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Shadow Minamino

We sure have a lot of egotistical heels. :P

6/22/2011 #361

Notice though that they're mostly the younger characters. Most of them are really act like bratty teenagers, so it makes sense that the younger ones would be more egotistical because teens are douchebags. xD

6/22/2011 #362
Shadow Minamino

Makes sense. Most teens are douchebags, after all. XD

Not suprised to see Mr.Serperior as an Ego though, he's the owner and one of the stronger fighters of the PWPA, so that makes a good amount of sense. ^.^

6/22/2011 #363
Brave Soul RMS

Why am I not surprised the Serperior's classified as such?

6/22/2011 #364

Example 5 - Delinquent Heel

Definition: A troublesome and disrespectful character who verbally and visually displays uncivilized conduct such as profanity, vandalism, violence and associated "criminal" behaviour. Sometimes the wrestler will harass or bully opponents and rebel against authority. Pretty much the Pokemon version of street hoodlums.

Examples: Shiv and Knox to the nth degree.

6/22/2011 #365

That's actually all. Scenes now anyone? :D

6/22/2011 #366
Shadow Minamino

Sure. ^.^

6/22/2011 #367

Here's a quick one...Here's a heel in action.


*Pluto and Captain Jack are battling in the ring*

Wigglytuff: Captain Jack is going for the pin!

Dusknoir: But it seems the Smeargle has been knocked out.

Jack: *realizes that the ref is out and tries to go over and wake him up*

Pluto: *slides out the ring and picks up a brick from the ground before crawling back in and bashing Captain Jack's head laying him out*

*Crowd boos*

Wigglytuff: And Pluto with the brick! The Smeargle did not see it!

Pluto: *quickly slides the brick out of the ring as the Smeargle wakes up and goes for the pin*

Dusknoir: Pluto's going for the cover.

Smeargle: 1...2...3...!

*Crowd Boos*

Announcer: Your winner, Pluto Poliwhirl!

Smeargle: *holds up Pluto's arm*

Pluto: *smirks at the unconcious Feraligatr before leaving the ring laughing*

6/22/2011 #368

Wow, Pluto really is an asshole as a Heel. xD

When will we see Face Pluto again? :O

6/22/2011 #369
Shadow Minamino

... HOLY -

Damn, that was pretty brutal. Pluto's definitely gone to the dark side, smashing Jack's head like that. O.o

6/22/2011 #370

We'll see Pluto as a face during his second feud with Thor Machoke when Captain Jack goes off to feud with Mr. Serperior.

Love also forms a 'stable'. Do you guys know what those are?

6/22/2011 #371
Shadow Minamino

Uhh... can't say I do. I'm going to guess it's like a group or something, sort of like UNITY?

6/22/2011 #372


A stable is a group or a faction. It's usually heel stables, but there are occassions where there are face stables...

6/22/2011 #373

Not me...xD

6/22/2011 #374

Above post, Kina. :D

6/22/2011 #375
Shadow Minamino

Thought so.

Wonder who's gonna be in Love's Stable. Love and Romeo seem to be a given, but I'm wondering who the other members will be...

6/22/2011 #376

They are two Pokemon: a Levanny and a Liligant...

Romeo's going to be off doing his own thing though.

6/22/2011 #377
Shadow Minamino

Ooh, I see.

6/22/2011 #378
Brave Soul RMS

Wow, I REALLY need to read up on this thread o.o DAMN, Pluto! What the hell!

EDIT: That and get my character forms in... Lulz I'll have 'em in by tomorrow, Lolli! I swear!

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #379

Lilligant's going to have a whole 'Southern Belle' thing going on and talk with a Southern accent. Levanny's going to be a hollywood-like diva.

You guys know the trope, 'The Libby' right?

6/22/2011 #380
Shadow Minamino

Oh yes. I think we've all become acquainted enough with TVTropes to know that trope. :P

6/22/2011 #381

Yes. :D Which troper doesn't? xD

6/22/2011 #382

@Brave - You want me to fill you in on some info?

@Shadow/Kina - That's basically what Triple L (Lopunny/Levanny/Lilligant) are. Love Lopunny's the Libby and the other two are the 'Girl Posse'...

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #383
Brave Soul RMS

That would be appreciated, yes.

6/22/2011 #384

Alright, for starters, each Pokemon has two personalities.

A 'face' personality is when they're good and are playing the hero role.

A 'heel' personality is when they're evil and are playing the villain role.

6/22/2011 #385
Brave Soul RMS

I remember all of that; move on to the more recent stuff like why Pluto just bashed Jack's skull in o.o

6/22/2011 #386

Pluto is a heel and Captain Jack is a face. They are in a feud because Pluto believes that the veteran has overstayed his welcome and should make room for the new generation.

6/22/2011 #387
Brave Soul RMS

Damn, man. What made Pluto go from Face to Heel?

6/22/2011 #388

Pluto turned heel when he got caught up in trying to impress Romeo and his group.

6/22/2011 #389
Shadow Minamino

I think there's a scene earlier in the thread, where he gets coerced by Romeo and the other members of UNITY.

Unless the UNITY arc takes place later or earlier than these Pluto vs Jack scenes that are being shown.

Edit: Lolli beat me to it.

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #390
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