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I know i will .__. regardless, next adult topic to speak of before bed :O ?

5/11/2011 #61

Starts with 'O' and ends with 'RAL'.

What do you guys think about it? :O

5/11/2011 #62
Brave Soul RMS

Shrug, I'm definitely not aversive to it. I'd try it, either giving or getting it so it's pretty open-ended.

5/11/2011 #63

I'm willing to give and have yet to receive, i think it's probably the same for RJ

5/11/2011 #64

Eh, it's pretty nice when you don't feel like going all the way.

5/11/2011 #65

what about handies? Cause it's the same with that, yet to receive, willing to assist

5/11/2011 #66
Brave Soul RMS

I've always thought of a different alternative to going all the way but that's just me.

Yep, it's the same, Ricki.

5/11/2011 #67

Considering this is the 'mature' thread, I can express my opinions freely. xD

That being said, I prefer oral. I like the way it feels in my mouth...

There I said it! xD

5/11/2011 #68

now for the last act other than the norm and we all go to sleep (or at least me) thoughts on anal?

5/11/2011 #69
Brave Soul RMS

Simple: No.

5/11/2011 #70

It seems like it would be painful...

5/11/2011 #71

i know some girls are into it and a few i know say they tried it and it felt odd, i don't think painful. if the girl asked i probably wouldn't be opposed unless i'd tried it before and it wasn't with me. I'm also not the guy who enjoys anal stimulation during the deed like some guys do, i understand the biology of it but it don't fly with me

5/11/2011 #72

Well then everyone, I guess that's our time for tonight.

Someone can come up with a topic now for us to discuss tomorrow though if you want.

5/11/2011 #73

i can't think so i'll just be off xD

5/11/2011 #74
Brave Soul RMS

Yeah, I got nothing. And I should really be getting to bed since I was up until 2 yesterday xD Night.

5/11/2011 #75

Alright then.


5/11/2011 #76

waking up i realize, how could we forget masturbation!

5/12/2011 #77

What about it? xD

I mean we all do it.

5/12/2011 #78

true, everyone does it at one point or another once they hit their teens, but how do you feel about it? Do you think it's okay or is it some sort of immoral sin like crazy old people think?

5/12/2011 #79

If you think about it, it's a form of release and it keeps the amount of sexual assault crimes from getting higher than they already are...

5/12/2011 #80

i think it's necessary to keep peoples libido and emotions in check.

5/12/2011 #81


5/12/2011 #82

i don't get why people are so anal about it saying it's sinful and shit. I could understand for guys, your shooting out millions of possible children into the environment that they can't live in, but for girls it's just lubricative fluid .__. not much of a sin there...

5/12/2011 #83


But I don't think it's that bad for guys either considering Earth is already overpopulated with it's near 7 billion people. xD

5/12/2011 #84

there is actually a lot more space than we use and could easily fit double that and have some land left .__.

anyways i had a thought! (omg someones gonna die!) What is your color or racial preference. Lolli we know you like you some dark meat so just order them from 2nd.

Personally i like asian girls xD

5/12/2011 #85

Alright, well like you said, you know my number one.

Latinos and Whites would likely be tied for 2nd and 3rd.

Asians would come afterward, but there's a small reason for that...

5/12/2011 #86

if that "small" reason is penises not all asian aren't equipped, hell i know som black guys who are really tiny! Personally i think guys just need to be proud with their length, cause not all girls want giant dicks, some like good sized or even tiny ones!

5/12/2011 #87

Actually, the reason was that I'm severly allergic to a large amount of Asian food...xD

5/12/2011 #88

well that sucks cause asian food is tasty! regardless i am bummed about the girl i like (she's apparently still not over her ex) and i want to be dating or boning someone .__.

5/12/2011 #89

Do you have any second choices?

5/12/2011 #90
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