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Something not involving candy, you know how kids are about sweets (and apologize if this next part is rude) you don't want to make your daughter a whore ):

6/19/2011 #301

True, but I'm going to eventually have to tell her all that stuff. Or I could just say screw it and make her dad do all the hard work...

6/19/2011 #302

well i'm just saying work on analogies, guys would get all technical. Also avoid talking about things she would like (i'm guessing fighting and sweets xD) so she doesn't think "Oh that must be AWESOME i'll go do it!"

6/19/2011 #303

Welcome to the After Dark thread serving Internet pervs since 2011. :D

How may I take your order?

6/20/2011 #304
Brave Soul RMS

Legs. That is all. :l

6/20/2011 #305

well brave met the chick that i had sex with, "fun" arguements ensued.

6/20/2011 #306


6/20/2011 #307
Brave Soul RMS

I had one of my rare laughing fits. You try sitting through that and not even cracking a smile.

EDIT: No, we did not have a threesome. I am not attracted to Ricki in the slightest and I can't sleep with black chicks. Especially not Ricki's friend cuz she looks too much like one of my cousins.

6/20/2011 . Edited 6/20/2011 #308
Shadow Minamino

Sounds... entertaining, to say the least. :P

6/20/2011 #309

Wait, Ricki...and a black chick?

6/20/2011 #310
Brave Soul RMS

Yes indeedy. Why is that so shocking? xD

6/20/2011 #311

i wanted sex, she offered, in the past. but yeah, that's not even the part Rayan laughed at so much he had to leave the chat.

6/20/2011 #312

Cuz it's Ricki.

But I mean blacks are the best in bed, so I could see why he chose her.

6/20/2011 #313

hah, if you call the fedal position the best in bed, sure, why not.

6/20/2011 #314
Shadow Minamino

Do tell Ricki, what the hell made Brave laugh so much? Xd

6/20/2011 #315
Brave Soul RMS

Let's not bring that part up, Shadow. Let's just not.

Either way, blacks are best in bed, white people are kinky, Latin@s are just nasty, Asians are just... Asian. That's all you need. And Middle Easterns and Indians are wild cards.

EDIT: To avoid offending someone as Ricki pointed out I might, you all know what I mean by 'nasty'. In this case, it's a good thing.

6/20/2011 . Edited 6/20/2011 #316

You get that analysis from internet P-O-R-N, Brave? xD

6/20/2011 #317

it's def not from experience xP

6/20/2011 #318
Brave Soul RMS

That's just my own analysis and dealings with people of those ethnicities xD

6/20/2011 #319
Shadow Minamino

I would assume so, it seems to be his only experience with this. Zing. :P

... I shouldn't be talking, but holy hell, that was a nice set up.

6/20/2011 #320

Wow, Brave just got triple-burned.

Be nice everyone!

6/20/2011 #321
Brave Soul RMS

Die in a fire!

EDIT: Fred, you're still a virgin, too! Don't even start! XD

6/20/2011 . Edited 6/20/2011 #322
Shadow Minamino

Hmph. Hence why I said I shouldn't be talking. :P

But the setup was too perfect to resist.

6/20/2011 #323

regardless, the issue is apparently my dick is hot pink, yet there's been no denial that it is large xD

6/20/2011 #324

You know what, my brother is a man-whore...

6/20/2011 #325
Shadow Minamino

That's an obvious fact, Lolli. :P

I've known him for all of two weeks and I've come to that conclusion. :P

6/20/2011 #326

a legendary man whore!

6/20/2011 #327

I mean like this thread makes me realize that.

That's why he likes Jett so damn much!

6/20/2011 #328
Brave Soul RMS

Indeed he is. But now he's getting married so he can't be a manwhore.

EDIT: Y'know, since this is the After Dark thread, which fictional character would you sleep with?

6/20/2011 . Edited 6/20/2011 #329

he still can just an exclusive manwhore.

6/20/2011 #330
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