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Nah, it isn't Hollywood...xD

Most are average-sized. The girls that my brothers brought home were mostly average-sized in the chest. They were just big compared to mine.

6/20/2011 #361
Brave Soul RMS

Shrug, well, like I said, Petite Pride :D And AJ doesn't seem to mind at all, now does he?

6/20/2011 #362

Only because of my ''...xD

6/20/2011 #363
Brave Soul RMS

Oh, Lolli.... Come on, you can do better than that xD To the shame corner!

6/20/2011 #364

Damn, those puns are always getting me in trouble...xD

6/20/2011 #365
Brave Soul RMS

You're damn right they are! Next time, your punishment will be twofold! ...Whatever that ends up being. Anyway, I'm gonna turn in for the night. See you later, Lolli. :D

6/20/2011 #366

Alright, Shadow you said technology so the first thing that registered in my perverted mind was Internet porn... xD

7/27/2011 #367
Shadow Minamino

.... No. XD

I said it was mildly sexual, and I sincerely doubt you'd all count this as worthy of the after dark thread. But I'm rather inexperienced and I doubt Kina would want to hear about this anyway, being so aversive of the AD thread and all. XD

So anyway, remember that friend of mine I told you about while you were away Lolli? The one vacationing in Montreal and I'm keeping in contact with using MSN?

Well she IM'd me again today, this time to show me a new Tatoo she got. And she was pretty much in a bra and panties. She tells me this, then starts the video call immediately without giving me time to object ( not that I would have wanted to, but I would like to keep a gentlemanly reputation with people and NOT be a pervert. XD ).

Turns out her cam doesn't work on that laptop (Unfortunately. D:), but she can get a clear view of me. Shirtless, since it's kind of hot in here. I'm not exactly the paragon of muscles, hell, I'm not all that muscular at all. Course, she and her friend ( who is also in a bra and panties, she tells me this too. ), immediately call me cute and draw attention that I now have two half-naked women staring at me. Embarassed, I leave my seat to get a drink, and THEN I remember that I'm in boxers. With a bit of a boner. T.T

Damn hormones. ^.^;

7/27/2011 . Edited 7/27/2011 #368

Cool, you're one step closer to getting laid. xD

And if she's sober, that's even better. That means she likes you.

7/27/2011 #369
Shadow Minamino

Yes, she was sober this time. It was only that one time she was drunk and said she'd have sex with anything. :P

And really? I kind of just thought she was doing it to intentionally embarrass me. ( She says I'm cute when I'm embarassed, for some reason. XD )

7/27/2011 #370

Then play off it. Hey, my brothers always said "by any means necessary (that's legal)..." If she likes to embarass you maybe she's one of those weird fetish chicks...?

7/27/2011 #371
Shadow Minamino

I'd hardly call it much of a fetish. Embarassment tends to make a lot of people look cute, IMO. :P

7/27/2011 #372
SOS Radio

She doesn't know what she's talking about, Shadow.

I mean, yeah, I'm sure Lorena probably has a tiny attraction to females, but I'm an actual man. :P

7/27/2011 #373
Shadow Minamino

Hahaha. XD

So what's your take on this situation, Seb? :P

7/27/2011 #374

Why does EVERYONE think I'm bi-sexual? Is it the way I sound or walk or something?

7/27/2011 #375
SOS Radio

I think it's the way you stare at other girls' boobs and asses. That might have something to do with it, Lorena.

Anyway, tell me more about this girl, Shadow.

7/27/2011 #376
Kelly of the midnight dawn

LOLLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SUPER HUG*

7/27/2011 #377
Shadow Minamino

What exactly do you want to know? She's 17, only a few days older than me, since her birthday is 9 days before mine. Redhead ( I prefer brunettes, but I'm not mega picky. ), brown eyes, white, pretty slim... uhh... anything else in particular you want to know?

7/27/2011 #378
SOS Radio

LOL, at Lorena not responding to my burn...

I meant like her personality, Shadow. What's she like?

7/27/2011 #379

Go to hell, Sebastian...

7/27/2011 #380

Fred, your a non muscular Taylor Launter, who showed his (what i can assume) sizable piece of man meat to two girls in their underwear. Don't ruin it this time. Just man up and roll with it, if anything you'll be getting that gold star on your man card reserved for the few gentlemen who engage in a threesome to lose their virginity like my good friend Dan did.

7/27/2011 #381
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Lolz, Seb, you two be nice to one another. Seb, don't prevoke her if you don't want to face the wrath of KELLY!

7/27/2011 #382
Shadow Minamino

Ah. Well... she's a pretty nice girl, but she gets offended pretty easily, so sometimes I've got to walk on eggshells. She's had a bit of a bad history with relationships, and it gets her down a lot. For the past three years or so, we've been helping each other out with various problems. She can be pretty blunt sometimes, and almost as tactless as I am. She's also really big on animals, and owns a site that's dedicated to helping out injured birds.

... And she insists on calling me Pablo. :P

Again Ricki, you, Brave, and little children at Mcdonalds are the only ones who think that. ^.^;

7/27/2011 . Edited 7/27/2011 #383

Little McDonald's children are never wrong. regardless you are a nice kid and right now it sounds like your being a pussy and backing down! what she needs, and what ALL girls WANT is a nice/funny guy who they can depend on. Go be that guy or i swear to god i will hit you so hard you'll wake up a undereducated redneck in a Louisiana bayou.

7/27/2011 #384
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Listen to Ricki. He's right Shadow.

About the what girls want thing, I just got here so I don't know if you're being a pussy...

7/27/2011 #385
Shadow Minamino

Ricki, did I not just mention she's in Montreal right now? Also, she only comes down every once in a while, normally she lives in Tennessee. :P

Shoulda mentioned that earlier, but I didn't think it was that important. We've hung out a few times and talk regularly on MSN, so we're pretty good friends despite being a few states away.

7/27/2011 #386

you can still date her Fred, long distance dating isn't uncommon or impossible, especially with today's technology and communication. Just listen to me and at least ask, if you don't want to ask her out you can always BS hypothetically ask what her answer would be and move on from there.

7/27/2011 #387
Shadow Minamino

Ricki, do you sincerely think that if I do something hypothetically like hypothetically asking her out, that she's going to fall for it? It's a really common ploy, the hypothetical asking, and it's slightly easy to figure out. :P

7/27/2011 #388

well either one of you are easy to dupe (my money's on you bro) or you grow your huevos and ask straight up.

7/27/2011 #389
Shadow Minamino

Gee, thanks for telling me that you think I'm gullible. :P

7/27/2011 #390
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