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Brave Soul RMS

Ricki, you have your own talents, man, that shouldn't be compared to those of your siblings. You're pretty much a walking ball of empathy and analysis and you can definitely use those talents to do some seriously cool shit, dude. Especially that last part. Who was it that analyzed each one of our characters and figured out the friend zone? Certainly not your siblings. If you can do that, it can be considered a stepping stone of sorts to let you move on to greater and greater things. I mean, the only other person I can think of that's as observant as you is me and I pale in comparison. Seriously, I do and you know it. And don't you dare start getting down on yourself like I do because if you do, I'll kick your ass back into shape if that's what it takes cuz that's what bros do. That and I owe you a lot, man. Regardless, you shouldn't compare yourself to your siblings' achievements and work towards one-upping their asses in your area of expertise. I know you can do it, bud. :D

5/15/2011 #151
Brave Soul RMS

My lord in heaven, Lolli, how long is your response?

5/15/2011 #152

She COULD just be busy with something else. xD

But if she's still typing her response...HOLY CRAP! O___O

5/15/2011 #153

Yeah, something came usual. xD

5/15/2011 #154

God fucking dammit with emotions in general!!!!

5/23/2011 #155

Why did she have to ruin my day by telling me?

I don't want to go to that horrid country. I hate it so damn much. Why can't I just spend my summer at home for once?! It's not even for a week or two either. If it was, I'd be okay with it. No, it's until August. August!

My brother was supposed to come back in July and this changes SO many things. How is he supposed to fix my horrible computer? Take me to see the movies? Get me new games? Spend time with me?

How am I supposed to read there? The so-called library costs MONEY and it barely has any good books!

How am I supposed to talk with my friends? I'll be in a totally different time zone!

How am I supposed to have fun? Use the computer? Yeah riiiiight. So it's totally okay for me to use the computer all day there, but not at home? Because that's the impression I seem to get from my mom. Home: "Get off the computer already!" There: "You can just use the computer, Kina!" Spend time with family members? My family is way too busy. Go outside? It's so hot and stinky out there that it completely ruins my mood!

And today, my sister told me I was going. Not just my mom, but me. She told me the day I was going to the fair with my friends and now I can't stop crying and I have less than an hour to clean up because I do not want to look like this in front of my friends! The only reason I'm here is because I have to vent or else I'll SCREAM!

Why can't I just have a happy day for once? Today was supposed to be a good day, but already in the morning my sister had to ruin my fun and my good mood. I guess she doesn't know me well enough to know how I'd react...

5/28/2011 #156


I probably should explain. xD

6/3/2011 #157

I feel so homesick...;__;

6/29/2011 #158


6/29/2011 #159


I fucking hate how I'm always the one who has to go pray but my sister gets less time (or in today's case, she didn't pray at all) for stupid reasons, like her husband coming over! Meanwhile, when I have a legimitate reason for not going, such as cramps or joint pains or something, I STILL have to go. I almost had to go yesterday, when my sister was out having fun and thus obviously didn't have to pray at all. It is SO annoying and I hate it! She's older, she should have learned it a long time ago and thus she has more of a need to learn it. And even when she DOES go, she does it in such a rush that she makes mistakes. Meanwhile, the mistakes I make aren't careless ones. So why the hell am I the one who always has to go while she gets to just chill?! And while I go pray, my friends start heading off to bed and by the time I return, NO ONE IS ONLINE!

Plus, my mom promised I wouldn't have to go tomorrow if my sister didn't, but I don't trust her. She rarely EVER keeps her promises because if she did, I wouldn't be in this stupid country!

7/6/2011 #160

): sorry kina, but that is one thing i noticed and learned growing up. Older people have mroe freedom in everything.

7/6/2011 #161
Brave Soul RMS
I really fucking hate my parents right now. They never give me the benefit of the doubt and they're always putting me down calling me names and making me feel like shit. My dad is constantly threatening to kill my dog and my mom is such a colossal bitch it's unbearable. Now they fucking took my laptop away and hit me and they fucking KNOW I hate people touching my fucking stuff and they're laughing at the idea of me going off to college like it's a joke. I fucking hate them and the majority of this house. They all make me want to cut myself and just die.
8/8/2011 #162

It sounds like you live in a pretty hostile house. Maybe you should call a relative for some guidance?

8/8/2011 #163
Brave Soul RMS
There is literally nobody I can talk to about this that will give good advice. At least not in my family. The most I can do is vent to you guys and even then, I feel likea whiny brat for it.
8/8/2011 #164

Job? Car?

8/8/2011 #165

I thought your dad was kinda nice ):

8/8/2011 #166
Brave Soul RMS
No car, no lisence, and no job until I maybe pass the interview on Wednesday. Ricki,he can be a real dick when he wants to and both my parents are great actors around other people but he wasn't acting at your place.
8/8/2011 #167

well at least he sees ok for some of the time... i guess? but you can apply for a license when you turn 18, you probably won't need a car for like... 2 years at college so save your money (bike you will need), and a job you can blame the economy. School wise we do need to dicuss some things but we can do that later.

8/8/2011 #168

I...can't believe it.

I can't fucking believe it.

My sister had a miscarriage...Oh my god. I might not have been thrilled about becoming an aunt, but I didn't want the poor baby to die...I feel so bad for my sister...She was so happy about her pregnancy and so was her husband.

Why did this have to happen? She was doing everything she could to make sure the baby was healthy...And now, the baby...

My sister can't stop crying and I feel like crying myself...

8/28/2011 . Edited 8/28/2011 #169
Brave Soul RMS

Oh, my god, Kina, I'm so sorry... That... There's nothing I can say or do but send my best to your sister and brother-in-law.

8/28/2011 #170

Thanks Brave...I think they'll be okay, but miscarriage is still an awful thing to go through. I hope their next child will actually live.

8/28/2011 #171

As a mother, reading this breaks my heart. D: I'm really sorry for the loss, Kina.

8/28/2011 #172

It's difficult for me to actually mourn, though. Yes, I'm sad about it, but I'm just unsure on what to do now. I can bawl my eyes out on simple things like getting my feelings hurt, but when it comes to tragedy like this...I just don't know. :/

8/28/2011 #173
And now some bastard accused my sis of aborting the baby. Are you f*cking kidding me?!
8/28/2011 #174

That sounds incredibly stupid. Who is he?

8/28/2011 #175
Idk. I think an ex or a former friend or something.
8/28/2011 #176

Tell him to screw off.

8/28/2011 #177
Brave Soul RMS

What's up, dude?

9/9/2011 #178

Just a lot of shit that has stockpiled and is growing on me enough to make me start snapping at people about it and i just need to get it off my chest and find some way to physically vent out my emotions. All this stuff has really just happened since beginning of Senior year and i guess if you had to put an official date it would the death of my Grandpa. I'll list them out more in a second.

9/9/2011 #179
Brave Soul RMS

Alright; I'll wait here.

9/9/2011 #180
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