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We need an official Louhearst thread for the entire series, so viola.

There's some things I need to discuss anyway.

5/12/2011 #1

things such as?

5/12/2011 #2

Right now some specific Y2 things.

5/12/2011 #3

okie dokie :D

5/12/2011 #4

A lot of the things today for Y2 are Shane-centric so I know that'll make you guys happy. xD

5/12/2011 #5

i probably won't be here D: i have work from 5 to close which is just about 12:30 ):

5/12/2011 #6

Well what time are you dropping off the computer? :O

5/12/2011 #7

seeing as i posted now i think you could see xD

i'll only be posting this as i'm having dinner then straight to work so i'll see ya'll tonight if you are still on!

5/12/2011 #8

Shane is amazing.

Will the Y2 scenes go here, now?

5/12/2011 #9

Yes, they will. :D

5/12/2011 #10

Speaking of Y2 Shane, there is a new character that we see him interact and feud with during the M-Plosion Arc.

Anyone want some details? :D

5/12/2011 #11


5/12/2011 #12

He's a guy from Shane's childhood. His name is Steve Cullough or as Shane famously refers to him "Wannabe Shane Clarke"...

Expect this feud to be hilarious!

5/12/2011 #13

LOL Wannabe Shane Clarke. xD

5/12/2011 #14
Brave Soul RMS

A wannabe Shane? Those exist...?

5/12/2011 #15

Here's a line to answer the question...xD


Cullough: Wannabe Shane Clarke? Really?

Shane: *mockingly* Really? Yeah, really, retard. Initials are S.C? Check! Rich? Check! Signature Pokemon is a poison type? Check!

5/12/2011 #16
Brave Soul RMS

What's his signature pokemon? I'm betting on an Arbok.

5/12/2011 #17

Actually, it's a Nidoking.

Anyone want a longer scene with Shane?

Only this time he goes berserk on the Triple M's. :D

5/12/2011 #18
Brave Soul RMS

Nidoking was my first choice, too! D: God, I have to remember not to doubt my gut. And of course :D

5/12/2011 #19

But it's his only Pokemon from Kanto before he moved to Unova so the rest of his team are Unova natives. Cullough only recently moved back.

Now for the epic scene! Next post though. xD They brought it on themselves!!!

5/12/2011 #20
Brave Soul RMS

I can't wait that long!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

5/12/2011 #21

Alrighty, here we go...:D


Announcer: A great qualifying match for the Louhearst Trophy at the Whirl Island Battles. Jett Mitchell versus Shane Clarke. Whoever wins earns a qualifying spot in the main tournament.

*The battle is mostly even going back and forth until the final moments where Shane gets the advantage*

Shane: *to himself* One more move should do it... *to Blastoise* Blastoise! Use-

*Logan suddenly appears on the field and tackles Jett*

Logan: *smirks at him*

Jett: *immediately chases him off the field*

Referee: *runs to the announce table*

Announcer: *to the crowd* The referee has ruled this battle a no contest due to interference! Therefore there will be a rematch next week.

Shane: Next week! I have to wait until next week to qualify?!

*Shane looks up at the crowd to see Cullough and his crew smirking at him*

Shane: *face goes up in rage as he heads over to the one-hundred laptop screens with the images of the students on them* I'm sick of this stupid feud! *grabs the laptop screen with Rietta's picture on it and throws it to the ground before smashing it with a nearby chair and doing the same thing with Jett's and Logan's repeatedly with a crazed look on his face*

Crowd: *looks on in bewilderment*

Shane: If I'm not qualifying today then I'm going to make sure that those three idiots can't either! *continues smashing the laptops in anger with the chair before throwing the chair to the ground, recalling Blastoise and leaving the field*

Kid in Crowd: Wow, that was pretty sweet...

5/12/2011 #22

Okay, Logan, seriously? I mean, Shane did go crazy, but what the hell? Tackling your ex-friend during a battle?!

5/12/2011 . Edited 5/12/2011 #23
Brave Soul RMS

Well deserved retribution finally comes full circle! Go Shane!

5/12/2011 #24

Jett's been doing the same to him so it's equal. They keep interfering in each other's battles.

5/12/2011 #25

And JETT'S supposed to be the sane one?

I mean, he may have hung out with insane people, but still...DX

5/12/2011 #26

Jett's basically snapped by this point. The more you hang out with insane people, the more insane you become.

Anyway, Jett's 'Not So Above It All' in the first place. It just takes a lot more to get him to snap, but when he does, he pretty much is on a level with the other two. Not to mention, he becomes a massive asshole.

5/12/2011 #27

Who wants a Shane vs Melvin hilarious scene?! xD

5/12/2011 #28


5/12/2011 #29
Brave Soul RMS

Melvin? Dude if we're placing bets, mine are on Melvin xD

5/12/2011 #30
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