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With the sun gone down and the kiddies off to sleep, feel free to discuss your wildest desires to the fullest. ;)

5/10/2011 #1
Brave Soul RMS

Rated S for Sexy. Nobody under 14 allowed.

5/10/2011 #2

I'm (kinda) a 'kiddie' and proud of it! XD Well...

But...yeah. Now I'm just gonna get the hell out of this thread...xD

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #3

Damn, got replies to this quick. xD

5/10/2011 #4

Lolli i'm starting to think you have a sex addiction to your man .__.

5/10/2011 #5

Don't know how I could have made it more clearer, Ricki. xD

But it's true.

Everyone in my family has a high sex drive for some reason. Maybe it's genetic?

5/10/2011 #6

well so you don't have ANOTHER kid jsut yet, i think you should start carrying some rubbers on you, and if your drastic, start making him double up

5/10/2011 #7

It's not really my fault!

He's black! xD

5/10/2011 #8

The race card can't be played your sex fiend! Either wrap it up or keep them panties on!

5/10/2011 #9

Brave, Ricki's being mean to me! xD

And by 'being mean' I mean that he keeps using LOGIC and telling the TRUTH. I can't counter him!!!

5/10/2011 #10

He can't beat me either, i've beaten him multiple times and already told his girlfriend i'm gonna get them to bone within the first week he moves into my home xD

5/10/2011 #11

Oh, so Brave's allowed to have sex, but Lolli can't? xD

5/10/2011 #12

brave is still a virgin and isn't sex-crazed xP

5/10/2011 #13

Beaten by logic again...xP

But hey, you guys talk about sex just as much as I do on the forums!

5/10/2011 #14

well ya, we're guys .__. if seb wasn't your brother he'd probably be talking about getting some just as much as either of us .__.

5/10/2011 #15

He still does anyway. xP

At least he toned it down. When he was in high was like he was on a mission to screw every girl of every nationality on the planet...

5/10/2011 #16

huh.. i planned that mission in the past, and will complete it someday! that and boning a princess somewhere .__.

5/10/2011 #17

You know, Lollipops After Dark is a very fun thread! xD

5/10/2011 #18

yes it is xD

5/10/2011 #19

Well guys, there's no limit on what can be discussed here. So long as we keep it in the MA rating, we won't get in trouble.

Wow, this is like 'Interviews' but sexier...xD

5/10/2011 #20

well i'm at a decision between trying to get a girlfriend or just get boned .__.

5/10/2011 #21

Go for the first one and then you'll be able to do the second one soon after.


5/10/2011 #22

true true, but if i can't get her i can't get her .__. so it's win win or lose lose D:

5/10/2011 #23

Damn, looks like you're at a crossroad.

Just stay positive. That's the only advice I can give you.

5/10/2011 #24

understandable. Keep your lusting to a minimal and i'll see you tomorrow

5/10/2011 #25

So what's for discussing today?! xD

5/11/2011 #26

well i hate how jackasses are the ones who get laid .__.

5/11/2011 #27

I think that one really only applies to guys considering even the ugliest girl can get laid...

5/11/2011 #28

i just upsets me that girls will ignore a nice guy like myself or my friend chris, but if a guy acts like a jerk or makes and ass of himself to a girl, she will literally be blowing his shaft in like.. minutes...

5/11/2011 #29

I know right? Some of my best friends that are guys have been totally ignored for assholes. Appearances have a lot to do with it considering the human race is shallow...

On the opposite note, how come if a girl likes sex she's considered a whore?

5/11/2011 #30
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