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Alright-y, then. :D

5/7/2011 #271

Well...hmm, I guess we can give all the characters the same first period as long as it's like an elective. What do you think?

5/7/2011 #272


5/7/2011 #273

Should we start it back up then?

5/7/2011 #274

Okay! :D

5/7/2011 #275

(AN: I think I'll make first period for everyone Teen Leadership. That was always my favorite elective and the classroom had couches and chairs in a circle instead of desks!)

*Bell rings*

*Everyone heads to first period*

5/7/2011 #276

(AN: That sounds awesome! :D Desks are boring...)

Kina's OCs: *...head to first period*

5/7/2011 #277

(AN: I'll base the TL teacher off of my old one, Mr. Falcon. He was AWESOME!!! xD)

Mr. Hawk: *high fives the students as they enter*

Angela: Good morning, Mr. Hawk.

Mr. Hawk: Angela!

*high fives her*

Mr. Hawk: Take a seat wherever, but remember, you can't sit where you sat yesterday...

5/7/2011 #278

(AN: Mr. Hawk! Omg, that's such a badass name! :D)

Zeke: Mr. Hawk! What's up?! *high fives him and grins*

5/7/2011 #279

Mr. Hawk: Zeke! Come on in and take a seat!

Brendan: Mr. Hawk! *high fives him*

Mr. Hawk: Glad to see most of you guys here. You guys can all just hang out until the bell rings.

Brendan: *takes a seat*

5/7/2011 #280
Brave Soul RMS

(Just so everything's clear and I have their ages down:

Dahlia: 18

Yuri: 15 and a half

Noah: 16, almost 17)

5/8/2011 . Edited 5/8/2011 #281

(AN: Alright, let us start this off again! :D)

5/8/2011 #282

(AN: Okay, first period is an elective, so everyone's in the same first period for convenience sake...)

5/8/2011 #283

(AN: Alright, Lolli. :D)

Mia: Hi, Professor Hawk.

Freddie: There's a new kid in our class...

5/8/2011 #284

Mr. Hawk: *high fives Mia and Freddie* Where's the new student?

5/8/2011 #285

Frederick: Don't know...I got distracted by-*ahem* I mean, she should be here any minute now.

5/8/2011 #286
Brave Soul RMS

Dahlia: *coughcough*PERV*cough*

Noah: Dolly, be nice. *escorting Yuri through the door*

Yuri: D-Do I have to go, Noah?

Noah: If you don't want to fail the class, yes.

5/8/2011 #287

Frederick: Who, me?

Mia: *facepalms* Surprisingly, he got distracted by something shiny this time...

5/8/2011 #288

Mr. Hawk: Morning!

*high fives them*

Mr. Hawk: *checks his watch and sighs* Anyone seen DJ and Jack-I mean, Drayden?

5/8/2011 #289

Mia (to Mr. Hawk): No...

Katia: *smiles sweetly as she enters the class with Annika* Hi, Mr. Hawk.

Annika: Um, good morning...

5/8/2011 #290

Mr. Hawk: Katia! *high fives* (to Annika) Good morning. Are you the new student?

5/8/2011 #291

Annika: *quietly* Yes...

5/8/2011 #292

Mr. Hawk: I'm Mr. Hawk. Most students just call me Hawk. *stretches out his hand* When I first meet someone, I shake their hands. After we become acquainted, the high fives begin.

5/8/2011 #293

Annika: *smiles and shakes hands with him* I'm Annika.

5/8/2011 #294

Mr. Hawk: Annika. I'll make sure I remember that. Now, we can high five!

5/8/2011 #295

(AN: Gotta love this guy! xD He is SO much more awesome than any of the teachers I've had! Plus, I've probably mentioned this before, but his name is SO badass! I do wonder whether Brave is still here, though...)

Annika: *high fives Mr. Hawk*

5/8/2011 #296

Stacy: *comes in after Anni*

Ian: *thinking hard in his chair*

5/8/2011 #297

Mr. Hawk: Stacy!

*holds out his hand for a high five as the bell rings*

5/8/2011 #298
Brave Soul RMS

(A/N: Sorry, my internet went out for a bit and it took a while to repair it.)

Noah: Annika, you're gonna love Hawk's class. Everyone does; it's like a little recharge period for when you're tired.

Yuri: And it's good for us because we have it in the morning.

5/8/2011 #299

Annika: *simply nods at Noah, not knowing what to say, and takes a seat*

5/8/2011 #300
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