Oliver Weston falls in the third category due to being a totally fucking awesome Anti-Chase)

Anyway, Chase sees Sierra coming and jokes that he smells asparagus. However, since Sierra is such a dumb fudge, she probably forgot to change her underwear. Now, I like Sierra a lot because she has red hair with brown eyes instead of green and she actually has freckles. Not like a few 'cute' freckles, but actual freckles. I'm sick of reading about green-eyed redhead girls anyway. As a matter of fact, listen up everyone. This goes for anyone who ever creates a character. Brown eyes are NOT repulsive just because they're common. It's entirely possible to have sexy brown eyes.

Also, I like Sierra and call her a 'dumb fudge' in a good way. She's 'dumb' in the sense that she's not good in school, but at least she has street smarts and talents in other areas. Also no one's getting their ass kicked over her or getting framed for stealing a Moon Stone. She also has a temper and I look forward to seeing some 'Red Rage'.

So, Chase and Sierra head out and Chase in his infinite wisdom explains to Sierra about the Alphas, Sigmas, and Omegas which is best represented by the chart below…

Alphas: Also known as the 'A-Listers' in my book. It's made up of Chase, The Pack (that name is just so badass in itself), Chase's Alpha Female Maria, a sexy and slutty blonde French girl who's the daughter of a famous model, the French girl's equally sexy and slutty sidekick, other awesome people. There are some douches here and there, but when you're as awesome as The Pack is, you can afford to be arrogant about your skills. I mean just saying the name 'The Pack' will put hair on your chest (man or woman). The Pack is basically Chase (who is pretty much Jett) and four other lesser Chases (who are pretty much four sane Logans since Logan is really just a lesser, but insane version of Jett). Do you know how much action they must get in Delta City?

Sigmas: Also known as the 'Stoners' in my book. It's made up of Sierra, Leon, Dynamic Danica (yes she's that awesome especially after I snuck a peek at the new chapter my sister is working on), that Shoemaker guy who dresses in black for some reason, and other chilled out people. I think Shoemaker might be the closest thing to a douche amongst the Sigmas and even he's not that bad. I guess these guys are kind of like an intermediate group that calm things down between the Alphas and Omegas when things get too out of hand. Damn, if there was one of these groups in the Louhearst-Seathroul War then maybe a kid wouldn't have gotten killed. I guess being mad that someone trashed your friend's garden and is making vulgar comments about your awesome rack is grounds for being stabbed in the heart. Apparently Vic thought so. Have fun in prison asshole.

Omegas: Also known as the 'Crazy Ass Cult Kids' in my book. It's made up of Oliver (the most badass Omega there is. Period.), Elegant Evelyn (one of the few nice ones), Malicia, the Vamps, and a myriad of kids who are either: antisocial douchebags, genius douchebags, emotionless douchebags, psycho douchebags, evil douchebags or a combination of the five. (I will admit that there are about 2% of nice Omegas) Hey Omegas, you want to change your bad rep? Then be like Oliver or Evelyn. That means quit whining about how you're being mistreated, take responsibility for the fact that you're just as big a group of assholes as the Alphas are, and try actually being nice. Oliver doesn't give a fuck about anything which is why he rocks and Evelyn's trying her hardest to be nice to everyone. Maybe you all should take some lessons from them. If not then shut the fuck up, quit blaming Chase and the Pack for your social failures, and join up with Malicia and the Vamps. I hear they're starting a heavy metal band.

Shifting back to the story, the Carter Siblings pick up Sierra's BFF Leon. Now Leon is one super smooth dude! He has dreadlocks and dreadlocks are beast! Not only that, but he's very important to the fate of Delta City. He's the only one who can keep Sierra's temper in check and that may not seem that crucial until you realize that Sierra is a fucking idiot (a fucking adorable idiot, but still an idiot) and dumb people are always the most violent. She'd unleash a wave of chaos on the city and the only people who would be able to stop it would be Chase or Oliver due to being human incarnations of Reshiram and Zekrom respectively.

The chapter ends with the three of them headed to Delta City after they pick up the rest of the Pack!

Final Grade: A

So it was a short chapter, but fuck off, Spirit of Omicron is epic. I look forward to reviewing these next four chapters. Hopefully my sister can squeeze out an update before she squeezes out my niece. Actually, I like it so much, I think I'll go through the OC Form and post my views of each and every character, so be warned!

Character of the Chapter: Chase Carter

He had awesome quotes and he's obviously a more badass version of Jett which I thought was impossible. I've been proven wrong many, many times before.

Final Question:

Which group would you be in if you went to Omicron?

I'd probably be in the Sigmas since I possess damn near every quality that they do.

3/20/2011 . Edited 3/20/2011 #52
SOS Radio

Welcome to another very special edition of SOS Radio. I'm your host Sebastian Omar Santiago and I'll be reviewing the second chapter of Spirit of Omicron. Now let's get it started!

Official Chapter Name: "The Arrival I: The Hexagon"

SOS Radio Name: "We Meet the Pack and Maria and Oliver and Desiree and Desiree's Sidekick"

Important Characters: Sierra, Leon, Chase, The Pack, Maria, Oliver, Desiree, Maiami

This chapter opens up with the Pack all crammed in the van. These guys are so fucking awesome that words cannot explain it. They're like the frat boys of Omicron. I bet they just go around getting wasted and laid like no tomorrow. Mac's the stoner/surfer and you can just tell that this guy smokes so much Cush. Man, I would hang out with him all the time. I mean look at his fucking name. Just three letters. His parents knew he'd be a stoner and stoners are too lazy to spell words with more than five letters, so they just named him 'Mac'. Lloyd's the muscle and Anthony's the second-in-command. Anthony is also dating Dynamic Danica's older sister, Nia, so that earns him even more awesome points. I'm calling him Awesome Anthony for it. If he's actually screwing Nia, then I'll call her Naughty Nia, but until I find that out, she's just Dynamic Danica's big sister.

We also find out that Chase gave Sierra the nickname 'Roopi' because of an incident with a Skorupi when she was little. The incident probably could've been avoided, but Chase is a genius when it comes to pranks and Sierra's a dumb fudge. But aww, that nickname is so cute. Roopi. Little Red Roopi. I used to give my little sister nicknames too. I used to call her 'Leave Me the Hell Alone You Annoying Little Brat' and 'Little Midget Lorena'. After that she would beat me up, so it evens out.

The Pack discuss their accomplishments while driving and we get this awesome line for Mac that proves without a doubt that he is indeed a stoner.

Mac: Dude, like I have accomplishments too. Does anyone realize that I'm like the only guy who can burp the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh national anthem? Does anyone remember when I like scarfed down twelve chilidogs in under three minutes for that competition? I totally nailed it, but no one like gave me any appreciation. Seriously, I like never get any credit...

Twelve fucking chilidogs! I can only scarf down seven at best when I'm stoned, so Mac beats me here.

Anyway, they arrive at Delta City and we see some plot-related stuff with the giant Epsilon statue. Epsilon was the Sisters' daddy. They talk about invincibility and immortality, but Chase doesn't care because he's already invincible and immortal.

So they head to the Hexagon, which is like the most epic name for a mall ever. The Pack is swarmed by admirers. I swear, I am NOT making this up. Go read the chapter. These guys are just that fucking awesome. To make it even better, The Pack brings out a cake filled with super laxatives that send them all running away. Man, these guys are just prankster geniuses.

This is when we meet Chase's Alpha Female. Her name is Maria and she's so playing hard to get. I mean she's like in total denial that she's in love with him. She really wants Chase to do her right there in the middle of the Hexagon, but through sheer willpower, she restrains herself. Damn, is Maria the incarnation of Azelf? Hell, Chase and Maria even have this conversation:

Maria: I'm not in love with you. Why do you seem to think that everyone you come in contact with is in love with you?

Chase: Because they are. I mean look at me. I'm Chase Carter. They gave me the title 'Alpha Prince' for a reason.

And he is DAMN right. Everyone is in love with the Alpha Prince. Maria you are totally bullshitting yourself and everyone else. You know you want Chase's glorious arms wrapped around your hot Latina bod. You fantasize about it day in and day out. You moan Chase's name in your sleep over and over all through the long night, but you won't admit it. However, Maria's actually being smart. She knows all these other girls are all up on Chase, so she's pretending like she's not interested. This makes her seem different to Chase and keeps him interested in her. They're so gonna get married one day.

But all of a sudden, the lights dim and some menacing music is heard throughout the Hexagon. What on Earth is going on? Could it be? It is…

Oliver Fucking Weston

At this moment, we meet the most badass Omega to ever walk the earth. He is the 'Anti-Chase' and possibly the only person who can match his greatness. However, Chase isn't going to step down. Oliver starts talking shit right off the back and Chase retorts that Oliver's pissed that he can't get laid. Alone, Oliver would come to a stalemate with Chase, but with the Pack around, he's outnumbered. Well, in all fairness, he started it anyway. Chase instructs Maria to get Sierra and Leon to safety because the battlefield's not safe for mere mortals like them especially considering Sierra's a dumb fudge. Speaking of fudge, the most EPIC thing of the chapter happens next:

Chase and the Pack pick up pieces of the laxi-cake and fucking hurl it at Oliver while shouting ALPHAS RULE!!! before epically sprinting off in different directions like fucking Suicune, Entei, Raikou and a fourth roaming legendary!


So, Maria takes Sierra and Leon to the food court and Sierra entertains them by catching marshmallows in her mouth. I don't know why, but for some reason, that is soooo sexy. Just imagine her in slow motion catching those marshmallows in her mouth. I bet it's the large kind. Man if Sierra were catching corn, I'd have a heart attack. Man, she is such a hot ginger chick and I was just imagining her using her sexy ginger tongue on those marshmallows. I wonder what else Sierra can catch in her mouth, if you know what I mean…Oh yeah, I went there! *wink*

Anyway, Maria tells them that Oliver is one of the millions of Omega douchebags, but she neglects to mention that Oliver is the most badass Omega in history and that those other losers are just dog poop compared to Ollie. Maria also nicknames everyone except Chase. Why, you ask? Because Chase's name is awesome as it is and Maria can't even think of calling him something else. That's why Maria moans his name in her sleep with her sexy Hispanic accent. It goes like:

Maria in her sleep: Ooh, Chase…Chase…Quiero que tan malo…Chase…Te amo tanto.

(Translations: 'Quiero que tan malo' = I want you so bad. 'Te amo tanto' = I love you so much.)

Sierra and Leon go to pick out their Pokémon from the nursery. It's completely random so whatever you get, you're stuck with. You could get a basic Pokémon or a fully evolved one. So when Sierra and Leon are ready to leave, two blond girls shove them out of the way to get their Poke Balls.

Their names are Desiree and Maiami. Maiami's the brown-eyed blonde and she's Desiree's slave. Her name also sounds like 'Miami'. And then there's Desiree, the green-eyed blonde. Arceus, this little French girl is so fucking hot as is her accent. So for all you asshole Omegas making fun of her accent (or Alphas and Sigmas if there are any), you're just pissy because you're not sexy like her/couldn't land her in a million years. So fuck off, you fucking losers. Maybe I'm attracted to her because she has a crush on Chase and isn't in denial about it like Maria. She knows she wants Chase to screw her and she's not gonna hide it. Or maybe it's because Desiree dresses like a slut and sluts are nice. Right below corn in my book. Regardless, Desiree's got excellent taste.

Anyway, Desiree and Maiami challenge Sierra and Leon to a double battle and awesome music starts playing. I assume the music is coming out of Desiree's hot French ass. And this is where the chapter ends.

Final Grade: A+

I greatly enjoyed the Pack's antics in this chapter, and we met awesome characters like: Maria, Oliver, Desiree and Maiami. We also got to see first-hand how intense the group rivalry is.

Characters of the Chapter: Everyone.

I don't know what it is, but this chapter was simply too amazing for me to pick out a single character. All of the Pack's antics, Oliver's appearance, Sierra being sexy with the marshmallows, Leon's awesome dreadlocks, and Desiree's appearance were all too much for me to handle. This story may possibly be on the same tier as Louhearst Expedition: Year Two. Possibly even better…

Who Would I Sleep With in this Chapter?: Everyone.

Omicron Orgy, anyone? You too, Oliver…

Final Thoughts:

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. I mean this is so interesting that it's hard to make jokes. Seriously…

3/20/2011 #53

Cool, we have your reviews on now. XD

Alright guys, this is how the next three chapters are going to go:

Next Chapter - Sigma Chapter

Afterwards - Alpha Chapter

Afterwards - Omega Chapter

3/20/2011 #54

Yay!! Sigmas and Alphas own! XD So do Omegas, because of Ollie and Evelyn. :3

3/20/2011 #55

You know, I like the Good Deeds portion of the point system. :D


Good Deeds

These are a bit different than battling and test scores. Gamma judges how "righteous" the deed was and awards points (especially if the student in question did the deed out of the kindness of their heart instead of just trying to make points). Because doing the right thing is arguably more important than winning battles and acing tests (something the Alphas and Omegas frequently fail to grasps) if the good deed is particularly extraordinary (example: Saving someone's life, changing someone's life, etc.) the person automatically moves to the next rank.


Seems totally fair to me.

3/20/2011 #56

well of course, oliver (for example) would have very little, Chase might have some (he'd probably get some if people were bullying a kid or his sister), and sierra might get tons simply cause she's a little dumb and wouldn't think about points but just about helping :D

3/20/2011 #57

So...If you guys were at Omicron, which method of earning points would you use? XD

I'd use all three. :D

3/20/2011 #58

I'd probably get all three, my main would more than likely be battling (i'd be a much better trainer than student xD), and i only really help people on a private one-to-one kinda way. Unless phones and computers were being tapped by gamma i probably wouldn't score much by that one xD

3/20/2011 #59

I'd probably use all three as well.

Ricki might get a ton of good deeds since I can see him changing someone's life often...xD

3/20/2011 #60
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