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Brave Soul RMS

Lay it on me, I guess...

4/24/2011 #31

I'm not exactly done with the scene...xD

I can give you info though...

4/24/2011 #32
Brave Soul RMS

Better than nothing xD

4/24/2011 #33

Well like I mentioned, slave camps are the places slaves go before they are sold. You could spend only a few days there or you can spend the rest of your life there. It's definitely not the best place in the world, but it's better than being owned by someone. Citrus's relatives run the place though...

4/24/2011 #34
Brave Soul RMS

You mean his Uncle Grapefruit? What's that like...?

4/24/2011 #35

It's more bizzare than horrifying. Don't get me wrong, it's still an awful place, but it's just weird as hell...

4/24/2011 #36
Brave Soul RMS

Bizarre like how, exactly? o.O

4/24/2011 #37

One of their punishments is making the slaves eat large amounts of ice cream causing severe brain freeze...

4/24/2011 #38
Brave Soul RMS

Yeah, okay, now I know what you mean by bizarre... Oh yeah! What the hell is Uncle Grapefruit like?!

4/24/2011 #39

He's pretty much a Dirty Old Man...xD

Ah, tropes! LOL

4/24/2011 #40
Brave Soul RMS

Oh, he must hit on Zaria like no tomorrow...

4/24/2011 #41

He hits on every female, but he's generally harmless.

4/24/2011 #42
Brave Soul RMS

So, any more scenes? o-o

4/24/2011 #43

Working on it.

4/24/2011 #44
Brave Soul RMS

I hate haircuts... Make any headway?

4/24/2011 #45

Still working on it. Trying to figure out what kind of symbol they mark slaves with...

4/24/2011 #46

A Big fancy M .___. or an Orange xD

4/24/2011 #47

I already took care of it. xD

They have to have special collars on them at all times. These collars are damn near indestructible and they have locks on them. But these are just the 'universal' symbol for a slave. Owners add additional marks to their slaves however they want too.

4/24/2011 #48

Note: I did a slight shift with the scenes, but this scene let's you see the effect Monsiadem has had on the 'regulars' since only the slaves really have crappy lives...And you get to see how brainwashed Shane has become...

Scene 2 – The Rally

*Shane is at a podium and a microphone on a stage in front of a very large crowd of 'regulars'. Rolen and Tinett are on both sides of him*

Shane: *to the crowd* Our gracious ruler has allowed us to be here today.

*Crowd cheers*

Shane: However…

*A large banner of Logan falls down behind Shane and the crowd boos*

Shane: This is the face of the enemy. He does not deserve to be referred to by name. Our valiant leader defeated him, but even though the enemy is gone, his allies are still present. They are a threat to our peaceful way of life. They are among the worst criminals, but our leader is making sure that they get their just desserts for their actions. Every ally we find will be enslaved and locked away to ensure that they do not harm any of you or disrupt our society. If they choose not to acknowledge their crimes, then they will be eliminated…

*Crowd cheers*

Shane: I am almost nineteen years old and even a man as young as myself can see the greatness that Lord Monsiadem has brought to this world. There are no more wars, no more diseases, and no more famine. We live in an era of peace that the allies of the enemy are trying to destroy. They are the scourge of our great society and are a blemish on an otherwise perfect world!

*Shane signals his Rapidash*

Rapidash: Raaaaappppiiii!!! *uses Fire Spin on the Logan banner and the crowd cheers as the flames rise behind Shane*

Shane: All hail Lord Monsiadem!


4/24/2011 . Edited 4/24/2011 #49

I see Asher eventually trying to recruit/change Shane... i don't think it'll go well D:

4/24/2011 #50

Yeah, Shane's become the most brainwashed out of all the SD children, so recruiting him will likely just get Asher killed. D:

The 'regulars' have no idea what really went on, so they've been convinced that Monsiadem is the good guy. Since they're not suffering (only the slaves are) it's easy for them to be persuaded...

4/24/2011 #51

But wouldn't they know about Mon and the SD"s being terrorist's closer to year 4?

4/24/2011 #52

The only people who really 'know' the SDs are/were terrorists were the Louhearst people and the (former) government and that's actually part of canon too. The handful of 'regulars' that do know keep their mouths shut or face elimination. But to everyone else, it just seems like the SDs overthrew an 'oppressive' government when the opposite is true.

4/24/2011 #53

And Mon is so damn nice people will never suspect he's basically the living seed of lucifer himself ;__;

and since Horace is the Dumbledore of LE he's either been dead since near year 3 end or he's missing now and is gonna be like.. a spirit guide for Asher xD

(PS i'm gonna be up for like.. 30 more minutes so we can continue our conversation)

4/24/2011 #54

Yay! xD

Anymore questions?

4/24/2011 #55

not for tonight i'm going to bed xD

4/24/2011 #56

Hasta luego! :D

Damn, it's late. I need to get some sleep too...if Lola lets me.


4/24/2011 #57

Guess who's not dead?

Anyway what I'd like to know is what happened to Leo and Nicholas. Also I'd hate to live in any world like this it would be a fate worse than death... actually no take that last part back. It would be almost as bad as dying.

4/25/2011 #58

Yeah, I'd rather be dead than be a slave to anyone. Speaking of which, I think Nicholas is either a 'regular' or an Elite if he has any SD relatives. Leo is enslaved.

Also, I'll give you guys a huge revelation:

You can blame most of this happening on Shane's mother...

4/25/2011 #59

Why, what happened? :O

4/25/2011 #60
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