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(AN: Welcome to the official CdV RP. Now, the RP starts about a week or so before the kids get their powers, so yeah.)

5/29/2011 #1

(AN: So...We started the other one, so how do we go about starting this one? :O)

5/29/2011 #2

(AN: Hell, I'm copying and pasting my posts until we get to the part we were at. xD Btw, it's a weekend!)

Logan: *puts Kazoo in his small pool in his room and picks up Chaos* Come on, let's go.

*bumps into Riri as she exits her bathroom*

Riri: Ouch! Watch it, brat!

Logan: Sorry, Riri. I forgot how moody you are right after you get finish stuffing your bra.

Riri: *chases him*

5/29/2011 . Edited 5/29/2011 #3

(AN: I'll do the same. xP)

Rietta: *grumbles as she walks out of the bathroom, clearly not in a good mood*

Aria: *sighes* Cookie pooped on you again?

Rietta: *simply nods and storms back into her bedroom* I'm taking Zaina out for a walk! *comes back out with a leash and yells over her shoulder* Cookie, if you doanythingwhile I'm gone, I swear I will put you up for adoption!

Cookie: Up for adoption! Up for adoption! Up for adoption!

5/29/2011 #4

Logan: *runs down the street and bumps into Jett*

Jett: Ouch!

Logan: Where are you going?

Jett: I was on my way to your house. You up for basketball?

Logan: Why not? Let's go.

5/29/2011 #5

Rietta: *continues walking down the sidewalk*

5/29/2011 #6
Shadow Minamino

( Ahaha. Glad to finally be a part of this place. Might as well seal the deal by posting in an RP. :P )

James: *Peacefully sleeping in bed*

* Devin slowly and silently stalks towards James before jumping onto his stomach *

James: Oof! Well good morning to you too, Devin! * James pets the kitty before hopping out of bed *

* 10 minutes later *

James: Alright mom, I'm heading out for a walk! Seeya!

*James exits his home and starts walking down the nearby sidewalk, Devin having decided to follow him outside *

5/29/2011 #7

Zaina: *starts barking at Devin happily*

5/29/2011 #8
Shadow Minamino

Devin: * Looks towards the barking dog and runs up to it, curiously pawing it. *

James: Aah, Devin! It's not nice to go poking around at other animals! * Runs up towards Devin and Zania before noticing Rietta * Oh, sorry! I didn't know Devin would start bothering you... what's your name?

Devin: * Having figured out Zaina isn't mean, mews happily before running around the dog *

5/29/2011 #9

Rietta: It's fine. Zaina was bothering your cat first, anyways. I'm Rietta.

Zaina: *stares at Devin curiously, then barks again and starts bouncing excitedly*

5/29/2011 #10
Shadow Minamino

Devin: * Lets out another happy mew before pouncing playfully on Zaina. *

James: Rietta, huh? Well, it's nice to meet you Rietta, I'm James! * James extends his hand for a shake and flashes a smile *

5/29/2011 #11

Rietta: *stares at his hand for a moment, then shakes it* It's nice to meet you, too. *glances at Devin and Zaina* They sure seem to get along...

5/29/2011 #12
Brave Soul RMS

(Wait, do they have their powers yet or no?)

5/29/2011 #13


5/29/2011 #14
Shadow Minamino

( No, it's about a week before, I think. )

James: * Looks down at Devin and Zaina * Yeah. Kinda suprising considering the whole cat and dog dynamic thing, but meh. Devin's naive like that, he's still pretty young. * Looks back towards Rietta * So, I'm guessing you live close by? I just moved here myself.

5/29/2011 #15

(AN: Well, gotta go now. ^^; See you guys later!)

5/29/2011 #16
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *laying on his roof with a book over his face*

June: Grey...? What are you doing up there?

Grey: What's it look like? Sleeping.

5/29/2011 #17

Rietta: Really? No wonder I haven't seen you around before.


Cecil (to Grey): Isn't it uncomfortable, though?

5/30/2011 . Edited 5/30/2011 #18
Shadow Minamino

James: Yeah, I'm still kind of new around here, I don't exactly know my way around too well. Anyway, I've got to get going; I figured I'd give myself a self tour of this place. Maybe I'll see you around, huh?

* James then scoops up the mewing kitty and starts to walk off in the opposite direction as Rietta. *

5/30/2011 #19

Rietta: *calls over her shoulder* Try not to get lost. It's a pretty big city. *to Zaina* Come on.

5/31/2011 #20

(AN: Alright, so what's going on so far? :O)

5/31/2011 #21

(AN: Um, Rietta meets James...and that's about it. xD)

5/31/2011 #22
Shadow Minamino

( Mhmm, pretty much. Not much else has happened. )

James: * Looks over his shoulder towards Rietta * Haha, don't worry. I think I'll be able to find my way around.

* Cut to a few minutes later *

James: * Currently in an unknown part of the city * Sooo... Devin, you have any clue where we are, exactly?

Devin: * Only lets out an annoyed mewl in response to his owner *

5/31/2011 #23

(AN: Poor James. xD)

Rietta: *continues walking with Zaina*

5/31/2011 #24

*Logan and Jett continue talking to one another*

Logan: I'm bored. Let's go get Emma.

Jett: Wow, you're bored, so you want Emma, the queen of boring, to get you out of your boredom? Real smart, buddy.

5/31/2011 #25

(AN: Where are they, anyways? :P)

5/31/2011 #26
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *from his roof as Jett and Logan walk by* Hey, dude, Emma's nice. And she isn't so boring. What're you two doing, anyway?

June: Grey, really, you should get down from there...

5/31/2011 #27

(AN: Walking down the street.)

Jett: We're probably about to go play basketball.

Logan: Wanna come, Grey?

5/31/2011 . Edited 5/31/2011 #28
Shadow Minamino

Devin: * Sniffs the air and lights up in joy, squirming out of James's arms and races down an unknown street, apparently having smelt something *

James: H-Hey! Devin, wait up you crazy kitten! Whatcha smell, lil guy?

* James races after Devin, trying to keep up and keep his eyes on his kitten *

5/31/2011 #29

Rietta: *walks over* Hey, June. After I take Zaina home, do you want to head to the library? *ignores Logan, Jett and Grey*

5/31/2011 #30
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