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Going along pretty good...

3/21/2011 #91

Also, I remember you saying that you'll be making a Love interest for Bale. Did you already make her or is she already in progress of being created?

3/21/2011 #92

I'll pick out a girl. We already have a lot and we don't really need anymore older students. :P

3/21/2011 #93
Well...we got Natasha, Lola, Elyssa, that buxom Sigma girl I made(tha doesn't fall for Chases pranks, a gift from god). Something that suite Bales tastes.
3/21/2011 #94

Alright, I'll pick one.

Anything else?

3/21/2011 #95
What do you think of that love triangle I made? Also, does Blackwood need a goon squad like Enrico has. And involvement with Gerard and the Vamps and Enrcio's clique?(Gerard is a spy for the Vamps).
3/21/2011 #96

It's a love triangle. I've seen plenty of them, so its always a good thing to have at times.

As far as everything else goes, I haven't gotten that far yet...

3/21/2011 #97
Okay cool. Do you got an ETA for the chapter? Is it Sigma centered, and if so, will we get to see the lovey dovey couple of Sigma make an impression on Sierra? And the TA Tyson and life coach Auggie?
3/21/2011 #98

I'll have to check again when I get home.

3/21/2011 #99
SOS Radio

Hey, sis, I'm working on that next review. :D

I got some questions, but I'll text them to you.

3/21/2011 #100

Yes, No, Yes, Yes, and Maybe...

Are those good enough answers? :P

3/21/2011 #101
SOS Radio

Cool, I'll be on the lookout for the list.

3/21/2011 #102
Yeah, I'll post it when I get back to a computer. Any questions or comments anyone?
3/21/2011 #103

Yeah, but it's not serious at all. xD

What would Chase's reaction be if a goth girl Omega fell for him? XD

3/21/2011 #104
It'll just boost his ego even more. xD That's what I keep saying about all his enemies. They just keep proving Chase right that everyone's 'obsessed' with him. They're letting him win by boosting his ego with their obsessive hatred.
3/21/2011 #105

Two more questions. xD

First, is there really gonna be an evil Sigma?! Because that would be totally awesome!! 8D Second, Sebastian mentioned a list a few posts ago. A list of what? :O

3/21/2011 #106
Yeah and I'm creating them. However, they won't appear until MUCH later on. As far as the list goes, its just everyone's roles in the story.
3/21/2011 #107

Okay. :D

3/21/2011 #108
Anything else, Kina? :D
3/21/2011 #109

Not at the moment. :D

But I might analyze friendships when I have the time. :D

3/21/2011 #110

Ah, friendships! xD

3/21/2011 #111

Yep! :D I love friendship!!

3/21/2011 #112

Which ones are you thinking of? :O

3/21/2011 #113

Friendships involving the Seven. xD

3/21/2011 #114

Oh yeah, I need to make that list. :D

3/21/2011 #115
SOS Radio

Sis, since I'm helping you out with Omicron's history anymore details we should add? (I'll come back and add to this later)




3/22/2011 #116

I'll probably need some help thinking of more things.

I'll edit that post for you and add some things.

3/22/2011 #117
SOS Radio

Cool, so we know that the Alphas were knights in medieval times and are the athletes currently. Sigmas were musicians and artists and are currently the regular kids, stoners, skaters, etc. Omegas were scholars and mages and are currently the smart kids and the emos. Let's see if we can add some more things from different time periods.

3/22/2011 #118

Alright, can anyone think of important time periods? :O

3/22/2011 #119
SOS Radio

I'm going to be a history teacher, so I think I can help you out sis. xD

I'll see what I can dig up and tell you later.

3/22/2011 #120
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