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What happens if Lord Monsiadem succeeds in his plan to make a new world?

Well, these are a series of self-made RPG scenes that will show what will happen if Lord Monsiadem is allowed his way.

Warning: Some scenes will be intense. As a matter of fact, it's rated 'I' for Intense!

4/23/2011 . Edited by Lolli-S, 4/23/2011 #1

What happened to the Pokémon of the dead or enslaved?

4/23/2011 #2

They're either killed or used for experiments...

There are some exceptions though...

4/23/2011 #3
Brave Soul RMS

So,'d Grey die, why was his death significant, and what happened to Soul? D:

4/23/2011 #4

I'd like to ask a bit further into why Asher is leading the Resistance .__.

4/23/2011 #5

Grey died with his Pokemon. He was protecting them and they were protecting him. I'll get more into this when the scene comes up.

Asher is the only good child of a Soul Destroyer left which is why he is leading the Resistance because he truly is the only one who can do it. Shane and the others are pretty much evil now...

4/23/2011 #6

But wouldn't like.. a stronger person start a resistance group? Whether a child of SD's or not?

4/23/2011 #7

Ricki, the 'regulars' are ALWAYS being watched. There's no way they can start anything.

Asher is the only person with enough leverage to do so. He doesn't do it immediately anyway. It takes a long while before he does something...

4/23/2011 #8

Good point... though id think a "missing" person would start it, it doesn't mean there are others that they have made :D also please pm me the terrible things about roux :3

4/23/2011 #9

Yeah, there could be others made as well.

I'll PM you, but check your box since it doesn't show up as '1' when you have a PM.

4/23/2011 #10
Brave Soul RMS

Poor Roux ;___; Jesus, he turned the world into a total crapsack.

4/23/2011 #11

Yeah, it's horrific and that's an understatement. As I just told Ricki in a PM, if you're a slave:

You're given slop to eat out of a dog bowl.

Your owners can dress you anyway they want and for most slaves, that means an old raggy tunic.

Hell, some of the more cruel ones allow their Pokemon to use moves on their slaves for 'practice'...

4/23/2011 #12
Brave Soul RMS

I think it's time we moved on to scenes, yeah...?

4/23/2011 #13

Yep, I'm already working on it.

If you want to know anything else regarding the others that's been enslaved, just send me a PM.

4/23/2011 #14

Already did :D

4/23/2011 #15

I answered it. :D

4/23/2011 #16

We'll resume this tomorrow!


4/23/2011 #17

Note: These scenes are in chronological order. This first scene is a short one, but we'll get how screwed up the world really is in the next few scenes…

Scene 1 - All Hail Lord Monsiadem

*Shane takes a seat between Rolen and Tinett at a very long table and watches as his parents and his aunt take their seats across from him and the other Elite Soul Destroyers take their seats at the table. Lord Monsiadem takes a seat at the head of the table and begins the discussion*

Monsiadem: It has been a few months now and our grip on this world has become stronger. You have no one to thank but yourselves and your hard work.

*Soul Destroyers cheer*

Monsiadem: Now, how are the camps going?

Citrus: The Slave Camps are going along nicely, my lord. We have professionals examining potential slaves and setting up very agreeable prices for them.

Monsiadem: Very nice. And the Pokémon experiments?

Zaria: Excellent, my lord. We are finding new and efficient ways of making the power of Pokémon our own.

Monsiadem: Nice. The decades that we have spent on our dream to make a new world has finally become reality. You will all be rewarded generously for your loyalty. So long as you remain loyal, you shall spend the rest of your lives as part of the Elite Class and have vast amounts of wealth and power.


4/24/2011 . Edited 4/24/2011 #18
Brave Soul RMS

This guy... I don't care if he is polite. He deserves to fry.

4/24/2011 #19

Actually, the fact that he IS polite makes him that much worse. He's treating everything as if it's just no big deal...

4/24/2011 #20
Brave Soul RMS

Would it be possible to kill him after he basically becomes Arceus in human form?

4/24/2011 #21

It's damn near impossible...

4/24/2011 #22
Brave Soul RMS

I'm seriously waiting for Asher to just come out of nowhere and kill him Assassin's Creed style.

4/24/2011 #23

Yeah, that's not going to happen unfortunately. xD Unless, Asher magically becomes a Vella, killing Monsiadem is out of the question.

There may be some glimmer of hope in this, but for the majority it's a case of 'Bad Guys Win'...

4/24/2011 #24
Brave Soul RMS

The only other show/anime I can think of that ended with the bad guy winning was Shaman King. After the Big Bad becomes one with God, he kills all the good guys and brings them back to life just to rub it in their faces xD

4/24/2011 #25

That is just too hilarious for me to take seriously! xD

The problem for most isn't directly Monsiadem himself, but it's his minions who are the real issue...

4/24/2011 #26
Brave Soul RMS

The Quirky Miniboss Squad is more dangerous than the man who can definitely say "A God Am I"? So many tropes...

4/24/2011 #27

It's not that they're more dangerous than him. It's that they're far less stable than he is. Monsiadem doesn't really kill anyone if he doesn't have a reason.

Basically, would you rather be locked in a room with Monsiadem or Zaria?

4/24/2011 #28
Brave Soul RMS

Monsaidem xD I can definitely see him having a British accent and we could just chill and sip tea. Any more scenes?

4/24/2011 #29

The next scene takes place at one of the Slave Camps. It's the place slaves go before they are sold...

4/24/2011 #30
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