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Brave Soul RMS

This is where we disprove that age-old trope. If you have any sort of problem, big or small, rest assured that we here of Lolli's Forum will do everything in our power to help you through it if you so choose to seek our help. It helps that we have an aspiring psychologist on deck (Lolli herself) and two walking empathy detectors (Ricki and myself). Rest assured, patients. The doctors are in.

4/7/2011 #1

Guess I don't need an actual therapist like I once thought I did! XD You guys are way more helpful!

4/7/2011 #2

Correction, I am more helpful. Sorry lollicakes and Bravestar, i'm pulling rank and seniority here .__.

4/7/2011 #3

Well you're certainly not modest...ever. xD

4/7/2011 #4

Do you want me to go into detail and explain every theraputic like situation that i was the helper in? Cause i can probably think of like.. more than 4 for YOU Ms.Santiago, and i'd say 5 so far for my black brutha.

4/7/2011 #5

I never said you were wrong. You are better.

Just not modest. xD

4/7/2011 #6

When you got it, flaunt it gurlfirend ;P

4/7/2011 #7

You are so loco!!! xD

4/7/2011 #8

Everyone here is 'loco'. xD

4/7/2011 #9

My first rant.


4/7/2011 #10

You CAN bottle feed you know .__.

4/7/2011 #11

Are you going to explain or did you just sum it all up in that one word? XD

4/7/2011 #12

Ricki, I am aware of that and Kina I pretty much summed it up.

But sometimes, I'm doing a hundred things and don't have time to pump it all into a bottle.

It's easier to just you know, whip them out...xD

4/7/2011 #13

You know you can have AJ make formula or something, aside from putting her to sleep it doesn't sound like he does much xP

4/7/2011 #14

Actually, he does more than I do. xD

Ricki, do you have any rants? Preferably a funny one?

4/7/2011 #15

No rants :| Just trying to figure out my life xD


4/7/2011 #16

I have a rant. :D

The hell is my teacher's problem?!

I guess I'll clarify. xD So basically, every week, she gives us a grade for how well we've done that week, mostly how well we participated in French class. Now, normally I didn't know participate much but this week that changed.

I participated more than pretty much anyone else in the class and I didn't speak in English to my classmates.

And yet, I got a B! A B! My parents frigging hate B's!!

I made an effort to participate a lot and I didn't get an A! Like what the hell, woman?!

4/8/2011 #17

Teachers suck in general, although there are several exceptions. B's are still good grades. No one can be perfect all the time...

4/8/2011 #18

I know Lolli, but my parents don't. DX They always expect me to be perfect and it's starting to tick me off!

They're gonna bite my freaking head off...

4/8/2011 . Edited 4/8/2011 #19

Harsh. My parents didn't care so long as you graduate. You can bring home an F and they could care less.

Now what kind of assignment was this again?

4/8/2011 #20

Your parents sound awesome. :D

It isn't actually an assignment. Basically, the teacher grades us on participation and whether we spoke French during French class rather than English.

Basically, in my parents' eyes:

F: Kina has never gotten an 'F'...

D: Kina deserves a long lecture on how, if she gets this terrible a grade, she doesn't love her parents. :D (Has never gotten this on a report card...)

C: See above.

B: B is a terrible grade!

A-: You can do better, Kina.

A: You can do better, Kina.

A+: You better keep it up! *rarely any praise for getting an A+*

4/8/2011 . Edited 4/8/2011 #21

Wow, even if you get an A, 'you can do better'? 0__0

I'm not going to be that harsh with my daughter, that's for sure.

4/8/2011 #22

Yeah, I'm definitely not going to treat my possible future kids like that...Unfortunately, since I probably can't actually get to really know my future husband before I get married and since my parents probably enjoy making things difficult for me, I'll probably get married to some dude with NO sense of humor and with the same views as my parents! That will definitely make things difficult...Btw, my parents are HORRIBLE matchmakers! My brother's wife turned out to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, and my sister's last suitor was a freakin' bastard who likely just wanted to get into her pants!

You know what else sucks about being a girl in this family? My older brother gets to befriend girls, but me and my sister are not allowed to befriend guys! DX

Yep, I'm not supposed to be friends with the guys here, but I don't give a crap about that stupid rule! :D

(Wow, this changed from ranting about teachers and grades to ranting about my family in general and guys. O___O)

4/8/2011 #23

As far as not getting to choose your own spouse goes, we've discussed this and given our views. We think people should choose who they get to marry because it's hard being happy unless you really love someone. Now, my parents are the exact opposite. Everyone in the neighborhood thought they were the 'cool parents' because they let their children run wild. I think what you and I (and I guess Sebastian would count too since he's my brother) have in common is that our parents are extreme. Yours are way too far on the strict side and mine are way too far on the lenient side.

Regardless, parents are suppose to teach their kids morals and values, but you can choose whether or not to abide by those morals and values. If I were in your predicament, I would've told my parents off a long time ago or even run away at the worse.

You just have to stay strong and you'll pull through.

4/8/2011 #24

I can't wait for the day I get a stable job and am able to move out...

4/8/2011 #25

Job's stink xC

4/8/2011 #26
Brave Soul RMS

Rant away, bro.

4/8/2011 #27

well no i just mean you get BO and smell like whatever you work with. So i smell like worn down AXE and Little Caesars .__.

4/8/2011 #28
Brave Soul RMS

I'm guessing Little Caesar's is a Greek restaurant?

4/8/2011 #29

It's a pizza place.

4/8/2011 #30
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